A Story of Fred and Bob

Fred and Bob are in the back garden of Fred and Bob’s house at 32 Garden’s Lane, where they keep Fred’s plane. They made a plan to only fly their plane in the summertime. So, one hot Saturday, they decided to go to Africa to see a real life lion and some elephants.


They started flying. Fred, who was the pilot, pushed the plane’s lift-off button, and the plane flew straight up into the air. When they looked out the windows, they saw all of their friends’ houses and they saw the highway just down their street.


Three hours later, they started coming into Africa. They were flying over Africa, over a little forest place. They needed to find somewhere to land because they couldn’t land in the trees.


Fred and Bob were cheering. They found an open space, but as soon as they looked out the window, they saw that they were on the other side of Africa, so they started not cheering. But when they landed, they were surrounded by lions and they realized they were exactly where they wanted to be.


While Fred and Bob were still in the plane, the lions started growling at them. They were annoyed because they thought that they landed on the girl lion. So, they started flying up, and they found out that the girl lion wasn’t dead.


And then they landed somewhere else, in a completely different part of Africa after another hour on the plane. They had to have an emergency landing because their legs were tired from sitting down all day.


They checked their watches and saw that it was midnight. They checked to see if they brought their tent and they set it up inside of the plane, because they wanted to be safe from some nocturnal creatures who could have hurt them. And they were nice and cosy in their plane.


The next morning, they had a little bit of trouble. Fred and Bob noticed that their plane was nearly out of fuel because the tank was nearly halfway empty. But that was not enough to get them home. So they flew up over the sea in Africa.


They just needed to fly one hour across the sea to South Africa and the alarm went on because they were about out of the fuel when they were just landing. They had one little tiny minute left until they ran out of fuel. So they took fifty seconds up to land, and they just made it, and they started filling up the fuel, which took a long time, because it was a pretty big plane, so they thought that they should just go get a late breakfast.


For breakfast, they went to a South African diner. Bob had poached eggs and Fred had fried eggs. They paid five dollars for the poached eggs and five dollars for the fried eggs. Fred paid ten dollars for both and Bob gave him five dollars back.


They took one hour so they went back to the plane and it was full so they flew back home. They felt proud of themselves.  


The end!


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