A Sweet Poem


I cannot go to school today

Said little Peggy Ann Mikay

I have the measles and the mumps

A gash a rash the purple bumps

Ugh, can a doctor take a peek

And I think an ant on fleek

Hey what the heck what’s the deal

Well does anyone care how I feel

Ugh, ugh, I think I swallowed a butterfly

Hey stop being stubborn before I lie and cry

What… what’s that you, you say today is saturday

Okay going out to play


6 thoughts on “A Sweet Poem”

    1. Dear Zalah, You are extraordinary and extra-ordinary…I am astonished by your amazing gifts – continued creativity and success!!! Love Auntie Robin

  1. Awwh..Sorry I didn’t see this sooner.
    This is great to see you are focused with word play and giving words a new use for them with poetry. Can’t wait to see more of this in your songs, characters, art, even math…yep…math could could be poetic too…

    1 plus 1 equals 2…and since you are not here I’m missing YOU :-}

    Love Daddy

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