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I was ch in my room. I needed to ch fight. I was making a blueprint.






Oh hi, didn’t see ya ch there, my name is King Trumaniac. Well technically, Prince Trumaniac, my coronation is, well, was ch tomorrow. Anyway, I’m calling from the future  this is WW10 ch. Sorry, ch bad connection, I’m gonna go fix it.




I’m back! It’s fixed! See? No bad connection! Back to the story. I am King or Prince Trumaniac and I am in World War Ten. It started when the transformers from World War Seven came in again with more aliens and robots. The good transformers were trying to stop them, but the Decepticons (the bad guys), tried to defeat them. Then they decided they’d make a war, and so the humans formed a bigger transformer to be on their team called X-Parts. He could transform into any vehicle or any creature he wanted. It helped the humans because he could transform into a Decepticon and be a backup spy! X-Parts went onto the Decepticon’s team to spy and give inside information to the Autobots (that’s the good guys).


I became prince because my father was King Williamaniac and he decided that my brother, who was three years old when I was born, shouldn’t be the prince. So, when I was five and I was prince and he wasn’t, he went on to the dark side and his skin turned grey and his eyes turned red! Then, my brother made a big huge Decepticon dude called Z-Parts that can do exactly what X-Parts can do. That guy got inside information from the Autobots to give to the Decepticons. He was also a spy! That’s when the war started — one day they came across each other and they decided that the war would start then and there!


It started with just them, but then they called their teams and all the aliens and robots and Decepticons came on Z-Parts’ team, and all the humans and animals and Earth things and Autobots were on X-Parts’ team. Then the Earth guys took out their controllers and video game consoles and made all the Minecraft characters come out of the screen! They were all on the good guy’s team too.


It was on a dark night in a rocky field in the Australian outback. There were lots of stars and it smelled like smoke. It felt hot even though it was nighttime. The air tasted like bubblegum. It sounded like blasting cannons and felt like beams of light. People saw the stars falling.


First, the Minecraft characters took out their swords and shovels and pickaxes and axes and snowballs and all sorts of weapons. They attacked the aliens, who pulled out their laser rays. Meanwhile, the Transformers turned their arms into cannons and fought the robots. While that was happening, the humans pulled out their weapons and attacked the Decepticons. The stars fell from the sky and landed in the middle of the battle. It turns out that the stars and everything we knew about them was wrong! They were all Transformer escape pods escaping from the Ultimate Battle. They were the two sides of Minions: the Minions of Primus and the Minions of Unicron. They landed on Earth because they were trying to stop the battle.


The Minions had joined forces to stop the battle on Earth. They had tried to stop the Great Battle on Mars,  but in the Great Battle, the people thought they died from the fighting. But they had escaped in escape pods in the great hall of weapons and flown to Earth to stop this battle. The Great Battle on Mars had finished when Unicron and Primus had split up and made different worlds. Transformers knew about our world because it was made from the heart of Unicron. The planet the Transformers were from was Cybertron and it was formed from Primus’s heart. Then came forth in the Earth battle Primus and Unicron.


Next, Bumblebee and the Transformers stepped forward. Bumblebee had already lost his t-cog and his voice box. Bumblebee stepped forward ahead and pushed back the other Autobots. The only one who came on his team was X-Parts. X-Parts and Bumblebee stepped forward while all the Decepticons circled around them. The Decepticons moved in on them very quickly. Next, at the speed of light, there were two Autobots lying on the ground with their eyes closed and there were blue colors shooting out of where their hearts used to be. They were dead.


Next, the human said, “We have to bring out more weapons if we want to beat the Decepticons!” So, this is where it leads up to me. I’m coming in with my biggest controller, and I’m shooting out all my gaming systems and controlling them by myself. Then I go onto the App Store and I see this new App that controls everyone on my team! I was thinking Oooh! This will help! I bought it for a hundred dollars and I used it to control all the people like a little video game and make them have super fists. The Autobots come up to the Decepticons and slice open their hearts. It destroys all the Decepticons and the aliens and robots are by themselves with Unicron. My brother is in this war right now too. He is riding Unicron’s back.


My brother is named Happypants, which is ironic because he’s evil. He is now evolved again. He’s got silver spiky hair, four arms, completely black skin, and stretchy arms at the bottom. He likes dark pizza. Dark pizza is a type of pizza that’s kind of pepperoni and kind of olives and pickles mixed with dark evil sauce. His goal is to defeat everybody in the world and rule the world by himself. He’s riding Unicron because Unicron is the only Decepticon left, and when someone tries to defeat Unicron, and then succeeds, then he will go down in the Underworld and be able to come back up on the other team and fight them by himself. His special powers are that he can take a dark substance that he keeps in his pocket (it’s called Celestial Goo), pulls it out, and can form anything that he wants just from it. It makes me feel like I’m left out, because I don’t have any special goo and I can’t make anything with just my special goo that I don’t have. But I’m the only prince, so that counts for something.


Happypants takes out his goo and throws it at our team. He forms it into all the animals of the world and turns them into dark, evil, black ones with red eyes and purple spots. Now I’m feeling like he is making up a plan. What I’m going to do about it is go into the Underworld, jump up behind him, and take all his goo and punch him in his weak spot, which is the middle of his spine.


Right now, I am going into the Underworld and my team has defeated Unicron, so I see my brother by himself. There’s lava and rocks everywhere. There are gas zombie pig men with golden swords, enchanted skeletons, creepers, spiders, cave spiders, and magma cubes and blazes. He’s talking to all of them, telling them about his battle. He’s saying, “I’m making a plan to jump up on the other team, attack my brother, and kill everyone in the world! I will rule the world!” It’s a low, evil voice that everyone hates, because it sounds like an evil lord. His Underworld name is Lord Hapster.


I jump under the bridge that’s over the lava and I crawl on the bottom to get where his team is. He goes up to where his team is and gets back on Unicron’s back. All the monsters go to my team and jump up in front of them and start attacking them. I’m thinking, This is my chance! Gotta go! Very quickly! and then I jump up behind my brother and I see his green gem weak spot. I pull it out and punch it and punch it and punch it. Then, I destroy it and he falls to the ground and dies. All his team has the same weak spot, and they all die at the same time and we win the war.


Next, I take the Incubator Stone that I have from my dad and everyone that died on my team comes back to life when I put it on them. Then I put the incubator stone on the other team and they turn good and come back to life. That makes me feel like I’m king, and since it’s the next day, I am king! So I have a big party and I get to wear the royal crown and the royal cape. Everybody I know comes to my party, and everybody in the kingdom.




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