A Pawtograph Problem in Paris

One sunny spring morning I was rushing to work. I had lots of work to do. Oops, I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Dancy the Dogetective. Now where was I? Ah, I remember, I work in the Department of Dogetectives. It was a typical work day. As I was working, my sister came in at lightning speed on her electric scooter!

“Pancy,” I said. “How many times have I told you to not ride your scooter in my office!” 

“Sorry!” she said sheepishly. Right then, my up to no good cousin barged in.

 “What up peeps?” she asked. Before I could scream anything, she stuffed my mouth with chicken.

Oh, chicken! My favorite, I thought, then I gulped it in one bite. Just then I realized that it had peanuts from the taste. Oh, no, peanuts! I always get a tummy ache when I eat peanuts. For some reason, my cousin doesn’t like me.” 

“I NEED THE BATHROOM!” I shrieked.

My whole team looked at me.

 “Oops, sorry Dancy-pants,” my cousin snickered. 

 “I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS!” I shrieked.

I ran to the bathroom. After the bathroom, I ran to strangle my cousin, but my sister stopped me!

“Stop acting like babies, split up!” she said. 

“Wow, nice going sis, thanks!” I said. 

“You’re welcome,” she said proudly.

”Hmf,” said my cousin. Then I heard a little knock on the door.

”Come in,” I said. Just then I realized my little niece was standing outside the door.

“Hi auntie!” She ran to hug me. 

“Oh, my little niece Fancy.” Not to brag but my niece is the sweetest, most honest little dog in the whole wide world.

”Oh, Dancy, I forgot to tell you that I have a holiday for one week!” my sister Pancy said. 

 “Oh, me too,” said my little niece. Suddenly my cousin’s grumpy face turns into a sly grin. 

”I think that our cousin is up to something,” Pancy said.

”Isn’t it obvious?” I asked.

“Well, I guess.” Pancy said. 

“Oh, sis, you never say yes or no,” I said as I burst out laughing.

“Well, yeah, I guess,” she said as she burst out laughing too.   

“Auntie, can we go to Paris?” Fancy said. 

“If I can book tickets, then yes,” I replied.                                

After our talk I realized that it was night, so I told my team to go home and my family went home too. The next morning I got a call from one of my best friends. I was shocked at what he had to say!

“We are going to Paris!” I shouted into my family’s room. We started to pack as soon as we finished breakfast. After 20 minutes, we were at the airport.

”Come on!” shouted my sister. After a maze of people we reached our airplane and boarded. On our flight, I was so excited I couldn’t stay still! 

Finally, after a long flight, my cousin said, ”I am famished! I’m so hungry!” 

“Oh, we can get a pawtogragh of a famous author.” I said. “Want to go?”

”Let’s go,” said my sis.     

“It’s on 76th street,” I said. We walked down the road to 76th street, and were finally there. But the author wasn’t there! There was a crowd like swarming bees around honey. 

“What a mystery,” I said. 

“Let’s look for clues,” my sis said. 

Me and my sister looked for clues while my niece and cousin asked people where they saw the author last. We were looking for footprints and other kinds of helping clues. 

“Oh, come here,” my sister said, “I think I found something!” 

“What did you find?” I asked. 

In reply, she said, “I found some coins. I think our famous author got dognapped!”

“I think so too,” I agreed.

“Wow, look, I found more coins! It’s a trail of coins! Maybe if we follow them, it’ll lead to footprints or other clues!”

 “Okay, ”I replied. And, as always, my sister was right. This time our clue was footprints! They led to a big hotel. Its name was the Ritz. The Ritz was one of the fanciest hotels.

”Hey, I know our famous author’s name. Let’s ask if someone saw him!” I said. 

“Okay,” Pancy said. So we went to ask the hotel manager. 

He said he hadn’t seen the author, but I saw a fearful look on his face and beads of sweat on his forehead.

”He is lying,” I told my family. They believed me, so we went to every floor and checked every door. Finally, on the fourth floor, in the 159th room, we finally found the dognapper. We knocked on the door, but the door had been left unlocked. Then, in front of our very eyes, was the one and only author.

 “We found her!” exclaimed Dancy. She was tied up and had a handkerchief in her mouth so she couldn’t scream.

 “Help!” she said, in a muffled scream. Quickly, Pancy ran to untie the handkerchief. I got a knife from the drawers and went to cut the ropes. 

“Thank you,” our author said. 

“You’re welcome,” we said, proudly.


The Nuclear Death: Part 2

Chief Larry was finding a way to capture S.H. They changed the location of S.H., which used to be in Nevada, but Chief Larry had a plan. Of course, he was still sad about the director of D.N.S. dying, but right now he had to focus on how to find S.H. He was going to send some spies to get hired at S.H., but they still had to find the location. Chief Larry, or, should I say, Director Larry, used satellite connection to find the exact location of S.H. It was in a cave in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. So, Director Larry, along with five unidentified spies, went to Buenos Aires. They took a private jet. It had gourmet food, and the bathroom was so big, someone could sleep in it. Director Larry did sleep in the bathroom, because the bedroom was worse than the bathroom. Once they arrived in Buenos Aires, they settled at Argentina’s best hotel. They also had a D.N.S. in Buenos Aires. The hotel was in D.N.S. 

The Argentinian director of that D.N.S. was so happy to see Director Larry. Director Larry was the boss of all the D.N.S., because it was in the U.S.A, which is where it had started. The Argentinian director’s name was Pedro, Director Pedro. Luckily, all of the D.N.S. directors spoke English. They looked at the satellite connection again. S.H. was 5 miles away. Director Larry, along with his and Pedro’s spies, went to the cave. They traveled in  a car. Once they got there, Director Larry told the spies to disguise themselves in regular clothes so S.H. would hire them. Director Larry also said that they would stay in S.H. for one week, undercover. 

In S.H., a spy named Clinton was writing down information in his notebook. He found out that S.H. was going to set off a nuclear bomb in the D.N.S. facility in Argentina. Clinton had a walkie-talkie to talk with Director Pedro and Director Larry. Clinton told them everything. Clinton’s role was to spy on D.N.S. and find out what they were up to. But don’t forget: Clinton was an undercover agent for D.N.S. When Clinton’s time was up, he went back to D.N.S. Clinton told them everything, from the beginning to the end. Clinton found out that they were going to set off the bomb on Friday. That day was Tuesday. Director Pedro and Director Larry called all of the other directors from all over the world. Clinton told them it wasn’t just Argentina: they were going to do all of the facilities, starting with Argentina. They warned all the other facilities and asked them to go on lockdown. Now, S.H. couldn’t steal anything from them. If you’re wondering who’s controlling the facility in the U.S.A, it’s the vice-director. When S.H. arrived at D.N.S., they were super confused. Director Pedro told every facility to send out military forces. S.H. went back to their base. The leader of S.H. told his people to go to America.

Two days later, when they got to America, it was on lockdown again. The only choice they had was to break into the facility, so they did exactly that. They used some rope and attached some sticks to secure the hook. They were through the first level. There were many other levels until they got to the core. The core was where D.N.S. kept all the bombs and built them. The first level was very easy, but they saw many, many guards standing. 

Director Larry got back to the D.N.S. in the U.S.A. When he landed, he heard an alarm. He asked one of his guards what was going on. The guards said that S.H. was trying to break into the facility. The guard also said, 

“We have to keep you safe. They might be trying to assassinate you.” Director Larry went inside a large, most secure vault, located in the core. It seemed like S.H. wanted to blow up the core, but if they wanted to do that, wouldn’t that mean they would die, too? Maybe they would steal all the bombs and then use them to destroy the world. But once they destroyed the world, they would probably be dead, too.

 Director Larry sat in the vault and watched some TV. He watched the movie “Moonfall,” to prepare for the end of the world. But then, he heard one of the guards saying something. He said, “we’re going to lift up the vault and take you to a different area.” He heard a big thud. The vault was lifting up. The guard said, 

“Most likely, we’re going to take you to New York City to stay at the Plaza Hotel.” Director Larry refused. He wanted to stay in the building and fight with his people.

“You have to live,” screamed the guard. 

“If my people die, I will too,” Director Larry said. Just like that, Director Larry opened the vault and jumped out with a parachute. He saw the leader of S.H. standing with a knife. Director Larry kneeled and showed his chest with no fear. The knife touched his heart. 

“Thank you for setting me free,” whispered Larry. He fell down on his side. Every guard kneeled. The leader of S.H. stole the nuke button from Larry and pressed it. D.N.S. and S.H. were destroyed with grace. When the other D.N.S. facilities heard, they pressed the nuke button too. Angels surrounded the body of Larry with respect. Larry rose to heaven with his people. The war was over.


There are snowflakes hanging in air

There is a cold feeling for everyone one to bear

There are decorations plastered everywhere.

The icy snow pierces my legs 

As I trudge through the splotchy blanket white snow. 

The pine trees swing their branches like arms waving. 

There is a holiday scent in the air

That fills my body with joy and fun

And in a few days, it’s present time!


Chapter 1

I dragged my suitcase along the sidewalk. I already knew that magic wasn’t a thing here. Maybe that’s why Mom wanted us to move. Because I was always running off to the wishtree.

The wishtree was something only I knew about. It was the only magic tree – probably ever. Once I was so mad and ran off into the woods. I eventually sat down at a tree. I wished that I could just be happy. Then, I felt a shiver run down my spine. I felt really happy all of a sudden. I ran back home. 

Inside it was cold and dusty. My mom helped me get the blow-up mattress out of my bag. I shivered. I pulled a blanket out And tried to sleep in my dusty old room. Probably full of rats. But I lay down anyway. I stared blankly at the ceiling.

I woke up with a jolt. It was beautiful – the sight of the sunlight and the curtains blowing in the wind. It made the dust shine. I walked into the other room. My Mom handed me a piece of toast and an egg. I sat down at the table with one wobbly chair. “School today.” She said. I sighed. “Honey, I know it’s hard. Moving. But you’ll make friends.”

“Will I?” 

“You will. I promise.”

I arrived at school surrounded by kids screaming out to their friends and pushing through to be the first one there. I thought about going somewhere else, but decided I’d have to face it. I lived here now, and there’s no skipping school with a mom who would ask you about every second of your day. So I walked into the schoolyard and found one class who was obviously bored out of their minds waiting for “the new kid.”

“Okay class! Let’s go inside!” I walked to the back of the line, embarrassed that 24 kids were waiting for me out in the hot sun. The teacher led us into the classroom and everyone sat down. I sat at the empty desk in the back of the class. “Brooklyn, why don’t you come to the front, right here? Calvin, would you go sit in the back?” I grabbed my bag and stumbled to the front of the class. Calvin grumbled and slumped down at his new seat. I did the same. “So, today, we have a new student! Come on up Brooklyn. Brooklyn just moved here from New Jersey! She- er, why don’t you tell us about yourself?” 

The whole class stared at me as I fumbled with my hands. “I– um… I’m Brooklyn and- um… I’m 10.” I looked down at my feet. “I have a dog.” A hand immediately shot up. “Yeah?” I said, nervous about what they would say.

“Me too!” the hand said. Phew. A shy hand slowly went up. “You?”

I held my breath. “Um… what’s it’s-um- name?”  The girl said, obviously as nervous as I was.

“Oh. His name’s Snickers.” I replied with a sigh of relief.

I walked back to my seat. “Sam, would you show Brooklyn around the school? Why don’t you show her where the lunchroom is, and…”

“Sure.” Sam said. Although I didn’t see Sam, I knew she wasn’t too excited about anything. I stood up and so did she, and together we walked down the stairs. “That’s the- um, the cafeteria, and…” She gestured to a room with tables and benches, just like my old school. “That’s th-the music room, and the- the gym.”  I peered into the gym, with two basketball hoops, two soccer goals and an exhausted third-grade class doing jumping jacks. “The science– um, the science room is over here, and that– that’s the aud- auditorium.” Finally, we went back upstairs and the teacher looked at Sam in a, come on, it’s your job even though you don’t like it, way. She led me into the back of the classroom. 

A boy in a seat next to the book bins snickered. “Ooh, Stuttering Sam has a new friend-”

“Shut up, Ted.” Sam replied. “So, this- um, this is the class library, and, um… you can pick out– your book that you’re re– um, that you’ll read.”

At recess, Ted came up to me. “You know, you probably want to tell Ms. Kayla to pair you with somebody else. Nobody likes Sam.” I looked over at Sam who was sitting all alone, drawing in her sketchbook. 

“Go away.”


Sam looked at me. “Because.” Ted had walked away. I sat down next to Sam. 

“Because why?” 

“Because- Why do you- you keep-um- asking why? Nobody likes me. Nobody talks to you- I mean-um- me except you.” 

“Why?” I looked at Sam. “You know, Ted is pretty stupid.” She smiled. It was the first time I saw her smile. 


Chapter 2

I opened the door, expecting my mom to be there. But she wasn’t. “Brooklyn! I’m in here!” I took off my backpack and went to my bedroom. I had a real bed! “What do you want for dinner?” I stood there for a second, puzzled why she wasn’t asking me about school.

“Oh, um– whatever. I don’t care.” 

“You okay?” 


“Okay, how does macaroni and cheese sound? I wen-”

“Mom, that’s okay. I’m not that hungry anyway.” She walked over and hugged me. “Mom, I’m okay. I just- I’m just tired.”

She looked like she was going to burst.“School– did you meet anybo-”

“Mom! It was fine! I’m fine! Everything– School was fine. Fine!” I felt tears swelling up in my eyes. I knew I couldn’t stop them. So I stood there, in the doorway, crying.
“Honey, come here.”

I stood there. “No!”

I ran out. I needed to get out of this place. I had friends. I had a life and my  mom had to tear me away. If only Joey was here. Or Adrienne, or Amaya. So I ran deep into the woods. The trees made me hope. Hope one had– magic like my wishtree. So I sat down and cried. My mom would never understand.  Never! So I climbed to the top of the tree. I looked at my small city. I smiled. I have no idea why, and I never will. 

The next day at school I sat down at my desk. I looked at Sam. She was doodling on a piece of scrap paper. She handed it to me. It read:


Do you want to be friends? Tell me at recess.

   From, Sam 

   I shoved the paper in my pocket just as the teacher glanced at me. At recess, I went up to her. “Yeah.” I said. “Sure…” I thought about it for a moment. My mom always says, “Friends tell each other.” Would I have to tell her my dad is still in New Jersey? Or about my wishtree? Or, about my friends and old school and everything? But I didn’t really care. “Of course.”



Chapter 3

I scurried out the door and into the car. We were driving back to New Jersey! Just for a day though. But my Mom said I was having a playdate with Amaya! So first thing on Sunday, I was out the door and buckling my seatbelt, waiting for my mom.  She walked out the door and handed me a piece of toast. 

        “Why are you out here?”

        “I couldn’t wait.” My mom told me to come inside. She said she wanted to talk. When we got inside, she said she was so sorry. She said we couldn’t go. I don’t think she knew how mad I was.

I sat down at my desk (an old one) and started on my homework I didn’t do right. This school does it so differently than my old one. I just didn’t understand this problem. I didn’t understand a lot of things, like how me and Sam just became friends. Or like why we moved. So I did my homework the way I knew because I didn’t know any other way. 

Chapter 4

On Monday, Sam and I were assigned to be partners in reading. We needed to make a poster about our book. We were reading The Penderwicks because I told Miss Kayla about it. We needed to talk about the traits of our favorite character. Sam was writing about Batty and I was writing about Jane. I guess teachers put you with your friend if you don’t know anyone else. I also guess you could call Ted someone I know, but I didn’t want to. 

“Brooklyn, what- what is Batsy’s- Batty’s real name?” Sam whispered to me, her hands red from writing furiously.

“Elizabeth.” I replied, my hands not nearly as red as hers. 

That day was a good day. Tuesdays are the days I dread. P.E., afterschool, and of course loads of homework. Loads.

I ran to the forest and sat down at the wishtree. I wished for a friend and Sam appeared next to me. I wished for a friend again, but nobody else appeared. Sam smiled and I panicked. I woke up in panic, too. It turned out I was dreaming. I was so tired and exhausted that I slumped back down into my bed and fell asleep again to a dream.

I was home. Back home. My mom and dad and my dog Snickers were all there. I ran around until my mom called me in for dinner. I don’t completely remember, but at one point, I was at the wishtree. I was so happy to be there, yet not as happy as I was sitting with Sam on the playground, comforting her. Telling her that Ted was stupid and didn’t – shouldn’t – call her names. I wished to have a good, pure friend I could trust. Amaya came out of the woods. Now, I was happy, but that made me wonder – am I better friends with Sam than Amaya? Than Adrienne? Joey too?

I woke up, tears forming in my eyes. I wiped them aside and looked at the clock. 6:00. I got dressed and started to write in my journal.

Tonight I dreamt of Sam. She is my friend, yet I worry, too good of a friend?

I always write one line, then illustrate it. Today was not the day for drawing. I sat down on my bed. Then, with a sudden jolt of energy, ran to my bookshelf and pulled out, The Lake of Secrets, one of my favorites. It was poetry. I opened it up to her grandma’s favorite, The Only Tree Left.

                            The tree sat in the open field

         Buildings forming around it.

It frowned. 

Then I read more and more and more until my alarm rang at 7:00. My mom was waiting for me at the kitchen table. “Do you want to skip school and go to Amaya’s house?”

“Really?” I frowned. Something was wrong. “Mom, is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine, and do you want to or not?”

“Yeah.” I felt too tired to go back to bed, yet tired enough to sleep again.

“Get in the car. Now.” My mom was obviously not in a good mood. So I got in the car. “Honey, you sure? Ms. Kayla said you made a very good friend, and that she has no other friends…”

“Mom, Amaya is my friend. So is – Sam. But I haven’t seen Amaya in months!” She sighed. 

Later when I woke up in the car, I realized I had a dream. A strange being was telling me that I should not want to go back. That I could still visit my old friends but I should not abandon my new friend. I sat up straight. “Brooklyn, we’re here.”

At Amaya’s house we played secret spies and spied on her sister Annie. “ANNIE!!!” Amaya called out to her sister, then we ran out of the house and Annie had a furious look on her face.

Chapter 5

I was content.

I was happy.

I was amazed.

Sam raised her hand and spoke, something she never did. We shared our poster. We laughed. Ted humiliated himself. It was an amazing week, and I regretted nothing at all. My dad came, moved in and brought Snickers. I was amazed at how I followed the directions of the spirit and I was happy, and just how pure the world seemed. How I could hear the words so clearly. They sounded crisp, like the sharp scent of the rain on a spring morning.

The freshness of the world made me happy.

When my dad came made me content.

And how Sam was so proud and spoke up made me amazed.

On Wednesday, we presented our reading posters, and nobody did as awesome as me and Sam. Nobody could be as good friends, either.

When I visited my old house, the wishtree glowed with enthusiasm.

“Hey!” I said. “Nice to see you again.” I sat down at the wishtree and finally wished for all I would ever need: To always have friends.                

The Fly


“Hurry up, you slowpoke!” Beni cried. He flung his arms in the air and sailed high above to the gust of the warm wind that gave him that hearty boost.

He stared at the sky. The world, these powers, this ability…it almost felt cosmic, how a single step he could take could physically take him down a rabbit hole.

As I squinted in the November moonlight, I recognized Beni’s familiar figure soaring in the sky like a bird. One leap, and I was soaring too.

How could this have happened?  Well, I used to feel like a goner, in those weary, grimey days that sucked the present out of me, and lost me in the past. Those flashes and pops of lightning and thunder tore me away from my family. All I have now is my annoying brother, Beni.

Sweat crawled up my spine as I wove beneath the tall trees.

It’s crazy to fly. It’s like saying it’s the end of the world if your pencil broke in half.

But crazy doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it’s not.

If you go back a good ten years, my adventure could start. But my past is not my present. My life now, in the present, is awesome. I go out to soar in the fluffy clouds that drift gently by the bright sky. 

Fine, you want the story of my past? You got to be ready. You got to know it.

You’ve got to need the story of my past. Not just to want the past, but to need it. You have to need my past. 

Why would you need such a grim thing? 

I see. Because I am in the process of telling you this story, and by this story I mean the tall tale of my upsetting, dark past.

I trust you. I trust the press and the publishers and my fellow editor(s) to not make this more than it is, which stands in the category of being a piece of forlorn American literature.

Or not. 

Look, I can’t be just plain old fiction. I exist. You’re going to think that this is just some rip-off book of kids’ fairy tales until you meet me. And when you look into the past, and change it, it affects your present and your future. So if you really are the reason I look into my real past in order to change the amazing present, you better be ready to see me flying across the sky when you crawl under your mom’s bed because you think there’s a thunder storm and it’s actually me soaring like a jet plane at two in the morning.

Well, here’s my past and you won’t like it.

It all started when Mom called me to the breakfast table after a long sleep that night. “Coming, Mom!” I yelled. 

Mom raised her eyebrows and plunked a small pinch pot on the rusty table. My family used to be poor. In fact, they still are. My family is small, like really small. It only goes up about four generations, and there hasn’t been enough people in the family to make enough money to survive. 

I sat in the chair.

Sorry…I mean I stood while eating. As you might have guessed, we couldn’t even afford a single chair. The table, however, was donated to us from a rich family called the Meyers that somehow believed that they had too many things in their house. But the table was rusty, so you could think that they had it for a long time. Like, really long. Crazy long.

When the Meyers had first bought the table, it was actually purchased by the head of the family, Lucia Josephine Meyer. She was an elderly lady who had just retired from her job as a salesman. Every day, she would make about 2,000 dollars! The money would gradually pass down throughout the family and would make them richer and richer until they could probably purchase 20 cars. They were millionaires, maybe billionaires!  The family was cheerful and hopeful until Lucia Meyer died sadly of old age. Her husband, George Topaz Meyer lll, seemed to be affected the most out of all the family members from this big loss. Before George died, he insisted on being buried beside Lucia forever. Lucia and George’s son had become a wealthy salesman as well, and kept the big family going, generation after generation, salesman after salesman, rich houses were constantly being sold and purchased. 

Anyway, the pinch pot had been made from dirty clay from the lake where we got our water. It was our only cup. But we barely used it. Oh, did I mention that I have no father? 

My dad, John Schuyler Thompson, passed away when I was a toddler. Ever since, my mom has been going out with a man named Theodore Akler to fancy dinner parties and stuff. Theodore is not like my real dad at all. His grin is nothing compared to my dad’s friendly, toothy smile.

“So, why is everything so fancy? And how did you get those expensive lantern candles?”

“Well.” Mom smiled, “Mr. Theodore has asked me to marry him!”

I choked on my dirty water. I froze. 

“What?” I squeaked.

“I’m going to marry Theodore!” Mom yelled excitedly.

“Ew!” My many siblings chimed in with disgust.

  But I just gasped.

“Honey, are you all right?” Mom said, her mood switching to concern instantly. “How do you feel?”

The truth is, I didn’t know how I felt. “I’m…fine.” And without asking to be excused, I ran up to my bedroom and started to cry.


“…Then we need to tell the caterer to buy good whipped cream, and I have to get my wedding dress, and we have to serve a million people, and on top of all that, we can barely afford a bouquet!” Mom yelled.

She was trying to plan a wedding with very little time (how is that even possible if you’re penniless?).

I rolled my eyes and sniggered mockingly. “Then just give him back the engagement ring and get un-married.” I joked casually.

“MORRIS MILTON SCHUYLER THOMPSON!” Mom shrieked furiously. “Go to your room now!”

I stormed up to my bedroom and slammed the door shut. I curled into a ball and wept until my pillow was soaked. Change was harsh. But I couldn’t control it. No one could.

“You can come out now.” My mom shouted up to me, like dad always would.

Mom patted a worn-out pillow, indicating that she clearly wanted me to sit there.

“Write down the names of people I tell you to invite.” Mom instructed. “Nana Bleeberg, Aunt Porsha, Rilenne Mackza-”

“Who’s Rilenne Mackza?” I asked.

“Just a kind French lady across the street. She met you when you were in kindergarten.” Mom said.

“Oh.” I replied. “Who else do we need to invite?”

“Let’s see…” Mom pondered. “George Fredrick Wisley, Roxanne Jenifers, Stanley Guatemungo, Madeline Raysyn, Choltiferr Jackobbs, Bostette Watsons, Margarette Lunston, and…”

You might think that that’s a small number of people to invite to a wedding. But the truth is, we couldn’t afford a crumb of Oreos if we tried. Our family was so poor, and we knew we were stuck that way. Living life to the fullest for us was only inviting about ten people to a wedding. 

“Nimbosteen Colsteeronni…and that’s about it.” Mom sighed. “Go set the table, Morris.”

I tossed the napkins onto the table.

All of a sudden, there was a horrid rumbling that could make me deaf. 

“EARTHQUAKE!”  Mom screamed. 

Mom and I huddled under the doorway. Beni and my grandfather did too. The last thing I heard before I blacked out was the frantic sobs of my mother and grandfather as they slowly died.


Springfield, Illinois

Two years later, Beni and I moved into a house next to our friend Chloe’s. We built it out of mud and sticks and wood.

The roof was made of straw.

The forlorn massacre that had destroyed most of my beloved family had traveled to New Zealand – the atomic plates were still shaking. The world was still quaking.

One day, Chloe’s older sister, named Meradith, introduced me and Beni to her husband, Ralph. Ralph took me and Beni to the zoo.

Beni and I were fascinated by a mysterious silver hawk in a restricted room. Beni had trained in Karate for as long as I could remember, so I was not surprised when he blasted open the door to the locked restricted room titled “No Admittance”.

The bird had bit me and Beni. The glossy scar looked like a big deal. Ralph rushed us to the hospital immediately. We got several stitches. Let me tell you this, it wasn’t fun to get bit. But little did Beni and I know that it would end up being the reason we flew. One day when the stitches were removed, it was barely an injury anymore at all. I whooped with joy and sprung into the air. That was the day when I realized that I could fly.

The Assassin Games

A-man, the Assassin, and Leany the berry met at the battlefield on the bridge at midnight. A-man the Assassin killed Leany the berry with a very sharp sword. Leany the berry was very surprised when she was about to die. A-man the Assassin left without a single notice by killing Leany the berry. The next day, the cops came to investigate the mystery. But they couldn’t find a single clue. So they called the detectives to find clues. But even they could not find a single clue.

“We still haven’t found any clues of who killed Leany the berry,” said the cop. So they went up the bridge to investigate again. They found a sharp sword on Leany the berry. They took it out and investigated. They went to scan the sword and found out that A-man the Assassin killed Leany!!

They searched everywhere for A-man the Assassin, put posters everywhere, and wrote “Wanted” on the middle of the poster. If anyone found A-man the Assassin and brought him back, they would get 5,000,000,000,000 dollars because this was not the first crime he committed. According to the FBI, he committed 50 crimes already! So that’s why the person who brings him back will have so much money! When the cops and the detectives were done putting the posters up, they went back to investigate the mystery.

Meanwhile, A-man the Assassin was getting out of town on an airplane. He met his boss. Her name was Malicia.

“Come and sit with me, Malevolent. Let’s chat about this,” said Malicia.

“Good to see you again, boss,” A-Man said.

“You forgot to take the sword out of Leany the berry. Are you going to talk about this situation?!” Malicia shouted.

“I know you are mad about this–”

“This seems like a little mistake, but it reveals all of your crimes. Did you remember what I taught you?!” screamed Malicia.

“Just calm down, this is not a big problem!” said A-Man.

“Not a big problem? You may be able to solve this problem, but this will affect your career at ESK academy!!!” screamed Malicia.

“But you always figure out the way, right?” said A-Man.

“That’s true, so I want to pair you up with a teammate, so she can help you with your job. Her name is Layla, her code name is Queen Killer. She is a great thief and killer. She stole many things that can help us. And many, many fancy jewels that no one had ever succeeded in stealing, ever. I bet she can help you out, Malevolent!” exclaimed Malicia, “Come on out Layla.” 

Then, Layla stepped into the room with a wise air about her.

“What’s up guys, what are you guys chatting about right now?” said Layla.

“Layla, meet your new teammate, Malevolent, and Malevolent, meet your new teammate, Layla,” said Malicia. Then Malicia went away to do her daily spa and left Layla and Malevolent to talk some more. Meanwhile, the cops and the detectives were still talking and trying to find where A-Man the Assassin was.

“This job is really hard. We’re never going to find A-man the Assassin,” said one cop.

“Shush! If we keep on talking about this, our boss may fire us,” said another cop.

In the chief’s room, a detective and the chief were not talking about the previous crime where A-Man the Assassin killed Leany. Instead, they were talking about the Queen Killer.

“Queen Killer has committed way more crimes, and also bigger crimes, than A-Man the Assassin. I suggest that we work on Queen Killer first,” the chief said.

Meanwhile, Queen Killer and A-man were getting to know each other quickly.

“So, how did you get your code name?” asked Queen Killer.

“How did you get your code name?” replied A-Man.

“Same as you did, get your crimes famous and people will name you! They named me Queen Killer because I am the best killer and thief in the whole wide world! How about you?” Layla asked calmly.

“I got my code name because there was a lot of news about me, and people thought I had a perfect rate of stealing. That’s why,” replied A-man.

“Okay, well, your code name sounds boring, unlike my code name. It’s much cooler than yours, A-Man,” said Queen Killer.

“Excuse me, if you don’t mind if I say, my code name is way cooler than yours, Queen Killer,” A-Man said.

“How so?” replied Queen Killer. A-man was hesitating to respond. Queen Killer was really good at intimidating people. “Well, never mind then,” said Queen Killer calmly.

After a little while, Malicia came back to ask how they were doing.

“We’re quite nice,” said Queen Killer. A-Man shot her a dirty look, but did not say anything.

“So, are you guys ready for your first mission together?” asked Malicia. 

“You bet!” said Queen Killer.

“Whatever,” said A-man.

“Okay then,” said Malicia. “Your first mission is to steal Fabergé eggs from a museum in Russia.”

“Okay, this is easy, I stole hundreds of those before,” said Queen Killer.

“Are you kidding me!? I’ve tried to steal one of those and I failed!” said A-Man.

“Well, that’s because only the best thieves in the world, like me, can steal it,” Queen Killer responded. 

“Alright, you two stop arguing!” said Malicia.

“But it is true, right?” responded Queen Killer.

“Yes,” Malicia said with a sigh and laughed at A-man, who grunted at Queen Killer.

“Alright, you two are acting like children right now and you guys are now twenty years old!” said Malicia, “We’re arriving in Russia and going straight to the Kremlin Armoury museum. Now, I suggest you guys get ready.” 

Meanwhile, at night, when the plane arrived in Russia and when the museum was closed, the three villains got suited up and went straight to the museum. When they arrived there, there were no more security guards. Queen Killer and A-man were about to climb to the balcony when Malicia shouted, “Where are you guys going! We don’t have a plan yet! How would you guys get to steal those eggs!”

“Shhh, boss, calm down, let us do the plan now!” said Queen Killer. 

“First, I am going to let you know that you guys are going to steal forty-four of those! Get them all for our king!” exclaimed Malicia. 

“What!!! Forty-four! That’s all of the Fabergé eggs in the museum! I can barely steal one!” A-man shouted, surprised.

“Relax!” said Queen Killer while rolling her eyes.

“Which one of you will be the leader?” said Malicia.

“Me, duh!” said Queen Killer confidently.

“We haven’t even discussed this!” said A-man.

“No arguments!” said Queen Killer. 

“What about the plan?!” A-Man asked. 

“We will discuss the plan later,” Queen Killer said. A-man ran after Queen Killer. Then Malicia left to get some fresh air. 

Meanwhile, in the dark night, Queen Killer and A-Man arrived at the Kremlin Armoury and climbed up to the balcony and snuck into the museum. When they got into the museum, they saw forty-four Fabergé eggs. In front of the eggs, there was a glass door and a keypad lock. Before they did anything, Queen Killer used a pad to hack into the security cameras. A-Man tried the simplest combinations, but failed.

“Step aside, dum-dum. Let me do it,” Queen Killer said. She studied the key pad and tried 4-4-8 on the keypad and then opened the glass door! 

She put all the eggs in a big bag, carried it away with A-Man, and ran up to the balcony with A-Man following. 

A few minutes later, they got on the private plane and showed Malicia the Fabergé eggs.

“Well done, you guys, our king will be so happy to hear about it. Good teamwork, guys,” said Malicia.

“Although it was teamwork, I didn’t see A-Man do anything. But I guess you can still call it teamwork.” 

“What?! I did everything!” shouted A-man.

“What did you do? Please tell me,” said Queen Killer. 

“I put the eggs in the bag,” said A-man.

“That is nothing. Do you know why the security guards did not come? And do you know why the security alarms did not go off? All because of me, not you!” said Queen Killer.

“Stop arguing, you two, let’s go to the king,” said Malicia. The next day, the cops and the detectives went to investigate the Kremlin Armoury museum. 

A detective said, “I suspect that Queen Killer stole these eggs.”

“I do too,” said a cop. After a few minutes, a detective and a cop called a museum staff member and got into the security room. 

Malicia came back from delivering the stolen packages with the eggs and said to A-Man and Queen Killer, “The boss says good job. Now you have to prepare for a second mission.”

Malicia dragged Queen Killer for a private talk. “Try to communicate nicely with A-Man–” she said, but before she could finish the sentence, Queen Killer said, “Right!” Malicia’s words might have given Queen Killer an idea. And they went back to where A-Man was waiting.

 A-Man said: “What were you guys talking about?”

 “Your second mission is to steal the Funerary Mask of King Tutankhamun.” They went on the plane and traveled a long journey to Egypt and arrived at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. And of course, like usual, they arrived at midnight. And surprisingly, this time, Queen Killer was more patient and allowed A-Man to lead. But she wasn’t patient enough to figure out a plan when they were on the plane, they did it on the way to the museum. She wanted to relax on the plane. A-Man assumed every mission would be like this. 

On top of the museum building, there was a dome; they went through it and found the Funerary Mask. There was glass in front of it, of course, and it did have a lock, but it was not as tricky as the other one. It was just a little lock that Queen Killer easily picked. And, of course, she hacked into the security system, so it was an easy one. They left the building, went back to the plane, and showed Malicia the Funerary Mask. Queen Killer said her compliments to herself and one compliment to A-Man.

When they were settling in on the plane, Malicia said, “Thanks for being nice to A-Man.”

“No problem,” Queen Killer replied. But Malicia looked at her suspiciously, not knowing what trick she had up her sleeve. 

She said quietly to herself, “There’s gotta be more to this.” 

A few months later, A-Man and Queen Killer made a good team. They stole many things: jewelry, artifacts, famous paintings, etc. One day, they had a mission for the Olmec Colossal Head in the Xalapa Museum of Anthropology in Mexico. They went through a window, and A-man jumped down and rolled the Head to where Queen Killer was standing on the other side of the window. Queen Killer used the machine to rocket-launch the Head. But then, the security alarm went off.

 “Wait, I thought you had looked at the signals!” A-Man said.

 “Well, I looked at the signals, but there was a second layer, and I was too lazy and I gave up,” said Queen Killer. 

“What?!” said A-Man. Four hundred security guards came. 

They said, “Look! That’s Queen Killer and A-Man the Assassin!” Half of them were instructed to follow Queen Killer. Queen Killer ran very far, but in the opposite direction from the airport, and stopped. And then fought them, and beat them in five minutes. She went back to the plane without her partner.

A-Man was still fighting them, but he was struggling. By then, Queen Killer and her boss had already left because A-Man was so slow, and Queen Killer didn’t care. By the time he got out of that mess, the plane had already taken off and was halfway back. So he took another plane the next day. He had a plan to disclose what Queen Killer had done to him but he didn’t know that Queen Killer had her own plan. 

He went back and went to his boss’s room and said, “Boss, Queen Killer left me behind and didn’t wait for me and left me hanging there.”

The chair turned around, but it was not who A-Man was expecting. It was Queen Killer! “Hi, A-Man, sorry to disappoint you, but Malicia is not here. This is what happened: while you were gone, I challenged the boss to a fight, she lost, and I took the boss’s spot. I thought I could surprise you like this.”

But before A-Man could understand what was happening, she ordered ESK agents to capture him. He barely escaped, but luckily, he did escape. So he wandered off, trying to avoid the ESK Academy, but he didn’t know where he was going.

He met a seventy-year old man who said, “Hello, you look lost.”

“Whatever, mind your own business,” said A-Man.

“Okay, but would you like to come into my house?” said the old man.

“Whatever,” said A-Man and went into the old man’s house. A-Man saw a picture the old man had on his desk, and it was a picture of the old man, a woman, and a baby child. He recognized the baby in the picture: it was him! He turned around and said, “Who are you?” 

“I am your father, silly kid,” the old man laughed.

A-Man said, “What? You’re my father? I just recognized myself!” Instead of hugging, A-Man started to shout at his father,“Why did you leave me?”

“Because I had no choice! I betrayed the ESK agents, and they were looking for me all over! They could have found me. If I took you with me, they could have gotten you, too. But luckily, they didn’t find me.

“What?!” A-Man said, while he tried to process all this information. “So you really are my father?” He told him about how he was one of the top-fighters in the ESK Academy, and all about his fights. Right after he finished his story, A-Man said, “Teach me how to be a better fighter,” with a firm voice.

 “Okay, sure,” his father said, and then walked over to his chandelier. 

“What are you doing? I thought you were going to teach me how to fight, and you walk to the chandelier?” A-Man said. His father pulled on the chandelier string, and one of the walls opened.

“Come on in, sonny,” said the father. 

“Don’t call me sonny,” said A-Man.

“Okay, sonny,” said his father. 

A-Man’s father taught him how to fight. At first, he wasn’t as good as his father. His father said, “You only focus on attacking, but not blocking. And you never study your opponents’ weaknesses and strategies. If you studied them, you could figure out a way to beat them.” 

A few hours later, he got it. And then, A-Man said, “Did I master it?”

 “Yeah, you did. Just remember, when you fight, don’t fight with anger. Fight peacefully, and fight for good.”

Before any of them knew it, A-Man raised a knife and pushed him to the wall. His father looked at him with no fear. Just when he was about to stab him, he stabbed the wall and ran away.

Meanwhile, Queen Killer was on a private jet, going to steal the Mona Lisa painting. She went to the same country where A-Man was. She went to the balcony, hacked into the security signals again, and then slid down easily, like she was daydreaming. She was just about to grab the painting, looked around suspiciously, then…Crash! A-Man came in through one of the windows, but since he was still swinging in the air, he knocked Queen Killer out of the other side of the window and flew into the air! 

A-Man shouted, “Aaah! This is not how I planned it!” Then, Queen Killer noticed the bridge. She turned to the bridge, grabbed it, and landed on her feet. But A-Man crashed into the bridge and fell into the river. He climbed back up on the bridge. 

“Ow, that hurts,” he said. “I know you must be surprised.”

 “I’m not surprised,” Queen Killer replied. “I was expecting this.” 

Then, she drew out a sword, and A-man took his sword and prepared to fight. He knew whatever happened, Queen Killer would have no mercy. They fought, fought, fought; screamed, screamed, screamed; Queen Killer was about to stab him in the heart. But A-Man remembered what his father taught him, and kicked her and was about to stab her, but then Queen Killer kicked him off and stabbed him in the leg, and she said,“Goodbye.” 

She pushed him in the river and left. But luckily, A-Man’s father ran to him, dragged him up, and put him in the hospital. 


The Sunday Surprise

It was a cold Sunday morning the week before Thanksgiving.  

“Bye, dad!” We hollered as we hurried down the airport to the baggage check.  

My mom, Maylin, Kaia, and I waited in line. Time slowly passed by until finally we were at the boarding spot. We flew to Dallas, which was a two and a half hour flight. But when we got to the boarding area to go to Grand Rapids, that’s where everything went wrong. 

My mom got a call from my dad, who was at home, saying the flight got canceled because of snow! We would have to wait four hours! Yeah, that’s right! Four hours! So we could take a different flight to Detroit instead of Grand Rapids, then a two and a half hour flight to Detroit, then a three to four hour drive to my grandparents’ house! 

So we waited, and waited, and waited! When the four hours passed,we boarded and took off in the air. I watched Black Widow and right when it was about to end, the plane shook. 


Kaia started to cry. That cry turned into a sob, that sob turned into a scream, a high pitched scream! 

When we listened more carefully we heard… 

The common sound of the drum and horns.


The windows of the airplane shot up! 

“What in the-…” My mom didn’t finish her sentence. 

We couldn’t believe what we saw! FLYING PIGS PLAYING INSTRUMENTS! Drums, guitars, pianos, and a bunch more! 

“…world,” my mom finished. 

They had a Dallas Cowboys flag up and a flag that said, “the Dallas Pig Band!” They were the band of pigs that were going to the football game! 

The plane automatically turned around without the pilot’s control! 

“Hold on, everybody. I don’t know what happened.” The seatbelt sign turned on. “Please don’t panic,” The captain said in a panicked voice. 

Well, the plane followed right behind the pigs’ tails until we got to the Dallas game to cheer them on.

  As we hovered in the plane over the game we noticed more flying pigs coming! CHEERLEADER PIGS! 

“Let’s go Dallas, let’s go! Let’s go Dallas, let’s go!” The cheerleaders cheered on and on and on.

 But that’s not all. BOOOOOOOM! Thousands of pigs came roaring out of the sky and took the place of the people in the stands who didn’t even notice them because of the distraction of the game! The pigs threw the people into the sky. (Although, they were not evil, why would they be?) But let’s not talk about what happened to them because you do NOT want to know.

 Well, it wouldn’t be a complete story if you didn’t know; they fell into a river of course where the people would throw the goal post after a great victory! 

“OH MY GOSH,” the people on the plane hollered when we heard that disturbing news.

“Well at least we aren’t going to die!” Someone blurted out.

 Just then the clock ran out of time. 

“Hooray!” Everybody shouted. Dallas won!

Well, obviously we turned around and finished going to Michigan. 

“Thankfully we have continued on our journey, and are heading back safely,” the captain announced. “I apologize for that delay. Hopefully we will arrive soon. Thank you for your cooperation and we will be on our way.”

When we got back, the story we told in the car took one hour of the time to tell. And it took most of the ride to convince our grandparents that it actually happened, although they weren’t fully convinced. 

By the time we got back, it was 1:30 in the morning so we all got ready to go to bed, although sadly our bags didn’t make it back. All of a sudden everybody woke up to the same sound of…


“We heard that for sure on the plane,” I shouted. 

My grandma hurried over to the door to see what it was. She opened the door and shrieked! There, right before her eyes, she saw the band of pigs with their drums. Her eyes swirled as she fell backwards with a big CLUMP.

 We all ran over to see if she was okay just as the leader pig winked with a full smile so you could see his one golden tooth sparkle.

Giant Cats 2: HUMANS

After Ginger and Peter found out that they had the same secret, they decided to go on a trip together. They went from Giant Cat Town to Giant Cat California. They wanted me to share their journey with you. They packed up and said goodbye, but they almost forgot one crucial thing: to pick who will rule Cat Town while they are gone. So they asked their good friend Oliver. He was very nervous, because everyone would depend on him. They just wanted to have a good time and go on a vacation without having to worry about having a secret anymore. They told Oliver “You’ll be fine!” and set off. But…they accidentally took a spaceship instead of their plane to Giant Cat California and they ended up on the moon. Six fish and two snails were trying to trick Ginger and Peter, and since Oliver had no experience being the ruler, they tricked him and became the rulers themselves. But they didn’t know that Oliver was actually used to this, because they go on a lot of trips and they leave him in charge. So when the fish tried to become rulers, it really didn’t work. First of all, they were fighting for who would be the first determined ruler. Secondly, they forgot they were only one or two inches long, and Oliver is a cat.

So, they had a second try, and they barely came out alive because Oliver forgot to cut his nails. 

Now, let’s tell Oliver’s side of the story! 

“I saw a few fish on the floor out of water, so I tried to pick them up and put them in a glass of water. But I accidentally used my claws! Thankfully, I didn’t hurt them, but they were very frightened in my hands. So I quickly put them in a glass of water, and I went and ate lunch. When I came back, they were gone! And the glass was broken. I just hope they’re ok.”

Meanwhile, on the moon….

Ginger and Peter are enjoying the moon quite nicely by eating water cake. My mistake, actually milk cake. They also saw a squirrel pass by, waving to them.

“That’s quite interesting,” Peter said. Ginger agreed and nodded her head. It was very quiet on the moon….UNTIL!…actually, never mind, nothing happened. Yeah, the moon was very quiet and dusty.

Inside the rocket ship, there was a vacuum, so they decided to do the moon a favor, but they accidentally pressed the “blast off” button. Thankfully, they were holding hands, so they blasted off together and landed in Giant Cat California.

I guess the moral of the story is that love can push you through anything….even if you’re trapped on the moon!

Let’s go back to Cat Town.

The snails just told the fish that Peter and Ginger had escaped and were headed somewhere. They traveled halfway around the world by swimming, but they forgot that not everywhere is surrounded by water—and where Peter and Ginger were, in the middle of California, was nowhere near the beach! The fish could go nowhere near that far….their tails would get far too tired! So they found a slice of butter and a tiny stick and started rowing. Thankfully, one of the fish was a carver, so while they rowed, he carved a much safer bus in the butter. So they all went in the bus, 6 fish and 2 snails, and the wheels started sliding on the pavement. Since it was in California, though, the pavement was very hot and the butter started melting. They quickly found a cup and started rolling in it. Again, the carver fish carved a little train. And there were functioning seatbelts. And they were safe in the train. And they thought they had arrived at their destination, but they were wrong. The snails don’t have the best eyes, so they saw the wrong area. They tried again, except when they started rolling again, the train fell apart! Thankfully, they found some bottlecaps and slid down the hill in them, so they decided to have some fun and do what they were trying to do.

They finally got to the hotel, but Ginger and Peter weren’t there. They had left the hotel to go to lunch. One of the fish looked at the snail very oddly. They waited there, but they didn’t have to wait long. The only problem was they couldn’t get inside the hotel, so they thought of a plan as quickly as they could and tried it out. It did not work. They decided to try the next thing, but there was another problem: they had nowhere to stay. So they found a pond nearby, and stayed there for the night. The next day, the cats found flipper prints leading to the pond. They investigated, and found six fish and two snails. Then, they turned them back into good snails and good fish. At the very end of the story, they all went back to Giant Cat Town, and there, waiting for them, was Oliver. He was very tired for some reason, and then he told us why. Being the ruler of Giant Cat Town alone is really hard. Next time, he will ask his sister for help.

The End.

The Planet

There was an astronaut that had to go on a big adventure. Her name was Coco. She had to go to six different planets to find a missing alien. The first one was about music. She had to write a song to get past the first planet. The second planet was about dancing. She had to choreograph a dance. The third one was about adventure. She had to find an adventure on the planet. The fourth one was about drawing. She had to draw a self-portrait. The fifth one was about love. She had to find her true love. The last one was about fun. She had to make it fun to find the alien. 

For days, she was thinking about a song and she finally had it. Coco went into the planet, but the planet wouldn’t take it. Coco tried about five times, and then she picked it up, noticing something was wrong. It wasn’t the right paper. She went back into the spaceship and she looked all around. She found it underneath her pillow, and she put it on the planet. The planet finally accepted and let her move onto the next one.

A week later, she finally figured out her photograph for planet two. Coco danced all around, but the planet wouldn’t take it. Something was wrong. She had no more ideas, so she went back into the spaceship. Coco had the wrong boots. That’s what she was missing to be a good dancer. She looked all around and she found them in the bathtub. And then the planet took it. So, she went onto the next planet .

On planet three, Coco had to find an adventure. She thought that it would be impossible to find one. Eventually, she found one, and left. 

The fourth planet needed a drawing. It took Coco a very long time to draw herself but she finally did it. But she forgot one thing. She forgot to draw the nose. She put it on the planet, but the planet didn’t take it. She looked all around and she finally noticed it. She practiced the nose on a different piece of paper, and she messed up a tiny bit, but she still got it accepted.

The fifth planet. Coco thought it would be impossible to find true love on the planet. She looked for more than three months, but she still couldn’t find it. She finally found someone on the planet that was her true love. They danced; they made music together, which almost made her forget about the adventure. Her true love had to go straight to Earth. The planet accepted it, but she was sad that she had to leave her true love. 

The sixth planet. Coco tried for almost a year, but she couldn’t find something fun. After that year, she finally found a toy. She had no idea what it mean or what to do with it. But the toy had something written on the back. It said that if you shake it, something magical will appear. So she shook it about five times and finally found the missing alien. She went back to Earth, and everybody thought she would never return. But she did return, and she found her true love again. She experimented on the alien in her secret lab. She needed to find out why the alien went missing. She thinks it escaped and wants to go back to its own planet and that there’s probably more aliens. So, she went back up and found one more planet. The planet of sparkles. 

Coco was so amazed that she passed out and had to tell everyone. Now every time she goes to space she always visits her alien friends. Sometimes they put on musicals, and she sometimes does new adventures. Everybody in the neighborhood throws one big party for her. It was one party she would never forget. The end.

Spaghetti and… Clams?

I stared out the window. The snow made the playground all white. It was lunchtime. We had recess after lunch. We would definitely have indoor recess. I stared at my lunch bag. Spaghetti and meatballs again. That was the only thing my mom had ever packed since we got back from Mexico. Even though my stomach grumbled like a hungry lion, I didn’t want to eat spaghetti and meatballs. I kept a chart of how many times my mom packed spaghetti and meatballs and I was at 19 days! But the days just kept coming: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24! I counted on and on each day. I was getting so tired of it.

Finally, no meatballs! Still spaghetti though. What were those things? I noticed they were moving. Not moving like rolling, but opening and closing. I was confused and hungry, so I started to pick up my fork. Suddenly I started to notice something bad. Wait a minute. 

“Are those clams?” I thought to myself, “Ahhh!” 

I ran to get school lunch. Nope. It was spinach with carrots and sweet potato fries. Gross! I tried not to barf. I found some crackers lying in the corner of the cafeteria. I gobbled them up. Ewww. They tasted like people’s feet. I didn’t know what to do. I asked my friend Hanna if she would share her salami with me. She only gave me one piece. I ripped it up into small pieces to last me the whole lunch period. I was still hungry. I wished I had something like pizza. 

When I got home, I could barely breathe. I slumped on the couch. 

When my mom got home from work, the first thing she said was, “Why the gloomy face, kiddo?” 

“You,” I breathed, “packed…me…clams…” I started, “For lunch!!! Ahhh!!!” I yelled. 

I ran all the way up two flights of stairs to my room. 

Mom ran after me screaming,” Aliela, come back!!!” 

I didn’t want to upset Mom. I think I mostly upset myself. Mom didn’t seem upset, I think she only wanted to talk with me, but I just wanted to be alone. 

Then, I heard the front door moan. My older brother, Kalub, was home. Kalub was in high school, and he participated in a world-wide famous high school football game. 

“My team won.” Kalub bragged. 

“I don’t think that is true,” Mom said, face buried in her computer. 

She probably searched it up. Kalub’s team was called Dark Hawks. The other team was Alley Champs. 

We had started eating dinner so I was glad that the subject had changed! 

“Mom,” I said. “May I be excused to get dessert?” 

“Eat a little bit more,” she said. “And then you can eat dessert.”


I decided not to bring up the subject of lunch, but I’ll bring it up tomorrow morning. I needed more time to forgive Mom in my head before I chose to talk about it. I just hoped Mom remembers to not give me clams for lunch tomorrow!!!

The Nuclear Death, Part 1

There once were 2 teams. One of the teams was called the Department of Nuclear Studies, D.N.S. for short.  The other team was called Society of Hitmen, S.H. for short. The two facilities were enemies. S.H. wanted to destroy D.N.S. They wanted to destroy the facility because they didn’t want any mistakes to happen, or else the city would get destroyed. They were in Nevada, where there’s a lot of plains. S.H. was also in Nevada. They were actually right next to the D.N.S. facility. The leader of S.H. wanted to assassinate the director of D.N.S. Today was the day they would do it. 

The leader prepared all of his people. He gave them muskets and bazookas. There were many different groups in S.H. There were the spies, the raiders, and the commando. The commando, along with many other raiders, went in a buggie. The spies went in a black van. There were also the hitmen. The hitmen went with the spies, but there was one hitman who wasn’t sure about this plan. His name was the Blackout. He had a very important role with the hitmen. His role was to assassinate and to heal. He was the chief medic of S.H., and he was the only one who didn’t have a cold heart. So, he told his crew that he would be back. He put the vice chief medic in charge, because he would stay back and control the plan. But that wasn’t what he was going to do. He was going to secretly help D.N.S. 

The Blackout went through a secret passageway to D.N.S., where he would start a new life. He put on some casual clothes, and asked the director of the D.N.S. for an interview. Luckily, he said yes. In the interview, he was asked what his job was before. 

Blackout answered: “I was the chief medic of a society.” 

He didn’t mention that he was part of S.H. and the director didn’t find out. He said yes to the job, and even better, he said he could be the chief medic of D.N.S. Blackout was happy, but he wasn’t so happy about lying to his whole group at S.H. But he was okay with lying to the director of D.N.S. After all, it wasn’t really a lie. It was a white lie. Little did he know that white lie would become a big lie. 

He said to the director that there was a raid party that wanted to destroy D.N.S. The director believed him, so he put the facility at level 5, which was the most secure level. They were right on time. Then, they sent out some of their troops to secure the area. Back at S.H., the leader told them to retreat. When they got back, the Blackout wasn’t there. But luckily, the Blackout wasn’t that dumb. He disguised a person as him and killed that person so it would look like he was dead. Now, the big lie began. The news went out to all of S.H. But then, it was going further than S.H. – it was going to New York City, and other states. Luckily, D.N.S didn’t know about it yet. But they would soon. The leader of S.H. was very sad. Still, no one knew about S.H., though. Blackout was saving people all day. The news spread out. It even spread out to S.H. When the leader of D.N.S. found out, he was furious. Blackout also told D.N.S. about S.H. Like always, the director of D.N.S. believed him. Sadly, now S.H. wanted to assassinate the Blackout, but now his name was Chief Larry.

S.H. snuck into D.N.S. When they all heard that there were threats in D.N.S., Chief Larry sent out many troops with the permission of the director. The troops were able to kidnap the hitmen, the spies, the commando and the raiders. Unfortunately, the big lie became bigger and bigger. 

The leader of S.H. told the director of D.N.S. everything, from the beginning to the end. When the director asked Chief Larry if it was true, he said yes. Luckily, the director of D.N.S. was super nice, and it didn’t bother him at all. The director of D.N.S. said that all people change course in life. And the director always knew that he wasn’t spying for S.H. But nobody knew what to do with S.H. 

“Killing them would be a little harsh,” said Chief Larry. 

Everybody agreed. “Maybe we could keep them in our facility prison,” said the director of D.N.S. 

Chief Larry and the rest of D.N.S. agreed. But the next day, the co-director of D.N.S. had a surprise for Chief Larry. He was the new director of D.N.S., but the ex-director wasn’t there. The co-director said that he was shocked while they were transferring S.H. to their prison. They also said that they could not capture S.H., they were still on the loose. 

                                              To be continued 

The Anteater

One day in California, there lived a boy. The boy had all the toys in the town. The boy wanted to have something new. How hard is it to think of something new?!

“Wait a minute,” said the boy, “I think I got it! All I want is a particular pet! I want an anteater! I want it nice and gray.”

As soon as his dad heard the news, he went to all the zoos that he could find. He asked the zookeepers calmly if they had any anteaters.

“We have anteaters, but our anteaters are not for sale.”

One day later, his dad found a zoo that said “Anteaters for sale”. He found the nicest, grayest anteater and gave it to his son. 

The anteater asked the boy, “Please give me some meat and bread.”

The boy said, “No, you are an anteater and you should go outside and find some ants from my garden.”

The anteater searched night and day, but he couldn’t find a single ant.

Five days later, the boy’s aunt came over. The boy shouted over to the anteater, “Come see my Aunt Samantha! She is over 15 years old.”

The anteater turned around and said, “A giant ant?”

Sometimes people think it’s “a-nt”, but it’s actually, “au-nt”. 

As soon as the anteater heard the word “aunt” he said, “Hmmm, a giant ant.”

The boy said, “Yes, yes, a good big ah-nt”

The anteater came closer and closer and said, “Hmm, I don’t care if the aunt is over 15. I don’t care how old the aunt is. Tonight, when Aunt Samantha is sleeping, I will gulp her down head to toe.”

So, at night he did exactly what he said. He ate her head to toe, toenails too!

In the morning, the boy looked around for his Aunt Samantha. Then, he saw the anteater in Aunt Samantha’s bed. The anteater said, “Since I ate Aunt Samantha for dinner, I will eat you for dessert!”

The anteater didn’t only eat the boy, he ate his whole family and even his plants. 

After he ate everyone and all the plants, he had so much energy, so he dug into the boy’s garden. Then he saw a tiny speck of something black in the dirt moving. He said, “Ah! Another ant!”

       The end.


Chapter 1: Flamingos

What makes flamingos special?

Flamingos can stand one leg, did you know that it’s easier for them but it’s harder for humans? Since flamingos are pink, they don’t do it on their own. There’s pink plankton stuff in the water and they eat it and that’s what makes flamingos pink. Baby flamingos don’t start out pink, they start out gray. They start out puffy and they look like penguin babies because they are gray and puffy.

Where do flamingos live?

Flamingos usually live in mangrove swamps. Did you know that flamingos are a relative to dodo birds? They have the same beaks.

What do flamingo eggs look like?

Flamingo eggs are not the same as chicken eggs. They are like an oval, but no arch on the top. It kind of comes in on the side.

Did you know that flamingos fly? Mostly only swamp flamingos fly because the swamp gives them much more cool and they can sense when something is coming. There’s not that much danger in lakes though. Flamingo groups are called flamboyances. A flamingo is 3 and a half to 5 feet tall. And did you know that lake flamingos make mud and stick nests?

Chapter 2: Golden Pheasants

Did you know that golden pheasants live in Western China? Did you know that golden pheasant eggs are the exact same size and shape of chicken eggs? But they don’t have spots on them.

What do female golden pheasants look like?

They look more brownish-blackish. And the males look blue, red, a little black, yellow, gold, and there’s some grayish on the tail.

Golden pheasants can fly but only a few feet in the air and they prefer to stay on the ground. Golden pheasants eat berries, bugs, and leaves. In the wild golden pheasants live 5 to 6 years. But in people’s homes they can live 15 to 20 years. I think that’s because they get more treatment at houses. And I don’t think they live long in the wild because their are predators coming out to eat them.

What are golden pheasants’ predators?

Their predators are foxes and wild cats. 

Chapter 3: Toucans 

Where do Toucans live?

They live in the Amazon Rainforest.

What is a flock of Toucans called?

It is called a durante of Toucans. I thought durante means together, but it is Portuguese for during. It makes sense because durante and during kind of sound similar.

What do males look like?

Male and females look the same, except male beaks are longer and narrower.

How many years do they live?

They live 12 to 20 years.

Did you know that there are different types of Toucans? There are over 40 different species of Toucan. I would guess there are 60 because they are one of the most popular kinds of birds. All the different types of Toucan species have a big beak. 


Does Anabella have to be perfect?

Once upon time in Japan there was a girl named Anabella. She loved going to Japan and she loved playing and helping. She also loved reading, taking walks, and even everyone in her family, and cleaning the house very clean. Every time her mom drops a glass of water Anabella helps her mom clean the wet floor, and Anabella is smart and helps her family whenever her family needs help.

She wants to be a teacher when she grows up so she is working hard so she can be a teacher when she grows up. She reads a lot of books so she could be a teacher when she is a grownup so she works harder than anybody else to do a lot of math like ‘is 100 greater than 1000 or is 1000 greater than 100?’ Anabella would think the greater one is 1000. Do you think Anabella will get it right or wrong? I think she will get it right because it says she is smart. What do you think? She knows everything! Do you think  Anabella will get it right?

She does a lot of work every single day because she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She is trying to work as hard as the other students. Her teacher’s name is Miss Luna. Miss Luna helps Anabella to get it right. She practices her math, reading, and even hard math without anybody helping her. Her brain is trying to work hard to know the answers. Anabella’s mom said, “Your grandparents are coming here soon.” She tried to finish her math quickly, so her grandparents won’t see her doing her homework. After she was done, the grandparents came. Anabella came to the front door to hug her grandparents. And she said, “hi,” in Japanese. “Hello Anabella, I am so happy to see you,” said Anabellas grandpa. At bed time Anabella screamed in her pillow so loud! Her mom said “Stop screaming, do that at a sleepover!” After she yelled at Anabella she slept peacefully, she didn’t even say one word she just [zzzzzz.] 

The next day Anabella wore her favorite outfit that says ‘I love writing’ with shorts and long socks and sneakers with a headband that has a bow. The color of the headband was blue. She felt very disappointed because she had to do math all over again. She had to do it fast because it was almost her math test. During recess Anabella saw a girl at the next bench. She sat right next to the poor girl. She asked what was wrong. The girl said “I wanted to be a writer when I grow up but I keep on practicing swimming instead of writing.” “What is your name?” asked Anabella. “My name is Cinnamon but my real name is Flora. My family is a god or ghost. I could help you.” Now Anabela knows if she makes a mistake her brain will grow! The End!

Sally loves Cinnamon the Hamster, Book 1

Once there was a girl named Sally. Sally loved hamsters. 

One day her mother said, “Sally, I have a present for you!” 

 “What?’’ Sally said.

’’Look in this box,’’ Sally’s mother said. Sally’s mom was holding a big brown box. Sally opened the box and inside the box was a cute hamster. The hamster was a brown cinnamon color. 

Sally said, “Oh, I’ll name you Cinnamon the hamster.” Her mom gave her a hamster pack and a guide, but Sally already knew a ton about hamsters. But she still read the guide, just in case. She let the hamster run in a spinner. Sally fed Cinnamon lettuce and carrots. And she took Cinnamon out for walks. And she gave Cinnamon a school, called Cinnamon school. When Sally went to school, she left Cinnamon a cardboard cut out of her so he wouldn’t be lonely. 

One day, when Sally was taking Cinnamon for a walk he slipped out of her leash. Cinnamon didn’t realize he was out of the leash. Sally didn’t realize he was out of the leash either. When Sally looked at her leash, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Cinnamon wasn’t on the leash! 

When Cinnamon looked, he was in the bushes. But Sally didn’t see him in the bushes. They were very tall bushes. Sally looked everywhere. She looked in one of the bushes, but she didn’t look in the bush Cinnamon was in because she didn’t realize there was another bush. Her mother was at the supermarket and her father was working, so Sally realized she would have to act like Cinnamon so that he would come to her. But she would have to read a book all about hamsters first. The guide! She put food out at night, but Cinnamon didn’t come to her. The bushes were so high that Cinnamon couldn’t smell. 

Cinnamon fed on lettuce, because there was lettuce in the bushes, and he thought that those bushes were the woods. 

And then her mom called and said she wouldn’t be back for a week because she was going to San Francisco for her work. And her dad would be working all day. 

So Sally thought, if she was going to find Cinnamon she would need him to come to her. She walked all over the neighborhood singing her Cinnamon song. “Cinnamon, oh Cinnamon!” She sang up and down the street. But the bushes were too thick and high that Cinnamon couldn’t hear it. 

Then she saw the bushes that Cinnamon was in were rattling. She thought that it just must be ants. She went to check the bushes, but when she looked, Cinnamon thought it was a hungry lion. When she looked he ran outside the bushes, then he came back when she was done looking. 

Cinnamon was scared. Sally was scared too. She didn’t know what to do. 

She thought she should wear her night vision goggles. But since the bushes were very thick, she couldn’t find him. Then she called out, “Cinnamon! Cinnamon!” 

Cinnamon thought it was a snake because he only heard “Sssssssssisss”, so he thought it was a snake. And some of the leaves were cinnamon colored, so he camouflaged in them whenever Sally looked. 

Sally was very discouraged. Then she said, “Maybe mom was right. I should have read the guide all the way through.” She had thrown the guide out when she was just half way through. “Maybe I’ll live my life without Cinnamon. Mom is going to kill me when she finds out.” 

Cinnamon ran out of carrots and lettuce in the bush. So he went into the real woods to find some food. Mom got home and Sally said, “Can I go to the woods to see what kind of uh, leaves there are?’’ 

“Sure,’’Sally’s mom said. But Sally was actually going to look for Cinnamon.

It was summertime and Sally was moving in 62 days and she had to find Cinnamon before then. So when she went into the woods she realized she would have to be like Cinnamon again, which didn’t work last time but she was willing to try again. She saw Cinnamon’s footprints but ended up following a tiny cat that wasn’t Cinnamon and it scratched her. While Cinnamon was trying to find some hope and some food, the cat that scratched Sally came right in front of Cinnamon and it was really big. It was a ginger cat with orange stripes. The cat chased Cinnamon through the woods and out of the woods and back into the woods. He made himself a little hole to hide him and the cat couldn’t get him. Anyways, Cinnamon came out of his little hole and looked around. He wasn’t a very good climber so he couldn’t climb. He was a very good jumper though. Cinnamon wandered accidentally into bullet ant territory. And Cinnamon didn’t realize, but then a bullet ant started chasing him and Cinnamon knew about bullet ants because he went to bullet ant school. Cinnamon jumped over twigs and left and ran very fast but the bullet ant could probably outrun him. He jumped over a big pile of dirt and the bullet ants couldn’t get him.

When he saw the ants leaving, now Cinnamon was really scared. He trembled. When he got out from behind the dirt pile, he started to shake, partly because it was really warm. He didn’t like being warm. He needed to be room temperature. Finally Cinnamon found some lettuce on the ground and it felt very good to eat. Cinnamon started now to find his way home to Sally. He thought he heard her voice but he only heard hummingbirds. Meanwhile, Sally felt hopeless. Just then, Sally saw Cinnamon! Cinnamon ran to Sally. Sally kissed Cinnamon.

  The end.

Quinn & Kit

“Slow down!” shouted Kit Gold. 

“Okay!” shouted Quinn Wing. They were playing tag. 

“Got you.” said Kit. Then they saw something strange rustling in the leaves. A wind caught them like a tornado and they spun into a different world. They didn’t know where they were. The world had blue leaves on the trees and all the things looked different. Everything was dark and misty, not like in their forest which was bright and sun-shiny. 

“Where are we?” asked Quinn. 

“I don’t know,” said Kit, picking up one of the blue leaves and barking angrily. 

“We’re not supposed to be involved in some kind of magic wind. My mom told me about the magic wind in stories. But I didn’t think it was all supposed to be true.”  

“Yeah, yeah,” said Kit. “But we’ve gotta find a way to get out of here.”

 “First,” said Quinn, “we’ve got to find out how the magic wind got us and brought us over here.”

 “Well, I know the tornado kind of got a little dimmer every time I thought about going 

home. And then it just vanished and dropped us here. Maybe we could think about not going home, to go home.”

“That doesn’t make sense, but we could try,” said Quinn. 

“Okay! Three. Two. One. Go!” said Kit. 

And they both tried not to think about going home. And none of it worked. 

“We’ve gotta keep thinking but first … AH! WHAT IS THAT?” screamed Quinn. 

They saw something weird in front of them. 

All the leaves around them started closing in and fire shot out of the ground. Fire was the same color. Some of it was blue and some of it was orange-reddish. 

And then suddenly, Quinn blinked. They were swept upside down and crashed into a big pile of leaves that were greenish-orangish. They were in the same world, but on a different continent. 

“I get it,” said Kit. “We think about some things, like not going home and then we go somewhere completely different.”

“Like what?” 

Kit said, “Like flying up with your wings. You can fly up and tell me what you see.” 

So Quinn flew up and saw a big, black cloud. 

“Yeah!” screamed Quinn while he was spinning upside down back to the forest floor.

“Well, that didn’t work,” said Kit. “You shouldn’t be looking upwards all the time, not focusing on what’s on the ground. You might get blown up by something.

“What do you mean blown up?” said Quinn.

“You know what I mean. Not actually blown up.”

“Oh, right. Should we just find a way to get out of here?” asked Quinn

“Well, yeah that’s what we’re thinking about.”

“Did you hear that?” asked Quinn.

“What?” said Kit.

“That,” said Quinn, pointing out the boinging sound.

“Oh, right. What is that boinging sound? Should we go check it out?” asked Kit.

“Maybe,” answered Quinn.

“Okay, first let’s figure out what that thing is.”

“Okay!” said Quinn. “But what?” asked Quinn.

“That,” said Kit, pointing to some strange creature. “It was snapping its jaws wide open and closed. I think that’s just a plant, I guess?” said Kit.

“Kit?” said Quinn.

“What?” answered Kit.

“Did you notice how many of them there are?”

Kit blinked. He hadn’t noticed so many of them were there.  

Kit said, “Can you fly us out of here, Quinn?”

“Yes, probably,” said Quinn. “Get on my back,” said Quinn.

Quinn soared up into the sky, trying to find the magic wind again. Suddenly, they found the black cloud again. Quinn flew straight into it. And suddenly it was all quiet. Super quiet.

“So, I think we landed in the middle of nowhere,” said Kit.

“Uh, not exactly,” he said. “Look, we landed on a single leaf.”

“Oh, then I guess we shrunk because the leaf is falling and it seems super super big.”

“Yes,” said Quinn.

“When are we landing?” asked Kit.

“Pretty soon, I think,” answered Quinn.

“Well, I think we already did. Because, look at the trees, they’re gigantic. When we were up there, they were very much smaller. I would guess they were really below us.”

“Well, I think we should get off this leaf. Just, let’s fly,” said Quinn. 

“Yeah, we don’t want to get stomped on by some giant rabbit.”

“Did you forget?” answered Quinn. “They’re only gigantic to us now. But soon when we’re back normal size, they’re pretty much going to be normal size.”

“Okay,” answered Kit. “Just get me on the ground and we can get out of the way of everyone–”

“STAMPEDE!” interrupted Quinn.

Kit quickly got on his back and they soared over all the animals.

“Well, look at it this way, we should just–”

“Just what?” asked Kit.

“We should just try to find something that we could use from here to get back to our hometown Stuffyland.”

“Yeah, let’s look for that thing if there is.” Suddenly they heard rustling in the leaves. Kit looked down and said, “I think I’m floating.” No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t reach Quinn.

“I think we’re going DOOOOOWN!” shrieked Quinn. He twirled down and down and down. “We went up quite high,” he said, bonking his head down.

“Well, let’s get searching,” Kit said.

“Okay, but first we gotta find something.”

“Mmhmm,” Kit answered while looking up.

“What’re you looking at?” asked Quinn.

“I think I’m staring at that tree, not exactly up.”

Quinn looked too. What he saw was jewels instead of leaves. “I think one of those jewels is gonna help us get back closer to our home, but not exactly to there. Should we choose one?” asked Quinn.

“Yes, we should,” said Kit.

“Yes, we should,” mumbled Quinn to himself.

They looked at the tree carefully and saw one that was quite different from the others. Quinn flew up to that jewel and plucked it out from the tree.

“Think this’ll work?” asked Quinn.

“It should. C’mon. 3, 2, 1, let’s fly.”

Kit and Quinn soared up high and they saw the black cloud again. Before going in, Kit blew on the jewel four times and then they went in.

They were somewhere closer, Quinn knew it. They hadn’t been here before. “Why was everything so small?” Quinn asked himself. “Before things were huge,” he said, stomping his claws.

“Yeah we are,” said Kit, bounding forward on his four paws. Suddenly they felt like they were shrinking.

“Oh, why are you here?” Quinn asked something on the ground. Kit rolled around and looked at what Quinn was looking at. Quinn was looking at Softy from their world.

“Oh, what are you doing here?” Kit asked Softy the bunny.

 “I thought I might help you,” said Softy. “What are you looking for?” 

“I don’t know.” said Kit. “AHH!” Quinn shouted. Suddenly, everyone was pulled into the ground. They heard a scream. “HELP!” They ran into a big room and saw the screaming Princess Keeah.

“Just what is going on here?” Asked Softy.

“That?” said Quinn.

“Probably,” said Kit.

“What’s that?” asked Softy.

“Oh. That. You mean snakes that are behind her?”

“Uhhh, yes! Now stop fiddling, and let’s go.”


“Softy!!” groaned Kit.

“Okay, okay.”

Suddenly, Softy started freaking out. He was scared of snakes.

“Guys!” said Keeah. “Should we just go up?”

“How?” asked Softy.

“Like this,” answered Keeah, jumping up on the little ditch that was on top of her.

Softy bounded back on the grass. “Come on, Quinn, Kit, come up!”

“Okay!” answered Kit, boinging out of the ground.

Quinn flew out. “Come on, let’s start running!”


“Uh oh,” said Keeah.

“Snakes!” gulped Softy.

“Woah!” said Kit. “Come on, Quinn, you’re the only one that can fly.”

“Okay, get on my back, Kit and Softy. Princess Keeah, you can fly too, can’t you?”

“Oh, yes I can!”

“So let’s go!”

They all flew up into the sky. Kit was looking down.

“You know, we’re all afraid of something,” he said. “And this is not the time for me to be afraid of heights, which I am.”

“Not exactly a problem,” said Quinn. “Because we’re going down now.”

“Oh, phew. That was close,” said Kit when he finally put his paws down on the grass again.

“ACHOO!” sneezed Softy. “Now, I think we accidentally flew through a portal without noticing. Because this place is very dusty.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Keeah.

“Okay. What do we do now?”

“ACHOO!” said Softy.

“Uhh, I think we have a problem here,” said Kit. “I think Softy’s allergic to dust.”

“I am–ACHOO!” said Softy.

“That is a problem,” said Keeah, tapping her head. “Now what do we do?”

“Umm, fly? Because if Softy’s allergic to dust and up there’s dusty, we just might be able to stop him from sneezing all day.”

“So?” Softy got on Quinn’s back and Quinn flew up, up, up.

Suddenly, Softy shouted, “Hey! You guys! Come up here too!”

“Huh,” said Keeah, but took Kit’s paws and went up.

“Well, now that we’re all together, I have something to show you,” said Quinn.

“Here we GOOOOO…” said Softy, bolting with Kit through a big dark cloud.

“Oh, we’re supposed to go through there?” 


Then Keeah said, “Why don’t we go in too, Kit?”


Keeah took a deep breath and also bolted into the black cloud.

The next thing Keeah saw was Quinn and Softy waiting for them on the ground.

“Well, I’m glad we escaped the snakes,” interrupted Softy.

“Well, yes. But I don’t think we exactly saved them from, uhhh, raining?”

Everyone looked up and saw hundreds and hundreds of snakes pouring out of the blackest cloud in the sky.

“Oh dear,” said Quinn.

“Time to get out of here!”

“Uh huh,” said Keeah.

“Maybe we should run!” said Kit, grabbing Softy’s arm.

The next thing Quinn thought was, Maybe I should run too.

“I’m staying,” said Kit when Quinn caught up. “You’re not that fast.”

“Uhh, I am fast when I’m flying!” said Quinn, hovering over the ground.

“Okay, whatever. Now that we got away from the snakes, we can at least have the nuts I still have in my sack,” said Keeah.

“Well, at least we have something to eat.”

“Phew! At least we don’t have any more snakes to deal with,” said Softy, finally getting warm.

“Well, if I thought, now that we finally escaped, we can finally go to sleep like usual.”

After they laid down, Keeah started to worry. What if we never come back to the right place? she thought.

But Softy seemed to read her thoughts. “Oh don’t worry, Keeah, we’ll get back.” And then they all fell asleep.

The next morning, they woke up. Keeah was the first one to wake up and she was really good at making stuff. So she found four curved sticks and stones. She laid them out and decided to crack her nuts. Then Softy woke up, saying he would go exploring.

“Hey, Keeah!” said Softy when he got back. “I found a nearby stream! Except the water’s completely blue there.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. Just wake up the others, and I’ll try to find that stream.” So Keeah went and found the stream. Keeah grabbed her water bottle and opened the lid. She took out the water and drank. “Mm. Fresh. Water. Looks like Softy could have mentioned that when he got back.”

“Keeah, come on!” said Softy from the distance. Keeah ran back to their tiny hut or cave.

She had her water bottle and she showed Softy how she curved the stones she had washed in the stream.

So while Softy curved rocks into the right shape, Kit tried to find the biggest rock he could find. When he got back, he had a very big rock. Then Keeah grabbed the rock and started pounding it with her fist which she had to use magic until it curved in. Then, she put it around the sticks that she had tried into a cauldron. It made a good one. So Keeah put the ginormous rock in the center.

She said, “Softy, do you know how to make a fire with your magic?”

“Sure do! Why do you need me?”

“Oh, just to make breakfast for all of us.”

So Softy used his powers to light the fire.

Since Keeah still had millions of leftover nuts, so she just poured them all into the water that she had put into the giant rock. Then she found a perfect stick that would make a good spoon and she found many others that looked different but were still good. So after she had washed them and came back, she started mixing the nuts into the bottle. Then she asked Softy to go find something else that would be very good to put in.

Softy came back with apples, and Keeah said they were very good. So she used her power to split them and also put them in and start mixing the nuts and the apples together. Soon all the cooking and working was finished and they could finally eat.

“Mm! This is very good. Where did you learn to make such good stew, Keeah?” Asked Softy.

“Oh, well, when we were back in our forest, we had three cookbooks, and one of them had this recipe in it!”

“Can I have one copy?”

“Ha! Sure,” giggled Keeah. “Okay, now we can go searching for some way to get out of here and get home.”

“Oh, good idea! Just, I’ll grab your water bottle and the sack before we go,” said Kit.

“Good old Kit!” said Softy when Kit came back with all the things in his four tiny paws.

They had very much fun getting across the river.

“Woo hoo!! This is an absolutely crazy walking day,” said Softy and Keeah together.

“Uh, yeah, it is,” said Kit. “Uh, something is making us feel like something’s watching us.”

“Uh, I think nothing is,” said Keeah.

“No, I think something is,” said Kit, pointing. “Something with stripes that was orange with a very long tail.”

“TIGER!” screamed Keeah. Keeah flew up with Softy in her arms and Kit and Quinn decided that they would both go together.

“Well, I’m not sure how many dangers there are on this island.”

“Oh, yes,” agreed Quinn.

“Well, should I have something to tell you? We found the black cloud again!”

“Cool! Let’s go in!” said Kit.

So, the four friends zoomed off into the cloud.

“Okay, now I notice something.”

“You noticed what?”

“Hey, where are you guys?” asked Kit.

“Over here!” said a familiar voice. Suddenly Kit saw something. It looked like a bunny covered in dust, but he wasn’t so sure.

“Oh, hello, Mr. Dust Bunny!”

“No! It’s me! Softy!” came an angry voice.

“Ohhh. Where are the others?”

“Over there! You’re also covered in dust, silly.”

“Ohhh,” said Kit when he saw himself. He shook himself out of the dust and took himself to the others who were also covered in dust.

“Well, now we’re just in a giant dust pile!”

“If I get covered in dust again, don’t call me Dust Bunny!”

“Okay,” said Kit. “If I recognize you.”

“Okay, okay you guys. It’ll be much harder to find a cloud in a place of dust. Look, the trees are dust, the river is dust–”

“ACHOO!” screamed Softy really loud.

“…and that too,” finished Keeah.

It was cloudy and was so dusty that Kit thought Softy might sneeze out the whole world!

“I want my mom!” said Softy. “Looks like I’m catching a cold.”

“You’re catching an allergy to dust,” reminded Keeah.

“Oh, right,” said Softy. 

“Guys! I found a way out,” Quinn interrupted Keeah’s humming.

“Oh! Right,” said Softy. “Now I can– ACHOO!” He flew out.

“Well, now that he learned to fly, let’s go!” said Quinn.

“You guys didn’t go to school yet,” said Keeah.

“Stuffies don’t go to school!” said Kit, turning around.

“Sooooooooo,” said Keeah when they got out. “This is dust world, I should say.”

Kit started humming himself a beat, Keeah started cartwheeling, and Softy decided it would be best if Quinn flew up with him so that he didn’t sneeze-a-rama all day.

“Who are you calling sneeze-o-rama?” said Softy, looking at Quinn’s ears.

But Quinn kept flying. He noted that if he found that black cloud again, he would scream so that the others would fly up and see the black cloud.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock,” said Keeah. “When are they coming down here?”

“Eeeeee!” came the ear piercing scream from the sky.

“Sounds like we,” said Keeah. “Let’s go!” So they flew. And they flew. They flew up-up-up and saw the black cloud again. Quinn was still screaming and flying with his eyes closed and Softy to scream in his ears.

“Hello! Quinn! Stop shouting! They’re here!” 

Suddenly, there was a giant growl. Everything went black. Then, “WOWEEEEEE,” Keeah heard, opening her eyes finally. 

“Home! We’re home!” she heard another voice say.

“Well, we better get asking Keeah all the questions we had for her!”

Then Keeah heard a voice saying, “Keeah! We’re home.”

Keeah burst up and looked around. And then she started jumping up and down. Her jumping made the ground shake a little bit so much that the squirrels got kind of terrified.

The end!

The Birthday Mystery

It was almost Isabella’s birthday. She was about to turn ten years old. She was so excited. Isabella wants her birthday to be very special, because her birthday is in spring which is her favorite season. And every year when it was her birthday, it’s always very special. Isabella got some markers, and then she drew a card, and then she found lots of envelopes, and then she made copies of the sheet she drew. She put them in each envelope with different stickers. One day on March 19, so she loves her birthday so much. She thought there would be some really special presents that she had always wanted since she was five years old. At bedtime, she kissed her teddy bear that she got when she was four years old. 

Then she went to sleep and she dreamed that she and her friends loved her birthday, and she dreamed that she got thousands of presents, including the present she wanted every since she was a little girl. Another teddy bear, teddy bear clothing, and a teddy bear bow tie. She already had one teddy bear, but she wanted two. Then she heard a strange noise that woke her up, but she saw nothing. “Whatever,” she thought. “It was probably a dream.” Then she went back to sleep the whole night. 

The next day was March 20th. Isabella wore her normal school uniform, but included her colorful backpack. When she came to school, she saw Charlie, the mean girl in the school. Isabella looked at her, not very happy. Then she went to her classroom. There was a math assessment, and the problem was 1000000 – 7000 = 3000. 

After the math assessment, it was lunch and recess. She saw her friends named Andrea, Emily, Camila, and Cinnamon. Isabella saw Charlie doing the monkey bars all over again. Isabella thought, it will become not funner if she keeps doing this. After recess they did writing workshop. Her story was nonfiction about flowers and soil. Then it was time for packup, and then they got home. Of course, Isabella got ready for the cake. She changed into her pajamas, ate her dinner, brushed her teeth, and went to the bathroom. She gets ready for sleep and her mom and dad kiss her goodnight.

The next day, it was her birthday. Before she goes to school, Isabella goes to the blue mailbox. Isabella didn’t realize she put the name Charlie on one of the envelopes. Then, she went to school and when it was math, the teacher didn’t really celebrate anybody’s birthday.

Since it was Isabella’s birthday, when Isabella went to the park she was going to say nice things to her friends, but before she could say the nice things she saw Charlie.

“Charlie, I did not invite you to my birthday party,” said Isabella.

“A letter came to my mailbox. You did’t realize you added my name?” said Charlie in a confused face. 

“I didn’t realize. Oh, and also, sorry that I made a mean face yesterday morning. Will you forgive me Charlie?” said Isabella.

“Yes, I always forgive people,” said Charlie in a nice voice… but this is not the end of the story. When it was time to eat the cake, the cake was missing!

“Oh no, the cake is missing!” said Isabela and Charlie.

“What if one of your friends is NOT your friend?” said Charlie.

“That is a good question Charlie. What if my one of my friends is not my friend? I got the cake for 9999 dollars.” 

“That is a lot of money to pay,” said Charlie. “No worries, my dog is smart. His name is Chase. Chase could do anything, so I think he could solve the case. Oh, and also, I am a detective, same as Chase,” whispered Charlie. Chase sniffed all the way to Charlie’s little sister Anna. 

“Anna, you made my new friend very mad,” said Charlie.

“I am sorry, I wanted mommy to love me more,” said Anna.

Isabella felt thrilled because the mystery was solved. She was as happy as a newborn flower. Isabella thought about if her birthday has to be perfect?

“It doesn’t have to be perfect!” Isabella. 

“I guess we solved the mystery,” said Charlie. 

Charlie might still be a little mean. I promise, Charlie will be nice!

The lesson is to not blame it on someone else.

The Book Story

Aria took a book off the shelf. “Here,” she said, handing it to Bunbun. “You can learn more about Fantasia in this book.”

Bunbun had to write a whole report on fantasy. “Well,” said Bunbun, except now his voice was muffled. 

“Okay, silly goose,” said Aria, taking the book off of the small bunny. “You can read it with me.”

“Okay, time to open the book!” said Bunbun.

Aria opened the shiny cover of the book and started reading. Later, she finally closed the book and said, “Okay, time to go to bed.”

Okay, now I can explain what they’re talking about. Except really quietly. They are talking about the world of no magic. The one you’re probably in right now, because this was the opposite. The world of fantasy thought of the world of humans as the world of fantasy. Oh, okay, now they’re waking up and I can stop talking.

Aria yawned. “I thought I heard voices.”

“This sure is a strange dream you had there, miss.”

“Okay, I know what you want,” said Aria, laughing. “To go outside and play ball. Be careful because the ball is twice your size, Bunbun.”

“Okay,” said Bunbun.

They went outside. Aria took the ball and threw it. But before the ball reached Bunbun it disappeared.

“Huh, that’s strange,” said Aria. “Our balls never disappear.”

“I know!” said Bunbun.

“Here, come on, Bunbun.” Bunbun ran to her but also faded. 

“Yeesh!” cried Aria, running back. Then she noticed her hand. It was slowly disappearing! “Oh no,” she groaned.

“Mommy!” Aria heard a voice say.

“Bunbun!” said Aria. A tiny little Bunny hopped in her hands. “Though it’s kind of blank here.

Aria slowly stood up with the small bunny in her hands. But she fell through the floor. 

“Huh. Is this a weird day?” grumbled Bunbun.

“I have to say, I agree,” said Aria, lifting her eyebrow at the weird things all around.

Bunbun sat down, thinking. “My book!” he cried. “I was writing about the world of fantasy, right?”

“Right…” said Aria.

“I was just thinking how–”

“BUNBUN! Watch out!” cried Aria. She snatched the tiny bunny from the ground and ran to the side.


“Look! Your book!” she said, panting. They both looked as the book fell and its pages became stranger. They looked like they were flipping from both sides and the words started spilling out of the book. “Oh, I hope not,” moaned Aria.

The words started spinning and spinning and spinning around them.

“Yup! I knew it,” squealed Bunbun in a horrified voice.

“We’re going inside the book!”cried Aria. 

“Help,” grumbled Bunbun. “You’re kidding me. Is this really the place we’re supposed to be going to?” said Bunbun in an annoyed voice.

“Where?” asked Aria. “We’re not even there yet!”

“Well, now that you mention it, I don’t see the ground because of all these words.” It was kind of true. “Is this because I’m hearing that voice again?”

“No! What voice?” squeaked Bunbun.

“And in you go!” said Aria, looking at the hole that was opening up between the words.

“Don’t!” squealed Bunbun, but he was already flip-flopping through the air, and letting his stomach also do flip-flops. Now the bunny was looking up, hoping he wouldn’t get squished by a very big human called Aria. “Now I’m hearing what Aria was hearing.”

“Yeah, I told you that voice was somewhere out there!” said someone behind him.

“Yow!” cried Bunbun, looking for something to hide behind, or someone.

“It’s just me, silly bunny,” said Aria.

“Well, if you’re going to call me silly bunny, you better watch out. This isn’t the place we’re supposed to be.”

“It is if we’re already there,” warned Aria. All Bunbun did was hop on her shoulder.

“Well, if you want to,” said Aria.

“Don’t ask me,” said Bunbun, already hiding his face behind her head.

“Hmmm,” said Aria.

“Are you sure I should peek out?” said Bunbun.

“You should if you wanna squeal again!”

But Bunbun didn’t care. That was all he needed to hear to give a tiny peek.

“EEEE!” he said, almost flying up to the clouds. “I wish my friend Aria wasn’t so serious,” he said, hanging up in the air for at least three seconds before crashing back down to the grass. “Hey, this isn’t grass,” thought Bunbun. “This is slime!” He noticed that the ground was a giant puddle of very gooey slime that was actually mud. “Mama!” he cried. “This is so gooey!” he thought when he finally scrambled out.

“Whatever,” said Aria, running back to the book. She grabbed the book and started flipping through the pages. “I don’t get it. This book is empty!”

“Not so empty,” said Bunbun, flipping to the last page. “Look!” There was one word that had the spelling A-R-I-A  A-N-D  B-U-N-B-U-N. “Hey! That spells Bunbun and Aria!”

Aria looked at Bunbun. Bunbun looked at Aria. “Well, since we got in the book, we must have gotten the book to get the words to have us in the book!” said Aria and Bunbun.

“Well, I’m glad I didn’t leave it in my room. Otherwise I would have thought that there was a girl named Aria and a bunny named Bunbun in the fantasy world too.”

“Woah! What is that?” said Bunbun pointing to something with a long tail, long whiskers, and long ears. “Well, whatever it is, I learned to sound it out: ck-ah-t.”

“I think that spell cat?” said Aria. “But we don’t know what a cat is, or what a cat does!” 

“Well just in case,” said Bunbun, “let’s run.”

Bunbun hopped off of Aria’s shoulder and started running as fast as he could with his tiny legs.

“Ahh,” Bunbun thought. But soon he got a little more filled up with energy. Because he saw that the cat was running after him. “EEE! MAMA MIA!” he cried. He jumped as high as he could so the cat wouldn’t reach him, but he ended up in Aria’s face instead.

“What are you doing?” cried Aria. “You know you shouldn’t have jumped in my face.”

“Sorry! That cat’s about to pounce in my face!” said Bunbun.

“Well, in that case, let’s use the last of our words, even if there aren’t any words,” said Bunbun, staring into the book.

“Wait, what?” said Aria. She flipped to the first page. There was a whole page written. Bunbun flattened himself out like a balloon. “Bunbun, you aren’t supposed to be a bookmark!” said Aria.

But Bunbun still was flat as a deflated balloon.

“I know what you want!” said Aria. She blew on the words which blew Bunbun all over the place. “Now you can blow yourself up!” said Aria.

“Okay,” said Bunbun, and he blew himself up like a balloon.

“Okay, now that you’re not as flat as a deflated balloon, we can–”

“Fly?” interrupted Bunbun.

“No,” said Aria. But she still checked where her feet were dangling. In midair.

“I hate flying.”


“Gives me the creeps,” ended the conversation Bunbun. “All I know is that I’m glad we escaped for the ck-ah-t.”

“It’s a cat, Bunbun, it’s a cat!” said Aria.

Bunbun was doing something Aria didn’t expect, banging his head against a rock with his head bouncing off like a ball. “Hey, this rock is even bouncier than the rocks we have.”

“Okay, Bunbun, did we land in the land of balloons?”

“Pretty much,” he said.

“Whatever. I just want to know, what is that?” Aria said slowly. She pointed towards a blue streak in the sky.

“Hi!” came a voice.

“Who is that? Who is that?” cried Bunbun, jumping up and down.

Finally, Aria noticed that it was another girl. “I thought we were the only ones that came to the fantasy world,” she said, cocking her head.

“Yeah, I didn’t know Zelda also came here!”

“Well, I came here having the feeling you would also come here. Sooo, I picked a book off the shelf and started reading to my pet.”

“You mean your pet dragon Urly?”

“Yeah!” she said. “There’s my dragon!” she said, pointing to a very specific wind dragon.

“Well, now we have a dragon, we can move around more efficiently.”

“Not me! Not me!” said Bunbun, jumping into Aria’s shirt.

“Hey! Get out of there!” laughed Aria. “You tickle!”

Finally two small ears poked out of the bottom of Aria’s shirt, then some eyes, then a nose, then Bunbun poked out. Suddenly, wind came

“It’s just a dragon!” Aria hollered over the wind.

“Stop the wind, Urly,” Zelda said. Then the wind died down. 

“Come on Bunbun, get out of my shirt,” Aria said. Unfortunately, while the wind was   going on, Bunbun got really scared and went under Aria’s shirt. It really tickled, so Aria said, “Get out!” 

“Come on, everybody,” said Zelda. “Let’s get on to my dragon.” 

Zelda felt like she shouldn’t do this, but in her head, she heard her dragon’s voice saying don’t worry. It will be fine. 

Okay, Zelda replied in her mind. She slid onto her dragon and helped Bunbun and Aria on. 

Aria said, “You know, I was thinking that maybe we shouldn’t be going on Bunbun too hard. He is the smallest bunny I found in the petstore.” 

The dragon was flapping its wings, and it begun to roar. Zelda, Aria and Bunbun could see mountains and streams and hills. Bunbun said he felt like too much of a bird to be a bunny, and Aria giggled. 

“Don’t worry, Bunbun. We aren’t going to turn into cake,” Zelda said. Even though that’s what Bunbun thought Zelda said, when really she had said, “Bunbun are you sure we’re all going to turn into a piece of cake? Because when you think about it…that’s not really true.”

“Where should I ask my dragon to go?” Zelda asked.

“Well we don’t know, but our book might know,” said Aria.

“What do you mean, your book would know?” Zelda was really confused. 

“Oh, we’ll show you.” Bunbun tugged the book out of Aria’s knapsack. 

“It says the fffff….” Bunbun tried to read, but he was not a good reader. 

“Three paces left,” Aria said for him. 

“Change the direction to three paces left and let’s fly there,” Zelda instructed her dragon. 

The dragon nodded. He swooped left. 

“What next?” Zelda asked. 

“Go down,” Aria read. They zoomed down. They slid off. 

“Look,” Bunbun said. “I see a letter.” They looked up and saw a letter.

“How do we get to it?” Bunbun asked.

“I have an idea,” Zelda said. “Come on everyone, stand next to me.”

Everyone raced to her sides.

“Now!” she instructed her dragon. “Get us into the air, please.”

And then a huge gust of wind came under their feet and they started floating up towards the letter. “Can you reach it?” Aria asked.

“No,” Zelda said. “But I think Bunbun can. He’s jumping!”

With one last jump, Bunbun grabbed the letter and they slowly started going down. “Now, let’s place it in the first page of the book, right here,” said Bunbun.

“How?” said Aria.

“Just try,” said Bunbun

Zelda snatched up the first letter and placed it. They watched as the letter slowly slid into place and looked like a printed letter again.

“Okay, first letter. Now let’s keep going,” Zelda said. They slid back onto the wind dragon, and Zelda said, “Fly, dragon, fly! We’ve got letters to find!”

After a while of grunting and looking at the book for directions, Aria finally looked up into the sky.

“Hey guys look! I see a big cluster of letters!” Aria said. The dragon flew up close and Aria snatched it up from the air. “Hey, let’s put them in alphabetical order,” Aria said.

They placed each letter carefully and they all looked like printed letters. But they did not go in alphabetical order. They kept rearranging themselves.

Now the letters spelled: find three things. And then it paused.

“Okay, now I know that,” Aria said, “but I don’t know what the three items are. Now we have to find letters and items!” They kept flying. Then, they landed.

“Guys,” Zelda said. “Let’s eat.” 

Aria took out chocolate. Bunbun took out carrots. And Zelda took out mango strips. They started to eat.

Bunbun chomped down on his perfect carrots he gathered. He said they were the most delicious he had ever tasted. And Aria just laughed. She said, “Of course you like carrots!”

Then Bunbun raced down the hill to the closest river, which was not very far. He was thinking about washing his legs, but he found something. “Hey, guys, I found this cool jewel shaped rock!” he called.

Zelda and Aria came running over with the dragon. “What did you find?” Zelda asked.

“I found this rock,” Bunbun answered.

“Oh!” Aria said. “Let’s see if Zelda’s dragon came to help us out.”

“Hey, Urly, can you help us out?” Zelda said in her mind.

“I am ready!” her dragon answered.

“All you have to do is ask the stone to help,” Zelda said, opening her eyes.


Bunbun said, “Can you help us, stone?” The stone started to glow and it shot blue beams everywhere. “Yeee!” Bunbun cried.

“Bunbun!” Zelda cried, jumping to the little bunny. She screamed as the beam shot towards her and moved away.

“These beams are crazy,” Aria said.

“Watch out!” Bunbun squeaked.

“Huh?” Aria said.

“Uh oh,” Zelda said.

“Ouch!” Aria cried. “These beams hurt.”

“Hey, where’s Aria?” Bunbun said.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Aria said.

“Where?” Zelda asked.

“Zelda! If you want to find out, you should probably get in the way of those beams,” Bunbun said.

“Okay,” Zelda said, her voice shaking, but anyway, she jumped in the bath of one of the beams. “Ahh!” she cried as she turned invisible.

The bunny fell onto the ground and squealed, as he was also in the way of one of those beams.

Just then, Zelda felt the stone. She grabbed the stone and said, “Where are we going?” The stone shot out more beams, which just made the friends go down and down and down.

Finally, when Aria hit the floor, she heard another voice.

“Aria!! Bunbun! Where are you?” 

Zelda! Aria thought. She’s here! Finally, she heard a thump and a small thump and she saw her friends again.

Zelda was checking around for her dragon, and then she heard a giant cry.


“What was that?”


“What. Was. That?” Aria said.

“Ohhh, I think that’s my dragon,” Zelda said. “Are you hearing me?” she said in her mind.

“Yes,” Urly replied. “I am here. Right beside you. So don’t forget.”

“Okay,” Bunbun breathed. “That is scary.” Urly, wind tornado! Zelda yelled. 

“Something about that phrase reminds me of something scary,” Aria mumbled. Before she could say, “Zelda, this is not a good idea,” the wind started blowing in a circle around them.

Yikes! Bunbun thought as he went spinning in the air. Or, at least he thought he was spinning. His mind was spinning.

“Quiet down!” Zelda said. “There’s so much noise that I cannot concentrate on telling my dragon what to do!”

“Sorry,” Bunbun squealed.

“Down!” Zelda yelled and the tornado slowly went down.

As soon as Aria came to the ground, she put Bunbun down. But that was a tiny mistake because the wind hadn’t died down yet, so Bunbun flew onto Aria’s shoulder. But Zelda hadn’t landed quite yet. She was still going down.

“Ow!” Bunbun yelled, putting his hands on his ears. “I forgot to tell you, I keep hearing that weird voice in my head.

Zelda said, “Are we still invisible?”

“Excuse me,” Bunbun interrupted. “That is not an answer.”

“Yeah, that’s not an answer, but that’s another question.” Aria mixed her own voice into the conversation.

Then Zelda shook her head. “Let me see…”

“Let you see what?” Bunbun said.

“I see letters!” Zelda said. She snatched the letters from the air.

Aria quickly took out the book. She put the letters into alphabetical order, but she knew that they wouldn’t turn out that way. Instead, they saw a character’s name.

“I know that book!” Bunbun said. “Now, let me see, where did I last remember that?” Then his eyes got big.

“Greek mythology!” they all said together.

Aria looked at Zelda. Then she looked at Bunbun. Then she looked at Zelda again. “This is very interesting. We fill up half the book. And now we make different thoughts.”

Zelda grinned. “I have an idea,” she said. She walked up to it and started thinking, how do we get home? Answer. And then suddenly new words filled the book. Find all the letters. “Woah! How did you do that?” Bunbun squealed.

“I thought of a question, and it formed that word and wrote an answer.”

And then Bunbun came up and thought, How do we get those letters? And then new words filled the book. They will come to you once you ask.

It was true. Aria looked above her head and saw a big bundle of letters. She grabbed it. “So we have m, n, o, p, and y.”

“Yeah, we don’t really need the y right now,” Zelda said.

“Oh, right. We’re only up to p right now,” Bunbun said.

Then Zelda came up and thought, are we still invisible? Then new sets of letters filled the book. But then all the other letters, and the ones they had already found came into alphabetical order. The book closed.

Zelda heard her dragon’s reply in her head. The book told me you have to put it all together so you are visible again.

“Oh!” Zelda said. She grabbed the book, opened to the right page, and started putting the letters closer to each other so they wouldn’t be so far apart. Bunbun came up and clapped.

Then there was a silence and Aria disappeared. “Yikes!” Bunbun cried. He jumped into the air and then disappeared in midair.

“Bunbun!” Zelda cried. “Well, you might as well think about it.” Then she looked at her hand. It was slowly fading. “Ahhhhh!” she screamed. Then her whole leg disappeared, and she blinked and saw her friends again. “Oh, there you are, people!”

Aria said, “Well, you might as well still be questioning. You’re not invisible anymore.”

“Yes,” Bunbun breathed. “Were you scared when you saw me jump in the air?”

“What do you mean I saw you? I saw you disappear in midair!”

“Oh, sorry!” Bunbun said.

Aria said, “S, c, l, z, y. I’m waiting, people!”

Bunbun opened his mouth to say something, but then quickly shut it because he knew Aria was pretty annoyed. Bunbun shuddered. “It’s cold in here!”

“Oh, right, I forgot to give you your sweater,” Aria said. She handed him his sweater.

“Thanks, Mom!” Bunbun said.

Aria shot him a quick look. Then she looked at Zelda and said, “Can you tell this dragon to fly us up again?”

“Wind tornado, please!” said Zelda, facing Urly.

Suddenly, the wind started to blow, and it circled around them and lifted them up.

I’m crazy, Bunbun thought.

“Bunbun, Zelda, look,” she cried. They all looked. It looked like a smear in the sky. “There’s the rest of the letters! And there is the portal shaped stone!”

“Oh, I know what you’re thinking!” Zelda said. She grabbed the book, Bunbun grabbed the letters, and Aria grabbed the stone.

Bunbun quickly put the letters into place and Aria shouted, “Let’s go wherever this stone takes us to!”

The wind started blowing even harder. It spun and spun and spun until everything went black for Zelda, Bunbun, and Aria.

A few minutes later, Zelda made everything turn back to normal. “Aria, Aria, look! There’s Bunbun’s house! And there’s yours! And there’s mine.” 

“Aria! Wake up!” Zelda said.

“Huh?”Aria said. 

“Stop dreaming that we are at home,” Bunbun said.

“Okay, okay,” Aria stammered. “Where are we anyway?”

“We’re not anywhere yet,” Bunbun said. “We’re still in the magical wind that this stone is taking us into.”

“Oh, really? How confusing,” Aria said.

Zelda was still listening to what Zelda and Bunbun were saying, but her hearing kind of trailed off because she was looking at something else.

Aria whirled around to start talking to Zelda, but then her mouth just hung open. “Zelda! Why are you upside down?”

“I don’t know myself,” Zelda said, her hands hanging in the air.

Suddenly, Bunbun was also up in the air.

Yikes, Aria thought. I think I’ll go somewhere else so I don’t end up upside down like that. But before she could start running away, her foot was slowly going up into the air. Then her other foot, and then her hands were hanging upside down.

So, she thought to herself, if this stone is going to go crazy on us, I’m going to go crazy on it. But how?

Aria remembered that she had always wished to do magic. She said, “Zelda, you know a lot about this place don’t you?”

“Well, sort of,” Zelda said.

Then Aria said, “Can people do magic around here if they weren’t able to do it in the true world?”

“Yes, I think,” she said.

“Ohhh-kay,” Aria said. “Let me try.” She tried her best to point at the cloud they were hanging in. Finally, she was able to do it and she started chanting to herself, “Make this cloud go away if you can.” Then suddenly, Aria and the others were flipped right side up and upside down again, and they kept flipping like that until they finally hit the ground.

Ouch! Bunbun thought. “Mama!” he called.

Aria landed right next to Bunbun, where Zelda landed right next Aria.

“Why did you do that? And how?” Bunbun asked.

“First,” Zelda said, “I have to–”


“Oh, bother,” Zelda said. “Stop making those ridiculous sounds, Urly.”

Spreeeeee,” her dragon cried.

“Oh, really?” Zelda said. “Why don’t you just lay down and rest so you don’t have to make those sounds anymore. Ahhh, okay that solved it,” Zelda said.

“Wait!” Bunbun cried. “I wanna try too.” He pointed his tiny paws at one leaf. “Make this leaf flow up!” he said. It floated up and flew on his ear. Bunbun brushed the leaf off his ear.

“Me too!” Zelda said. She pointed her finger at Aria, which scowled.

“Don’t, Zelda!” she said.

Zelda lifted an eyebrow and started singing. “Make her float on a tree!”

Yikes, Bunbun thought to himself again.

But then Aria started lifting on the tree. “Ohh, Zelda, get me down!” She said between bumps. Then she floated back down on the ground.

“Ohhh,” Bunbun said. Then Bunbun smiled big and said, “Make that cloud turn into cotton candy. Yum!” Bunbun squealed at the cotton candy cloud, which slowly went to the ground.

Aria laughed. “Okay little bunny. You can have some cotton candy while we talk.”

Bunbun jumped onto the small little cotton candy cloud and ate it. Sadly, he said, “does this still make people turn black and white?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, yeah, I’m still black and white.”

Then, Bunbun had the greatest idea anyone has ever had. He shouted, “Make it rain rainbow drops!” The ground started to shake and then rainbow drops started splattered everywhere, and wherever they landed, color returned. “That’s way better!” Bunbun said, zooming down the hill.

“Oh, bother, little Bunbun,” Aria said.

“Oh, right,” Zelda said. “He might have just run down the hill.” She stepped on the hill and slid down.

Aria hesitated for a moment, but then slid down and saw Bunbun.

“Bunbun, what did I tell you about–”

“Is my mouth black and white?” Bunbun said. 

“Yes,” Aria said.

Bunbun opened his mouth and a few rainbow drops flew in.

“I wonder when we’re going to have time to stop talking about this nonsense.”

“I wonder that too,” Aria said.

“Well, I think it’s going to be now,” Zelda said. “I see the letter z.”


“And it’s golden.”

“Oh, really? Let’s pick it up then.”

Zelda snatched the letter z and placed it in the book and said, “I hope this forms something useful.”

And the book did form something useful. The words came: home.

“Yay!” Bunbun squeaked. “Home!” He took a step, dove straight into the words, and vanished.

“Bunbun!” Zelda cried. She jumped into the book and vanished too.

“I’m so glad we can go home,” Aria said, and she dove into the words too.

“Yay! Home! Home!” she heard a tiny voice squeal.

“Oh, my dragon flew into the book too!” she heard another voice say.

Ock nee spreee!”

Aria found herself lying in the autumn leaves as everything was turning more autumn, sort of.

Then a gentle pitter-patter hit her on the face.

“Are you going home?” Bunbun said.

“No,” Aria said. “I think I’ll stay with Zelda.

the end

The Mustache

I once thought that leaves were leaves 

now i think they’re feelings in search of a place, a bench, 

someone’s hair, a finger isn’t that like us going from place looking to feel alive.

I walked my dog on a cold night past the stars and moon

I walked my dog across the street into the lagoon

I walked my dog out of the lagoon 

But now my dog went kabloom for thousands of frogs got in his fur

The Mustache

I wish I had a mustache

One with little pointy ends

Or maybe even the ones with little curls at the end

Maybe I want the ones with droopy ends

But for all I want

Is a mustache                                           

Author’s Note

I wish that Writopia would never end, but sometimes good things have to end, like your babysitter leaving or maybe a loved one passing, but we are strong.   


There once lived the only best soccer player that ever lived! His name was Lionel Messi. One hot and bright afternoon in summer, Messi came on the court to practice for his big game, sweating like nobody had ever sweat before. He looked like an ice cream cone melting in the sun.

The soccer balls saw him coming by that afternoon. All three balls were going crazy for him. The soccer balls’ names were Frank, Macy, and Nicky, and they were new balls, so they didn’t know much about Messi. They were just ordered a week ago from Amazon, and they were delivered in a box that was in a truck that went to the court, where they ordered tons of other balls.

But when Messi walked into the court the balls started to get scared; they’d never been kicked before. One of the balls tried to scream but it was so scared that no sound came out. Nobody could even hear a peep! The three little balls noticed that they were on the top rack, so Messi was probably going to pick one of them! This was so scary for the balls.

The first ball he chose, Frank, was the least smart in the soccer ball rack. Messi held the first ball, and as he took him away, Frank screamed loudly for help. “Help!” Frank screamed while Messi was lowering him down slowly. As he placed Frank on the ground, Frank was terrified. Frank rolled away as fast as he could. Right when Messi placed Frank to the floor, Frank went to the goal. Messi thought it was just a slope; the ball went in the soccer goal. “There, you happy now? I’m going to kick your butt one day!” Frank said. Frank was even crazier than Messi.

Messi reached for the other ball. He got the second ball, Nicky, in the rack of soccer balls. He was ordinary, like all the other balls in the rack. When Messi took Nicky, Nicky was terrified, then Messi put him on the ground hoping that Nicky wasn’t going to move. Messi went to the bathroom. It took Messi pretty long. Every ball thought that he was eating beans. When he came back, Messi was shocked to see that Nicky was gone, and he was getting frustrated. It turned out that Nicky was hiding behind the soccer rack. Messi’s face was turning red, in a way that the balls thought looked funny. “Hehehe,” said the balls.

The Drama

Messi sat down and was really annoyed. He took a water break and kept on thinking about why all the balls were going away. He couldn’t see any of them. He also kept on thinking about if he was going to win the big game, and how many hours he should be training. I wish I could have a break, Messi whispered in his head. But he knew he couldn’t, because then he would not be able to win the big game. 

Messi knew he had to change his schedule to win his soccer game. Another really good team was playing against them. Messi changed his schedule from two hours of practice, to four hours of practice. And when Messi did that, he felt proud. I don’t know why he was so proud, it was just a little fix. Anyway, he got up and kissed both his muscles.

Messi went to the soccer ball rack and somehow got the smartest ball, Macy. While Messi was placing Macy down, she had a big grin on her face, and she also had a big check on her back to know that she got everything right. When Messi put her on the ground, in just one blink Macy was gone. It turned out that she was also the fastest runner in the rack, and she was hiding in Messi’s soccer bag. Messi opened his eyes and saw that the ball wasn’t there again. He was furious. “Why, why me?” he said in a whisper. Then he said, “OH DARN IT!” Then he left the court.


Escape Mars

Stuck on Mars: Part 1

Alex is an astronaut in NASA. He loves going to space, and he’s always wanted to go to Mars. Alex got a mission to go to Mars, but since Alex was so excited to go to Mars, he didn’t check the fuel or the engine, and he didn’t pack any tools. 

Nothing went wrong for the 6 months, but when Alex was really close to Mars, everything started to go wrong. Alarms were going off, the engine broke, the ship was out of fuel. Since Alex packed no tools, he couldn’t fix the engine, and Alex packed no extra fuel tanks either.

Since the engine was broken and they only had a little bit of fuel, they had a crash landing on Mars. Alex got some scratches and bruises, but the injuries were not big. However, the rocket was torn into pieces. Alex had water and food, but not many packets because Alex was only planning on staying for two or three days. Alex had to eat only tiny bits of food a day, or else there was no way of getting out of Mars.

It’s been two months, and Alex is still stranded on Mars. Alex tried an emergency message, but it didn’t go through because the rocket was torn apart. Just when Alex was losing hope, he saw something in the distance: it was another astronaut.

 Escaping Mars: Part 2 

Alan is an astronaut in NASA. Alan had a mission to go to Mars. Before he went to Mars, he read a newspaper story saying there was a missing astronaut. It took Alan seven months to

get to Mars. Alan was trying to find out if people can live on Mars, if there were any living creatures there, and if there was food and water. 

When Alan was close to Mars, he saw that the rocket was running out of fuel, but he thought it would be fine. So when he got to Mars, he looked around, but he found no food and water, and no living creatures. At that point, he went back to the rocket. When he got to his seat, he saw that the rocket ran out of fuel, so he had to go back outside and see if there was a fuel source somewhere on Mars.

Alan went to the back of the rocket ship where the storage was kept. He found a shovel so he took it with him. Alan knew he had lots of food and water, he was just hoping it would last long enough till he found a fuel source. Alan went outside and started digging. It took him a month. Alan was so tired, but then he found a little bit more of the fuel source, so he knew he had to keep digging. He also knew he was running out of food and water so he had to dig much faster.

It’d been a week, and Alan had found a little fuel, but he only had a few packs of food and water left. So from three meals a day, it became two and then one meal a day. Back at NASA, they knew it would take at least a year, but it’d been almost two years, so they sent Alan a message that they were sending fuel. When Alan got the message, he was relieved that they were sending some fuel. After a week, he got the fuel, but when he put the fuel in the rocket it still wasn’t enough, so he had to keep digging.

After a few days, he only had one more pack of food left, so he sent a message to NASA and asked them for more food packs. NASA replied that they were out of food packs, so Alan could only have bit by bit of food every day. Finally the day had come when he had found enough fuel in the ground to fill up the rocket ship. When Alan finished filling up the rocket ship, he checked the food packs and knew that if he had a little bit of food everyday, he might make it seven months.

After seven months, he made it back to earth, but he was starving. He had a big feast with burgers and french fries. 

“I couldn’t find any water or food and I couldn’t find living creatures,” NASA told Alan after the feast. “But I did find some fuel source in the ground, so if we can go to Mars one more time, I think we can find something there.” 

“We will make another rocket for you but this time you have to find something,” NASA said.

“Ok,” Alan replied.

Alan got ready for his second mission, but this time he knew he couldn’t fail.

While Alan was packing up for his next trip to Mars, he got a call saying that something went wrong with the rocket and the engine had blown up, but they had fix it before Alan went to space. They had no time to postpone the launch, so they quickly fixed it up and hoped that the rocket would still work. Alan sat down on his seat and looked at how much fuel he had. It said it was full fuel, but what Alan didn’t know was that something was going wrong with the engine. The blast off was successful, but Alan felt something would go wrong.

It’d been six months, nothing was wrong with the engine, and they were almost to Mars. Since nothing went wrong for six months, Alan was just relaxing. But as soon as Alan was

going to sit down and relax, an alarm went off. Red lights were everywhere. Alan ran back to 

where the engine was. He got some tools, but nothing could fix it, so he used tape to tape

the wires together. The alarm went off and everything was fine again. But Alan knew that tape

wouldn’t hold for long, so he had to be faster.

One month later, Alan was so close to Mars. All he needed to do was to land, but the alarm went off and he couldn’t fix it, so Alan had a rough landing. Alan got some injuries and the rocket needed fixing, so Alan wrapped up his injuries and started to fix the rocket. But Alan didn’t have all the supplies to fix the engine, so he had to send an emergency message through the satellites to NASA. They got the message and sent some tools in another rocket ship. Alan fixed up the rocket, but something went wrong again: the fuel tank was empty. Alan thought that the fuel must have dripped out of the rocket ship, because when he saw the fuel for the first time, it said it was full.

Alan knew he couldn’t send another emergency message because he was limited to one, but he had an idea: he took the shovel and went outside. He started digging. He kept digging and digging, but this time he couldn’t find a fuel source, so he walked farther and farther. Finally when he found a fuel source, he got up and looked around, but he couldn’t see the rocket ship. Alan had an idea: to follow his footprints. But they weren’t there – the wind must have made the sand cover all the footprints. Alan had another plan. The plan was to go backwards. Alan kept going backwards for hours and hours, but he could see nothing.

A few hours later, he saw something far away. It was his rocket ship! Alan was so relieved that he started running to the rocket ship, but since he could only find one place with a fuel source, he had to drag the big rocket ship with him all the way to the fuel source. It took him 

three days without stopping to get to the fuel source with the big rocket. When he reached the fuel source, it was night, and Alan was really tired, so he went to sleep.

The next day, Alan started digging, but Alan’s left hand was injured so he could 

only dig with his right which made him slower. After four weeks he found some more fuel, but Alan knew he needed to find more fuel. In the morning the day he saw something in the distance he found another astronaut. Alan ran to the other astronaut. Alan thought that that astronaut must have also lost fuel and was stuck on Mars. Alan went to the other man and asked him what his name was. 

“My name is Alex,” said Alex. 

“How much fuel do you have?” Alan asked. 

“I have half fuel,” Alex said.

Alan also had half fuel. “So if we put our fuel together we’ll have full fuel,” Alan thought. 

“Let’s put our fuel together in one rocket ship then we can both get out of Mars,” Alan said.

“Ok,” said Alex.

So Alex and Alan put their fuel together and they had enough fuel to go back to Earth. They both went in Alan’s rocket ship, but when they tried to blast off, the rocket said too much weight, so one person had to come off. 

“I’ll come off,” Alan said. 

“When I get to Earth, I’ll bring a rocket ship to you with full fuel,” Alex said.

“Ok,” Alan said.

After a few weeks, Alan saw a rocket ship. It landed where he was. Alan was so happy to see the rocket because had no food the whole time and he was starving. Alan went in the rocket ship and started eating. After he was full, Alan started to blast off.

Seven months later, Alan got back to Earth. He couldn’t get any information on the Martian fuel source, but that was ok because he found the astronaut that went missing in space.

Ant and Flower

Ant Timmy wants a beautiful pink flower that’s by his house on Nelson Road. He found it two hours ago when he was running. He thought it was perfect for his brother’s birthday. His brother likes pink. Timmy likes the flower, too. Timmy wants to take the flower to his brother’s house. 

He is trying to pull it but it’s too strong. Timmy was sad. He thinks about Greg, his friend, because Greg is strong. Greg is an army ant. Greg lives on Nelson Road, too. He is Timmy’s neighbor. Timmy met Greg when he was running a month ago. 

When he got to Greg’s house,Timmy asked Greg to pull the flower for him.

Greg said, “Sure.” 

Greg tried but he can’t pull it either. He tried again. But he still can’t.

Timmy and Greg both try, but it is too strong. Timmy said, “l have an idea!”

“What idea?” Greg asked. 

“Could you ask your army ant friends over?” 


“Okay,” Timmy said. 

Greg called his army ants. Five minutes later, they didn’t appear. Greg called them again, and 100 army ants appeared on Timmy’s lawn. They tried to pull the flower but they end up failing. They said, “Sorry, I can’t pull it.” Timmy was sad because in 10 minutes his brother’s birthday party starts, and he likes flowers.  

This is the final idea. He remembered he had a tack. He said, “I can cut it with a tack!” He pokes the flower in the middle of the stem, but he accidentally cuts it in a straight line and the petals get ripped. 

He got another flower from Greg’s house because he is tired. It’s nice and perfect, and Greg cut it just the way Timmy wanted, and he went to his brother’s house and gave the flower to his brother.

Kitty’s Big Adventure

Kitty was a happy cat that lived in her royal palace called the kitty palace. The night was coming soon and Kitty wanted to get in bed. She turned off the light and settled cozily in her bed. She heard wild winds outside of her window. Then she heard thunder and balled up under her blanket. 

Kitty was young and was afraid of thunder, so she yelled, “Mom, Dad can you come in here?!” Kitty’s parents came in and they sat in Kitty’s bed until she fell asleep. When Kitty woke up, she was no longer in the palace. She was in a jungle! There were lush green plants and the air was very humid.  “This is very different from the palace!” said Kitty. She saw her cousin, a leopard named Swiper. He got his name because he took a lot of the animal’s belongings. His best friend is a parrot named Feathers. Feathers has magic powers because he was born from a magic waterfall. 

Swiper said, “The palace was moved last night by all of the harsh winds and the thunder. The palace can now be found in the peaceful meadow which is across the river.” 

Kitty said, “Swiper, you should come because you know the way!” Swiper was happy to help out his cousin, so they started towards the peaceful meadow. 

Swiper led the way out of the jungle and the peaceful meadow was in sight! However, there were many miles to cover before they reached the kitty palace. Kitty thought that it would be an easy adventure, but she soon realized that she was wrong. They reached the desert that they would have to cross to get to the kitty palace. Kitty knew that if she wanted to cross the desert, it would take up to five days at least! 

They started the journey. Kitty and Swiper thought that it was getting dark after a little while, so they decided to camp in a clump of sand. When they woke up, they continued on their journey to cross the desert. After four days, they could see the canyon! They kept going and finally, they were out of the desert! Kitty and Swiper were hot and tired, so they took a little nap. When they woke up, they started to go through the canyon.   

“There are a lot of rock avalanches in the canyon, so we have to be very quiet,” said Swiper. Kitty wanted to see if the canyon had an echo, so she quietly said, “Hello!” 

Swiper told her, “Kitty, please be more quiet.” However, Kitty needed to sneeze. She tried to hold it in but she couldn’t! The canyon trembled. Swiper and Kitty started to realize that they were about to experience a rock avalanche! 

“Get on my back!” shouted Swiper. “The end of the canyon isn’t far, so I think that maybe I’ll be able to get through before the avalanche does.”

Kitty hopped on Swiper’s back and they charged through the canyon. They beat the avalanche by a fraction of a second and were both breathing hard. Kitty and Swiper now needed to cross the mountain. They had two options for crossing it: they could go through it in the cave that they could easily get lost in, or they could climb the mountain that they could easily fall off of. Kitty finally said, “We’re going to climb the mountain.” They walked up the icy path for many days. Now Kitty and Swiper were very high up on the mountain. On an icy ledge, Kitty slipped! However, Swiper caught her just in time and put her back on the mountain. One day later, they were off the mountain!  

Swiper said, “We are now crossing into the cave. There are many critters in the cave, but the journey is only about five hours.”  

Kitty and Swiper were hoping to be in and out. There was a map on the wall that listed all the creatures. The list said:  “Here are the creatures that you might encounter: bats, cave crickets, cave newts and spiders. Be safe crossing through these parts” 

“We should go in,” said Kitty. So, they entered the cave. “It is very dark in here,” said Kitty. Fortunately, they didn’t encounter any cave creatures, and they made it out alright. 

“Okay there’s only one thing left to do,” said Swiper. 

“What’s that?”asked Kitty. 

“Cross the rope bridge,” replied Swiper. Kitty was very nervous for this event, because the rope bridge was over water and if there’s one thing cats hate, it’s water. They arrived at the rope bridge and it looked very unstable. 

“Get on my back,” said Swiper. “I can carry you across the bridge!” Kitty got on and Swiper slowly put a paw on the bridge. The wooden board gave way and snapped off the bridge, falling hard into the rushing water. “I know you are afraid of water, but you are the only one who can cross that bridge!,” Swiper shouted over the loud noise of the water. 

“What will happen to you?” asked Kitty. 

“You can come back later and get me, then we can fix the bridge and make it stable. You can do it, Kitty, just don’t look down!” shouted Swiper. 

Kitty slowly started to walk onto the first board. She started walking board after board.  Kitty’s heart started thumping, her body started trembling. Soon, she was at the halfway point! 

“You’re doing great, just keep going and don’t look down,” said Swiper. But Kitty made a big mistake and looked down! She saw the water, the rocks and the waterfall at the end of the river. Kitty collapsed onto the board. “No! Kitty the board will snap! Get back up!!” Swiper yelled. But, Kitty was too late. The board snapped, leaving Kitty hanging by one paw on the rope of the bridge. “Kitty!” Swiper yelled nervously. Swiper called for his jungle friend, Feathers, to teleport over and save Kitty. Feathers had super strength and teleporting powers. Feathers grabbed Kitty just before the board snapped and put her on the side of the bridge leading to the peaceful meadow. Kitty ran to the kitty palace and hugged her parents. She felt so happy that she finally got to the kitty palace. 

“Mom, Dad, I have some things to do before we have dinner,” said Kitty. She grabbed materials and ran to the bridge. She spent many hours there and finally, the bridge was made. It was a beautiful red bridge that had golden railings on the side. There was a sign at the end of the bridge saying: “Welcome to the peaceful meadow! Home of the kitty palace.” Swiper and Feathers were finally allowed across and they decided to stay there for a few days. Kitty’s parents invited Swiper and Feathers over for dinner as a thank you gift. They ate salmon for dinner, and for dessert they had Kitty and Swiper’s personal favorite: chocolate cats! Swiper was about to leave the next day. 

“Come back soon! You know where we are,” said Kitty. 

“I will. There is a train station not far from my place that takes me right to the bridge, but you can come over to my house too,” said Swiper. 

“Okay,” said Kitty. “The only problem is that it’s such a long walk to the jungle.” 

“You can just call Feathers,” said Swiper. “He lives close by.” 

“Okay, I promise that I’ll visit sometime soon,” said Kitty. 

“Here is the code to my house if I ever don’t answer the door or I’m not there,” said Swiper. “It’s 7199.” 

“My code is 3097,” said Kitty. “I’ll see you in a few weeks!” 

“Your birthday is in a few days. I’ll visit then,” said Swiper. 

Feathers went back to his home and so did Kitty and Swiper. A few days later, Swiper and Feathers came over for Kitty’s birthday celebration. They had lots of fun and they played lots of games. Swiper and Feathers left the next day. 

“Bye!” said Kitty. Then, it was back to the palace for Kitty.


The Tomato Trouble

Hi, I’m Tommy the racoon!

I hope that you will put some food out for me or even just do simple things like leaving your trash can open to give me food. If you do so, I will also bring food for my mom and dad and my 5 pesky sisters. 

But last night at 8, I went out looking for food, and when I was trying to recover some almost ripe and delicious tomatoes I saw a shadow behind me. It was big and shaped like my worst fear. They’re very ugly (compared to this handsome dude) and they’re very complicated. They leave food out for me in these things that are apparently called bird feeders instead of what they should be called—raccoon feeders, but then they’re mad because I eat the stuff inside them. Humans are one head-scratching creature.  

Enough about humans. I scrambled to the bush. 

“Dan, did you eat the heirloom tomatoes from the garden? It’s not funny. I need them for the caprese salad.”

The woman had hair that looked like noodles and eyes that were the color of the sky. The man shook his head. “I don’t want your tommy toes until you add dressing. Why don’t you ask the  neighbors to see if anyone else is experiencing tomato theft.”

“Fine,’’ replied the wife.

To my relief, the woman went inside, but the man just sat there and smoked. Unfortunately the silence didn’t last. Three minutes later the woman came back outside. “Apparently the neighbors have the same problem with their tomatoes.” The woman was talking like she just made a special scientific discovery. Humans are also definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I mean, duh, Sherlock if one’s gone they’ll miss other tomatoes too. I kept listening to their conversation but after a while they went inside. When they were out of sight, I ran to the tomato patch and picked the last tomato which they didn’t see. Another thing about humans, they have bad eyesight. ALL OF THEM. The tomato was one measly yard away and they couldn’t see it. It was now reddish green and hard to miss. I plucked the tomato and ran back home. 

“Where in the world have you been Tommy?” Asked my mother.

 “Out getting breakfast,” said my older sister Olympia. I didn’t answer, I just slowly trudged up the tree past the waking owl and thought about what was happening. I was now afraid that I would get caught. I was not going near those people again and I would warn my family later too.

After some thinking, I decided to take another walk around the neighborhood.  As I was walking around the neighborhood, I stopped at the spot where I always get my food. I heard the woman say “those dumb squirrels”

I looked at my delicious enemy who was trying to get to a bird feeder, even though  to a nearsighted human it looked like it was going at the tomatoes . I thought this whole thing was hilarious and Nutty the squirrel was barely getting away! “What are you laughing at?” Nutty snarled. “ Watch your elders,’’ I said. Nutty dodged the lady and ran.

On Saturday night, I was out hunting for food with my family when a huge truck showed up in front of us. It had the word “exterminator” on it in bright neon orange. I turned and ran, leaving the rest of my family running in different directions. I now live without them in a place that is called NYC which provides a lot of food.

That is the story of how I moved to NYC with no notice whatsoever. 

HS Travels the World

Chapter One:

The Battle between GSS and S.E.W.W.F.T.C.R.H

HS went to Egypt and to find the SPHYNX. But before he found the SPHYNX, he found Gus and S.E.W.W.F.T.C.R.H. battling. And then GSS and S.E.W.W.F.T.C.R.H made HS get into battle. They put a force field around him and then GSS and S.E.W.W.F.T.C.R.H used the power of hieroglyphics to defeat him. And then he found the SPHYNX’s magical power teleported him to Madagascar, closer to his destination.

Chapter 2: Robot Spiders

HS went to Madagascar, and then found robot spiders. And then he battled with all the robot spiders, and he used his power of being legit and using the power of hieroglyphics. And then he defeated the robot spiders.

Chapter 3: I Don’t Know The Flea

He teleported himself to the Lost City of Atlantis! But then, he met up with I Don’t Know The Flea. Since that flea is 110,889 times bigger than a flea and he can jump 110,889 times farther and higher, but HS used the power of legit hieroglyphics and Sebas. 

Chapter 4: Legit Legit LeSplit

HS was still in the Lost City of Atlantis. But then he met up with Legit Legit LeSplit. So then they started battling. And the  Legit Legit LeSplit was splitted. And then it erupted like a volcano, and then it started chasing HS. But then, HS used the power of legit, and during the battle he found a little interesting friend named Lappy. And then he used the power of legit hieroglyphics Sebas and Lappy AND Legit Legit LeSplit. And then he defeated Legit Legit LeSplit. 

Chapter 5: Run Away From What?

HS accidentally teleported himself to the Australian Outback. And then all the animals said “RUN AWAY” And then he said “RUN AWAY FROM WHAT?” And then the animals said “RUN AWAY FROM WHAT.” And HS said “What?” And the animals said, “You said it! RUN AWAY FROM WHAT!” 

Chapter 6: Now I Know What to Run Away From

HS was still in the Australian Outback, but now he saw Run Away From What. And then they came together. And they became a team! 

Chapter 7: Entering the Falcon Fury

Run Away From What and Lappy and HS accidentally teleported themselves to the Falcon Fury. “Hey look, it’s Falcon Man and Dynamut.” And then they became a team, but they saw Scooby and Shaggy!!! And then they all became a team. 

Chapter 8: Just Seeing It

Run Away From What, Lappy, HS, Falcon Man, Dynamut, Scooby, and Shaggy teleported themselves to Where. And then Run Away From What HS, Falcon Man, Dynamut, Scooby, and Shaggy saw this giant nightmare character. And then it was coming after them. But then they realized they were stuck in quicksand. And then they realized that all of the greatest carnivores in the world were coming after them. Then they woke up. 

Chapter 9: Who’s This Dragon?

They accidentally teleported themselves to a mysterious place where no one knows what’s gonna happen the next second. And then they saw a dragon and then they said “Who’s that dragon?” DUN DUN DUNNNN! And then the dragon said “Who’s That Dragon.” But there is also an evil dragon behind all of them. And that dragon said “Who’s that dragon?” And also because that’s his name. And Who’s That Dragon went into the team. Everyone worked together to defeat the evil dragon!

Chapter 10: I Think I Found Snoopy!?

The gang (which is called The What No Next) said “I think I found Snoopy!?” And then, Snoopy became part of the gang. 

Chapter 11: (The What No Next) Disappears (or did it…)

The What No Next thought they disappeared because they didn’t see themselves. And they’re like “Oh! Where am I?!!! Oh! Where am I?!!! Oh! Where am I?!!! Oh! Where am I?!!!” 

Chapter 12: (The What No Next) Did Not Disappear

The gang felt everyone else but they didn’t see it because in front of them there was a mirage (a make yourself invisible mirage). And then they found out that it was just a mirage. 

Chapter 13: Entering the new dimension

HS found a new portal that was sucking them into a new dimension, which is the video game dimension!!! Because video games are awesome. It looks like all the characters are little blocks, like minecraft. They found something super crawsome (a mix between crazy and awesome). They found Captain Underpants!!!! And they also found crawsome again: George and Harold. And they found another crawsome thing! Three ultimate villains. Which they are… LaserLightmare! Poopocabra, and Socktopus! But then they realized they were good guys! And then Captain Underpants, George and Harold, LaserLightmare, Poopocabra, and Socktupus went into the team. 

Chapter 13.5: Entering a new dimension part II

They got sucked into another dimension! Which was the Dream Dimension! You can dream what you want in there.

Chapter 13.10: Entering a new time part III

They found another portal and it sucked them in and then they went through time.

Chapter 15 

The World of Yot Dogs 

HS teleportaled to the world of yot dogs. And then, all of the yot dogs became friends and all of the yot dogs became his food, but they are magical. And each one makes a power. He ate all the infinity yot dogs and each yot dog has a power, so he got infinity powers. HS had every single power in the world. 

Chapter 16 

The World of Cot Dogs 

HS accidentally teleportaled himself to the world of Cot Dogs. And they looked exactly like the yot dogs (from chapter 15). He ate all of them and they took away all of his powers. (He didn’t really know that he lost all of his powers.)

Chapter 17 

The World of Bot Dogs 

HS found a portal and then he was go for my life or don’t go for no life. And then he went in the portal. And then he found Bot Dogs. (They look exactly like the Cot Dogs and Yot Dogs from Chapter 15.) And then he ate all of them. And then HS got all his powers back.

Chapter 18

The horrible Hackensack of the horrible Hackensack

HS teleportaled himself to the horrible Hackensack of the horrible Hackensack. And then he found a horrible Hackensack of the Horrible Hackensack. And then they battled. And then the horrible Hackensack of the Horrible Hackensack did a punch in the H and then he lost his powers!

Chapter 18.1

HS to Bot Dog land

HS had one remaining power left for only one minute. He teleportaled himself to Bot Dog land. And then he ate all of the Bot Dogs there as fast as he could and then there was only three seconds and one Bot Dog left! And he tried to eat the Bot Dog as fast as he could. And then when he finished it and then only one millisecond was left! And then HS teleportaled himself back to where the horrible Hackensack of the horrible Hackensack was (HHHH). 

Chapter 18.2

HS returns…

HHHH couldn’t punch HS because HS put a closing forcefield with disintegrating spikes around him. And then, HHHH dies!

Chapter 19

Monopoly Man 

(and he has to get to the top of the castle to be able to get out of the Monopoly World)

(And he only has 2,500 Monopoly coins)

(And if he gets to 0 Monopoly coins, then he dies for the rest of his life!)

(and if he gets three doubles he also dies for the rest of his life!)

(If you roll a double you get a second turn)

HS didn’t realize the forcefield when HHHH died and gave him the same powers that HS had. And then HHHH made him teleportaled to Monopoly Man (with fancy music). And then Monopoly Man forced him to roll the dice and then he rolled the dice. He rolled a 6 and a 6. And then he landed on a hotel and the cost 100 Monopoly coins. (And now he only has 2,400 monopoly coins.)

He rolled another 6 and a 6 and then he gets 200 and more Monopoly coins. (And then he had 2,600 Monopoly Coins)

And then he rolled a 5 and a 6. And he got to the second level of the castle. And then he rolled another 6 and a 5. And then, now, he went to jail. And he paid111 Monopoly coins to get out of jail (and now HS has 2,489 Monopoly Coins) and then he rolled a 6 and a 5. And then he’s to the fourth level of the castle. And now he got a 6 and a 5. And then he got to the 5th level of the castle and now he went out of Monopoly World. 

A giant hieroglyphic keyboard, but luckily HS knew his hieroglyphics. And then he entered the code, which was 

And then it was on the fritz, and then disintegrated. And before it disintegrated, it exploded. But then, HS found someone named AS. There was HM (hieroglyphic monster), and then he battled and battled and battled and battled and battled and battled and battled and battled and battled (x 1000). And HS won. 

The Library



PLUTO is sitting in the library, reading books. This is the only place where he is not bullied. A lot of people in his class make fun of him for reading a lot.


Excuse me, Miss Agnes? I wanted to know if you had the book under the library code 6712.


Let me check the system. I suppose it’s here. Not many people read about law enforcement.


Thank you very much.

After PLUTO receives his book on law enforcement, he heads over to his classroom.


Ha ha, you’re spending your whole recess in the library!

BULLY #1 says this while punching PLUTO in the stomach.


Stupid boy here was in the library, it seems.


Oh shut up, I have worse things to say about him. He’s a cake-sniffing brat. And he eats pizza.


What type of insult is that?


It’s a cake-sniffing brat pizza eater insult.




Oh, and did I tell you he loves to eat pasta?


He eats pasta? What the heck?


Also, he watches television.


He can’t. He spends all his time in the library, don’t you?

As PLUTO walks away, he sees MISS AGNES in trouble. MISS AGNES is trying to put back some books according to library code, but seems to be tripping. PLUTO runs as fast as he can and catches MISS AGNES before she falls off the ladder. As MISS AGNES thanks him, he hears the bell ring. He runs to the classroom to see his teacher waiting.


You’re late. I heard from a lot of kids that you were spending your time in the library. You’re supposed to be outside playing. And you skipped lunch. What an embarrassment! Now shut up and get to your seat. Oh, and did I forget to tell you that Owen, Justice, and Michael said you punched them in the stomach and said they were cake-sniffing, pizza-eating, television-watching, pasta-swallowing brats? What an embarrassment. You are the worst kid in the class, and you shall be banned from the library. You will sit out all of your recess in here, reading the Bible. And you shall skip lunch, and I will starve you until you die! And, as your punishment for today, I will dump you in a box full of box jellyfish, the most venomous jellyfish in the world. I hope you’re happy!



         PLUTO dumps himself in a glass showcase full of Australian box jellyfish. The stage goes black, and a huge nest appears out of the black. An egg hatches, and out comes a lightbulb, and a very deep voice comes out:


Bring food to school.

Another egg hatches.


Kill box jellyfish using a Band-Aid. Put the Band-Aid on top of the jellyfish, and the jellyfish will stop and drop to the bottom of the tank.

All eggs hatch.


Use modern witchcraft and wizardry!

Stage goes black



In “prison cell” a.k.a box jellyfish tank.


What does it say on page 397,000?


As God sent down the ten commandments… Oh, I’ll just stop talking. I already know the whole history of the golden lamb.


You have to keep on reading or else I’ll kill you. You have to keep on reading or else I’ll drive a knife through your stomach. I’ll also shred you like cheese. Or I’ll bring in my pet cobra!!!



Stop that! And keep reading!

PLUTO dissolves.



PLUTO enters the locked-up library.


Pluto, what are you doing here? And how did you — Oh. I know. I should have never let you look at that modern witchcraft and wizardry book.


I need books 667, 789, and 2394.


Okay. I’ll search the system. It seems they’re all here.

As PLUTO starts reading the books, MISS AGNES locks the library and leaves. She knows that PLUTO will be able to leave on his own.


1234567890-=[][ppoiuiyt54rfgbhytgytfhfjgjhgbvv cdftghbvdhdtfghb erhgfeyjk,.kiuhtfdsete6d5g3ef!!!!@#$%^&*()

PLUTO disappears into a book.


The Sloth Who Gave Up Being Mean to the Pythons

Once upon a time there lived a sloth named Bob. Bob liked his name. He liked it because it was the only name he had. But… when Mom left with Ms. Python to get breakfast, the kid pythons stayed, and they had very sharp teeth. They ripped his toys. And when Mom got home, she would blame it on him.

He said, “I’m getting revenge.” And he did. Dun dun dun!

The next day, he set up a camera, and he turned on the camera when the pythons slithered in. Then he started the camera, and then they came in. The mother python left, and Mrs. Sloth left, and they started ripping and ripping and chewing the toys, and Bob got it all on footage. The next night he showed his mom, and his mom never invited those pesky snakes again.

At night, they slithered in the house and started chewing up his toys. He got it on footage and showed in to his mom. She locked the door extra tight and even used the slither block, which is a cage that drops on baby pythons, but not on Mrs. Snake. Then, the pythons hid in the bushes when she set up the trap. So, they knew to put a fake snake in the trap so it would drop and then move it to the side, so then they could get in the house again, but the door was locked. So they tried to slither under the door, but she even put out the little slither pincher, so it would pinch them if they went under!

The next morning, Mrs. Python came over and said, “Can we go out to breakfassssssst?”

“Sure!” said Mrs. Sloth.

“And can I leave the ssssssnakeesssss here?”

“Just this last time.”

Bob was really, really mad that the snakes stayed over again, but it was surprising. They didn’t chew up any more toys. They didn’t take any branches. They didn’t take anything!

After breakfast, Mrs. Python and Mrs. Sloth came home.

Mrs. Sloth said, “I know why they’re chewing up the toys. Because they don’t have a home, so they need fur blankets and shelter, and they make them out of the sticks and cotton.”

Bob said, “Oh. You can share a home with us! We have two extra rooms.”

They said, “Thank you! We’ll be back in a few minutes. We need to grab all our stuff.”


Softy the Unicorn

Softy gazed at the sky as beautiful fairies flew past with shimmering wings that made her dreamy. The sweet grass tasted bitter on her tongue. If only she could fly, the grass would have been sweeter than ever.

“Wings,” she whispered. She always wanted wings. “This is it, I’ll start researching now.” She went to a tree. There she lifted up a map with her magical horn spell and brought it down. She stared at the map for a while. “Aha! Magical lands of unicorns, here I come!”

Softy always imagined going to a ball with her pink hair and white wings.

That night, she could not sleep. A blue magical light was leading her to the magical lands of unicorns. Somehow she knew it.

She packed the map and pink, yellow, green, and blue potions. One book of magical spells fell down, and she kept it too.

She was walking through the pumpkin patch. It was about 12 o’clock. All the pumpkins would eat her if she didn’t make it through in time. Pumpkins can only wake up at 12:00. She figured out that she can command the light, then she commanded the shimmering light to turn black, surrounding her on all the sides. At 12:01, she started walking again.

That night, at 1:30 she fell down into the world’s deepest sleep as the light turned into a soft, cozy blanket.

“Oh no! I think the big bad wolf and gingerbread man are coming.” She took the map out as she ran quickly. She ran down a hill and turned left at a cave. “Let’s go inside the waterfall of the cave.” After a quick drink, she and the light continued on the path again.

A day turned into night, and she was working hard, walking with the quick light, making her trot. A gate appeared, her destiny. “Finally!” A huge gasp broke the silence, but she needed to unlock the gate.

Peeping from the gate, it looked like an abandoned garden not touched for ages. The grass was dried out, and moss was covering the trees. Taking the potions she brought, she took four drops of green, mixed it with a drop of pink and blue together and one drop of yellow.

She dropped it around the place, and life came back with green growing up the roots, and the gate opened. “Wow!” she exclaimed.

She entered the palace named The Castle Maze. It was a crystal castle. It had blue crystal carvings, and it was the most magical castle in the land. Spookiness was shattered in between unicorns’ deadly neighs and ticking clocks.

She found something that she didn’t know existed. A button. She pressed it. She stepped in an elevator — again, she didn’t know it existed, so she was scared to get on at first.

In the top of the palace, unicorns were captured in a cage. There was a bomb, but nobody knew. They were cursed by humans. Blood kept bleeding from the unicorns, and they had deadly magical horns.

She opened the last item, an ancient looking book. There was the hardest spell, the only one to free and bring everything to life. Her strongest magical powers came together in a burst of magic.

As she opened her eyes, she had wings, and the light turned into a star-shaped crown. The unicorns happily looked at Softy and bowed. They were finally free. The last unicorn leader bowed. She had orange hair and wings. Softy looked curious for just a second. Then, she had the biggest smile. She saw her mother and father bow in front of her.

They told Softy that this was a curse by the humans, and they had left this magical land where she was born. “It was raining,” they said, “and every magical element was closing one by one, except this castle. There was no hope now, and all of our kind was trapped, and we were the only ones where we were living, called the Magical Lands of Everything. We were scared that all of our kind would die after three minutes exactly because of the fiery ball in the corner.” Softy named it a bomb. “We never knew that you would run out of our sight and come here. But this is great, you freed us all.”

Softy blushed, and inside her a tear was saved. She almost cried, but she kept it inside.

She took her first flight, and success! She was whooshing through the land and found another waterfall, the source of water for the land of unicorns. She stood on a rock in the middle, and she looked up to the sky. She knew that she could protect this land as long as she could live. She looked at her wings and tried to look at her crown. It was raining, but this time not for sadness but for happiness as a rainbow appeared in the sky.

The End.

Star and the Dilemma

Chapter One: Hi

Hi, my name is Star. I like to sword fight with my brother, Ash. I am a really good archer. I get a bullseye every time I shoot the arrow.

“Bullseye!” my dad shouted every time I shot.

Then Ash said, “Can you teach me?

So I said, “Not now.” But today I said, “Okay, Ash, but tomorrow, okay?”

“Fine,” said Ash.

“Oh, and did I tell you I am not allowed to use my bow without grown-up supervision?”

The next day I woke up to the delicious smell of pancakes and my brother jumping on me yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! Dad made pancakes!”

I was annoyed. “Did you have to wake me up by jumping on me?” I said.

“Yes, yes I did,” Ash said as he walked out of my room.

I got out of bed and put on my slippers, then went downstairs.

When I got downstairs, I saw a delicious looking plate of pancakes.

As soon as I saw the pancakes, I ran to the table and started to shove pancakes in my mouth.

Then Ash, rubbing his hands together and grinning evilly, said, “Time to teach me.”

I stopped shoving pancakes in my mouth and said, “Mumumumu,” but I meant to say, I’m going camping with my friends.

Ash said, “What? I thought you were going to teach me how to shoot the bow and arrow correctly.”

I said, “Sorry, but I already arranged the sleepover in the woods with my friends.”

Ash ran upstairs and slammed his door. Then I went upstairs into my room and started to pack.

Chapter Two: The Camping Trip

After I finished packing, I went to my friend’s house and knocked on the door.

She opened the door and said, “Hi.”

I said, “Hi, Julia. Is Abby here yet?”

Julia said, “Not yet, but she’s coming soon.”

I said, “Great!”

“Did you bring your equipment for the trip?” Julia said.

We heard a knock on the door, so we opened it. It was Abby!

Chapter Three: It Begins

We went outside into her backyard. We saw the path to the forest. As we stepped in, I realized that I forgot something.

I said, “Be right back,” and I ran home.

I grabbed my bow and arrows and snuck out of the house. Then I ran back to my friend’s house. Her mom let me in, and I went back to the forest. They had already set up camp. So we started to make dinner. We made pasta, corn, and salmon. And for dessert we had packaged cake. After we finished eating, we went to bed. I woke up first, and then I fell back to sleep. I woke up for the second time to the sound of a scream.

I stuck my head outside and said, “What’s wrong?”

And that’s when I saw it… a giant black bear. I went back into the tent and grabbed my bow and arrows. Then I remembered I wasn’t allowed to shoot it without grown-up supervision. Then I thought, Would I rather have a giant black bear chasing me? Or would I rather be safe? I went outside the tent and told them to go to the side of the forest. I raised my bow, and I shot. I got the bear right in the arm, and it got pinned to a tree.

Chapter Four: The Plan

The bear was pinned to the tree. I felt bad for it and so did my friends. So we tied the rope to the arrow. Our plan was to pack up everything that we had, get far enough away, and then pull the rope, so the bear would be set free. We started to pack up things, and then we started off toward the house. And then we tugged the rope. The bear was set free. It was scared, so it didn’t run toward us. It just turned around and ran farther into the forest. When we got inside, we were panting. We ran because we thought the bear would chase us. But luckily it didn’t. Julia’s mom gave us a snack. The snacks were chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow icing. Then I went home.

My dad saw me with my bow and said, “Why do you have that? I thought you left it in your room.”

I told him that I used it to save my friends.

Chapter Five: The Conversation

My dad told me that I shouldn’t have brought my bow and that I was grounded for a month. Then I told my dad that there would be a bear scratching at my window if I didn’t bring my bow. He still thought it was wrong, but he took back the punishment after a while. I went up to my room, and I unpacked. I ran over to my friend’s house, and I invited her to my house to camp in my backyard.

She said, “Okay,” and she started to pack.

She went to my backyard, and she saw that there was a tent, a campfire, and there was some food. We went inside, and we got a few snacks, like cookies, strawberries, whipped cream, and hot cocoa mix. We started to make dinner, and then we went to bed. The next morning we woke up, and it was 8:00 in the morning. All the lights were off in the house, and that was unusual for my family. Everyone woke up early. Neither my parents nor my brother were there. They always woke up early. I was the only late sleeper in the house. We went inside, and we heard nothing. We were scared.

“What do we do?” said Julia.

“I don’t know,” I responded, staring at the dark kitchen.

Revenge of the Demon Chicken

Once there was a chicken named Donald Toot. He was very mean because he bullied pigs. One day he was walking when a pig came. His name was Potty Piggy.

Then he said, “Snort snort snort,” and he started throwing Boom Boom Hippos. When they hit him, they went boom boom.

Dun, dun, dun. He died. Then he became the Demon Chicken and took over the world.

The Happy Dragon

There was a big, green, happy dragon from California who wanted a spiky banana split. They tasted like love. There was another dragon, and he was right in front of the happy dragon, and he bought the last spiky banana split, but then it had mold on it! So, he threw it out, but it was not actually mold. It was purple sprinkles.

The mad dragon went to the back of the line, and his arms were crossed. The happy dragon started to laugh because he knew it was sprinkles the whole time. The happy dragon was now a sad dragon.

He started to turn around when he saw this new ice cream store, and he walked in, and he saw no line and one last spiky banana split, so he ran in line, but he didn’t make it. Someone got in front of him, and they were thinking of getting the spiky banana split.

The dragon started shivering, but that person didn’t get it because he actually wanted the rainbow smoothie, and then the dragon could get it, and he went home and ate it. He was really happy, and he ate it, and it was super good, and then he went back to the store to get the recipe.

They didn’t have a printer, so they had to go somewhere to get it printed, and they decided to go to the printer’s office next door.

The happy dragon said, “Hi, can I print the recipe for the spiky banana split?”

The printer said, “Yes.”

“Yay!” the happy dragon said, and he started flossing.

He ran back home to go bake it.

When he got home, his little sister ran to get the door. She was small and purple. All younger dragons were purple, and all older ones were green.

She said, “Hi!”

His mom said, “Why are you home so late?”

“I went to the printer’s office to print something.”

The happy dragon took a shower, ate dinner, made the banana split for dessert, and then went to bed.

In his dream, he saw the ice cream man and the long line, and one person was talking in front of him.

He kind of looked like a banana split, so the happy dragon went up, and he tapped him on the shoulder and said, “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting my babies back,” said the banana split.

The dragons helped cut in front, so they could get the babies. They were a bit hot because it was a hot summer day. Then an alien invaded the banana babies and took them and the parent to their home because they were from outer space.

The dragon woke up and got dressed and ate breakfast and went to the store and yelled, “Those are babies! Not spiky banana splits!”

But the people thought they were just spiky banana splits.

Then, he saw the new flavor, which was the kiwi spiky sundae, but he got it, and it was super good. It tasted like a rainbow.

That night, he dreamed about the kiwi saying, “Don’t eat me! We have lives too.”

It was trying to swim back into the ice cream, and he didn’t eat it.

He wanted to shut down the shops, so he went to the mayor. The mayor lived downtown, and the happy dragon lived uptown, so he had to take the train. He saw people eating fruit, so he was really scared because he thought they were babies, and then he finally got off at the stop, and he saw this big fruit garden. He went into the fruit garden. He picked the fruit and put them in a shed and talked to them. He talked to them in the shed so that no one knew he was talking to them, so no one thought he was really weird.

He said, “Why do you keep appearing in my dreams?”

The bananas answered first and said, “Because you eat us.”

Then the kiwis answered, and they said, “Because you eat us.”

Then the raspberries answered, and everybody answered,  “Because you eat us.” He ate them every day for breakfast on his pancakes.

“I’ll bring you to the mayor, and you can discuss with him,” he said.

At the mayor’s office, the fruit wrote on a piece of paper, Shut down all the shops. The banana wrote on a little stick, We don’t like you mister mayor, and then the tomatoes wrote, We don’t like your cooking, because the mayor never washed his hands.

The mayor had red clothes, green hair, and red cheeks, and he looked like a tomato.

I know that’s weird… but it’s true.

The end


Once there was a small King Charles Spaniel named Taco. He lived at an animal shelter in California. He was very shy. His only friends were his brothers, who already were adopted, so actually Taco didn’t have any friends. All Taco really wanted was for a nice little girl to come and adopt him, so they could live on a farm together. Across from Taco there was a big Great Dane. Taco was very scared of the big Great Dane. In fact, he was terrified of the big Great Dane. The really bad thing was the big Great Dane thought Taco was cool which meant he was always trying to talk to Taco, which made him even more terrified. Next to Taco was a super cute Golden Retriever puppy that came to the shelter only two days ago. The Retriever puppy sometimes liked to play with Taco. Another thing about Taco was that he loved to chase things. Whenever Taco was bored he would chase his tail, and he was usually bored.

One Sunday morning at 8:00, Taco was about to start chasing his tail. He stood up, but then he stopped. He heard the door open. He saw a bunch of kids come in. They came and toured Taco’s aisle. Taco saw the kids turn the corner. Taco started wagging his tail. All the kids looked at the super cute Golden Retriever puppy. They all ran over to the small Golden Retriever. Taco stopped wagging his tail and sat down and tilted his head staring at the kids. A little girl came out of the crowd and came to Taco. She bent down in front of him. Taco stood up and started wagging his tail again but this time even harder. She was about to say something to Taco. He could tell. But then out of nowhere there was a big, loud, deep bark. The girl jumped. She looked behind her. It was the Great Dane. (By the way, the little girl’s name was Sophie.) Sophie forgot about Taco and went to look at a different dog. Taco stopped wagging his tail and frowned. He laid down and fell asleep.

When Taco woke up, he was not in his cage anymore. He was in a small moving box (also known as a car). Sophie was sitting next to Taco. Taco didn’t know what was happening, but he walked onto Sophie’s lap and licked her face.

Hi, what is your name? Do you want to be friends? You smell good. Can I chew on your hair?

Sophie giggled. Sophie’s mom said, “We’re here.”

Taco and Sophie hopped out of the car.

“Come on, Taco,” said Sophie.

As she ran Taco followed her. They were in a big yard in front of a barn. Taco ran as fast as he could, his ears flopping behind him. Taco was so happy. Sophie was too.

Knights At Sunset

Chapter One

There was a person named Jack. He lived in a big house, and there was a lot to do where he lived, like biking, a lot of sports, mountain climbing, video games, and more. His mom always told him to put sunscreen when he went outside. As usual, he never did it. He lived in a place called Piermont. It was in New York state. It was fun. His dad was always working and did nothing else and worked from six to eight. Mackie, his cousin, came once a week. They got along very well. They did a lot of naughty plans, like going outside of the house at 12 o’clock. He was 10 years old.

Jack exclaimed to his mom, “I want to go to Mackie’s house one time.’’

Jack and Mackie were very adventurous. They did many adventures, but there was one thing they were crazy about, going in a castle! They thought about going in a castle in their house for about five minutes every day.

The problem was that they didn’t like to go to school because they wanted to go on adventures a lot, but they still wanted to get educated. They went to the same school. On weekends, they woke up at about 9:30. They wanted to play outdoors a lot. It rained often in Piermont.

He liked the winter because he could play in the snow; they liked to have snowball fights in winter. Jack liked pizza. Jack and Mackie started to go out of the house and did not tell their parents. They went on the street and walked to 72nd Street. They started to wander off, and they got lost.

Mackie said, “Where are we?”

Jack responded, “I don’t know.”

They kept walking around.

They asked somebody, “Where is 89th and Columbus?”

But he thought they knew where Jack and Mackie were going. The man said, “Look for yourself.”

They were still walking and bought some cupcakes.

Jack said, “I found something! It looks like it’s far. It looks like a really big building. I think it’s two miles away.”

And Mackie said, “Wow, let’s go to it!”

They walked to the place. Mackie and Jack said, “I’m tired, and we have to walk about three more miles.”

Mackie said, “Let’s just take a break as we go.”

Jack said, “Good idea!”

They got eight more bars from Bob’s Cafe. They were very excited about the really big building. They thought, Why is there a forest around it?

Jack said, “Going by myself somewhere is not that bad.”

“I know,” responded Mackie.

Jack was feeling determined to go to the castle. Suddenly, they didn’t know where they were.

Jack said, “Where are we?”

Mackie said, “We’re in a forest!”

Jack exclaimed, “That’s fun. Let’s explore.”

“Look at this tree,” exclaimed Mackie.

The trees tilted.

Jack told Mackie, “Let’s get back to going to the castle.”

Mackie said, “Let’s explore for like five more minutes.”

Jack said, “Okay, but we’re going to leave right after that.”

Mackie said, “Okay.”

Jack said, “Woah, look at the plant.”

Mackie came over and said, “I think it’s a tobacco plant. There’s a bunny next to the tree.”

“Let’s feed them some carrots,” said Jack.

“Okay,” said Mackie.

They fed the bunny carrots.

Jack said, “We have got to go to the castle now.”

They kept walking to the castle.

Jack said, “Actually, it looks very distinguished from a castle.”

“Oh yeah,” said Mackie. “It looks like a very, very tall building with stone and bats all around it.”

Jack said, “We’re still pretty far away from the building.”

Mackie said, “We have to keep going.’’



                                   ivory rolling in the sky

                                                       A balloon of drunken silver

                                                         Dancing, bouncing through the

Delicious chocolate sky as a dollop of

                                                                          Milky whipped cream

                                                        Shining steel across the sea in the deep swirling night across the slowly churning sky sober on the final

steps to the gates of dawn

                                          for a needed rest upon the

                                                                                                           pillow of soft green hills

A Lesson Learned for the World

What Happened

The Twin Towers were two of New York City’s most famous skyscrapers. The towers were built in 1973, and they were knocked down in 2001. They stood for 38 years. They stood where the two pools are today. They represent where the two towers were. They are two fountains. 2,996 people died at the Twin Towers. A terrorist group called Al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks. They do not like the United States. The group was led by Osama bin Laden. He was killed by a team of US Navy seals in 2011.

They also hit the side of the Pentagon because that was also a big landmark of the USA. Only 27 people died there, and it was fixable. You can go to Washington, D.C., and you can see it there. Also, a plane was coming from Newark Airport going to San Francisco, but it was hijacked, and that was going to go into the White House or the Capitol, but it took too long. Passengers attacked the hijackers, who crashed the plane in Shanksville. The crash killed 40 people, including the crew members. The Pentagon is the main office for the military, and if that got knocked down, then that could’ve been even bigger than the Twin Towers when they came down.

The Story

The first attack was from the same terrorist group (Al-Qaeda). Ramzi Yousef rented a van and parked it in the garage of the North Tower, and the van was filled with bombs. They hoped that it would blow up the South Tower, but it didn’t work. That attack happened in 1993. So, it took eight years for them to plan 9/11, which happened in 2001.

The Timeline

At 7:59 am on September 11, 2001, flight number 11 was going from Boston’s Logan Airport to Los Angeles. The reason why all of the flights were going to the west coast is because the more fuel that is used, the bigger the fire. Flight 175, coming from Boston’s Logan Airport, was also going to Los Angeles. Another flight, number 77, was leaving from Washington, D.C.’s Dulles International Airport and going to Los Angeles. Finally, at 8:41 am, Flight 93 took off, coming from New York’s Newark Airport going to San Francisco. Five minutes later, at 8:46 am, Flight 11 smashed into the North Tower. Then 17 minutes later, at 9:03 am, Flight 175 crashed into the South Tower. 34 minutes later, at 9:37 am, Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon. Finally, 26 minutes later, at 10:03 am, Flight 93 crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

What Will Happen Now?

I think that the World Trade Center will be a big part to New York City. There is the 9/11 Memorial, The Oculus, One World Trade Center, Greenfield Mall, Two World Trade Center, and Three World Trade Center, and there is still more to come. Also, it’s not hard to get there. There are 12 subways that are connected to the Oculus and one that leads you straight to One World Trade Center, and also the PATH train from Jersey City. Also, it is on one out of the two highways in New York City (the West Side Highway). I think that the World Trade Center is going to become a big landmark of New York City and Manhattan. I think that it will be a big trademark of New York City and Manhattan.

One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is one of the tallest buildings in the world! The World Trade Center is one hundred and four stories tall, and it is one thousand seven hundred seventy-six feet tall. If you don’t believe me, you can see it for yourself. Tours are available! For a standard trip it is 34 dollars, for an ungraded experience it is 44 dollars, and it is 54 dollars for the best experience. It’s a great view of Manhattan from the highest point in the city (great pictures!). But don’t be worried to see it. The city is doing everything they can do to keep it safe, because it cost 2.3 billion dollars and they don’t want to waste that money. I don’t think that the World Trade Center is coming down anytime soon. It is pretty new. It opened in 2014. So far, the city says that it was a good investment.

Two World Trade Center

Two World Trade Center is going to be One World Trade Center’s big brother. It will be one of the tallest residential buildings in the US. Two World Trade Center is a futuristic building. It might not be done by 2023 because they haven’t even started the building and the process. They’re still coming up with designs for the building. But I don’t think you’ll be living there if you aren’t rich or you haven’t won the lottery.

The Oculus

You might think from outside that it’s just a cool design, but inside it is a very big mall. There are more than 30 stores in the mall and 12 trains connecting to it. The Oculus was finished on March 3, 2016, and it was built because there is another mall on the other side of the street (Brookfield Place). People have been waiting a long time for something like this to be in New York City. Plans for the Oculus began in 2003. People thought that it would never come to life, so when it opened, everyone was very happy! The Oculus is one of the three malls in Manhattan. The other two are the Time Warner Center and Brookfield Place. So that’s what the Oculus is. It is bigger than the Time Warner Center. That’s what I know about The Oculus. People like the Oculus because it’s connected to the PATH and subway trains.

Brookfield Place

Brookfield Place is a large mall in Downtown Manhattan. It is the biggest mall in New York City. It has more than fifty stores in it. It also has a huge food court with great food. Brookfield Mall opened on March 25, 2015, about a year before the Oculus opened. People call Brookfield Place the Oculus’s brother. The Brookfield Mall also holds private events. The mall is known for the great food court because they have more than 20 restaurants. People love it for their dumplings and pizza. Everything is great there! But they were planning for it to hold more stores, and when it it was constructed that’s when they realized it couldn’t, so they made the Oculus. Some stores there are the same ones in the Oculus. They are trying to have more stores there, but everyone wants the Oculus because it connected to the PATH and subway trains. But it is connected to the 9/11 Memorial. It is just a huge mall overall. It has a lot of stores!

The Pools

Each year on September 11, thousands of people crowd around the memorial pools to cry together about the horrible deaths that occured. All 2,996 names are engraved on the rims of the pools. Pools lay where the towers stood, and also if this happens to One and Two and Three World Trade Center, then it is designed so that the building will fall into the pools. It took seven years to make the pools, three for the South Tower because it wasn’t as wide as the North Tower because more people worked in the North Tower, and it was also taller, and it had the garage under it. So many people go there all the time to see their former friends and family. So many people come there every day that they needed to make sections for everybody by last name. There are 450 sections, 30 people in each section.

The Survivor Tree

The Survivor Tree is a tree that survived the 9/11 attacks. The tree only had its stem left. They took it to the Bronx Zoo, and it took more than six years to regrow. It was ready in time for the new grand opening, and people loved seeing it. I am wondering how the leaves on this tree are always green, in all seasons. What I’m thinking is that maybe they are fake leaves because they never fall, and they never change the color. Even when the seasons change, they stay green as grass. I wonder if it was at the zoo for so long because they needed to put the fake ones on it and make sure when it is a wind storm or a snow storm, they don’t fly away. I think all the roots were wiped away from the attack, and you can’t put new veins in a tree when the stem is only left. So, I think that they are fake leaves, and they don’t even feel real at all. I say that they did that for the media, and so it will be known as the Survivor Tree.

How We Honor Loved Ones

People from all over the world honor their loved ones who died in 9/11. In NYC, streets are named after people who lived on those streets. This happens even in Japan, France, Mexico, and England. People were affected by this all over the world because so many people lost so many family members. Marianne Simone was one of the people who died in the attack.

There was a firefighter that was a first responder, and he unfortunately died. His name was Paul R. Martini, and there was a street named after him. Many more people are honored all over the world because of this event. Even in China. Maybe one day it will become a national holiday all over the world. I think that all of us should take a very good lesson away from this unfortunate event. At airports, security got much tighter. This was a big lesson for people all over the world.


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“9/11 Timeline.” The History channel website. https://www.history.com/topics/21st-century/911-timeline-video

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“2nd Plane Hitting WTC – LIVE News Coverage – 9/11.” BoulevaradeTV, youtube.com

Tippy Toothpaste

Tippy Toothpaste was a very good boy. He was very polite, and he helped old ladies cross the street. He was still in fifth grade, and all of his classmates made fun of him! It was because of his name: everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. That made him furious, furious, and more furious. But he was a smart boy too. He was the smartest kid in his class and knew how to build robots, time machines, and stuff like that.

When he got out of college, his face was red. The teasing had continued all the way through. He got so furious that he tried to take over the world and destroy laughter! He built a robot, made a time machine, and went back in time with the robot. He went back to fifth grade and threw all the people that were laughing into a cave that had a lot of tacos. The only person who was left was Tippy Toothpaste from back in time.

He told young Tippy, “Let’s go forward in time and try to take over the world! Yes, yes, yes!

“What’s our plan?” asked young Tippy.

“Let’s take all of their toilets away, so they can pee in their pants! That’s just the first step. Mwahahahaha,” said old Tippy.

So, they unscrewed the toilets in all of the towns, and all of the people went baonds in their paonds. They went aooooOOOO! And did the pee pee dance.

Then, small Tippy said, “Which one should we do next?”

“Do you want to watch a movie or something?” said old Tippy.

That was your plan?!” small Tippy yelled.

“Yeah. So what?”

“I’m going to crush you!!!” And small Tippy got into the robot and crushed him.

“Mwaahahaha, I’m taking over the world now!” But he didn’t notice that if you killed someone that’s actually you, you die too!

So, you know. That’s the end.

Three Poems

The Weirdo

A person that is crazy

Under sand

The name of this person is purple

The Crazy Airplane

First, airplanes are at a beach on land

The airplane’s going as fast as a person

The lame unicorn ate a dragon

This unicorn loved a person

The airplane was going so fast that it crushed the unicorn right before it kissed the human

Insect Eve

The silly person on Christmas Eve

that has a beetle on a spider

And had a cruel butterfly

Had a dream that there was a weird genie on Christmas Eve

And she gave them presents

Even though they didn’t know each other

The Bad Ghost

There was a ghost. He was a haunter. He would haunt people, animals, and objects. One day, he lifted a pig that was going to be eaten, but kaboom, a ghost car smashed into the ghost.

“Dang it. Why does a car always crash into me,” said the ghost right before the car actually pulled over.

Out of the car came Garlic Man, a loaf of muscly garlic bread. He was mad at the ghost for trying to eat his pig and said, “Step away from the pig, buddy.”

“Who in the world are you? And why do you smell so bad?” the ghost said, holding his nose.

Uh because I’m Garlic Man, duhhh?”

And the ghost killed the Garlic Man. Hahaha, that was so funny! The next day, the ghost went to a haunted house that was by the crooked crook. There was a tale that says if somebody drinks from the river, a ghost will haunt them forever. The ghost knew this tale and wanted to prove it right.

So, he hid behind a tree because the one man was really stupid and told the crowd, “I’m going to drink from the river!”

He bent his knees, crouched down, and took a sip! Then, the ghost appeared from behind. Then, the ghost lifted the haunted house and smashed it on the group of people. The people that got smashed by the haunted were flattened! Then, the lightning struck, and now the flattened people turned into a huge pumpkin with laser eyes. The pumpkin with laser eyes lasered the whole town like mad! Suddenly, the ocean splashed on the town. The ghost got on the pumpkin and rode away!


Crossing the North Pole

Chapter One: Starting a New Life

This is a story that starts in the North Pole. Pezzy was a candy man, and he made a magical lollipop that talked and moved. It was shaped like a penguin, and its name was Pengui. Because Pengui was a penguin shape, he could talk to the other penguins at the North Pole.

Seals in the North Pole thought Pengui looked tasty. Pezzy had to make another lollipop that was a monster to scare away the seals. Then, there were other seals who were stronger, and they weren’t scared…

Pezzy was scared. He thought the seals might eat Pengui. So, he put Pengui in his pocket. To talk to Pengui, he made a tiny walkie-talkie for Pengui and a headphone for himself, so the seals wouldn’t hear them talking to each other. Their goal was to get a break from human beings. They didn’t want Pengui to end up in the New York Aquarium. If the scientists knew that there was a talking penguin lollipop, they would surely put him in the New York Aquarium.

But there were also scientists at the North Pole. The first scientists they met were in a truck. Pezzy hid behind a block of ice until the truck passed. Then, they saw a little town that had a hotel. They went to sleep there and warmed up. They heard ice cracking in the night and a snowstorm. They liked those sounds much better than the ambulances and all the trucks and yelling people of New York. They slept a long time, and when they felt rested, they left the hotel, and they built a home in the town made out of chocolate for the walls and gummy worms to help hold up the roof. They used more chocolate for the cozy floor. They made a brick place for the stove so that the fire wouldn’t melt the chocolate walls.

It was still cold, so they built a heater. The heater was made out of cotton candy, but there was no electricity. So, they called the city to ask if they could connect to the city’s electric cables. For now, they had a great start to life in the North Pole.

Chapter Two: Catching Food

They were hungry for candy. Pezzy was too tired to make some candy, so Pengui went to catch fish. They were still hungry. Afterwards, Pezzy took a nap, and he was not tired anymore. They were still hungry, but Pezzy wasn’t tired after, so he could make more candy, so he made Twizzlers for candy pasta. It was starting to get late, so they went to sleep. At night, a seal started to attack the walls. The walls started to shake so hard it woke them up. Two minutes later, the seal went away. They were so scared from the shaking walls. Seven hours later, they went to eat breakfast. After they ate, they went to a clothes store to buy a warmer jacket for Pezzy. Pengui, being a lollipop, didn’t get cold. The clothes store was closed, so they went to a different store. But it was the only store in town, so they made clothes for Pezzy from yarn they found at another store. They slept better.

After a while, it was time to wake up again. Accidentally the clock was broken, so it was still the middle of the night. Then, they swam in the water of the North Pole. After a while, they were cold, so they made a heating system in the pool. After that, they swam in it. They were freezing in there too, so they made the heating system even stronger. Then it was time to go to sleep, and they travelled back to where Pezzy wanted to go. Pengy needed to stay by himself at the North Pole.

Pezzy wanted to go home, so he did.

The End.

Arctic Jungle Adventure

Chapter One: Confusion

Once upon a time there was a polar bear named Poley, and he had a friend named Pandy. Pandy lived in the jungle because he was a panda bear, and Poley lived in the Arctic.

Pandy once came over to the Arctic to visit Poley and said to him, “Do you want to come to the jungle, so you can see how I live”

“Yes, I would like to!” said Poley, and so Pandy brought Poley to the jungle.

Once they arrived, Poley was burning, burning hot with sweat, and Pandy said, “Are you okay? Are you getting tired?”

And Poley said, “No, I don’t know.”

Then, a jungle ranger came walking by, and the ranger said to Poley, “This is not your right habitat. No wonder you look so sweaty and hot. We have to get you back to the Arctic!”

But Pandy said, “No, I want him to stay!”

But the ranger said, “But he has to go, or he will get very sick.”

“Okay, fine,” Pandy said. “You can bring him, but only if I’m allowed to come with.”

“Okay, you can come with. But if you get hurt, I’ll take you back.”

Chapter Two: Going Back to the Arctic

They finally made it back to the Arctic, and once they got there, Poley still was a little sick but felt a teensy weensy bit better. And the ranger called a medical ranger… because Poley was still not feeling well.

The medical ranger was on his way. Finally, he arrived, and he said to the ranger, “What is going on?”

And the medical ranger said, “This polar bear was very sick because he went to the jungle and got very warm, so we brought him back here, and now this panda came also, and even though I brought Poley the polar bear back to the Arctic, he is still very sick. So… can you help?”

“Yes, I can help,” said the medical ranger.

Chapter Three: Helping Poley

So, the medical ranger took Poley’s temperature, and it was very very high. And then he checked his heartbeat, and it was slower, and he said, “Even though the heart beat is slower and the temperature is high, I know how to help him.”

“Phew! That is a-okay,” said Pandy in a not-very-well voice.

The medical ranger did everything he could, and Poley almost died, but in the end he was a-okay.

Chapter Four: Pandy Not Feeling Well… Uh oh.

Since Pandy spoke in a not-very-well voice earlier, he fainted.

“He is way too cold in the Arctic!” said the medical ranger. Nobody knew, but Pandy was actually faking.

So, did you guys like my trick about how I was faking being sick?!” Pandy said.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ” they responded questionably.

“Okay, okay. I guess it wasn’t the best trick ever,” said Pandy.

“Yeah, it wasn’t. I was really going to try and help you, and I was really worried,” the medical ranger said angrily, while the normal ranger was watching over Poley while he was laying in a bed of ice.

Pandy said, “Now that we’re all done arguing, let’s have some fun!”

Then, everyone else said, “Yeah!

Then, they all went ice skating.

The End

The Disney Cruise

One afternoon, Mckenzie went to her parents. She was curious about what she was doing today. Her mother said they were going to Upper Rapids Water Park. Mckenzie knew that Rapids Water Park existed, but she had never heard of Upper Rapids Water Park, but she knew her mother would never lie to her, so she trusted her. So, at 9:00 am, they left: Mckenzie, Mema, Mom, Dad, and Ives. It took about three hours to get to the water park, and then Ives pointed out a waterslide in the middle of the sea.

Ives yelled out, “It’s a Disney Cruise Ship!”

And then Mckenzie yelled, “You probably won’t be able to ride the water slide!”

Then Ives got a closer look, and when he saw it, he knew for sure it was a Disney Cruise!

But Mckenzie was not too excited… “I wish we were, but we’re not.”

Suddenly, Mema said in a soft voice, “We’re going on the cruise!”

Then, Mom screamed, “We’re going on a Disney Cruise — you are wearing your bathing suit because we are going on that cruise ship.”

Mckenzie stopped her in the middle and said, “Stop it! I’m not stupid!”

And suddenly, Mema showed Mckenzie the tickets, and Mckenzie asked, “How did you do it?”

Mckenzie said, “Ohhh! How did you get into our room?”

And then Mom said, “You were fast asleep.”

And then Dad drove up to the ticket inspector, who looked at the tickets and told them where to go. And Dad drove into the parking lot, and there she was: the Disney Cruise Ship.

Suddenly, when they got out, there was a man taking their luggage and checking them in. He asked them questions. Then, a man came up to them — he told the Miller family about the aquaduck. That’s the ride on the Disney Cruise Ship. And then he started making a duck squeak like, “Bok bok bok bok bok,” or however you do it. And then it was time to walk towards the ship. There were big escalators, and when you walked on it, the family had to get tags and go through a big Mickey door — that’s where you get onto the boat.

The Millers then went through security, and afterwards they took a picture of all of them. Then, they checked their cards to get on the ship — everyone, even babies, get a card. It kind of looks like a credit card. It says your name and has a picture of Mickey on it, as well as your room number. The Millers went through, and there were eight people standing there, and one of them asked the family their first and last names, and the grandma said, “Miller.”

And then the lady that she told the last name to said, “Welcome the Miller family aboard.” And then all those eight people started clapping!

Then, the family walked into a lobby with big, tall ceilings and beautiful chandeliers and staircases like you’d see in movies. There were wide elevators, singers, dancers, and instrument players, and there were photo booths and characters all around the ship. After that, they all got into an elevator and arrived on the 12th floor — there were big pools, big slides, and self-serve ice cream bars. Then, everyone was standing in the big parts where the pools and the slide were and music was playing. There was a big screen with a camera moving around the audience, so you get to be up on the board, and Mckenzie and her dad decided to go wait in the long line to ride the aquaduck.

It took about 20 minutes for them to get up there. There was a really long line as it was just when the ship was about to sail. When they finally got their time to go on it, Mckenzie’s mom had been waiting for her and her dad to go across it, but when it was their turn, her mom decided not to do it because she didn’t see them going up, and she missed it. And when Mckenzie and her dad got it again, her mom got the picture. Everyone was clapping and singing because the boat had just set sail. Then, everyone went back to their rooms.

About 30 minutes later, the Millers had to do a life vest training thing, and every family would stand in one line. Groups of three families had one coach, and it took about 30 minutes for them to start because they had to get everyone out of their rooms. Then when it was over, the family went to lunch. The ship had a big cafeteria with oysters, pizza, lobster, and many other delicious things. Mckenzie got chicken tenders and a Coke. And that’s what she got every single day after that. Dad, Ives, and Mom got that too.

Then, they went to the kids club, and since it was the first day on the cruise ship, the parents got to come. There was an animation center, cooking, boat driving, and there was this big light up floor where you could play games. Then, the parents left, and Ives and Mckenzie practiced being alone there. Then later, they left when their parents came to get them. Every night they would go to a different restaurant where all of the food was already paid for.

There was the Animation Palate. That was where the Millers had their first dinner. The second night, they would be going to the Enchanted Gardens. The third night, they went to the Royal Palace.

Every night, there were crazy characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mickey, and other fun things. Finally, it was Saturday night, and that meant it was the pirate day on the ship. Every Saturday night, there is a pirate night. It is where everyone on the ship would dress up as a pirate. Everybody was out on the deck, when suddenly Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean came out. He was singing and dancing, and he had loads and loads of jolly deck pirates. Soon, the night was over, and the Millers went to sleep. The next morning, the boat arrived at Castaway Cay: Disney’s private island. Everyone walked onto the island, and Mckenzie’s dad grabbed everyone some towels, and suddenly there was someone counting his towels. Can you guess who it was??? Captain Jack Sparrow.

It was super cool. Suddenly, before they knew it, it was 4:30. That was the time everyone had to get back on the boat. The Millers showered up and went to dinner and then went to bed. When they woke up, they were docked to go back to Florida.
That was the tale of the Disney Cruise.

The end.

Thrasi’s Pot of Gold

Rudy was a little confused. Was it a dream, or did it really happen? Then, he saw the brass pot of gold that said ÞRASI in fancy lettering. A few days ago, Rudy’s family arrived in Iceland. The first tourist trap they visited was going to be the waterfall, SKOGAFOSS. His four sisters were arguing about who would get to decorate their cousin, Elaine, and Rudy was almost going to just shout out and just tell his sisters to stop talking or get out of the car when they reached the waterfall.

Riley skipped along the dirt path. One thing you should know about her is she loved to swim. Today Riley was going to the SKOGAFOSS waterfall. It was a special day. Riley loved being near water, where she felt like a bird. Little did she know that today would be different. She would bump into Rudy and find a great treasure.

One hour later…

Rudy got out of the car. Riley walked down the seven steps of the bus, clutching her tote bag. Clunk! They bumped into each other.

“Hi,” said Riley.

“Bonjour,” said Rudy sarcastically.

Riley was just about to walk off when a golden glint caught her eye. Half of a brass chain was sticking out from the waterfall, at an angle, so if Riley was one step forward, she wouldn’t have seen it at all.

”Look over there!” Riley shouted to Rudy.

Rudy suddenly yanked at the top of the fence, and he now had an iron bar. Rudy hooked the end of the strong iron bar to the end of the chain and then grasped the end. Riley quickly grabbed the bar too. All Rudy’s siblings started pulling, and his sisters completely forgot about decorating Elaine. Then, Rudy realized that the girl he had bumped into wasn’t behind him. Just as he thought that, she appeared with a swimsuit and goggles on. She leapt into the water and swam perfectly behind the waterfall. Rudy had watched in awe. Then suddenly… YANK! The thing behind the waterfall leapt into the air and landed in Rudy’s arms.

It was a pot of gold. Now what really happened was that Riley had swum behind the waterfall and pushed the pot as hard as she could. The reason Riley was so excited about the brass chain was because she did research on Iceland, and the book said that a settler named THRASI had hidden a pot of gold behind the waterfall, where it would be hard to reach.

You can imagine it was pretty hard for Rudy’s family to get the gold back. They had split the gold with Riley’s family, and it was loaded up in their trunk. Rudy’s brother clapped him on the back and said, “Ya gotta real treasure today, eh?”

But the real treasure was the adventure they had.


Funky Fairy Tales

This story draws inspiration from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.”

Grammy White and the Seven Foxies

Once upon a time, there was a great, sweet queen who gave birth to a very sweet baby girl named Grammy White. Also, there was once an evil queen who gave birth to an evil baby girl named Snow Black. The two queens were neighbors. They hadn’t met yet, because between their castles there was an enchanted wall that was built by a wizard, and also, they were too busy taking care of their baby girls, ruling their kingdoms, and doing whatever it was that all of the powerful and amazing queens did, like teaching their daughters magic!

One day, when Grammy White was twenty-eight years old, she asked her mom, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go over the wall and explore?”

“Yes, honey! But we’re too busy doing things, and besides, it’s better if we stay here, safe and sound,” the queen told Grammy.

On the other side of the wall, young Snow Black asked her mom, “Mom, wouldn’t it be nice to go to the other side of the wall? You could teach me how to cast a spell on people. Please?”

“Of course, honey! We’ll go next summer at 10:30!”

Then, the two queens went back to work.

Snow Black let out a huge sigh. Grammy White also did the same, but then, the girls suddenly cheered up, and each said to herself, When my mom is in bed, I will sneak over the wall and explore the garden on the other side of the wall.

Then, the girls ate their supper and pretended to be asleep. When the moms left, the girls put on their T-shirts with a huge heart on it, pulled a pair of jeans out, put on their flip flops, pulled their long, beautiful hair in a ponytail, and climbed out the window.

“Wow!” Grammy White said.

“Gross,” Snow Black said when she saw all of the gross pink and yellow flowers.

Grammy White decided to take a very fine walk in the garden, which was more like a forest, between the walls. While Grammy White was walking, she found a very cute cottage.

“How very odd!” she said.

On the other hand, Snow Black was running very fast. She was running to the other wall and didn’t even see Grammy White passing by! While Snow Black was running, Grammy White opened the cottage door. The door made a very loud creak!

Snow Black turned around and screamed at the sight of Grammy White!

“Well, hello,” Snow Black said to Grammy White.

“Hello? Who are you?” Grammy asked Snow Black.

“I might as well ask you the same question,” Snow Black said in her sweetest voice.

“Well, I’m Grammy White. Now, who are you?”

“Oh me! It’s better to not ask! Hehe!” Snow Black said while sweating with guilt. “Hey… I smell… I smell… I smell a good princess standing in front of me,” Snow Black said.

“Well, you sure do!” Grammy told Snow.

“Oh! Good to know!” Snow said evilly, for she had found the perfect person for her mom to cast a spell on.

Chapter Two

Grammy White was surprised by the sight of seven talking foxies.

“Hullo! You have entered MDLV!” one of the foxies with a pink nose said.

“MDL what?” Grammy asked.

“MDLV. It means 1555 in Roman numerals,” a grumpy-looking fox said. “No one ever comes to Synthia ever since the evil Veneficus came here and made everything so bright and happy. It was better when it was nice and shady, but now he’s banished from the forest.”

“Oh, well, can I stay here for the night?” Grammy asked.

“Only if you do our chores.”

So, Grammy stayed and did the chores, like sweeping and washing the dishes, and then slept.

Chapter Three

Meanwhile, Snow Black was wondering which way to go to get home, for she had lost her way, so she cast a spell, so she could turn a stick into a GPS. “Verto hic scipio indu quidam via aquilex!!!” she said while sparkles appeared around the stick. Snow Black picked up what used to be a stick and went home.

Chapter Four

Grammy White made friends with Grumpy and Happy the foxies. She was getting water when she heard, “Apples! Get your free apples!” and she dropped the bucket to get apples instead. Hopefully the foxies wouldn’t be mad for getting food instead of water.

“Excuse me, can I have a bite of an apple?”

“Of course!” Snow Black said when cackling in her head. (Snow Black put a sleeping potion on half of the apple.)

Grammy White took a bite and was fine. But when Snow Black took a bite, she fell asleep. Grammy White found Snow’s spell book and cast a spell to find the closest castle to stay in. She said, “Invenio unus castra etenim memet,” and found one. When she arrived with sleeping Snow, she met Prince Warren, and they immediately fell in love with each other. He let her stay.

Chapter Five

“Where did Grammy White go???” Panic the foxie asked.

“I don’t know,” Grumpy said grumpily.

“Maybe she’s somewhere better!” Happy said, thinking of how happy she might be right now.

Oh, how much they missed her! Even Grumpy was crying!

Chapter Six

Grammy White missed her friend foxies, and she felt bad for not telling them she left, so she wrote them a letter and gave them some chocolates and muffins.

Dear foxies,

I miss you guys a lot, but I have moved to Prince Warren’s castle. I hope you guys like the treats! Also, you can come over whenever you want!

Love, Grammy White.

Chapter Seven

“I told you that she is in a better place!” Happy told the other foxies.

“Let’s visit her today! She said we could visit anytime!!!” Grumpy said, surprisingly happily!

So, they started their journey. When the foxies arrived, the prince and Grammy were dancing! The dancing brought a tear to Grumpy’s eye!

“So sweet!” Grumpy said.

Then, Grammy saw them and said, “Hi, little foxies!”

But when the prince saw them, he screamed, “Grammy! Get away!

But she told the prince that they were nice, so they got to live at the castle now.  

Wedding Day

Many years had passed, and Grammy was getting married.

“Grammy White, do you take Prince Warren for your handsome husband?” the priest asked.

“I do!” she said.

“And do you, Prince Warren, take Grammy for your loyal, royal queen?”

“I do!”

“You can kiss the bride.”

And they lived happily ever after. But Snow Black didn’t. She lived in the dungeon, still sleeping, of Queen Grammy and King Warren.

The End.

A Trip to Yellowstone

August 5

Hello. My name is Kelly Jones, and the only reason I am writing in my new, so secret, red leather diary that locks is because I am bored. I have always not liked airplane rides, especially because they make me dizzy. I am on my way to Yellowstone National Park because, well, frankly, I am very excited. I am very into science, and I heard there are wild animals in Yellowstone and erupting geysers. But, my uncle says there is going to be a great surprise. I don’t expect that it’s going to be much because my uncle’s surprises are never exciting.

August 7

We arrived one day ago. Our hotel is kind of cozy, and our room has a soft gray rug, a huge TV, a springy white sofa, and three nice, cozy beds with green tea colored blankets. My dad is sitting in one of the plum colored squishy chairs and sipping his coffee and reading his newspaper.

August 8

So far, my father hasn’t stumbled upon any good news in the newspaper, considering that he’s had his nose in the newspaper for the last few days. He has been keeping us home, so we can watch TV and play Chutes and Ladders, and he reads newspapers. He’s made up his mind that we aren’t going to go out until he finds something good. He has also been searching for something interesting, because, unlike me, he thinks Yellowstone is going to be pretty boring. Finally, this morning, Father found something good.

“Aha!!”’ my dad exclaimed. “Kk, come over here.’’

I came. This is what I saw:


This prize is for children from 8-16. Competitors must present a report about Yellowstone Wildlife and Yellowstone geysers. Adults can help if needed, and the project must be turned in by 3-5. The essay must be about a way to prevent hunting. The prize is a gold trophy for each participant of the winning team, plusa salary of 6,000,000 dollars for the winners to split up. If you are interested, please contact Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft. Submission due AUGUST 15.

Okay. It’s still August 8.

And Daddy is loading up the car, and if you were paying attention, you’d know why. Right now, we are off to Old Faithful, so I can take notes for the competition and also take a chance at finding who to work with on the competition. Meanwhile, my aunt is helping my mom register for the Bill Gates competition, and my father is doing the happy Snoopy dance because he is so happy.

Now we are at Old Faithful, and I am looking for some nice looking girls to do the competition with. Just as I was going to give up, I spotted a familiar face.

“Hello, Kellania.”

“Hello, Josephine. What are you doing here?!”

“Don’t panic, Kell. I was invited by your uncle. I am here to help you out, with your contest thingamabob. Speaking of Bobs, how about I take you over to Bob’s Pizza for Lunch??” Things were going on in my mind. Why had Josephine wanted to help anyways?? Besides, I barely knew her. She was the smartest, the prettiest, and the most perfect girl in the school, maybe even in the world!!! And her parents were billionaires!!! Man, gazillionaires!!!

Over at Bob’s Pizza, a girl and boy that were probably twins were arguing about something. When they saw me, they stopped arguing and waved at me. When I went over to them, I said, “Do you want to join me in the competition???”

“Sure. My name is Jack, and that is Julie,” the boy said.

Now only one more person, I thought.

“Time for the eruption,” Jack and Julie said together.

We ran to get a last slice of pizza and then caught a bench in front of Old Faithful. The boy sitting next to me had blonde, almost white hair and was reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and looked as if he was in sixth grade. Every once in a while, he would look at his phone and text to Mom.

“Hey.” I was startled by his voice and glanced at his book.

“I have read Jane Eyre too,” I said. “Care to join me in the contest??”


“Isn’t it weird when the jerk who runs the school makes Jane stand on the stool??” Him again. End of conversation. Deal made. Then, just about when he picked up Jane Eyre again, Old Faithful erupted.

August 11

Today I am supposed to meet Josephine, Julie, Jack, and James (this is the boy who was reading Jane Eyre yesterday) at James’ house, just a few blocks away from our hotel. At eight in the morning, I set off for James’ house for our meeting. Once I walked in, I knew James’ parents were well-educated. James told me to guess what his parents’ jobs were. It was pretty easy to tell what his mother’s job was. I mean, whose house plays flute music on the stairs and has sheet music on the coffee table and a music stand with a silver flute laid across it? Next, James made us guess what his father’s job was. That was also pretty easy because the moment we went into one of the upstairs rooms, a man with a white lab coat stepped out of the room.

“Hello. My name is Michael. Nice to meet you. I am a science professor.”

After, we had some pretzels, we went into his room, which was huge, and sat down on his big huge couch that could probably fit way more than five people comfortably, and Josie (Josephine) began.

“First things first, what is a problem about the animals?”

“They poop too much,” said James.

“Very well, James,” said Josephine. “You may do an extra report for the competition on how animals digest and the shape of the waste and how to identify their footprints.”

James groaned.

“Okay, now for you,” Josephine said.

“Josephine, you are acting way too much like the boss. I think Kelly should be the boss.” Julie stuck her hip out and glared at Josephine. Josephine blushed.

“I think that we should do a report on geysers and animals combined,” I said. Jack thought that was a great idea.

“And by the way, James, you do not have to do your poop report alone. That extra report will be very important, so Josephine can help you with it.” Julie smirked. Now it was Josephine’s turn to glare.

Jack said, “Don’t the geysers come from under the crust of earth?”

“Isn’t the earth supposed to have a lot of minerals?” Josephine was now madly typing on her silver and diamond computer. “It says here that the geysers are exposed to a lot of different metals and moreover, exposed to, drumroll please.” Jack and James made a drumroll on a fake army drum. “Arsenic!!!” shouted Josephine.

“Okay, so you guys get to go to different geysers and actually have fun, while Josephine and I have to go to parks to collect dung??” James whined.

“That’s not fair,” wailed Josephine.

“No one asked for your opinion,” Julie retorted.

“Well, you never have to collect dung,” Josephine shot back. The two got into a fight and were rolling around in the bed. Basically, they were just shouting. (“Excuse me, I am not going to collect dung!!”)

Meanwhile, I was sitting on the couch thinking. Then, I rolled around on the couch, and I thought, Isn’t the water supposed to be hot? If it was hot, wouldn’t it lure animals in the winter?? Maybe it would. What would happen if the animals drank the water, or even worse, bathed in it? Something was forming in my mind. “Josephine, Julie, come over here!! I ran over to them and pushed them apart. The two girls stopped fighting and walked over here.

I said, “Okay. So if James and Josephine collect the dung, I’ll explain.” Josephine had a defeated look on her face.

“Oh, all right. Now get on with it.”

“So what if the animals drink the geyser water!”

“Big deal.” Josephine snorted. Clearly she was still angry with Julie.

“But, that means they have arsenic in them!!” Julie said. “So, if the hunters hunt the animals and eat them, they’ll get sick!!

“Absolutely!” I shouted. The boys had went out to collect some elk and bison dung, and now they came back with a plastic bag with brown stuff. I am not lying, they look funny. They had nose plugs, too large plastic lab coats, and yellow rubber gloves with matching boots.

“So, have you guys figured out anything yet?”

“Loads,” I said, or I squealed.

“Hey, isn’t your father a science professor?” Julie asked.

“Bring the dung to your father, James, he’ll have it analyzed, and you, Jack, go get us some more pretzels,” Josephine ordered.

“Josephine,” said Julie warningly.

Anyways, Dr. Michael says that he can get the dung analyzed in a few days. I guess I won’t have time to write these days. It’s okay. I think I could fill you up once I have time. James’ mother had an exercise to keep us going. Basically, she wanted us to write a paragraph on what we love. That was a pretty good exercise, but I couldn’t stop thinking about The geyser’s animals and how they connect. I guess I got so distracted that I fell asleep.

August 16

Okay. Don’t get mad. I will fill you up on everything, after I am done eating this pretzel. Jack is talking away about how the pretzels at June’s Super Deli are really good and that we should really try them and the Cokes there have frost down the sides. It’s driving me crazy. Right now, we are sitting on one of the plum colored squishy chairs in the hotel, and my older sister is lounging on the springy white sofa that she has made into one of her private lounging places.

She says that all younger children, “Don’t have the responsibility to recline on regal couches with beautiful ladies.” She is annoying too.

We have just gotten a reply from Dr. Michael, which you might remember if you cared. The results are coming out on the 20th of August, and Dr. Michael says that the dung shows definite signs of Arsenic. Josephine and I wrote up the report about the geysers, and James and Jack are still working on the extra poop report that they still have to do. Josephine got out of doing it by who knows how. Our report is mostly finished and Julie, who is good at arts and crafts, is making a beautiful diorama that shows the geysers, the animals, and the hunters, creeping up behind. Then, all of us pitched in to write a few words about how we came up with this idea, and I helped Julie write a few words about what was in the diorama. Josephine figured that she needed to help the boys because she thought they were getting on too slowly. While all the ladies sat down to see when the prizes of the competition would be given, all the men, and I am not kidding, were sitting and reading newspapers just like my dad.

Jack was responsible for getting the pretzels from June’s Super Deli. Except, he ate them all before he could get back. The boys are really close to finishing because, as a matter of fact, Josephine is writing for them. I am really anxious because well, if you were paying attention, the results are coming out in four days. Only four days!!! Now Josephine is coming up with an ending sentence for the boys, which means they are almost done. Okay. The ending touch. Julie is now pasting the extra report and the main report to the diorama then adding the sparkly sign I had made to the diorama. It was finished. In four days, we are going to The Yellowstone Caldera, where the contest is going to be held. It is said that Bill Gates himself is going to make an appearance to announce the winner of the contest. There are butterflies in my stomach. Also, we have to pick out the clothing for the contest/party. Josephine already has her gown picked out. It is a silver gown studded with diamonds. Pretty cool. James’ suit is a red tailcoat and green army pants. At first, Jack wanted to wear a blue sweater and jeans but Josephine plainly said no. Instead, Julie picked out a blue army coat for him and yellow smart-looking pants. I still can’t choose between a slim, wide skirted green gown and a full skirt blue and silver dress. Julie is wearing a yellow dress with hoops. I am just so tired and stressed out. Maybe I should take a break.

August 20


It’s the day. Yellowstone Caldera is just a few miles away. I am just trying to be calm, but I can’t!!! Our diorama is tucked safely under a blanket in a cushiony basket in the trunk. My head is spinning around in circles. My brain is singing a song.

It’s the day. Yellowstone Caldera is a few miles away. Bill Gates is eating lemon ice cream, but everyone else is screaming!!!

I can’t stand it!! Jack is so annoying. He is actually singing his brain song out loud! This is his song:

“Bill Gates is eating pretzels la la la la la la la la. I love eating pretzels, so we are similar!! La la la la la la la la la!

Two more miles, one and a half more miles, one more mile, a half mile, we are here!! Ahhh!

By the way, I chose the blue and silver dress for the party, so I have to lift my skirts. Josephine is helping Julie lift the diorama out of the car and into one of the racks. We are five minutes early, and the adults are helping me get the banner saying THE 4 JS AND 1 K STRIKE AGAIN!!! up on to the top of the rack. Okay. Bill Gates is arriving. All the Honda and BMW and Mercedes and Toyota cars follow him. Bill Gates gives the other groups a few minutes to set up, then we clear, and he takes a bunch of looks around. By now, I am the only one not looking at Bill Gates. I am writing in this diary. He stops at our diorama and stares at it for a long time. Then, he moves on. He stops at another report and examines it closely. Then, he whistles to his housekeeper, and she brings a tan colored chair that was probably from India onto the stage.

Bill Gates stands up and says, “The winner is… ” I squeeze my eyes shut, and Josephine pinches my hand. “… The 4 Js and 1K!!!” Did you know that your heart can stop when you are like totally excited??

One year later…

It’s been a year since I have written to you, and you must remember that I won the contest, and that I had loads of help, and that we now have $1,200,000. And a gold trophy. Well, we got a new house, and now I have my own room. Last year included one of the most exciting events of my life. And this journal was part of it.


Simone La Unicorn

Chapter 1: Simone La Unicorn

Once upon a time, when Simone was an ordinary foal, she was being trained to run. Run, run, run. Every day, every night, and in between. Her trainers were awful. They beat her if she was bad and took away food if she fell down. She hated it there. She really wanted to escape. One day, she decided to try to jump over the fence. She tried three times, and on the fourth try she succeeded. It was dramatic irony because her trainers wanted her to be fast, but then she used that skill to escape.

Now Simone was alone in the world, and she was scared. She wandered for miles. After four days, she met a calf that was hurt. She nursed it back to health, and the calf said he would grant her one wish because it was a magical calf. She wished she could be a unicorn. When her transformation was complete, she had a golden horn and white wings.

She touched her horn on the ground, and a unicorn swept her away to a rainbow land. Then, she was adopted by another unicorn and treated with kindness.

Chapter Two: The Witch in the Woods

The day after she arrived, her adoptive stepmother said, “You must never go into the wicked woods — for a wicked witch lives there and will turn you into a cockroach.”

But Simone was curious. She went into the woods, even though her mother told her not to. After she went deep into the woods, she came across a beautiful house.

She saw stables and lots and lots of carrots. She saw these things and started toward them. She laid down in the soft hay and munched on the carrots. Then, an old lady came out from the house.

She saw Simone and said, “Well, well, well, a unicorn.” And she went back into the house. She came out again with a wand and magically locked the stable. Simone whined impatiently. She kicked the door to see if she could knock it down. She was trapped.

The room she was locked in was a small wooden stable with itchy hay and rotten carrots because the witch had magicked it to look lovely even though it wasn’t.

This must be the witch that my stepmom told me about, Simone thought, and she went to sleep. The next day, the witch came out of her house and woke Simone up. She had rotten oats and moldy bread. Simone didn’t touch her food. Then, she took a nap.

While she was sleeping, the witch snuck up on her with a pair of magical pliers, a sword, and other instruments for extraction. But what the witch didn’t know was that each tool in turn made a very, very loud noise. Simone had woken up from the loud noises that the tools had made. She started fighting. She kicked and stabbed with her horn.
Finally, the witch was trapped in a corner. “Why do you want my horn?” Simone asked.

“It was for a spell, to wipe out all unicorns!” said the witch.

“Why?” said Simone.

“Um well, um… I don’t know!” replied the witch.

“This is why my stepmom told me to avoid you. She was right. I should have never gone into the woods,” sighed Simone. “Set me free!”

The witch had no choice. She said, “Okay.” But as soon as Simone got a few feet from the stable, she was drawn back by a forcefield.

“Hey, you trapped me!” Simone hollered. The witch had snuck back into her house.

Chapter Three: Cockroaches and Fears

The witch had officially given up on trying to steal Simone’s horn, so she turned her into a cockroach.

Bzz bzz bzz!” Simone cried as an Australian Wood cockroach. She tried to find a weakness in the witch’s forcefield, bumping her head until it throbbed. Unsuccessful, she decided to try something else. Then, she noticed she was hungry. She started eating a hole in the witch’s house. Five days passed, and finally the hole was complete! Then, she had to wait a day because she was very full. After that day, she crawled through the hole to see if the witch could turn her back into a unicorn.

When the witch saw the cockroach, she jumped up onto her dining room table and got her feet in ketchup.

“Aah! A cockroach! Mama! Save me!!” the witch cried.

Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz,” said Simone.

“Oh, it’s you,” said the witch. “And yes, I can understand cockroaches.”

Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz.”

“Oh no you won’t,” the witch said.

Bzz bzz bz bzz.”

The witch grabbed for her wand and started firing curses at Simone, and Simone started scuttling around, trying to avoid the curses.

Bzz bzz bzzzzzzz bzzz bzz bzz bzz!!

“No!” the witch yelled. “Please don’t bite me!”

Bzz, bzz bzz bzz bzz!

“Absolutely not!” said the witch, and magical gavels started banging around the room. Simone scuttled around again, trying to avoid the gavels.

After an hour, the witch had gotten tired and said, “You and I will propose a truce and have tea together.”

So, the witch made a tiny little cup for Simone and then made tiny little cakes which Simone ate all up. “Okay,” the witch said. “Now the truce is over.” And she started throwing chairs at Simone and overturning the tables and smashing all the tea cups. After she had destroyed all of her furniture, she went into her bed and went to sleep.

Well, Simone was also tired, so she crawled back into her hole, so she wouldn’t get smashed by anything and fell asleep there. The next morning, the witch found Simone in her bedroom again, eating her dresses.

“Stop eating my dresses!” the witch said and overturned her bed trying to get to Simone.

Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz!” said Simone.

“No they are not, and I should know because I accidentally turned myself into a cockroach and took a bite of my dresses. It tasted terrible,” said the witch.

Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz.

Simone started dodging around, avoiding the witch’s hand. “Stop destroying my stuff!” the witch said.

Bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz,” Simone said.

“Well, I’m tired,” the witch said. “I’m going to go back to sleep… ” And then the witch magicked the overturned bed back to its original position and laid her wand on the bedside table. Simone was hungry, and as an Australian Wood Cockroach, she wanted to eat wood. The witch’s wand was made of wood, so she climbed up her bedside table and started eating the wand. By the time the witch woke up, her wand was destroyed, and Simone was back to her original form as a Unicorn.

“Oh no!” the witch said. “You are now a unicorn.”

And then Simone ran as fast as she could, kicked the door down, and ran back home with her mother.

Chapter Four: The Mysterious Murderer

When Simone got back to her house, she laid down and rested for a million years. Then when she woke up, her mother was an old granny with five hundred kids with a walker and fake golden teeth.

Then, Simone met a handsome young male unicorn named Isaac, and she said, “Will you marry me?”

“No,” he said, very, very rudely. Then, Isaac immediately died. There was an arrow stuck in his throat with poison in it — it said Gunjabar on the side.

“I must find this mysterious murderer!” said Simone. “They have murdered my loved one.”

Then, she went home and consulted the library to find out what Gunjabar was. She found out it was the most deadly poison, and it would raise the dead after an hour. So, she put posters up quickly with her horn, and soon everyone in town knew that someone had died from Gunjabar, but nobody thought it could actually raise the dead. So after an hour, Isaac the male unicorn rose from the dead and terrified all the unicorns into their homes where they shut themselves in with 500 million bajillion locks.

Simone walked carefully and quietly to the library to see if there was a cure for Gunjabar. The librarycorn looked through a little peephole in the door, unlocked the 500 million bajillion locks, let Simone in, closed the door, and locked the 500 million bajillion locks. She read every single book about poisons, and she could not find a cure. But one book called What Happens in Poisons said there was another book that might help cure the effects of the poison before it was irreversible, but she had to do it by dawn of the fifth day. There was only one copy, and it had been lost for a century. She decided to look for it.

She flew across the Atlantic Ocean, in and out of clouds. She finally came to a small island about fifteen feet wide and two miles across. There were two palm trees at each side, and in the middle was a poem and five rocks, and the poem said, The one palm in the middle of the island and five rocks split evenly on the ends will sink the island like a boat until you figure out how the puzzle bends.

“This is… this is… it,” Simone said. “This is where the book is.”

Chapter Five: The Book

Simone dug up the whole island in search of the book. She had dug up a whole island, and it was now a big mound of dirt with two palm trees and five rocks, when she noticed that it was only ten feet across. It had sunk five feet. So, she had two more days. She decided that another unicorn had cast a spell, so it would appear when they solved the riddle. So, she picked up the piece of paper again, read it over, and decided it made no sense because she knew that there were two palm trees not one. And five was an odd number, so it could not be split evenly. Simone decided to try anyway.

She walked around the now seven feet across island and looked at the palm trees from every single angle there could be. Finally, the last angle made sense. She could only see the first palm tree, and there wasn’t another one. But she still didn’t know how to split the rocks evenly, and she only had five hours left. She got an extra rock from the ocean and put three on each side — that didn’t work. She tried to use herself as a rock — that didn’t work either. And Simone was getting tired because the rocks were very heavy. Then, after five more tries, she finally thought of splitting one in half. It still was five rocks, but it had one split in half and two and a half plus two and a half equals… five! Simone saw the book hovering above the island. She made a bag out of the tree leaves and made sure it didn’t blow away by putting rocks on it. She flew across the ocean, landed in her hometown, and locked herself in her house.

She read the book, and she discovered the cure: a corpse flower, a Madagascar hissing cockroach, and rare gems like pearls, amethyst, desert rose, and an especially one of a kind, toucorrall. The toucorrall was different blues, and it looked exactly like the ocean, which made it hard to find because it was found in the ocean. Simone quickly looked up where everything was, except the Madagascar hissing cockroach because of course that was in Madagascar. She flew over the Pacific Ocean and landed on another island, except it wasn’t as small as the first. She covered every inch of the island, even though she thought that the corpse flower would be easy to find because it was as tall as a five story building. She suddenly smelled a repulsive smell. She followed the smell, and she came to a clearing.

“P.U.!” Simone said. What is that?! Simone wondered.

Hello, welcome to … Dun da da duuuuun… What The Heck Is That Thing! The game show in Simone’s mind!

“Okay, Lazy, what do you have to say for yourself?” said the judge. He looked like a carrot, as in he was a carrot.

CHH-SHOO CHH-SHOO, Lazy snored. Lazy is one of the contestants. There’s Lazy, Magic, and Cute. Cute is always cute, Magic isn’t really there because she’s magic, and Lazy is always asleep. Those were all Simone’s personalities.

They had booths, and Mr. Carrot the judge asked, “Now, Magic, what do you have to say for yourself?” And Magic didn’t answer because Magic wasn’t really there.

“MAGIC!” Mr Carrot shouted. “Come here immediately, or you will be severely punished.”

And then Magic appeared and said, “I’m not sure what it is, but I can destroy it or make it live forever or… or… or… or… ”

“SHUT UP!” Mr. Carrot shouted. “Now, Cute, what do you have to say for yourself?”

And Cute said, “I don’t know what it is either, but it’s not cute, and it smells horrible, and it’s going to ruffle my fur.”

“That means only one thing… It is a corpse flower!” Simone said.

Simone took a petal from the corpse flower with some difficulty and used it as an umbrella because it was raining. She went home and added it to a big pot her adoptive stepmother usually used for soups or Simone’s favorite thing ever: hummus. So, she crossed the corpse flower off her list. The next thing on her list was the Madagascar hissing cockroach. She suddenly felt something scuttling up her leg. She used her horn to levitate it and found it was a Madagascar hissing cockroach. I didn’t know this was Madagascar, Simone thought. She put it in the pot and then put a lid on it so it wouldn’t escape and crossed the cockroach off her list. The next were the rare gems. She knew exactly where to find them because her mother sometimes used them for a spell, but they were pretty far. She memorized which gems she needed and decided that if she found any others, she would use them for a spell. She set out for all the rare gems except toucorrall.

She found the pearl first and put it in a little bag she wove from fresh leaves. Then, she flew across a lake and into an underwater cave in a stream a little while off. In the cave, she found an amethyst crystal. She cut the rock in half with her horn and carved out three amethyst crystals. They were purple, and they filled all around the inside of the rock. Simone came up for air and dragged herself out of the stream. Her next target was the desert rose. She flew to the desert. She scoured every inch of the desert and found some jade, some papery diamond, and some coyote skulls. Simone flew to the next desert and immediately spotted a whole pile, about seven stories high, of desert roses. But the moment she took one from the top, a huge — about ten stories high — coyote roared a really loud roar, and Simone smashed the desert rose into powder and sprinkled it over the cactus to make the thorns disappear. The coyote, who survived on his own saliva, leapt aside to lap up the cool cactus water. Simone stole five desert roses and flew to her house and put it in the big pot.

Only one gem left! Simone thought.

The toucorral was found only once in the Tasman Sea. So, Simone mashed up one of the extra desert roses again, looked in the pantry, and mixed it with exactly one gallon of water. She mixed them and produced a sandy colored liquid that would turn her into a mermaid-unicorn. She put it in a bottle, put it in the basket she wove from fresh leaves, and set off across the Tasman Sea to the exact spot where it was found last. She drank the whole bottle of potion and dove in. She swam past the Intertidal zone, the Subtidal zone, through the Bathyal zone, past the Abyssal zone, and all the way into the Hadal zone. She found the cave where the toucorral was found and searched every tunnel, every twist and turn. But she did not find any sign of toucorral. Simone searched five other caves, each bigger than the first, and only found terrifying fish. Then, she scoured every coral reef and lit her horn to see through fish, if they had eaten the toucorral accidentally. She was just giving up hope when she thought of Isaac and the unicorns at home. She decided she would never ever give up for Isaac. She kept her horn lit and dug and dug and dug and dug until her hole was fifteen million bajillion miles deep. She dove into it and was dazzled with what she saw. Toucorral was all around her, behind her and on her sides. The toucorral was exactly like the ocean except much more beautiful and with streaks of yellow, pink, and purple. She carefully inserted her horn and cut out two pieces of the toucorral. She flew back home at superspeed and dropped one part in the pot.

Simone took a wooden spoon and started stirring. It turned into a sun-yellow mixture. She magicked a dummy of herself and pushed it outside. Isaac the unicorn spotted it and galloped toward it. Just when he was about to take a bite of her stuffed ear, she stuffed a spoonful of the yellow liquid down his throat. Isaac turned back to normal!!! He went to all the unicorns and apologized for what he did when he was a zombie, giving Simone time to carve a special pendant out of the second toucorral piece. She gave the special pendant, which was shaped as a heart, to Isaac as their engagement necklace, and he agreed to marry her.

The End

Ruth to the Rescue

Chapter One: The Perfect Life

“Children, time for breakfast!” Papa shouted.

Ruth jumped out of bed, threw on her clothes, and ran downstairs. It was her birthday, so Mama told the best stories.

As Ruth sat down, she thought life never would be better. But soon her life was about to change… very soon.

Chapter Two: The Evil Army

Dogs barked. Wolves howled. Ruth knew something was not right. She tiptoed downstairs and peeked out. She gasped. It was Mama’s story come to life. She remembered every word. But she never thought that it was true. The evil army was here next to her house, and she could do nothing about it. Or maybe she could.

Chapter Three: The Chase

Ruth grabbed food, water, and a bike. She also left a note. She started pedaling. Soon she was so close to the army that she could smell them. They reeked like dead bodies. She chased them for a month until finally she ran out of food, not to mention water. Eventually, they got to the hideout. Ruth went as fast as she could, but she was too late. Her mom was dead, and the army were well on their way. She had to find the weapons.

Chapter Four: The Boy

Ruth saw a small boy and said, “The army is coming, the army is coming!’’ But the real army sent a fake army to distract them. She quickly learned that his name was Deano. “Goodbye, Deano. My name is Ruth,” she said.

He finally found the words to say, “Goodbye, Ruth.’’

And she ran to find the first weapon mentioned in her mother’s story.

Chapter Five: The First Weapon

After three tiring days, she came to the cave entrance and went in, hoping that the army had not come yet. She heard the army behind her. She saw the weapon, which was glowing, and she jumped up, grabbed it, and hid. The army’s leader walked right past her. So, Ruth sort of ran and tiptoed to the entrance, hiding when he looked her way. Suddenly, he saw her and pounced. She remembered his weakness: his neck. She snapped his neck, and he howled. She ran out, snapping necks as she was going. When she was safe, she saw that the weapon was a book, and she knew that it was the real weapon.

Chapter Six: The Second Weapon

Ruth began to tremble; she knew that the army would be after her life for killing their leader. But she knew she had to find weapon number two. She set out for the west to find the weapon — for the second weapon was always in the west in her mother’s story. Ruth made a compass to find the west. Finally, finally she found the desert. She also found the fake rock and crawled through it, grabbed the weapon, and ran out. The second weapon was also a book. She nearly cried with joy.

Chapter Seven: The Third Weapon

Ruth saw the army coming, and so she hid and hoped they wouldn’t notice. But they did, and the new leader came and started to fight her. The new leader was the son of the man Ruth had killed, and he fought even more than his father had. Ruth fought back and finally won. Ruth ran to New York City, to the Empire State Building, and started running as fast as she could to the 600th floor where her mother’s story told her the third book would be hidden. She hid and waited and waited, waiting for the right moment to strike because if someone caught her they would kill her. Finally, she grabbed the book from the pool and then tried to blend in, but she looked suspicious.

Chapter Eight: The Fourth Weapon

Next, Ruth needed to travel to Israel where she knew the fourth book would be hidden. After many tiring days, Ruth reached Israel and went directly to the Kotel to pray and climb. She put her own paper in the wall, with her own note. She started the long climb up and up and up. Finally, she reached the top of the Kotel. Israel was so beautiful from there. She took the book and jumped down. The last place where the weapon was the most dangerous, so she crawled away.

Chapter Nine: The Fifth Weapon

Ruth crawled to a book burning place and winced. She took the book and ran right into the Demon King!

“Your time has come,” he hissed.

“Cut it out,” her mom said. “She did well, and you have lost. Ruth, fight! We will help.” Seeing Ruth’s puzzled looks, she said, “I pretended to die, so you would win, and you have done so well — ”

Suddenly, the Demon King started fighting. Her friends and family fought better, and soon he was dead. Ruth gathered the books together, and they multiplied, so they made a library.

The End.



Hi, I’m Sunny! I’m six months old! I’m a polar bear, if you’re wondering. I live in Antarctica.

Two months ago, my best friend Mark asked, “Do you want to go party in two months?”

I said yes…

Chapter One: The Guy with the Muscat

Now it is three in the morning, and I am cuddled up with my mom and excited to go to the party.

“Is it time yet?” I ask desperately.

“It’s too early,” Mommy says.

“Okay,” I say before I go to sleep.

Now it’s 7:30, and I’m waking up. “Mommy mommy, wake up!!!” I exclaim.

“Yes?” Mommy says.

“Time to wake up!” I say.

I go to the sweater closet and grab my blue sweater. Mommy grabs her sweater, and we head to the party.

We live on Sixth Avenue on the corner of Polo Street.

Now we are at the party, and we are eating cupcakes, and someone shouts, “Piñata time!

Someone smacks a piñata, and a bunch of pondy (candy) comes out, and anyways we all grab pondy, and then we hear big, big footsteps. Then, we see a big human man with a muscat. We all drop our candy and run. I don’t know what to do. I see Mommy, and then I don’t.

Chapter Two: Where’s Mommy?

“Mommy mommy!” I shout. No one responds. I drop to the floor and start crying. “MOMMY!!!” I shout. My tears grow bigger.

Later that day, I find my house.

“Yes!” I shout. I go inside.

There is no one there, and I start to cry even more. I start to think about all the fun things Mommy and I did, and I go back to my first thought.

“This all happened because of the party,” I say to myself.

Now it is close to night time. Time for supper! I go to the waterfall to catch some fish. I am tired. I should go to bed now. Later that night, I hear a noise. “Hoo hoo,” says the noise.

“AHHH! I wish Mommy was here,” I say, trying not to cry.

Now it is 6:00 in the morning. “I guess I can go look for Mom,” I say.

While I am walking, I see a drama sign. What I mean by drama sign is it says, Drama this way. I followed it. Now I am on a cloud. “Where am I?” I say, trying to get someone’s attention. I hear no one. “HELLO!” I shout. I crawl forward. Someone jumps up. “AHHH!” I shout while I fall over in surprise.

“My job is done,” the someone says as she walks away.

That moment, I remember I am on a cloud, and clouds are made of gas and water, and water is a liquid that I can drink. I then stuff my face in cloud.

Chapter Three: Drama

“Well, well, well, look who it is,” a man says.

He is tall and is wearing black boots, a black hoodie, and black jeans. I sit up and brush the cloud off my fur.

“Who is it?” I ask.

“You!” the man says.

I get confused. “Me?” I ask.

“Yes, you,” the man says.

“Oh, okay,” I say.

“Where’s your mom?” the man asks.

“Uhh, I don’t know,” I say.

“Well, that’s a problem,” the man says. “Then I guess I’ll have to take you to the polar orphanages,” the man says.

“No, please, no!” I say. I shiver in fear.

“Okay, fine. You’ll just have to pass this obstacle.”

“Okay,” I say.

The man leads me to the road. He shows me a bunch of cars that have no one in them. He tells me, “If you could jump over all these cars nonstop, you’ll move to the next one. Okay?”

“Got it,” I say.

“No, you’re supposed to say ‘okay,’” the man says.

“Okay?” I say, confused.

“Come on.” He grabs his timer, and then he times me. “Three, two, one, go!” the man says.

I start jumping over the cars. When I’m near the finish line, the man holds out a cone, and I have to avoid it.

“Ah!” I scream, but I avoid it.

Now he leads me to the next obstacle.

“Good, my boy,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say back.

Now for the next obstacle, he leads me to a bunch of cones and a little scooter, and he tells me, “Get on that scooter, and avoid all those cones in under ten seconds!”

That second, I realize that there are not a lot of cones. I feel confident for a second though. I hop on the scooter, and the man says, “Go!”

I go as fast as I can. “I’m making it! I’m making it!” I shout. “Oh no,” I say. There are a bunch of cones in the way. Now I have to avoid them all. I do that in five seconds. I’m at the finish line!

But the man says, “It took fifteen seconds. You didn’t complete it. Say goodbye to your dreams of living away from the orphanage.”

I look to the ground. The man picks me up and throws me in a car.

“Please, no!” I shout one more time.

“You shouldn’t have listened to the sign,” the man says.

“Well, then why do you have it?” I ask.

“Because, to make people fall for this. Duh,” the man says.

He drives away really quickly. Then, he gets out of the car and opens the door of the back seat, and he picks me up. Then, he gets on his boat and goes to another island. I try not to cry. The man looks at me and looks happy. Soon, we are at the other island. He picks me up, and I see a sign that says Polar Orphanage.

He shoves me in a room, and it doesn’t look so much like a room. It looks more like a bunch of bars. He shoves me in with a plate of food. Little does he know that I am strong. When he leaves back in his boat, he does not take the same boat. He takes a different one.

“How come?” I say to myself.

Now, since I am strong, I open the bars. I jump out. I see a bunch of other animals. Some of them like it, and some of them don’t. For those who don’t like it, I open their bars. Soon, I see a gorilla.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“Well, I couldn’t find the gorilla orphanage, so I came here. But I really don’t like it. The ceiling is too low.” Bang! He hits his head.

“Okay,” I say.

I open the bars, but it is not big enough. I keep trying and trying, but it’s just not opening. I look around the room. Hmmm. I find the keys to his room.

“Yes!” I shout with excitement.

“Well, are you going to get me out or not?” the gorilla asks.

“Oh, right,” I say.

I run over to his room, and I open it. But quickly, I grab all the food I can and run out with all the animals. Then, I see a big yacht.

I go over and ask the gorilla, “Can you steer boats?”

“In my sleep!” the gorilla says.

“Great,” I say.

Everyone climbs on the yacht, and we drive away, back to Antarctica. I find some instruments on dock, and everyone plays one. Soon, we are at Antarctica. I see someone on their boat.

“Oh no!” I shout. “Quick, everyone, hide!”

We all kneel. The gorilla runs downstairs, because he doesn’t have anywhere to go. We all crawl downstairs with the gorilla.

“Woo, that was a close one!” I say.

We all run back to the main dock. The gorilla keeps steering. Finally, we are at Antarctica. We all see the man. I run into a wig shop with the animals.

“I have a plan. So, we all buy wigs and costumes, so we look like different animals to the man. Then, gorilla, you dress up as a human, so he knows that you own the yacht, okay?!” I say.

“Okay!” everyone says.

I get all of the wigs and costumes, and gorilla is all dressed up. He has a mustache, and a beard wig, and he has on a Santa costume, even though it’s January.

“I’m excited to go on the yacht to go see my gorilla friends!”

Chapter Four: Back to the Orphanage

We all go outside looking different.

“Do you know if there are six bright white polar bears and a big handsome gorilla in the wig shop?” the man asks the gorilla.

“Uh no,” the gorilla says stressfully.

“Oh, okay,” the man says. “Well, I think I know where they are. They might be right in front of my face!” the man says as he rips of all of our disguises.

“I need a new plan,” I mutter to myself. The man throws us in a go-kart. “How come it is not a boat?” I ask myself.

He puts us all in cozy seats and puts the gorilla and three polar bears in a different go-kart and the rest of us in another.

We are now going to a different orphanage, and they put three polar bears in one room, and the other three polar bears in the other room, and the gorilla in a go-kart. The man drives him away to a gorilla orphanage, and his mom is sitting on the steps waiting for him. I wish my mom was sitting on the steps for me. I start to cry again.

The room the man puts us in is very cozy. It has three big cushions that I want to sleep on, it has a big, bright, and shiny window, a beautiful rug, and three little places to do your business… Anyways, I sit in front of the window and sit there a long, long, long, long time, and then I hear a pulling noise. It sounds like a curtain. I turn around, and I see a polar bear pushing a curtain.

“Yay, we have a curtain. So we have some privacy!” I say.

The polar bear who was pushing and pulling the curtain says, “I know! It’s so fun!”

Then, I look around the room, and I also find a bookshelf. I run over to it and start pulling out a million books.

“Whatcha doing?” the other polar bear says.

“Oh, just pulling out a million books,” I say.

“I’m just tired. I want to go to sleep,” the other polar bear says, while he’s pulling the curtain shut.

Once he is fast asleep, I mutter to myself, “This is not going to be fun if everyone hates me because my plan didn’t work.”

The polar bear who was pushing and pulling the curtains says, “I won’t hate you!” He pats me on the back. “I thought your plan was amazing.”

I go over to the polar bear that was pushing and pulling the curtains, and I go over to ask his name.

He tells me that his name is Jeremy.

I tell him mine. “Hi, I’m Sunny,” I say.

Chapter Five: A New Chapter Begins

When the other polar bear wakes up, he goes straight to the business section, and when he is done, I go over to him, and I ask him his name.

He tells me, “The name’s Danie, bro.”

“Oh, my name is Sunny,” I say back.

“Well, then you’re a rare one,” he tells me.

“I am?” I say, confused.

“Yes,” he pauses. “The name Sunny is a rare one, kid,” he tells me and soon says, “I know a lot about the name Sunny, and one thing I know about is that if your name’s Sunny and if you lose your mom, the name Sunny will not grow stronger.”

“Oh,” I say sadly.

Quickly, he says, “But if you really feel like you’re important, you will grow stronger.”

“Hmm,” I say to myself.

“What?” Danie asks.

“Oh, nothing,” I say.

“Well then,” he says. He runs over to the door, and he tries to open it, but it’s locked. “Dang it!” Danie says.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just that the door is locked,” Danie says.

“Duh, it’s always going to be locked!” I say.

“Oh,” he says.

I look around the room, and I see a hammer. I walk over to it.

“What’s this?” I ask everybody.

They both tell me, “It’s a hammer.”

“Well, I’ve got a plan, then.”

“Your last plan didn’t work, so how can we trust you?” they say.

“Just watch. Maybe you don’t have to, but I will!” I say.

“Okay, then we’ll just watch,” they say.

I run over to the window, and I take a peek.

They say, “You’re really going to jump out the window? That’s too risky!”

“No, it’s not!” I say. I take another peek. I see how high up we are, and I say, “Yes, it is too risky.”

I put the hammer down and walk away. Then, I try to get on my hind legs. Then that doesn’t work, and I find a stool and jump on it. It’s not high enough. Then, I jump on a higher stool. It’s too high. Then, I look around the room again. I find the perfect looking stool. It’s just the right size! I run over to it and jump on it. Everyone was looking at me the whole time.

“Uh, what are you doing?” they ask.

“Hehe,” I say. “Just trying to get this, uh, thing.”

“Oh, okay!” Danie says.

“I want to see it!” Jeremy says.

“Ugh, fine,” I say. “Just a little peek!”

“What, we never agreed to that,” Jeremy says angrily.

“Even though we didn’t decide on it, doesn’t mean I can’t hide it!” I say.

“Hey!” Danie says. “Rhymes won’t work this time.”

“Hey, you just said a rhyme!” I said.

“You can’t keep rhyming, we don’t have much time.”

“Hey, you just rhymed again!” he said.

“Okay, let’s just both stop rhyming,” we say together.

“Jinx! You owe me a Coke,” we both say.

“No, you owe me a Coke.”

“No, you owe me a Coke!”

“No, you owe me a Coke!”

“No, you do!”

“No, you do!”

“Can you guys shut the noise?!” Danie screams.

“Sorry,” we both say.

“Jinx! You owe me a Coke!” Jeremy says.

“Hey, there’s no vending machines in here,” I say back.

“Well, then why did we just start this huge fight?” he says.

“Uh, I don’t know.”

I run up the stool and go get my thing.

“Hey! You said I could have a peek!” Jeremy screams.

“Stop screaming!” Danie said.

I hide the thing with both of my arms. I fall off the stool. “Ahh!” I fall to the business section. “Ew! Ew! Gross! Gross!” I say.

I hear a loud banging noise. I think it was the window cleaner.

I shout at the window, “Hey, window cleaner! Can you let us out?”

Then, I realize it’s just a fight in the window next door. And then I run across the room and look out the other window. It is the window cleaner! I run over to him and start tapping on the window. Then, I draw a sign that says, Let us out to be free! I hold it up to the window. He ignores the sign. Well, at least I thought. I hear the door unlock. He has three little cages.

I ask him very quickly, “Are you trapping us in those or are you letting us free?”

He hesitates. “Uhhhh.” He runs away. A construction hat falls onto the ground.

“Thanks, window cleaner!” I say.

Then, I go to the corner of the room and say, “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.”

Danie and Jeremy run to their bed. “I call this one!” they both shout.

“Okay then, I’ll go in the middle one,” I say.

Chapter Six: Jeremy’s Life

Now it is eight o’clock. I’m up, but still, no one else is up. I take a look around the room. It looks like someone has been eating my crackers. I look outside the window. I see a creepy man in a hoodie.

“Oh no,” I say. I bang on the window. The man turns around — it’s just the window cleaner. “Phew!” I say.

He takes a look at me — a very strange look. And then I look at his molars, and I see some bits of crackers.

“Hey, you ate my crackers!” I shout so loud that he can actually hear me. He looks at me so strange, but it actually looks more like shock. I immediately say, “Oh, do animals not talk on this continent?”

He falls over. Since we are so high up, he keeps tumbling and tumbling down. There is a man walking on his phone with earbuds on below him. The man who has earbuds in looks up. He sees a falling man coming towards him. He doesn’t know what to do! He doesn’t want to walk away. The man falls on him. Plump! I feel bad for the man. But it would be fun if that drop was a roller coaster… Anyways, wait, what is that? I smell something awfully terrible. It is Danie doing something.

“Nevermind,” I say.

“Hey, Sunny, come over here!” Jeremy shouts.

“Okay!” I shout back. I walk over to Jeremy.

“So the best way to be a friend is to tell them about their life,” he told me.

“Sounds great!” I say.

“Okay, I’m going to tell you about my life,” he says.

“So, are you going to tell me?” I say.

“Of course I am!” he says. “So, when I was born, it was not a good time. My dad died at the age of sixteen, and my mom was very, very brave to make me as a child. And then my mom, she got taken away, so now I was on my own, and I decided to travel around Antarctica. But that was a mistake. Some person found me, and he made me go to an orphanage, but I escaped it through a little hole in the window. I found a bowl of food outside the door, so I ate that and ran. Then, I went back to our house that we used to live in, but it was destroyed. It was practically melted. But there was one thing left in there: it was a piece of my mom’s fur.”

He reaches for the locket on his neck and pulls out his mom’s fur.

“Oh my gosh!” I say.

He keeps on with the story. “Then, I saw this drama sign, and I went the way that it said there was drama. Then, I was on a cloud, and someone jumped up behind me and scared me. I fell over. I got up and kept running. Then, I bumped into this weird creepy man. He picked me up with no hesitation and put me in a boat and locked me up. He steered the boat all the way to an orphanage. And then I met you!”

“Wow,” I said.

Chapter Seven: Escape

After Jeremy told me the story of his life, I take a look back at my life. “Wow, they’re pretty similar,” I say to myself. “Maybe he’s related to me.”

“Huh?” Danny says.

“Oh, nothing,” I say.

“Please tell me,” Danny says.

“Okay,” I say, ready to tell him a lie. “Well, so, basically I was thinking we could escape if someone who’s related to me could get us out.”

“Oh,” Danny says. “Who’s related to you?”

“My sister,” I said.
“Where is she?” Danny asks.

“I don’t know.” I shrug.

He takes a look out the window. He looks at the skyscraper right next to the orphanage building. He sees a bright white polar bear on the street that looks a bit like me.

“Hey, Sunny!” Danny says. “Come over here! I think I found your sister.”

“Really?” I say.

“Yup, really,” he says.

“Great!” I say. I run over to him. I take a look out the window. I shout, “That is my sister!” I take the hammer that I found, and I turn it around and use the wood part to bang on the window. “Hey, Lexi! Here! Open up!”

She looks up. She looks at me with her bright yellow smile. She does not brush her teeth. She runs to the door of the orphanage. She doesn’t ring the doorbell; she doesn’t knock. She finds a hole in the door, and she runs up the stairs.

She peeks through the mail hole, and I give her the hammer.

“Great!” she says. She smashes through the door.

“We’re out!” we shout.

I give my sister a big hug. “Wait, but what about the other people?” I say.

“Oh, right! Let’s go smash down their door.”

“Help! Let us out! Help! Let us out!” they shout.

We smash down their door.

“Yay!” they scream.

We all run out the door.

“Thank you,” I say to Danie.

We run out the building.

“Wait! We’ve got to put on our disguises,” I say.

“Why?” Danie asks.

“Because we can’t look like ourselves, because then they’re going to notice us and put us back in our cages!”

“Ohh,” they both say. “Hey, there’s an ice cream shop. Maybe we can stop and get ice cream.”

“We don’t have any money,” I say.

“Oh, right,” Jeremy says. “I was hoping for some ice cream.”

“Well,” I say. “I only have one dollar, and the only thing I can buy us with one dollar is something from the vending machine over there.”

“Let’s do it!”

I look at the options. There are a lot of gummy options, and I go for the Welch’s pack.

“We’re all going to share,” I say.

“Okay,” everyone says.

I push the button 74. The Welch’s pack falls, and falls, and falls. Finally, it reaches the bottom. I reach my hand in, and I grab the Welch’s pack. I open the bag. Everyone reaches for a gummy.

“Thanks!” everyone says.

“No more time for dilly-dallying. We’ve got to go,” I say.

“Okay,” everyone says. They start skipping out the door.

“What are you guys doing?” I say.

“Ummm, just skipping.”
“I said no dilly-dallying!” I say.

“Oh, right,” Jeremy says.

We walk as if we’re people going over to a boat.

“Hey, someone left this boat on! Let’s go in.”

Before I go over to the steering wheel, I see the guy running back to his boat.

“Uh oh!” I shout. I turn it on, and I go across the ocean.

“Hey! Get back here!” the man shouts.

He doesn’t realize that there’s no fence, and he starts to run over to his boat. He falls into the ocean.

“We’ve caused a lot of trouble today,” I say.

Chapter Eight: Fat Daddy Taco

When I go downstairs, I see a treasure chest. I open it, and there’s millions of dollars!

“Oh my gosh!” I shout. “Everybody, come downstairs!”

“What?” they all shout.

“I found a treasure chest full of money!” I bring it upstairs, up to the dock.

“Woah!” everyone says.

I see a sign. It says New York instead of Antarctica. I accidentally go to New York City. I see a statue. It’s the Statue of Liberty! We get off the boat, and we dock it. Everyone takes a shocked look at our boat, because they all have cars, and we’re the only ones dragging a boat on land. Everyone tries to not look away. Soon, we reach Fifth Avenue.

“Why is it only the Fifth Avenue? Then this avenue must be ancient!” I say. I go down one more avenue. It says Fourth Avenue. “This avenue is even more ancient!” I shout.

All the polar bears look at me, confused.

“Why are there polar bears in blue, and pink, and purple wigs?” one of the humans says.

I ignore it. I look at the avenue. Now that we have millions and millions of dollars, I look at the shops. I see McDonalds. Eh, too cheap! I look around again. Fatty Daddy Taco! I tell everyone to go over there and act like real humans. I see them go up to the counter.

They go in and ask the man, “Hello, may we please have 600 tacos to go, please?”

The man looks at me, but he doesn’t look away. He falls to the ground.

“Oh, do animals not talk in this dimension?” they say.

They go in the back of the kitchen. They find 600 tacos! They take them and run out.

“Here, let’s leave 1,000 dollars behind. This place might be too cheap,” they say.

They leave. I see them come back with the 600 tacos.

“What took you so long?” I say.

They tell me.

“Now I get it,” I say. “We have to find a house that we can live in.”

“Which house do we pick?” they say.

“We can’t just pick a house!” I say. “Here, let’s buy a million dollar house in the suburban areas.”

“Okay!” they all say.

I wander off into Red Hook. I see a giant Tesla shop.

“Ohh, let’s buy one of these!” I say.

I take another million dollar bill, and we choose a Tesla. I choose a bright white Tesla. I give them the million dollars, and that moment I realize that I don’t have a driver’s license, and we all can’t fit in one car! Uh oh!

Chapter Nine: Tesla!

I sit down on the ground. I sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy asks.

“Oh, it’s just that we all can’t fit into one Tesla, and I don’t have a driver’s license… ” There is something poking me on my tush. I look under me. It’s a driver’s license! “Never mind, I have a driver’s license!” I go back in the Tesla shop. I see a Tesla with six seats! “Our problems are solved!” I see another person in a black hoodie. He takes my briefcase. “Hey!” I shout. I run after them. My wig flies off. “Oh no!” I shout and run back to get it. Then, I realize the burglar is already down the block. “Oh no!” I say.

I see a police officer eating a giant burger. It looks like a skyscraper.

The police officer says to the guy, “What are you doing with that briefcase?”

“Uh, uh… ” He gives it to me right away and runs off. The police officer leaves.

We buy the Tesla, and we drive to New Jersey. There’s a big sign that says New Jersey. I see a house right in front of us. It says For Sale. It’s a giant mansion that costs 10 million dollars. It’s white, it has a large arrangement of stairs going up to the front door, and two big columns that are holding up the roof of the front door. It kind of looks like the White House.

“Eh, not cozy enough!” I say.

We drive down the block a little further. I see two houses right next to each other. They say For Sale. They’re supposed to be connected; that’s why the For Sale sign is between them. It has a fountain right in between both of them, two cars can fit in the driveway, two floors for each house, and a porch swing in front.

“Cozy house! Let’s buy it.” I call the number that is on the sign.

Ring ring ring! goes the phone.

“Yes, I would like to buy your house in New Jersey on St. Adams Street,” I say.

“Okay,” he says. I look at how much money it is. It’s 20 million dollars! “20 million dollars, please!” the man says. “What’s your credit card number?” he says. I look at the bottom of the briefcase. I see a credit card. It has 30 million dollars on it.

“Okay.” I give him my credit card number.

“Okay,” the man says. “The house is yours! I’ll give you the key in ten minutes. I’ll be there. Goodbye.”

Ten minutes later, I see a black BMW pull up in the driveway. He gets out of the car. He gives me the key. He gets back in the car. He leaves.

“Okay,” I say. I take the keys, and I fit them into the door hole. It fits perfectly. “I’ve never seen something fit so perfectly!” I say. I twist it right. The door lets me open it. “So easy!” I say.

I walk inside the house. It’s full of clutter. It’s a bunch of chairs stacked up and a sofa right on top. Not a lot of dust, though, which is good, because Jeremy’s allergic to dust mites. There’s a sink, and possibly some food in the cupboards, and also some rooms.

“All we have to do is organize this!” I say.

Chapter Ten: Wake-Up Call

As I finish organizing, I see Dannie on the sofa eating chips.

“Really, Dannie?” I say.

“What?” Dannie says.

“I want a chip, dude!” I say. “The Doritos blue pack is my favorite.”

“Okay.” He reaches into the bag and gives me one.

“Thanks!” I say. I take a look around the room. “You know, guys, this isn’t what I really want.”
“Really?” everyone says to me.

“Yeah. I kind of want my mom.” I start to cry again.

That moment, I wake up.

“Wake up, wake up!” my mom says.

“What?” I say. “Mom, you’re not a polar bear?!”

“You were probably dreaming,” she says. “You were sleeping for two days!” she yells at me.

“Oh,” I say.

I get ready for school, and then I go downstairs to eat my cereal.

“Bye!” I say to my mom. I walk out the door.



Hi, I’m Sunny! I’m six months old! I’m a polar bear, if you’re wondering. I live in Antarctica.

Two months ago, my best friend Mark asked, “Do you want to go party in two months?”

I said yes…

Chapter One: The Guy with the Muscat

Now it is three in the morning, and I am cuddled up with my mom and excited to go to the party.

“Is it time yet?” I ask desperately.

“It’s too early,” Mommy says.

“Okay,” I say before I go to sleep.

Now it’s 7:30, and I’m waking up. “Mommy mommy, wake up!!!” I exclaim.

“Yes?” Mommy says.

“Time to wake up!” I say.

I go to the sweater closet and grab my blue sweater. Mommy grabs her sweater, and we head to the party.

We live on Sixth Avenue on the corner of Polo Street.

Now we are at the party, and we are eating cupcakes, and someone shouts, “Piñata time!

Someone smacks a piñata, and a bunch of pondy (candy) comes out, and anyways we all grab pondy, and then we hear big, big footsteps. Then, we see a big human man with a muscat. We all drop our candy and run. I don’t know what to do. I see Mommy, and then I don’t.

Chapter Two: Where’s Mommy?

“Mommy mommy!” I shout. No one responds. I drop to the floor and start crying. “MOMMY!!!” I shout. My tears grow bigger.

Later that day, I find my house.

“Yes!” I shout. I go inside.

There is no one there, and I start to cry even more. I start to think about all the fun things Mommy and I did, and I go back to my first thought.

“This all happened because of the party,” I say to myself.

Now it is close to night time. Time for supper! I go to the waterfall to catch some fish. I am tired. I should go to bed now. Later that night, I hear a noise. “Hoo hoo,” says the noise.

“AHHH! I wish Mommy was here,” I say, trying not to cry.

Now it is 6:00 in the morning. “I guess I can go look for Mom,” I say.

While I am walking, I see a drama sign. What I mean by drama sign is it says, Drama this way. I followed it. Now I am on a cloud. “Where am I?” I say, trying to get someone’s attention. I hear no one. “HELLO!” I shout. I crawl forward. Someone jumps up. “AHHH!” I shout while I fall over in surprise.

“My job is done,” the someone says as she walks away.

That moment, I remember I am on a cloud, and clouds are made of gas and water, and water is a liquid that I can drink. I then stuff my face in cloud.

Chapter Three: Drama

“Well, well, well, look who it is,” a man says.

He is tall and is wearing black boots, a black hoodie, and black jeans. I sit up and brush the cloud off my fur.

“Who is it?” I ask.

“You!” the man says.

I get confused. “Me?” I ask.

“Yes, you,” the man says.

“Oh, okay,” I say.

“Where’s your mom?” the man asks.

“Uhh, I don’t know,” I say.

“Well, that’s a problem,” the man says. “Then I guess I’ll have to take you to the polar orphanages,” the man says.

“No, please, no!” I say. I shiver in fear.

“Okay, fine. You’ll just have to pass this obstacle.”

“Okay,” I say.

The man leads me to the road. He shows me a bunch of cars that have no one in them. He tells me, “If you could jump over all these cars nonstop, you’ll move to the next one. Okay?”

“Got it,” I say.

“No, you’re supposed to say ‘okay,’” the man says.

“Okay?” I say, confused.

“Come on.” He grabs his timer, and then he times me. “Three, two, one, go!” the man says.

I start jumping over the cars. When I’m near the finish line, the man holds out a cone, and I have to avoid it.

“Ah!” I scream, but I avoid it.

Now he leads me to the next obstacle.

“Good, my boy,” he says.

“Thanks,” I say back.

Now for the next obstacle, he leads me to a bunch of cones and a little scooter, and he tells me, “Get on that scooter, and avoid all those cones in under ten seconds!”

That second, I realize that there are not a lot of cones. I feel confident for a second though. I hop on the scooter, and the man says, “Go!”

I go as fast as I can. “I’m making it! I’m making it!” I shout. “Oh no,” I say. There are a bunch of cones in the way. Now I have to avoid them all. I do that in five seconds. I’m at the finish line!

But the man says, “It took fifteen seconds. You didn’t complete it. Say goodbye to your dreams of living away from the orphanage.”

I look to the ground. The man picks me up and throws me in a car.

“Please, no!” I shout one more time.

“You shouldn’t have listened to the sign,” the man says.

“Well, then why do you have it?” I ask.

“Because, to make people fall for this. Duh,” the man says.

He drives away really quickly. Then, he gets out of the car and opens the door of the back seat, and he picks me up. Then, he gets on his boat and goes to another island. I try not to cry. The man looks at me and looks happy. Soon, we are at the other island. He picks me up, and I see a sign that says Polar Orphanage.

He shoves me in a room, and it doesn’t look so much like a room. It looks more like a bunch of bars. He shoves me in with a plate of food. Little does he know that I am strong. When he leaves back in his boat, he does not take the same boat. He takes a different one.

“How come?” I say to myself.

Now, since I am strong, I open the bars. I jump out. I see a bunch of other animals. Some of them like it, and some of them don’t. For those who don’t like it, I open their bars. Soon, I see a gorilla.

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“Well, I couldn’t find the gorilla orphanage, so I came here. But I really don’t like it. The ceiling is too low.” Bang! He hits his head.

“Okay,” I say.

I open the bars, but it is not big enough. I keep trying and trying, but it’s just not opening. I look around the room. Hmmm. I find the keys to his room.

“Yes!” I shout with excitement.

“Well, are you going to get me out or not?” the gorilla asks.

“Oh, right,” I say.

I run over to his room, and I open it. But quickly, I grab all the food I can and run out with all the animals. Then, I see a big yacht.

I go over and ask the gorilla, “Can you steer boats?”

“In my sleep!” the gorilla says.

“Great,” I say.

Everyone climbs on the yacht, and we drive away, back to Antarctica. I find some instruments on dock, and everyone plays one. Soon, we are at Antarctica. I see someone on their boat.

“Oh no!” I shout. “Quick, everyone, hide!”

We all kneel. The gorilla runs downstairs, because he doesn’t have anywhere to go. We all crawl downstairs with the gorilla.

“Woo, that was a close one!” I say.

We all run back to the main dock. The gorilla keeps steering. Finally, we are at Antarctica. We all see the man. I run into a wig shop with the animals.

“I have a plan. So, we all buy wigs and costumes, so we look like different animals to the man. Then, gorilla, you dress up as a human, so he knows that you own the yacht, okay?!” I say.

“Okay!” everyone says.

I get all of the wigs and costumes, and gorilla is all dressed up. He has a mustache, and a beard wig, and he has on a Santa costume, even though it’s January.

“I’m excited to go on the yacht to go see my gorilla friends!”

Chapter Four: Back to the Orphanage

We all go outside looking different.

“Do you know if there are six bright white polar bears and a big handsome gorilla in the wig shop?” the man asks the gorilla.

“Uh no,” the gorilla says stressfully.

“Oh, okay,” the man says. “Well, I think I know where they are. They might be right in front of my face!” the man says as he rips of all of our disguises.

“I need a new plan,” I mutter to myself. The man throws us in a go-kart. “How come it is not a boat?” I ask myself.

He puts us all in cozy seats and puts the gorilla and three polar bears in a different go-kart and the rest of us in another.

We are now going to a different orphanage, and they put three polar bears in one room, and the other three polar bears in the other room, and the gorilla in a go-kart. The man drives him away to a gorilla orphanage, and his mom is sitting on the steps waiting for him. I wish my mom was sitting on the steps for me. I start to cry again.

The room the man puts us in is very cozy. It has three big cushions that I want to sleep on, it has a big, bright, and shiny window, a beautiful rug, and three little places to do your business… Anyways, I sit in front of the window and sit there a long, long, long, long time, and then I hear a pulling noise. It sounds like a curtain. I turn around, and I see a polar bear pushing a curtain.

“Yay, we have a curtain. So we have some privacy!” I say.

The polar bear who was pushing and pulling the curtain says, “I know! It’s so fun!”

Then, I look around the room, and I also find a bookshelf. I run over to it and start pulling out a million books.

“Whatcha doing?” the other polar bear says.

“Oh, just pulling out a million books,” I say.

“I’m just tired. I want to go to sleep,” the other polar bear says, while he’s pulling the curtain shut.

Once he is fast asleep, I mutter to myself, “This is not going to be fun if everyone hates me because my plan didn’t work.”

The polar bear who was pushing and pulling the curtains says, “I won’t hate you!” He pats me on the back. “I thought your plan was amazing.”

I go over to the polar bear that was pushing and pulling the curtains, and I go over to ask his name.

He tells me that his name is Jeremy.

I tell him mine. “Hi, I’m Sunny,” I say.

Chapter Five: A New Chapter Begins

When the other polar bear wakes up, he goes straight to the business section, and when he is done, I go over to him, and I ask him his name.

He tells me, “The name’s Danie, bro.”

“Oh, my name is Sunny,” I say back.

“Well, then you’re a rare one,” he tells me.

“I am?” I say, confused.

“Yes,” he pauses. “The name Sunny is a rare one, kid,” he tells me and soon says, “I know a lot about the name Sunny, and one thing I know about is that if your name’s Sunny and if you lose your mom, the name Sunny will not grow stronger.”

“Oh,” I say sadly.

Quickly, he says, “But if you really feel like you’re important, you will grow stronger.”

“Hmm,” I say to myself.

“What?” Danie asks.

“Oh, nothing,” I say.

“Well then,” he says. He runs over to the door, and he tries to open it, but it’s locked. “Dang it!” Danie says.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Oh, nothing, it’s just that the door is locked,” Danie says.

“Duh, it’s always going to be locked!” I say.

“Oh,” he says.

I look around the room, and I see a hammer. I walk over to it.

“What’s this?” I ask everybody.

They both tell me, “It’s a hammer.”

“Well, I’ve got a plan, then.”

“Your last plan didn’t work, so how can we trust you?” they say.

“Just watch. Maybe you don’t have to, but I will!” I say.

“Okay, then we’ll just watch,” they say.

I run over to the window, and I take a peek.

They say, “You’re really going to jump out the window? That’s too risky!”

“No, it’s not!” I say. I take another peek. I see how high up we are, and I say, “Yes, it is too risky.”

I put the hammer down and walk away. Then, I try to get on my hind legs. Then that doesn’t work, and I find a stool and jump on it. It’s not high enough. Then, I jump on a higher stool. It’s too high. Then, I look around the room again. I find the perfect looking stool. It’s just the right size! I run over to it and jump on it. Everyone was looking at me the whole time.

“Uh, what are you doing?” they ask.

“Hehe,” I say. “Just trying to get this, uh, thing.”

“Oh, okay!” Danie says.

“I want to see it!” Jeremy says.

“Ugh, fine,” I say. “Just a little peek!”

“What, we never agreed to that,” Jeremy says angrily.

“Even though we didn’t decide on it, doesn’t mean I can’t hide it!” I say.

“Hey!” Danie says. “Rhymes won’t work this time.”

“Hey, you just said a rhyme!” I said.

“You can’t keep rhyming, we don’t have much time.”

“Hey, you just rhymed again!” he said.

“Okay, let’s just both stop rhyming,” we say together.

“Jinx! You owe me a Coke,” we both say.

“No, you owe me a Coke.”

“No, you owe me a Coke!”

“No, you owe me a Coke!”

“No, you do!”

“No, you do!”

“Can you guys shut the noise?!” Danie screams.

“Sorry,” we both say.

“Jinx! You owe me a Coke!” Jeremy says.

“Hey, there’s no vending machines in here,” I say back.

“Well, then why did we just start this huge fight?” he says.

“Uh, I don’t know.”

I run up the stool and go get my thing.

“Hey! You said I could have a peek!” Jeremy screams.

“Stop screaming!” Danie said.

I hide the thing with both of my arms. I fall off the stool. “Ahh!” I fall to the business section. “Ew! Ew! Gross! Gross!” I say.

I hear a loud banging noise. I think it was the window cleaner.

I shout at the window, “Hey, window cleaner! Can you let us out?”

Then, I realize it’s just a fight in the window next door. And then I run across the room and look out the other window. It is the window cleaner! I run over to him and start tapping on the window. Then, I draw a sign that says, Let us out to be free! I hold it up to the window. He ignores the sign. Well, at least I thought. I hear the door unlock. He has three little cages.

I ask him very quickly, “Are you trapping us in those or are you letting us free?”

He hesitates. “Uhhhh.” He runs away. A construction hat falls onto the ground.

“Thanks, window cleaner!” I say.

Then, I go to the corner of the room and say, “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.”

Danie and Jeremy run to their bed. “I call this one!” they both shout.

“Okay then, I’ll go in the middle one,” I say.

Chapter Six: Jeremy’s Life

Now it is eight o’clock. I’m up, but still, no one else is up. I take a look around the room. It looks like someone has been eating my crackers. I look outside the window. I see a creepy man in a hoodie.

“Oh no,” I say. I bang on the window. The man turns around — it’s just the window cleaner. “Phew!” I say.

He takes a look at me — a very strange look. And then I look at his molars, and I see some bits of crackers.

“Hey, you ate my crackers!” I shout so loud that he can actually hear me. He looks at me so strange, but it actually looks more like shock. I immediately say, “Oh, do animals not talk on this continent?”

He falls over. Since we are so high up, he keeps tumbling and tumbling down. There is a man walking on his phone with earbuds on below him. The man who has earbuds in looks up. He sees a falling man coming towards him. He doesn’t know what to do! He doesn’t want to walk away. The man falls on him. Plump! I feel bad for the man. But it would be fun if that drop was a roller coaster… Anyways, wait, what is that? I smell something awfully terrible. It is Danie doing something.

“Nevermind,” I say.

“Hey, Sunny, come over here!” Jeremy shouts.

“Okay!” I shout back. I walk over to Jeremy.

“So the best way to be a friend is to tell them about their life,” he told me.

“Sounds great!” I say.

“Okay, I’m going to tell you about my life,” he says.

“So, are you going to tell me?” I say.

“Of course I am!” he says. “So, when I was born, it was not a good time. My dad died at the age of sixteen, and my mom was very, very brave to make me as a child. And then my mom, she got taken away, so now I was on my own, and I decided to travel around Antarctica. But that was a mistake. Some person found me, and he made me go to an orphanage, but I escaped it through a little hole in the window. I found a bowl of food outside the door, so I ate that and ran. Then, I went back to our house that we used to live in, but it was destroyed. It was practically melted. But there was one thing left in there: it was a piece of my mom’s fur.”

He reaches for the locket on his neck and pulls out his mom’s fur.

“Oh my gosh!” I say.

He keeps on with the story. “Then, I saw this drama sign, and I went the way that it said there was drama. Then, I was on a cloud, and someone jumped up behind me and scared me. I fell over. I got up and kept running. Then, I bumped into this weird creepy man. He picked me up with no hesitation and put me in a boat and locked me up. He steered the boat all the way to an orphanage. And then I met you!”

“Wow,” I said.

Chapter Seven: Escape

After Jeremy told me the story of his life, I take a look back at my life. “Wow, they’re pretty similar,” I say to myself. “Maybe he’s related to me.”

“Huh?” Danny says.

“Oh, nothing,” I say.

“Please tell me,” Danny says.

“Okay,” I say, ready to tell him a lie. “Well, so, basically I was thinking we could escape if someone who’s related to me could get us out.”

“Oh,” Danny says. “Who’s related to you?”

“My sister,” I said.
“Where is she?” Danny asks.

“I don’t know.” I shrug.

He takes a look out the window. He looks at the skyscraper right next to the orphanage building. He sees a bright white polar bear on the street that looks a bit like me.

“Hey, Sunny!” Danny says. “Come over here! I think I found your sister.”

“Really?” I say.

“Yup, really,” he says.

“Great!” I say. I run over to him. I take a look out the window. I shout, “That is my sister!” I take the hammer that I found, and I turn it around and use the wood part to bang on the window. “Hey, Lexi! Here! Open up!”

She looks up. She looks at me with her bright yellow smile. She does not brush her teeth. She runs to the door of the orphanage. She doesn’t ring the doorbell; she doesn’t knock. She finds a hole in the door, and she runs up the stairs.

She peeks through the mail hole, and I give her the hammer.

“Great!” she says. She smashes through the door.

“We’re out!” we shout.

I give my sister a big hug. “Wait, but what about the other people?” I say.

“Oh, right! Let’s go smash down their door.”

“Help! Let us out! Help! Let us out!” they shout.

We smash down their door.

“Yay!” they scream.

We all run out the door.

“Thank you,” I say to Danie.

We run out the building.

“Wait! We’ve got to put on our disguises,” I say.

“Why?” Danie asks.

“Because we can’t look like ourselves, because then they’re going to notice us and put us back in our cages!”

“Ohh,” they both say. “Hey, there’s an ice cream shop. Maybe we can stop and get ice cream.”

“We don’t have any money,” I say.

“Oh, right,” Jeremy says. “I was hoping for some ice cream.”

“Well,” I say. “I only have one dollar, and the only thing I can buy us with one dollar is something from the vending machine over there.”

“Let’s do it!”

I look at the options. There are a lot of gummy options, and I go for the Welch’s pack.

“We’re all going to share,” I say.

“Okay,” everyone says.

I push the button 74. The Welch’s pack falls, and falls, and falls. Finally, it reaches the bottom. I reach my hand in, and I grab the Welch’s pack. I open the bag. Everyone reaches for a gummy.

“Thanks!” everyone says.

“No more time for dilly-dallying. We’ve got to go,” I say.

“Okay,” everyone says. They start skipping out the door.

“What are you guys doing?” I say.

“Ummm, just skipping.”
“I said no dilly-dallying!” I say.

“Oh, right,” Jeremy says.

We walk as if we’re people going over to a boat.

“Hey, someone left this boat on! Let’s go in.”

Before I go over to the steering wheel, I see the guy running back to his boat.

“Uh oh!” I shout. I turn it on, and I go across the ocean.

“Hey! Get back here!” the man shouts.

He doesn’t realize that there’s no fence, and he starts to run over to his boat. He falls into the ocean.

“We’ve caused a lot of trouble today,” I say.

Chapter Eight: Fat Daddy Taco

When I go downstairs, I see a treasure chest. I open it, and there’s millions of dollars!

“Oh my gosh!” I shout. “Everybody, come downstairs!”

“What?” they all shout.

“I found a treasure chest full of money!” I bring it upstairs, up to the dock.

“Woah!” everyone says.

I see a sign. It says New York instead of Antarctica. I accidentally go to New York City. I see a statue. It’s the Statue of Liberty! We get off the boat, and we dock it. Everyone takes a shocked look at our boat, because they all have cars, and we’re the only ones dragging a boat on land. Everyone tries to not look away. Soon, we reach Fifth Avenue.

“Why is it only the Fifth Avenue? Then this avenue must be ancient!” I say. I go down one more avenue. It says Fourth Avenue. “This avenue is even more ancient!” I shout.

All the polar bears look at me, confused.

“Why are there polar bears in blue, and pink, and purple wigs?” one of the humans says.

I ignore it. I look at the avenue. Now that we have millions and millions of dollars, I look at the shops. I see McDonalds. Eh, too cheap! I look around again. Fatty Daddy Taco! I tell everyone to go over there and act like real humans. I see them go up to the counter.

They go in and ask the man, “Hello, may we please have 600 tacos to go, please?”

The man looks at me, but he doesn’t look away. He falls to the ground.

“Oh, do animals not talk in this dimension?” they say.

They go in the back of the kitchen. They find 600 tacos! They take them and run out.

“Here, let’s leave 1,000 dollars behind. This place might be too cheap,” they say.

They leave. I see them come back with the 600 tacos.

“What took you so long?” I say.

They tell me.

“Now I get it,” I say. “We have to find a house that we can live in.”

“Which house do we pick?” they say.

“We can’t just pick a house!” I say. “Here, let’s buy a million dollar house in the suburban areas.”

“Okay!” they all say.

I wander off into Red Hook. I see a giant Tesla shop.

“Ohh, let’s buy one of these!” I say.

I take another million dollar bill, and we choose a Tesla. I choose a bright white Tesla. I give them the million dollars, and that moment I realize that I don’t have a driver’s license, and we all can’t fit in one car! Uh oh!

Chapter Nine: Tesla!

I sit down on the ground. I sigh.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy asks.

“Oh, it’s just that we all can’t fit into one Tesla, and I don’t have a driver’s license… ” There is something poking me on my tush. I look under me. It’s a driver’s license! “Never mind, I have a driver’s license!” I go back in the Tesla shop. I see a Tesla with six seats! “Our problems are solved!” I see another person in a black hoodie. He takes my briefcase. “Hey!” I shout. I run after them. My wig flies off. “Oh no!” I shout and run back to get it. Then, I realize the burglar is already down the block. “Oh no!” I say.

I see a police officer eating a giant burger. It looks like a skyscraper.

The police officer says to the guy, “What are you doing with that briefcase?”

“Uh, uh… ” He gives it to me right away and runs off. The police officer leaves.

We buy the Tesla, and we drive to New Jersey. There’s a big sign that says New Jersey. I see a house right in front of us. It says For Sale. It’s a giant mansion that costs 10 million dollars. It’s white, it has a large arrangement of stairs going up to the front door, and two big columns that are holding up the roof of the front door. It kind of looks like the White House.

“Eh, not cozy enough!” I say.

We drive down the block a little further. I see two houses right next to each other. They say For Sale. They’re supposed to be connected; that’s why the For Sale sign is between them. It has a fountain right in between both of them, two cars can fit in the driveway, two floors for each house, and a porch swing in front.

“Cozy house! Let’s buy it.” I call the number that is on the sign.

Ring ring ring! goes the phone.

“Yes, I would like to buy your house in New Jersey on St. Adams Street,” I say.

“Okay,” he says. I look at how much money it is. It’s 20 million dollars! “20 million dollars, please!” the man says. “What’s your credit card number?” he says. I look at the bottom of the briefcase. I see a credit card. It has 30 million dollars on it.

“Okay.” I give him my credit card number.

“Okay,” the man says. “The house is yours! I’ll give you the key in ten minutes. I’ll be there. Goodbye.”

Ten minutes later, I see a black BMW pull up in the driveway. He gets out of the car. He gives me the key. He gets back in the car. He leaves.

“Okay,” I say. I take the keys, and I fit them into the door hole. It fits perfectly. “I’ve never seen something fit so perfectly!” I say. I twist it right. The door lets me open it. “So easy!” I say.

I walk inside the house. It’s full of clutter. It’s a bunch of chairs stacked up and a sofa right on top. Not a lot of dust, though, which is good, because Jeremy’s allergic to dust mites. There’s a sink, and possibly some food in the cupboards, and also some rooms.

“All we have to do is organize this!” I say.

Chapter Ten: Wake-Up Call

As I finish organizing, I see Dannie on the sofa eating chips.

“Really, Dannie?” I say.

“What?” Dannie says.

“I want a chip, dude!” I say. “The Doritos blue pack is my favorite.”

“Okay.” He reaches into the bag and gives me one.

“Thanks!” I say. I take a look around the room. “You know, guys, this isn’t what I really want.”
“Really?” everyone says to me.

“Yeah. I kind of want my mom.” I start to cry again.

That moment, I wake up.

“Wake up, wake up!” my mom says.

“What?” I say. “Mom, you’re not a polar bear?!”

“You were probably dreaming,” she says. “You were sleeping for two days!” she yells at me.

“Oh,” I say.

I get ready for school, and then I go downstairs to eat my cereal.

“Bye!” I say to my mom. I walk out the door.


The Paint Palette

Chapter One

Maya was already plenty stressed about her first day of school. She decided that waking up to her annoying alarm clock and tumbling out of her bed was in the “not a good way of starting the first day of school” column. She groaned and got up. She walked over to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Maya’s mom always told her that her smile was the best good first impression. She brushed her teeth and got dressed. When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she almost screamed. Her hair was a rat’s nest. And it was sticking up in all different directions, not to mention that her eyes were saggy, and she looked like a racoon. She immediately washed her face and started ferociously brushing her hair. At least now her hair looked a little calmer.

“Well, so much for a good first impression,” she mumbled under her breath.

She walked downstairs, where her mom was waiting for her with a plate of piping hot pancakes in her hands. “Mmmmmm,” Maya said, and she sat down and wolfed down her pancakes. After a refreshing drink of orange juice, she flung her bag over her shoulders and went to the door. Her mom stopped her in her tracks and gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

“Mooom,” Maya groaned and walked out of the house.

She had to run to catch the bus. Fortunately, she managed to find a seat that did not smell like dirty socks and boys underwear. By the second stop, the bus was packed. Kids crammed in in any space they could find. Her best friend Clara swooped in next to Maya before a little boy could.

“Sorry, this seat is taken,” she said to the boy.

He pouted and trudged to the back of the bus. Maya had scolded Clara for treating a kindergartener like that.

“Now we are older and wiser. We are in fifth grade now!!!” Maya screamed.

Right. Older and wiser,” Clara responded.

The bus ride to school had been the most suspenseful ride ever. It was almost a relief when they arrived at school. Almost. She knew that she had Mrs. Garnish for homeroom. She was definitely one of the meanest teachers in the world. But she was grateful that Clara was in her class. At least she would get tortured with her BFF. The bus doors opened with a swish, and all the kids filed out. Everyone went to separate places. The kindergarteners to the cafeteria, the high schoolers to their classrooms, and the fifth graders to the stinky, smelly, humid auditorium. Maya walked out of the bus and went up the stairs to the auditorium. She was usually in the cafeteria with the lower graders, so the path to the auditorium was unfamiliar. When she finally arrived at the auditorium, the place was buzzing. She walked over to the place where her class was sitting, and took a seat next to Clara.

“So, how did convincing your dad that you are a fabulous artist go?” she asked.

“Horrible. He started lecturing me on how I should get a real hobby. Again,” Maya replied.

Clara tried to stifle a laugh. At that moment, the bell rang, which meant that everyone needed to go to homeroom. The two girls walked (more like trudged) to their homeroom class. Maya opened the door to the classroom and confidently marched in. She picked a seat, not in the front, but not in the back. Clara took a seat next to her. The teacher walked into the room, and the classroom fell so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The door closed behind Mrs. Garnish. She was a slim woman with black ravens hair. Her eyes were striking green, while her nose was pointed and flat. The dress she wore was black as night and seemed vaguely familiar to Maya. Her black hair was pulled into a tight bun. She surveyed the class and walked across the room. Her heels click clacked against the marble floor. They looked so tight on Mrs. G as she walked across the room.

Mrs. G’s personality was much like her appearance. She was a no-nonsense teacher! She was a very strict person, yet there was something kind beneath that rock hard outside.

“As all of you know,” Mrs.Garnish said in a sharp voice, “I am your homeroom teacher, Mrs. Garnish. I have many rules, and I expect you to follow them all. Number one: Listen to me when I talk. Number two: Always be respectful… ”

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Maya wasn’t looking forward to spending the whole morning listening to their teacher drone on and on about being respectful. Blah blah blah blah… She didn’t have time for that nonsense! Finally, Mrs. G stopped. Maya was relieved. All that talking had made her brain feel like it would explode. Over the loudspeakers, the principal said, “Fifth graders, the first period is now ended. Please proceed to your second period.”
Maya slipped on her backpack and went out the door. She pulled a piece of paper from her pocket. It was was slightly crumpled, but it was readable. It read, For second period, you’ll be having history at room 305 with your teacher Miss McGonagall. She walked over to the classroom, dodging students all going in different directions. She finally reached room 305. Over the door it had the words Miss McGonagall printed in yellow and pink letters. They had flowers all over the door and their walls. It seems like a very cheery classroom, Maya thought. And with that thought, she pushed the door open and walked inside.

There are classrooms, and there are classrooms!!! Then, there are Super Mega Ultra Awesome Classrooms!!! This is what Maya was thinking as she walked into room 305. There were mountains of books piled in every nook and corner. Pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with bulging heads were staring at him from the walls. The place was humid and steamy, like a sauna, and smelled faintly of toasted marshmallows. Maya was awestruck at the sight of this classroom, but it was nothing compared to the teacher herself.

She popped up right in front of Maya. “Hello, you must be Maya,” she said in a dreamy voice. It took Maya some time to process that this teacher was someone real, and that she was not in fact dreaming. Miss McGonagall had glasses that were simply too large for her face. Her long blond hair was draped around her shoulders. She was wearing a black T-shirt and a short skirt with bright pink stockings. She was wearing blue, sparkly flats and was staring at Maya with much curiosity. The teacher seemed to be wearing lots of eyeshadow, for it looked unnatural on her pale face. Miss McGonagall was so close to Maya’s face that she could practically hear her breathing. “Come, take a seat,” she whispered.

Maya walked over to an empty desk. The only person who was sitting in that room with her was a pale boy with black hair. He was reading a book, and he didn’t seem to notice Maya’s arrival in class. She looked over to the door, hopeful that soon a new kid would come into the classroom and break the awkwardness. Her wish came true. The door opened with a creak. In came three girls. One of them was clearly a leader. She had a short bob for hair, bangs that were pinned to the side, and was wearing the most fashionable outfit that Maya had ever seen. Wow, Maya thought. She is so cool. Maya was convinced she was Taylor Swift’s daughter! She sat down right next to Maya, and the other girls sat next to her. The girls smiled and waved at Maya. Maya felt that she was blushing. She waved back.

“Hi, my name is Carolyn,” the girl introduced herself. She seemed very nice, and Maya couldn’t wait to be her friend.

Maya said, “Hi, my name is Maya. It’s nice to meet you!”

Just then, the door opened, and many kids filed in. Everyone got a seat, but some grudgingly took a seat that was not next to their best friend.

“Settle down, settle down,” the teacher said. “I am Miss McGonagall. I will be teaching you about history and everything you need to learn about it.”

Maya thought that this teacher would be different from other history teachers, but it turned out she wasn’t. This year was no different. This year they’d still be learning plain old boring history. Miss McGonagall introduced them to a lot of famous people from history. By the time she walked out of the room, Maya was humming a tune that went, “George Washington,” with other various heroines. She checked the list again.

Miss McGonagall came running after her yelling, “Everyone in my class, your homework is to read chapter twelve!”

Maya nodded and briskly walked away to her science class.

Suddenly, a magical flyer came out of the blue and hit Maya in the face. (Well, not really. Maybe Maya was just walking and saw the flyer on the wall. But this makes the story more exciting.) The flier said, Join the art club! Fun! Make new friends! Paint! Afterschool. Room 101! Sign up today! Maya took a picture of it and sent it to Clara. The clicking of the phone echoed in the silent corridor.

Clara texted back, OMG you should totally join.
Then, Maya texted, R U Sure? Dad might kill me.

Clara said, BRB Got2Go.

Then, Maya put her phone away.

Chapter Two

Maya had been thinking about the flyer all day. She decided that she would ask her father about it when she got home. When she got off the bus at her stop, she knew what she would say. Maya shouldered her backpack and stepped off the bus. The bus lurched forward and bellowed exhaust into her face. She turned around and started to her house. She knew the path by heart and didn’t bother to look where she was going.


Maya dug into her pocket and felt the familiar grip of her keys. She fumbled with the door and heaved it open. “Dad, I’m home!” she called half-heartedly. She knew it was way too early for him to be home. Unsurprisingly, there was no answer. Maya closed the door behind her and turned on all the lights. She plopped her bag on the floor and went up to her bedroom. She took off on the stairs and skipped a few. When she got to her bedroom, she pushed her door wide open and flung herself on the bed.

Her bedroom was the only place that was comforting to her. Maya reached into her back pocket and pulled out the crinkled flyer. She read it again. Maya then decided that she better be ready for when her father came home, so she went downstairs and started microwaving some leftovers. Her father would probably be disappointed. The pesto pasta and fried vegetables didn’t look inviting, so she added a Caesar salad.

She heard her dad (the major chef) creak open the door. Finally, she thought. She quickly busied herself with setting the table. Her dad had probably had a bad day at work, because he heaved himself onto a chair and started shoving pasta into his mouth.

“Dad?” she said, nervously. “I saw a flyer today. It was an art club. I was wondering if I can join it?”

Her dad mumbled something like, “Sceektkiyrimefil.”

“Dad?” she repeated loudly.

“Maya, you know that I disapprove of your fondness over art. I will talk about this with your mother,” he said, without looking at Maya.

Maya’s heart fell. She knew her dad would never give this conversation a second thought, much less mention it to her mom. Maya ate some pasta halfheartedly and slowly trudged back towards her room.

Chapter Three

The next day, Maya had the usual classes. During the day, she was lectured by Mrs. Garnish, bored to death in English, picked at her school lunch, doodled on her math assignment, and then plopped herself down on a bench in the school playground, where she was right now.

She was having an argument with herself, debating whether she should go to the club or not. Sure, Maya’s dad had said no. But she could do it if he didn’t notice, right? Maya finally concluded she would do it. Besides, it was just an art club. Her dad couldn’t get that upset, could he?

Chapter Four

Maya checked her flyer. Yep, this was the spot. Room 101. Just like the flyer stated. Maya hesitated before she opened the door. What was I thinking? Dad is going to kill me!! she thought. But it was too late. Maya pushed the door open. As she looked around, she felt a heavy rock in her stomach but pushed it down. She walked into the room and heard laughing coming from one of the tables. Maya shut the door behind her. She walked farther into the room and saw a tall boy with red hair and freckles spreaded across his face. He grinned.

“Hi! I’m Jacob! Nice to meet you!” he said cheerfully.

“Hi, my name’s Maya. This is the art room, right?” Maya asked.

He laughed. “Yep, this is it!” he said. “We work for the school newspaper. Each week we write a comic strip for it. I’m really glad you could join this place. We only have about six people. It’s really hard to write comic strips with that little people.”

Someone yelled, “Hey, Jacob! Who’s the new girl?”

“Guys, this is Maya. Maya this is Ruby, Patrick, Ava, Jake, and Evan.”

There was a series of people mumbling their hellos. Maya walked over to where they were all sitting. She looked around the room. All around the walls there were paintings and murals and all sorts of different paintings. Crammed into a corner was a blank easel, just waiting for someone to make a beautiful picture out of them. There was a small rug with a couple of chairs around it in the middle of the room. Above the rug was a shelf holding markers, paper, paints, pencils, and brushes. (No, not toothbrushes, silly. That is totally different.) Maya stared at the room. In the direction she was headed was the table they were sitting at. She pulled out a seat and sat down in it. Ruby handed her a sheet of paper with five boxes in it.

“Each box will be part of the comic,” Ruby explained. “When you put it all together, it will be a funny scene. It will have to be a short one to capture laughter, comedy, or drama.”

Maya understood this. She did this at home sometimes. She took a pencil from the table and started. She knew what she would draw. She started sketching her ideas.

Chapter Five

When Maya got home, she was ecstatic. The art club had been a great success. She walked into her house and put her bag on the floor. She pulled her flyer out of her pocket and threw it onto the table and started to make pasta. She hummed a song that she heard on the radio while she boiled it and hugged her dad when he got home. When her dad got home, he picked up the flyer on the table.

“Honey, what’s this?” her dad asked.

“Ummmmmm,” Maya struggled to find words.

“Maya, did you go to this afterschool?” her dad asked furiously.

“Yes,” Maya responded without looking at her dad.

“Maya, this is unacceptable. Go to your room. You are grounded. I told you not to do it, yet you did it anyway. That is why you are grounded.”

“Wait, Dad, I really love art! I don’t want to be a chef! I hate to cook! My real passion is art. It’s the only time I feel at peace.”

Her dad considered this. “Maya, I never knew this. If you had told me this before I would have let you paint a lot earlier. So, yes, you may join the art club.”


Maya was in her bedroom. It was quiet and peaceful. She stroked the easel with her paintbrush. Maya’s hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Her jeans and T-shirt were covered up with a paint splattered smock. Maya surveyed the paining. “Hmmm… more yellow,” Maya confessed. She dipped the brush in the yellow paint and continued to make the painting. Her mind wandered, and she thought about all that had happened lately. She put her paintbrush down on the table and walked over to the window. She pushed it open and stared out at the open blue sky. She thought about her passion for art, how the chef (her dad) had disapproved. How she had shown him the painting she made. How her dad had smiled. How he signed her up for it. How she went to that classroom for the second time without feeling guilty. How she felt at home.

Penny Story

I am a penny. I can have different designs, like monuments and shields. Abraham Lincoln is on my head side, and I was born in 2018.

At school, surprisingly, they were giving out pennies to look at for reading. Jacob collected the pennies and gave them back to the teacher. But I am from Jacob’s house. I live in a safe. But today, I was taken on an adventure all around Jacob’s school. This morning, Jacob put me in his sock, and I thought, This feels like a much better place to live than in a safe.

Then, I got a real bump in my back when Jacob started pinball. I went all around and got so dizzy that I got really, really sweaty. I said, “I really think Jacob is very, very active.”

I finally had some peace time when Jacob had quiet time in math and centers. During all those things, I took a very long, long, long nap. I dreamed about me in a knight’s costume fighting a humongous, humongous, humongous dragon. It almost killed me. But once it started its flames, I blocked it and jumped so high with my rocket, and then I turned them off, and I stabbed my sword into the dragon. Then, there was another and another and another. And I woke up because I was so frightened.

Then after school, I took a peek outside, and I went on the bus to go to Writopia. Then, I got taken out by Jacob, and he laid me on my back, and I looked at Jacob’s story, and I thought, Hmmm, that’s not a bad story. I think it’s about me.

The End


Today an ugly truck with mud and dirt scratched my aunt’s bumper of her car. I felt really sad because if the truck came in the car, I would’ve been dead. I felt scared. I felt mad. I felt sad. And I was upset with that big dummy! I should be taking all his money by now! I remember my dad told me how his dad passed away. He told me the story, but I forgot it. I was thinking the truck driver should get 9,000,000,000,000,000 paybacks. He should be in jail. My aunt did call the police about her car, and I was crying the whole entire time. My aunt gave me a tissue to dry my tears, and I felt much better. My cousin Zalah’s best friend named Afeni took lots of pictures and a video of what happened. I only took a video. I am going to show my mom, and I will ask her if can she call her friend who is a police officer and put that big dummy in jail. He deserves to be called a dummy because he crashed my aunt’s car, and that was her favorite car, and the bumper was my favorite part of her car. My aunt was really upset. She called her husband. While we were coming to Writopia, I told him I was on the side of the car. Afeni was holding my hand. Afeni was scared!!!

The next time, I will videotape it and show my mom, and then I’ll ask my mom to show her friend who is a police officer, and I will tell the whole story, and I’ll tell my mom what happened to me. Afeni called her mom, and I told her what happened and what happened to me. I talked on the phone first, and I told her that I was on the side of the car trying to have a nap in peace!!! But then that big dummy idiot almost made me die, and I was freaked out. On Monday I’ll tell my friends what happened and my teacher and my other teacher. My aunt got back the car! Hallelujah!

The Tale of Sir Beetle

There once lived a lonely old man named Sir Beetle. He was very rich. He was lonely because no one wanted to marry him. No one wanted to marry him because he was the world’s biggest idiot, at the time. He was very conceited. He had an imaginary wife who was beautiful, kind, and paid for everything he bought. His dream was to make her reality.


One morning, Sir Beetle awoke to the sound of kissing. He walked to his bedroom door, swung it open, and there in his hall stood two of his servants kissing. They looked very embarrassed.

“Um, hello sir,” said one of them.

Sir Beetle rolled his eyes and trudged back into his bed. He sighed. He hated the joy of other people. He thought that servants shouldn’t have feelings, or romances. He thought that all servants should never say anything except “Yes, sir” or “Yes, madam.” He thought that they should all dress the same way. He made the male servants wear a thin black shirt, thin black pants, and a gray cap. I do not know what the women wore, simply because no one has ever told me. He thought that servants should only do what they were told to do, and nothing else, and he thought all he should do for the servants was pay them extremely small amounts of money for all their hard work. In other words, he basically wanted his servants to be like golems. And most golems don’t really have a love life.

“Why don’t I have a real wife?” asked Sir Beetle. He obviously hadn’t considered the possibility that maybe it was because he was grumpy, snobbish, idiotic, and would definitely make the worst husband a woman could ask for. Just then, he got an idea. If he died, his servants would be out of work. That was a fact. So, he thought that they would save his life if he was in trouble. And what if a female servant saved his life? Then he could claim that she saved him because she was madly in love with him! He instantly jumped out his bedroom window. He was going to land in the garden. Two female servants were watering the plants. Then, they saw him.

“Sir Beetle is falling!” cried one.

“He’s going to die!” yelled the other.

And then, in unison, they cried “YAY!”


Unfortunately, Sir Beetle had not died. He had almost died, but God had taken pity upon him, and he had survived. He had fired the female servants who had not caught him after he had jumped out the window. When he got back to his mansion, he was more determined than ever to get married. Then, he remembered the tale of Cinderella and how the prince found a wife by having a ball. He wrote a letter inviting a girl to his ball:

Dear Elizabeth,

Would you like to go to my Dance ‘n Drink ball? There will be lots of beer and dancing from dawn till dusk!


Sir William Beetle

But Sir Beetle had forgotten one very important thing: he didn’t know any women named Elizabeth. He told his messenger, named Henry Daggerpond, to deliver it to “Elizabeth.” He did not tell his Henry where Elizabeth lived… simply because Elizabeth didn’t exist! Henry Daggerpond got lost in the woods and was eaten by bears. Meanwhile, Sir Beetle had invested heavily in beer for “Dance ‘n Drink” ball. But when Elizabeth never responded, he drank all the beer he had bought. He was drunk. And being drunk, and also being a moron, is not the best way to woo a girl. Not long after he had gotten drunk, Sir Beetle got a letter from the mother of the messenger who he had sent to give the letter to Elizabeth:

Dear Sir Beetle,

The messenger who thou hath sent to deliver your letter was my son. Two hunters found his body next to a bear den. I would like to apologize that your letter was never sent, and I assure you that what happened was not your fault. You were simply sending a letter, and you had no way of knowing that my son would be killed.

Yours truly,

Anne Daggerpond

The idea of being guilty never crossed Sir Beetle’s mind, as it might have crossed the mind of you or I. As he read the letter, he began to think he was a murderer. He thought he was a murderer called Feared Sir Beetle, who was the death of all he could see. As soon as he thought this, he decided to kill anyone who he saw. He would kill all of his servants. He decided that anyone who met Feared Sir Beetle would not live much longer. That night, he told his servants to sleep in his garden. At 1:00 that night, he snuck into his garden. He killed every last one of his servants. Then, he snuck into his barn and killed all his animals. He ran into his house and killed his imaginary wife. He had entirely forgotten about how much he longed for a wife. He ran to an inn. He knew that any decent inn would have many sleeping travelers to kill. He quietly stepped into the inn. Then, he killed everyone in sight. From that day on, he had red eyes.


Eleanor of Antique had needed to help her horse’s hoof, which had been infected, all morning. She was not in the mood to judge any trials, but a queen must serve her country, and so that’s why she found herself listening to the story of a wealthy noble who killed dozens of servants and travelers. She was pretty sure he would be guilty, and if she said that he was, then it would be off to the gallows with him. She went to bed thinking about this murderous noble. And as she slept, Feared Sir Beetle killed all he saw…


It was still dark outside. The sound of a gavel thumping down on a desk could be heard for miles around. “Order in the court,” boomed Eleanor of Antique’s voice. “Bring in the verdict.” Sir Beetle was kicked into the courtroom by soldiers. He was in chains.

“ROAR!!!” roared Sir Beetle. Then, he looked at Eleanor of Antique. He noticed her dashing red hair. He stared at her dazzling crown.

“Want to go horseback riding after we get out of here?” asked Sir Beetle.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?” demanded the queen.

“Oh, yes,” replied Sir Beetle dreamily.

“I’m already married!” said the queen.

“Well, I am surely better than the man you are with.”

“The man I am with is the king!”

“Not my concern.”

“It should be your concern, because I am going to execute you!” Eleanor of Antique turned to face the court. “The verdict is guilty,” she said sweetly. “Take him to the dungeon,” she said to her guards, who had been standing beside her, looking like giant nutcrackers.

They hustled out of the courtroom, carrying Sir Beetle, who was still in chains. He was brought to a place so gloomy he was reminded of when he was a wealthy noble who had been loved by no one. The windows were very thin and looked as if they were about to fall apart. The most noticeable thing about the dungeon were the rats. They were huge, the size of bulldogs. They scampered and squeaked in a most unwelcoming way. There were no other prisoners in the dungeon; Sir Beetle was alone. This was not an unusual thing for Sir Beetle to be. He had always been alone. But it’s much better to be alone as a rich noble than to be alone as a prisoner in a dungeon. Around midnight, the thin glass windows crashed when hit by a large gust of wind. Not only did shards of glass come into the dungeon at this, but so did several notes. They were all the same thing: ink blotches. And they all ended the same way:

Yours truly,

Anne Daggerpond.

Sir Beetle tried to remember where he had heard that name before. Anne Daggerpond… the name seemed so familiar, but Sir Beetle couldn’t remember where he had heard it before. Anne Daggerpond… he fell asleep thinking about it. He did not know why, but Anne Daggerpond seemed so close by.


The day of Sir Beetle’s execution was very cold and rainy. It smelled of wet dog. It was in the courtyard of the Tower of London. Many nobles had come to see Sir Beetle get executed. One of them wore a yellow hoop skirt and had hair the color of a rotten banana. Another wore a blood-red hoop skirt and had hair the color of a dung beetle’s favorite food. They were both gossipping about how ugly Sir Beetle was. Eleanor of Antique was quite eager to get the execution over with. One of her friends, a duchess, was coming to see the execution, so she had decided to come too, but she was really not very fond of watching the lives of outlaws getting ended. The executor was a fat man with a beard that made it look like his face was being attacked by gummy worms. He picked up Sir Beetle with one hand and placed him on a table. He was about to end Sir Beetle’s life when a strong smell filled the air. It was the smell of perfume. Suddenly, a woman stepped onto the courtyard. She had long brown hair and was dressed entirely in purple. She wore a shawl. Her face was covered.

“Hello,” she said. Her voice made everyone feel like they had drunk a bit too much champagne. The executor stopped what he was doing, and so did everyone else.  “I am Anne Daggerpond,” she said. “You must be Sir Beetle.”

“I am, am, amamammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” he said sleepily.

Anne Daggerpond pulled a large wristwatch out of her pocket. She began to hum a little tune. She put the pocket watch on her arm. She admired it for a minute, then did a little dance.

“This is a dance that birds do to attract mates,” said Anne Daggerpond. She tore her shawl. She stared dreamily at Sir Beetle. Her dreamy expression made Sir Beetle think of what it had been like to love, to love someone who didn’t love you back. He remembered pretty girls who he wanted to marry. He remembered a particularly pretty girl who didn’t want to marry him.

Sir Beetle had felt like a crumpled up piece of paper. The 85th girl who Sir Beetle had asked to marry him had rejected his marriage proposal. He was sobbing so hard that his shoulders shook.

“If no one recognizes greatness such as I, life is not worth living,” he had cried.

“And I do not think anyone ever will recognize my greatness. They are too dumb.”

He did not think a girl would ever like him. Not even his servants agreed to marry him, and before they started working for him he told them that if they rejected his marriage proposal, he would fire them. He stopped his crying briefly. Then, he howled loudly and began to sob more loudly than he had been before. He had now confirmed that no one would ever like him. Sir Beetle had felt miserable. And now, as he stared into Anne Dagerpond’s eyes, he remembered love. He remembered life before he had felt obliged to kill. Sir Beetle just wanted to kiss Anne. He knew he would soon be killed, and before that happened, he wanted to kiss someone who might, just might, kiss him back. Anne walked towards Sir Beetle, and as she did, the crowd parted.

“I am a widow,” said Anne now. “I would love someone to kiss, and I think you are the perfect person for me to kiss.”

And so Anne kissed Sir Beetle. It is a wonderful feeling to get kissed after people have hated you all your life. But the nobles were not really impressed that Anne had kissed a criminal.

“This is no place for lovebirds!” said Eleanor of Antique.

“Get out of here, please,” she said briskly to Anne.

“Now, it is so sad that a rich, formerly honorable man must be killed, and I hope this sort of thing won’t happen again. But now, this criminal must be killed.”

And so the executor picked up his ax. The crowd of nobles held their breath. Rain was making everyone absolutely drenched. Thunder was so loud that no one could hear anything. Sir Beetle knew that soon his life would end. He wondered what it felt like to die.

And before he knew what had happened, he was dead.


Sir Beetle felt as if he had fallen onto a brick floor. He saw color swirling around him. He saw everything that he had ever seen spin by so fast that it was a blur. He was feeling a strange feeling. He felt as if something was leaving his body. It was life, he thought. It had to be life. He felt a pounding feeling in his heart. He felt like he would see Anne again. And now, he felt as though life was slipping through his fingers. He had to hold on, he had to…


A tall figure stood before Sir Beetle. He had a long, flowing beard. It was pure white, and just looking at it made Sir Beetle shiver. He had gigantic wings sprouting from his back. They were as white as his beard.

“I am Saint Peter,” said the tall, winged, bearded figure. He smiled. “One might call me the Santa Claus of eternity.” He chuckled. However, his smile quickly vanished.

“I will determine if you will go to heaven or hell by using the Glass Ball Of Fate.”

He vanished for a few seconds, then reappeared holding a golden spector and a glass ball. He tapped the glass ball with the golden spector and screamed, “Sir Beetle!” at it. The glass ball turned blood red and started to scream. The sound was deafening. Saint Peter frowned and tapped the glass ball with his golden spector. The yelling stopped, and the ball turned clear again.

“Hell for you,” said Saint Peter said sadly.

But then the ball turned a bright shade of blue. Harp music came from the glass ball. And then, from the Glass Ball of Fate, came Anne Daggerpond’s voice.

“He’s not that bad,” it said. “He’s really not such a bad man… ”

The voice and the harp music gradually died out. The bright shade of blue faded. Saint Peter’s frown turned into a smile. Sir Beetle wished that Anne was right next to him. Saint Peter looked a bit confused.

“Well, well, well, what will I do with you?” said Saint Peter.

“I don’t know,” said Sir Beetle.

“Well, I could use an assistant,” said Saint Peter. “I need someone who can guard the Gates of Heaven when I’m not. I need someone who will help me in old age. Would you like to be my assistant?”

“I don’t think I’m worthy.”

“Then there is one more option: reincarnation.”


“Yes, I can take you back to Earth and turn you into an animal of your choice.“

“I like that idea.”

“What animal would you like to be?”

Sir Beetle’s response was instant: “A beetle!”

“Very well, come with me.”

Saint Peter and Sir Beetle dived down to Earth. They dived through clouds. At last, they landed on Earth. Saint Peter pointed his spector at Sir Beetle.

“SCARABÉE!” he roared. There was a blast of light, a rush of sound, and Sir Beetle was a beetle. He turned his head to thank Saint Peter, but by then Saint Peter had vanished.

Pengy and His Friends

How to Make a Friend: A Penguin’s Guide (Book One)

Chapter One

Pengy is a penguin for sure. He lives in the New York Aquarium. He is trying to find a new friend, but he can’t. He is on a different schedule than all the other penguins because he goes swimming while they eat. And when they go swimming, Pengy goes to nap, and he naps for the rest of the day. So, Pengy wanted to switch his schedule, so he could be with the other penguins longer.

One day, Pengy the penguin was swimming around looking for friends. They all swam and dropped their eggs in the water, and Pengy went to save them. The other penguins knew that Pengy took their eggs, so then they started a fight. Next, they found that the other penguins laid eggs, so they also took them. Then, the zookeeper found out that the penguins were having a fight, and then they separated all the penguins from Pengy.

So, because of the fight, one of the zookeepers decided to take one of the penguins and train them to be on the same schedule as Pengy. But when Pengy and the other penguin had eggs at the same time, they had a fight because there were penguins falling in the water, and they didn’t know whose was whose, so they fought over them.

So, they split all the penguins away from Pengy and his friend to a different enclosure from all the other eggs that were hatching. Then, one of the eggs started to hatch, but they didn’t have any water or ice to slide on. The enclosure was warm to keep the penguin eggs warm because they didn’t have feathers yet. But once they started hatching, they were moved back to be with Pengy.

Pengy was happy because they were all on his routine, so he got a lot of friends to swim with.

The End… for now.

Chapter Two

One day, Pengy found out that there were new penguins coming to the aquarium. Pengy saw new penguins arriving into his enclosure.

And he started saying, “I’m going to go to surprise them!” to his friend.

Then, the penguins were going to a different shelter. He got so sad. He wanted more friends than just one and lots of baby penguin friends.

Then, everybody thought that the baby penguins were like actual penguins because they thought there were broken eggs in there, but no! There were actually eggs in there that thought they were going to be hatched. Then, they laid their own eggs because that was their only time to lay their eggs again — it was winter — and now there was snow for the penguins. They stayed in their shelter the whole winter until the penguins got a little older, but there was still some snow and ice.

They used their bellies, and they had so much fun!

The End… for now.

Chapter Three

So then the people came there to see the eggs hatch. They were still very small, so they were still in the warm enclosure because they still didn’t have their thick feathers. Peggy’s feathers are still brown instead of black and white.

He liked to play with other brown penguins, but there were a rare number of them. That’s why those brown penguins who were older had a different schedule. They ate before all the penguins, went for a swim, napped, went for another big swim, then stayed out to feel the cold air and get a slide.

That’s what Pengy would do in the winter, But in the summer, he would just keep sleeping until dinner time and show off to the people.

The End… for now.

Chapter Four

Pengy liked to show off to the people. One day, he woke up bright and early for a morning exercise. Except today it was his nap time, but people were bringing him food. All the black and white penguins were awake and ready to eat. While he was sleeping, they fed all the food to the black and white penguins without waking up brown and black and white penguins. When he woke, he was hungry. He wanted to see if there was any food left.

He finally found a way to get out of his tank and tell the people that feed him that he didn’t get any food. So next he told them to give him food, and he also told them that he was sleeping at the same time. So then he actually did not need food because he ate it all in one bite.

Chapter Five

The next day, he finally found a friend because they taught a penguin their new exercise, which was just Pengy’s routine. He was happy.

The End… for now.

Pengy and Pezy at the New York Aquarium (Book Two)

Chapter One: Pengy and Pezy with the Fight Beginning

Pengy and his friend named Pezy liked to swim in the water, but what Pezy liked doing best was snuggling up with Pengy, and the best thing that Pengy liked was playing with Pezy.

One day, they didn’t know what to do, and Pengy said, “Do you want to play? We both love to play.”

But Pezy was tired. “Can we both snuggle?”

Then, they had a fight. Pezy was snuggling, but then Pengy saw that his food time was coming up, but Pezy was sleeping. Then, Pengy went to eat. The food was delicious.

Chapter Two: The Delicious

One day, Pengy and Pezy woke up bright and early, ready for a swim. The swim was really refreshing. Then, they had a morning snack. The snack was fish. Then, they had a little nap. After their nap, they woke up ready for another swim. Then, they ate again. They had crill this time. Then, they did some stretching. Then, he just stayed outside feeling the evening breeze. They ate again. This time they ate lobster. And then they went for their good night sleep.

Chapter Three: The Food Chain

One early, bright morning, both Pengy and Pezy were ready to eat. They ate and ate until their tummies were full. Then, they had a nap until lunch time. Then, they woke up ready to eat again. But then the people that fed them by accident dropped the bucket of fish that they were going to eat into the water. The fish turned alive and swam away. Pengy and Pezzy jumped into the water ready to swim. Pengy clapped his wings and caught a fish, then he swam up to the top and ate it. Then, Pezzy jumped in, and he clapped his hands, and he got one. He also swam up to the shore and ate. Then, Pengy jumped in and clapped and caught a fish. They did this until there were no more fish in the tank.

Chapter Four: Pengy and Pezy and Coconut

One day, they saw a monkey driving to the aquarium. The truck drove zooming into the aquarium! The monkey fell out of the truck and into Pengy and Pezy’s enclosure. They found out that the monkey’s name was Coconut. Coconut loved to do the same thing as both of them liked to do, and he could do them at the same time. He was great at playing.

Chapter Five: Pengy and Pezy with the Solution of the Fight

They played and played until Pengy and Pezy started a fight because now they wanted to do a different thing again!

Pengy wanted to play, and Pezy wanted to snuggle, but then Coconut said, “I could split my body in half? And then you both could do what you want to do with me! You could play with me. You could go to sleep with me!”

Then they slept, ate, and did all their routine

Pengy and Coconut (Book Three)

Chapter One

Pengy was a penguin, and Pengy had a friend named Coconut. They both liked to do the same thing. They both liked to snuggle together, play together, and even talk underwater together! They had fun until Pengy wanted to play again, and Coconut wanted to dive in and have a fresh swim and climb the tree.

Chapter Two

Pengy was swimming, and Pengy saw a truck had a bunny. The bunny fell out right into their enclosure. In the enclosure they couldn’t see the bunny because the bunny was white, and it was lying down on snow because it fell out of the truck onto its front. And then the bunny started standing up to try and show them that he was alive, but they couldn’t see him and kept stepping on him.

Chapter Three

Then, the bunny jumped into the water, and they were finally able to see him! They asked the bunny his name.

He said, “Eeer eeeer eer eeeer!”

Then, they asked the truck driver what the bunny’s name was. Coconut the monkey told them the answer because he spoke monkey, human, penguin, and bunny. He said the bunny’s name was Pezy. They started playing.

The End.

Pangy, Coconut and Sammy (Book Four)

Chapter One

One day, Pangy and Coconut saw a branch from a truck. It was sticking out. Then, they saw an owl. The owl’s name was Sammy. They saw its wing sticking out, and it was about to move its foot up, and the wings were keeping it balanced. Then, they saw Sammy grabbing onto a tree with his back legs. He was about to fly off because he wanted to make a nest, but then the roof of the truck closed, and the back of it opened. But the back was too tiny to fly out of. Then, the truck rode zooming into the New York Aquarium, and Sammy flew out.

Chapter Two

The owl fell out right into his enclosure. He had no friends. His enclosure was tiny. Then, the owl flew out right into the enclosure right next to him. The next enclosure was Pengy and Coconut’s. When Pengy and Coconut asked Sammy his name, he didn’t know because he didn’t speak Penguin or Monkey. But then Coconut had an idea: he knew how to speak all the languages of animals and humans.

So, he used his owl voice and asked him, “What is your name?”

The owl said that his name was Samuel — because that’s his real name — but he said, “I really want to be called Sammy.”

Then, Coconut told Pengy how to speak Owl. Pengy knew how to speak in Monkey because Coconut already told him how. And Coconut taught Pengy to speak Penguin because Coconut already knew how to speak every other language except Penguin. And now he told Pengy how to speak Owl.

Chapter Three

Sammy liked the snow because he was a snowy owl and was used to the cold. But otherwise he was brown, and so many people thought that he was tropical because brown is kind of a tropical color. But how he got defense and stayed safe is that he flew into the snow, and then he stuck his white feathers up and his brown feathers down. And when he opened up his beak, he actually had white inside, so white would be only showing. He closed his eyes, so no water could get in. And then he just bent his feet to the back of him. And he was covered in snow, so he was camouflaged.

He like to play hide-and-seek in the snow, and the snow was as white as his feathers, which were used to the cold. But Pengy’s weren’t because his enclosure was not super cold. Then, Coconut jumped into the snow. He put his white side up and his black side down. Pengy put his brown side up and his black side down. And they all were talking to each other, but nobody could see them. Then, the food dropped onto the snow where they were lying down, but they didn’t see that their beaks and mouths were sticking out ready to eat. Then, they went chop. The aquarium keepers got so scared that they ran out.

Pengy, Coconut, and Sammy ate all the fish and then had a refreshing swim together.

The End!

Pengy, Pezzy, Sammy and Bamboo (Book Five)

Chapter One: The Seeing

Pengy saw a track in the distance, and it was heading near to their enclosure. The truck had a panda named Bamboo and an owl, but they didn’t know the name. So, they tried to ask the driver what the name was because Pengy knew all the names, but Pezy only knew Rabbit. So, he asked him in English, but he didn’t know. So then Pengy switched to his Panda language

Chapter Two: The Eating

Pengy was starting to feel hungry. They asked the owner for food. The owner got them fish, lobster, and crab. They were pleased with the food.

Pengy liked the food and said, “Oh, I like the food. Could you please give me that food again tomorrow? I still don’t know that owl’s name!”

But they didn’t see the truck about to drive in…

Chapter Three: The Knowing the Names of the Owl

Then, they looked over to a big blue truck driving in with a panda standing on top of a branch. They didn’t see the owl because the owl was right under the truck’s roof… They didn’t see the truck driving. They heard “Awoo” coming from nowhere They didn’t see an owl.

They said, “Why is there an owl’s noise?”

Then, they saw something trying to flutter from the sky! They saw wwo wings about to fly off the roof of the truck, which closed. The panda almost got stuck, but Pengy was happy because the people that owned the aquarium in New York saw that the owl was going to the zoo. Just kidding! He told the owners he was going to the zoo, when really he was going to the aquarium. They got so happy they wouldn’t have to have more animals. But then screech, the truck stopped at the gates… The gates went up, and it came in.

Then, they got Sammy and Bamboo out of the truck and into that same enclosure, and they all became friends and lived happily ever after.

The End!


I can never believe what happened yesterday. I was just flying around in the air happily, sucking on my favorite yellow flower nectar, when a huge thingy just came swinging at me, and I got tangled in it. The huge thingy had white strings in a pretty pattern, and there were holes in between the strings. There was a long red something attached to the strings. There was a round ball with a colorful ball in the middle staring at me hungrily.

I knew at once what those were. Those were the eyes of the big Hoomins! Mother told me about them. She said that they were super dangerous. She said they were the ones who captured Father! Revenge! I want revenge for that! But Mother always told me, “Don’t go looking for trouble!” Does Mother even want revenge? I think she does. She just doesn’t want me to get caught.

Well, I guess it’s too late now. I’ve already been caught. Those big eyes just stared at me even more, and without warning, the Hoomin opened her mouth. I fluttered my wings in terror. She was going to eat me! And before I could escape, a thunderous roar came out of the mouth yelling, “Marty! I caught a butterfly!”

The ground quaked as another one of the Hoomins came stumbling over. This Hoomin had straggly brown hair and big blue eyes. I just found out that his name was Marty. I was never so scared in my life. My hunger was still tingling around in my stomach when that Hoomin named Marty scooped me out of the big tangly thing with this scooper thing. Then, he put this white thing on top of the scooper, where the opening was.

I was trapped. My wings took me to the top of the scooper, and I headbutted the white thing. A big thing. One of the Hoomins Hainds pushed me down again, and I fell to the floor, my wings crinkling beneath me. A few moments later, the big Hoomins released me for a moment, and I flew up in the air gratefully, stretching my wings. But I barely got to fly around when the Hoomins pushed me inside this weird boxy thingy made out of a see-through thing. I’ve never seen this before. I wonder if Father was trapped the same way. When they first pushed me in, I thought they set me free inside their own home, but I learned the hard way. I tried to fly out but got banged in the head. I crumpled to the ground. I have never felt so sad in my life.

As I lay on the ground, I heard voices from the other room. Not just any kind of voice, big, loud, thundering voices. They said this: “Bye, Marty! See you at school tomorrow!”

“Bye, Rio!” A loud bang sounded as the home blocker closed. The girl Hoomin came over to the weird box, the ground quaking again. A bigger Hoomin followed behind, making the ground quake even more dangerously. I felt sick. I wanted to puke, but restrained myself. The big Hoomin gave me the hungry look again, her eyes closer to me than ever. I fluttered helplessly, scared half to death.

Oh, how I missed my sisters Curl and Murl. I missed the feeling of my other sister Twirl’s wings brushing against mine. I missed the days when my other sister Pearl and I went flying through the meadows together. And I missed Mother the most of all. I missed her delicate touch on my wing. I missed her beautiful scent. I missed her everything. I loved the patterns on my sisters’ wings. The pink background and the beautiful yellow circles. I missed my mother’s warm black eyes. And it was the Hoomins’ fault that I would probably never see her again. The Hoomins’ fault that I never got to meet my father. I needed revenge! The Hoomins ruined everything for me. Destroying our butterflies’ peaceful lives! I suddenly felt a wave of anger at the Hoomins. They destroyed my whole life!

Rio was still looking at me with a pretty gleam in her eyes. She turned away from me and straightened up, facing the bigger Hoomin. “She needs food,” she said. “I don’t know what butterflies eat, but maybe we can take some of Tibbie’s food for this butterfly.”

“Okay,” the huge Hoomin agreed. I folded my wings and sat down at the bottom of my cage, planning my revenge.

The Hoomins came back with one cricket. I was like, really? Do they expect me to eat a cricket? They opened the hole blocker and dropped the cricket in front of me. “Eat up, little one,” the big Hoomin said in a softer but still loud voice.

The cricket scrambled to his feet and started hopping around like crazy and chirping loudly as the Hoomins backed away from the weird box. Once the cricket saw me, he calmed down. “You’re not going to eat me, are you?” he asked uneasily.

“Heavens no!” I cried. “Who would say such a thing?!”

“The lizard named Tibbie.”


“Really.” I felt hungry, but not hungry enough to eat a poor cricket. I could still remember the terror I felt when the big Hoomin had opened her mouth, and I thought I was about to be eaten. “What’s your name?” I asked the cricket, hoping to change the subject.

“Nightingale,” the cricket answered. “You?”

“Whirl,” I answered back. Nightingale and I chatted a bit more until we got to the idea of escaping. When Nightingale started talking about escaping, I turned away.

“What’s wrong?” Nightingale asked, sitting beside me.

I sighed. “Father got killed because he tried to escape,” I told him sadly.

Nightingale scooched closer. “But we’re not going to be killed this time,” he said softly. “We’re going to survive.” I sniffled and looked at him. He smiled back. “Do you want to hear or not?” he chirped softly at me.

“Hear what?” I asked him.

“My plan,” Nightingale answered me.

I looked at his hopeful expression and made up my mind. “Yes,” I answered.

Nightingale chirped on and on, saying, “Let’s hide me somewhere, and then Rio and her family will think you ate me. And then, they will drop another cricket. To drop another cricket inside this box, they will have to open the hole blocker. Once they open the hole blocker, we will be able to escape through the hole!” As he was talking, I flew around the box, just in case there were some small holes that I could get through with Nightingale. Finally, when he finished rambling on, I flew down and lay myself on the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Nightingale asked, worried.

“Hungry,” I answered in a croaky voice.

“What do you eat?” Nightingale asked fussily, pacing around the weird box. I shook myself. When somebody mentioned food, I would always have gone trying to find the yummy yellow flower nectar. But now since I had no food, I was nearly dying of hunger. “What do you eat?” Nightingale asked me louder.

“Yellow flower nectar!” I shouted back.

“Mom!” Rio’s voice shouted at the same time, “Stop those critters from being noisy!” Heavy footsteps came to the weird box, and the ground quaked. I folded my warm white wings around me, and my black antennas twitched with fright. I backed away from the Hoomin who was towering over us. A Haind hit the weird box, and it rocked dangerously, and Nightingale and I rocked along with it, clutching each other tightly.

“Try chirping again, and you’ll be sorry!” the mom snarled.

As the Hoomin left the room, I started searching for a spot where Nightingale could hide, so it looked like I ate him. I found a perfect spot under all the pebbles. I felt uncomfortable as I told Nightingale quietly about the hiding spot. I told him that he didn’t need to hide there since it would be very uncomfortable.

But Nightingale just answered, “I came from a pet shop, so I’m very used to uncomfortable places.” So, Nightingale lay in a little hole in the pebbles, and I buried him up.

I looked out this see-through thing and saw the beautiful sunshine. I longed to be out there with my friends. The yellow flowers weren’t in my sight, but I could still feel the tasty nectar down my throat.

The big Hoomins stomped into the room. The big one gasped so loud that it nearly knocked me right over. “We guessed right!” she gasped. “The butterfly ate the cricket!” Rio’s big Haind immediately swept over to the box of crickets. They opened up the hole blocker of the weird box and at that exact moment, I dug Nightingale out of the hole and, grasping him tightly, I flew out of the weird box.

The Hoomins chased after us, yelling like crazy and making the ground quake. We swerved and dived and got to a see-through thing. Lucky for us, it was open. We flew out, and I landed safely in lush green grass. I let Nightingale go, and he collapsed on the ground.

“Did that work well?” Nightingale asked.

“I guess,” I answered breathlessly.

Without warning, the ground began to quake. The Hoomins were coming.

“Watch out!” I hissed at Nightingale.

“No,” Nightingale said, “I’m tired of flying. I feel sick.”

“Well, too late,” I said, and I grasped him once again and flew into the air.

“No!” Nightingale shouted as he wriggled and squirmed, trying to go free.

“Careful,” I warned him, but it was too late. He wriggled free and suddenly, he was falling through the air.

“No!” I screamed. I looked behind me and saw the Hoomins running at full speed, Rio holding the tangly thingy. Then, I looked down once again at the falling Nightingale, screaming in terror.

I dove down towards Nightingale. My wings gave me even more speed as the wind whipped around me and slowed me down. Mother’s flying lesson lectures echoed in my head, and I felt even more determined and sad than ever. I wondered what Nightingale was thinking. Probably thinking of hitting the ground and dying. That’s what I would’ve been thinking about if I were him. And then I did it. I caught Nightingale just before he hit the ground. The wind had tore off part of his left foreleg, and his eyelids were red and puffy from the pollen in the air. Mother said that some other animals were allergic to pollen. I mean, literally! What do they eat?!

My stomach felt so empty that I couldn’t stand it. But I kept going.

“Nightingale!” I yelled over the wind as I flew quickly, “Where do the crickets live?”

“I think they live under the Hoomins holes and habitats!” Nightingale yelled back.

I dove down towards the bottom of the Hoomins home and ducked under the front steps. Footsteps of the big Hoomins shook the ground as they came after us. The Hoomins stopped by our hiding spot. I shivered. Did the Hoomins know that we were here? Nightingale and I stood still.

“Where are they?” Rio demanded.

“Let’s continue looking,” the mom said.

The Hoomins ran off again and at that moment, two eyes appeared from the dark. There was something queer about them. A figure appeared. It was the outline of a cricket.

“Ah,” the cricket said, coming into view, “another cricket.”

He patted Nightingale and said, “I will take care of him. You may go now.”

I nodded and flew out from under the home of the Hoomins and headed in the direction of the yellow flower gardens.

I saw the yellow flower garden ahead, and I sped up, my wings flapping frantically. “Hi, Mother!” I shouted. Mother turned her head in surprise. Her wings flapped with joy as she hugged me tight.

She touched me delicately once more. “Where were you?” she asked softly.

“Somewhere,” I answered mysteriously. She smiled down at me.

“Whirl!” a shrill voice shouted. Murl flew up to me and gave me a big hug. “Curl and I have been looking for you all day!”

“Really?” I felt stunned. “Where’s Curl?”

“She’s looking for you at the other yellow flower garden. C’mon! Curl will be so happy to see you again!”

I smiled to myself. What a lucky butterfly I am, to have the family I’ve got. Murl pulled on my antenna, and I let her drag me to the other yellow flower garden.

Curl’s greeting was the same as Murl’s. A shrill shriek of “Whirl!” and then a big hug. They were twins, after all.

We chatted a bit until a comforting antenna patted me on the back. I turned around… and there was Twirl! “Twirl!” I cried.

“Hello,” Twirl said. “Where were you?”

“Somewhere,” I said in that same tone I used on Mother.

“Pearl said that you were captured by the Hoomins. She was worried sick!”

I laughed weakly. “Oh, silly Pearl. She’ll probably be so glad that I’m here.”

At that moment, a shaken Pearl rose from behind Twirl. “Oh, Twirl. Can you please help with the rescue mission? It’s sooo impor-” Pearl noticed me standing there and flew over. “You’re here!” she cried, “That means a party!”

“True,” Twirl said, giving me a reassuring smile “This calls for a party!”

“You look so skinny! Go get some of that nectar! You’re also stressed out. Take a rest before this party starts!” Pearl fussed with me for a little while.

“PAR-TAY!” Curl and Murl sang, “We’re going to have a PAR-TAY!”

I thought of the scary Hoomins. I changed my mind. I don’t want revenge anymore. They’re too scary for butterflies to deal with. Never ever will I put myself in trouble again and never will I put my family in any.

I felt dizzy with happiness. Not only did I meet my family again, but I’m going to have a party! This is the best return ever!

My One and Only Haunted House Experience

“I can’t wait for the haunted house!” I screeched. It was 2014, and I was with my friend. We were about to go into the haunted house! But right before we went in, my friend somehow started to do a type of penguin dance.

“Wait! I need to go to the bathroom!” she hollered over the noise.

All the excitement washed away from me.

“Uhhhh!” I sighed.

Nine thousand billion trillion hours later…

“Finally! You came back!” I said with joy.

When we went in… we saw a person stab off a women’s neck and a butcher chainsawing off a man’s leg! But the part that locked in my memory the most (like my pool lock whenever I go swimming, I can’t even open it when I come back from the kid swimming section!) was when there was this zombie blocking our way to the next room. But since we were small, we could go under his arms. We just had to somehow distract him. I thought for a few minutes, and I finally came up with a plan. I whispered to my friend, and she agreed.

“You could go in front of me!” I told a stranger behind us.

“Oh! How nice of you!”

But they didn’t know our plan!

I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL!!!” I heard the zombie who was blocking us say.

While all that action was happening, my friend and I snuck under the zombie’s arms, and finally, we made it to the next room! After the haunted house, I was surprisingly proud of myself for making up that plan! You have to admit, it was pretty impressive considering I was only five!!!


“I will get you next Halloween! For I am… The Human Blocker!”

Sean and Alex


Part One: Atlantis

Once there was a boy named Sean, and his friend named Alex loved to adventure. When they were teenagers, their parents told them to look for a different world without them, to be independent. They just graduated high school and came home from graduation when their parents said, “Good job, kids. Get out of the house. Be independent. Go explore.”

And then they went home and they started packing. They didn’t pack too much. They just packed as much as their blue and green backpack could hold. They packed diving stuff, food, and money. Their goal was to discover Atlantis. At first, they look in the marine area, wearing flippers and goggles and scuba tanks. It looked like water, green and blue water with a lot of sea animals, like blue, red, orange, and green fish.

They went on a boat to the sea to look for new worlds like Atlantis. Then, they jumped off the boat and went scuba-diving. They went deeper and deeper until they saw a squid. It looked like a black monster with eight tentacles and chased them until they went into a little hole where the squid couldn’t get in. And then one of them took the goggles off and said, “Hey, why isn’t there water in here?” Then, the other one took off the goggles, and they went exploring.

They found a boot, a sailing cap, and bones. Then, they started walking around, but it was a dead-end because there was a large shipwreck. They jumped on the ship and looked around to see if they could find anything, but there was nothing to be found. But then, they saw something glowing in the ship. Then, they went under to look. Then, they saw something glowing in a cap.  

They went in that room, and then Alex touched it, and a voice said, “Don’t touch it! Get out of here!” And then, bones came out of the ground. And the bones arranged into human forms. The bone people had swords, but then Alex and Sean started running to the other end to get out. While they were running, they put on their goggles, but then they went out into the water, the deep sea.

Again, they bumped into something bad. They saw a shark! Then, they took out swords they got from the skeletons. The skeletons were mad about that. Then, the shark saw them, so Alex and Sean took their swords out and stabbed the shark. The shark wailed and backed off, and left. Then, Alex and Sean wanted to go deeper until they saw a city. And a cobblestone sign said, Welcome to Atlantis! Then, they took out cameras and started taking pictures. Then, they went back up to the boat and went home to tell their parents about Atlantis.


Part Two: A Different Solar System

Alex and Sean asked their parents if they could go to space. The parents said yes. Then, Alex and Sean went to the space station. They took a bus there and a blue, white, and green rocket ship made by NASA. They felt really happy in the rocket ship, and the rocket said, “Five… Four… Three… Two… One… BLAST OFF!”

Then, they went into space. When they got into space, they put on space suits, and the space suits gave them air to go outside. Then, they went outside, and they went on Mars. Mars was cold and orange, and there were a lot of mountains. And he saw some aliens with some red spots. Then, they were hungry, and they wanted some restaurants to eat at. Then, they saw one named The Mars Hotel. Then, they went in. It looked like a huge place with tons of floors made of marble with carpets. They went to book a room and to order some food. And they ate the food, and it was pretty good, but they didn’t remember what they came there for.

There were a lot of video games there, and they got carried away until Alex said, “Should we leave?”

And Sean said, “Yes. I can’t remember what we came here for.”

Alex said, “Neither can I.”

But then, they left. They left that restaurant. They went back to their spaceship, and they flew off to a different solar system, and one of the planets there was named Candyland. Then, Alex said, “Please! Please! Please! Can we stop there?”

And Sean said, “Yes.”

And then, the auto-driven spaceship landed on Candyland. And then, Alex and Sean climbed out and went to eat some candy. The delicious-looking candy was peppermint and before Alex licked it, Sean smelled some poison in it, so he told Alex not to have it. Alex went back to the spaceship to take the map, and Sean took a walk. Sean went to look at the other candies, to see if they were poisonous. And then Mr. Candy said, “Get out of my land!” Then, Sean ran back to the spaceship and made his spaceship leave, and they left, going back home.


Part Three: Climbing mountains

Alex and Sean asked their parents once again if they could go climb on mountains. Their parents said yes. So they went to Mount Kilimanjaro. It was super tall, taller than the Empire State Building. Then, they started climbing. When it became dark, they were a quarter of the way there. They camped there. The campsite was just like rocks, and they built their own grayish, greenish fabric tent. In the night, they heard squawking. In the morning, they started climbing again. They were so fast, they climbed up and down the mountain until it became dark.

Then, they went to Mount Everest. At Mount Everest, they climbed it halfway. And then they had dinner. They had burgers and steak, and it tasted good. Then, they went to bed in their campsite. In the campsite, they heard a bear, and they came out of their tent in the middle of the night and saw a bear coming into their tent. They got out a knife and stabbed the bear. Then, they started climbing again with a flashlight. And they saw a man, sitting there, and they asked him, “What are you doing there?”

The guy said, “Can you help me climb this mountain?”

Sean said yes. Then, they started climbing. They went to the top. They were shivering because they didn’t have any jackets. The end.


Part Four: Conclusion

Alex and his mom and Sean and his mom talked. Sean and Alex said, “We want to stay at home. We’ve been on so many adventures.”

Sean’s mom said, “Okay, we’ll let you stay at home.”

Sean and Alex said, “Thanks!”


The End!


The Strong Pencil, the Weak Eraser, and the Evil Microphone

The eraser said to the pencil, “I want to die.”


“Because kids wipe me on the paper, and it hurts a lot, and they hit me with pencils when they play hockey.”

The pencil said, “Kids throw me around, and throw me on the ground, and they crack my friends in half, and write with me. Some kids put me into you, and it hurts a lot.”

Then, a microphone came and screamed at the children. “Don’t throw pencils, and don’t hit erasers,” said the microphone. Then, the microphone turned to the pencil and eraser, and the microphone said, “Pay me or else I will scream so loud I will break your ears!”

Then, the pencil and the eraser decided to run. The microphone was chasing them while screaming.

Then, the pencil and eraser ran away.

They went to the pencil box, and the microphone couldn’t fit, so it started screaming. It said, “Come, come, come out!”

Then, the pencil came out and tried to poke him off the table to break the SHHHHHH BOOM. The microphone cracked into pieces, but the eraser was still shivering with fear.


A Friend’s Secret

There once was a tiny panda bear named Teddy who lived with his parents in a bamboo forest. They could talk, but they couldn’t expose their secret to humans. They were afraid that humans would capture the pandas, force them to talk to humans, and prove that pandas could talk. The humans would separate the panda families and would kill some of them because they were afraid of their talking because it wasn’t natural.  They would put the others in zoos and cages. This family had a house in the bamboo forest and had one child. They lived in a community with a couple of panda families that had kids that were much older than Teddy. When Teddy approached the older kids to play, they excluded him and pretended he was not there. Teddy was always really sad because nobody bothered to be his friend. Teddy always tried to talk to his parents, but they were always too busy or at work. When Teddy was lonely, he went to his secret hideout and drew pictures of him being friends with other pandas.

Teddy was a curious, little panda. The little panda named Teddy had no friends and hoped to make friends, but since pandas were in danger, he had less of a chance of making friends with other pandas. Teddy dreamt of being friends with humans, but he knew it wasn’t possible and he wasn’t allowed to. One day, Teddy was strolling in the forest when he suddenly saw a boy that was walking down the pathway through the bamboo forest. Teddy knew he wasn’t supposed to talk to the boy, but this was his only chance to make friends. The bamboo forest was surrounded by a national park and was protected by the rangers and only had a few pandas to worry about. Because of the small number of pandas, the park was about to close. So, he took his chance.

“Hello, would you like to be my friend?” said Teddy.

The boy literally jumped by the sound of Teddy’s voice. The boy’s name was Parker. He lived with his parents in a house near the forest. His parents were scientists studying pandas, and he was an only child.

“Who said that?” said Parker.

“I said that!” exclaimed Teddy. Teddy curiously got out of his hiding place and started to walk slowly to Parker because he was not so sure that he could trust Parker yet. Parker was speechless. It’s not everyday that you get to see a talking bear. Parker was confused and scared. Why is a panda bear talking? Is he dangerous? Is he going to hurt me?

“Don’t be afraid! I just want to be friends. Just don’t tell anybody I can talk,” Teddy said.

“Okay,” Parker said, but he was still confused how Teddy could talk.

“My name is Teddy, and I’m pretty lonely, so I really do just want friends,” Teddy said.

“Okay, but I can’t stay here for long because I have to go back to my parents,” Parker said.

“This is a secret. Even my parents don’t know that I’m talking to you because I’m not allowed to talk to humans,” Teddy said.

“Okay. I promise!” Parker said.

Teddy was still a little scared and wasn’t fully comfortable, but he wanted to be friends and didn’t want to cause harm to anyone. In the distance, both Teddy and Parker heard Parker’s parents calling for him.

“I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you soon,” Parker said, and then Teddy ran back to his parents and reached home just in time for his family’s dinner.

“Where were you?” Teddy’s mom asked.

“I was exploring the forest,” Teddy stammered.

“You aren’t allowed to go too far out, or else you’ll get lost,” Teddy’s mom reminded him.

“Okay,” Teddy said and got up and washed his dishes and went to bed.

The next day, Teddy woke up and made sure that nothing was a dream by pinching himself. It was not a dream! He had just talked to a human! Teddy had never lied before, and it didn’t feel good to lie. He realized that he shouldn’t have talked to Parker — it could put all the pandas in danger! He could always make friends with the other pandas that their neighbors would give birth to. Teddy felt awful for what he had done. Teddy combed his tangled fur, and he went downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast he had bamboo and fresh water from the stream. In the dining room there was a smooth bamboo table with comfy bamboo chairs and a little wash basin at the corner of the room. Teddy slipped outside and hurried through the winding trees of bamboo, moss, and rocks. When Teddy finally got there, he waited behind the tree just in case other people came and Teddy accidentally thought that they were Parker. When Parker finally came, Teddy slipped out of the trees and walked toward him.

“Hi!” said Teddy. “Come with me. I want to show you something!”

Teddy showed Parker how to climb over the fence and led him through the trees until they came across the stream behind the trees, so Teddy’s parents didn’t see them. They talked about their parents and about what they did. Parker said that his parents were scientists, so right now they were studying pandas. Teddy said that his parents worked at the food workshop and made sure there weren’t any bugs in the food. Once they got bored of talking, Teddy took Parker a little deeper into the woods and showed him his secret hideout. It had a ladder underground that led into a tiny room with drawings and a little chair pushed to the corner of the room. On the other side there was a tiny cupboard with bamboo inside in case Teddy got hungry. Teddy showed Parker all the other tiny rooms, and then they went back to where they started. Once they were done, they crawled back up and went back through the path of winding bamboo trees back to the walkway. They saw Parker’s parents coming down. Teddy quickly went behind a tree.

“See you later,” Parker whispered to Teddy.

Teddy strolled back to his house. Teddy reached his house just in time for lunch. He quickly ate his lunch and went upstairs to take a nap.

When Teddy woke up, he felt exhausted. Teddy heard his parents calling him downstairs to meet his aunt and uncle.

“This is your aunt and uncle. They have just moved in,” Teddy’s mom said.

“They will be staying the night in your room, so you will have to stay in our room,” Teddy’s dad said.

Immediately, Teddy went upstairs and started packing his belongings. He packed his stuffed panda bear, his book on the national park, his bamboo lava lamp, and his panda pajamas. Then, he put that all into a rucksack, and he left it by his bed. He then went back downstairs for dinner, which was bamboo stew. He slowly ate his stew, thinking about Parker. Is Parker going to stay here, or is he going to leave? And does he even like me?

When he was done with dinner, he took all the dishes and handed out dessert, which was bamboo pie. After dessert, he took the dishes and washed them in the sink and went back to the table for conversations.

“What if somebody told our secret? We’d be in grave danger!” his Aunt Beatrice said. Suddenly, Teddy thought twice about his actions with Parker and started feeling sick.

“I’m going to bed now,” Teddy told his parents.

“Why so early?” asked his Dad.

“I don’t feel too good,” Teddy stammered. He felt uncomfortable and just wanted to tell them what he had done, but then he would get in a lot of trouble, and he didn’t want to. He quickly rushed upstairs and changed into his panda pajamas and went into his parents’ bedroom, and laid awake on his back with his eyes closed, thinking about what he had done.

The next morning, Teddy didn’t want to get out of bed. He didn’t want to meet Parker and didn’t want to cause harm to anyone anymore.

Meanwhile, at the walkway, Parker looked around for Teddy and shouted out his name, but didn’t see him. He tried going to the hideout and looked for him, just in case he was there, but he wasn’t. Parker started to worry. What happened to Teddy? Parker slowly walked back, feeling mad that Teddy didn’t show up. He was really disappointed that Teddy didn’t want to come, because he told him he would be there. He walked towards his parents.

“Let’s go home,” he said to his parents.

The next day, Teddy went to the walkway.  He knew Parker had been looking for him because Teddy had heard Parker calling the day before, and he knew Parker had been mad because he had heard Parker stomping his feet.  Teddy didn’t see Parker at the walkway and went back home. Teddy realized that he should have gone to Parker, and he should’ve talked things out, but he didn’t. He also realized that telling Parker about his secret was really wrong, and he was not going to be friends with Parker anymore.

Teddy went home feeling really sad and disappointed in himself. He should’ve talked things out with Parker, but he couldn’t anymore because Parker was gone, and he deserved that.

Teddy went to his hideout and drew himself and Parker as not friends anymore. Teddy never realized that Parker had been to his hideout to see if he was there. He also never realized that Parker had accidentally told his parents that pandas could talk! Parker felt terrible! He promised Teddy that he wouldn’t tell his secret. Should I go back and talk things out with Teddy and say I am sorry? Will Teddy be waiting for me? He chose to do the right thing. He went to the walkway when his parents were at work.

Back at the walkway, Teddy sat on top of the fence feeling disappointed that Parker wasn’t there. Suddenly, Teddy saw Parker approaching him. As Parker walked toward him, Teddy said he was sorry for what he had done. He shouldn’t have left Parker alone and not responded to him. Teddy also told him that he shouldn’t have told him that pandas could talk. Parker said that what he did was even worse. He had accidentally told his parents that pandas can talk.

“Oh no! We have to do something about it and stop them from telling other humans!” Teddy said.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t know what I was doing when I told them,” Parker said.

“It’s okay. I understand. What I did was also really wrong. I should’ve worked things out with you. I shouldn’t have told you my secret in the first place even though I trust you,” Teddy said. “Let’s go to my hideout, and we can talk things out there.”

Parker followed Teddy back to the hideout, and they both sat at the table. Teddy pulled out two pieces of paper and two pencils. They both started brainstorming ideas on how they could solve their problem.

Suddenly, Teddy came up with an idea! “Parker, you can go home and tell your parents you were joking about how pandas can talk.”

“Great idea!” said Parker. “Then they will forget about what I said!”

Teddy led Parker out of the hideout and back to the walkway because Parker was still not used to all the bamboo trees and how to get through them. Once they got back to the walkway, Parker said goodbye and climbed over the fence. Teddy walked back to his hideout through the green, lush trees with moss covered rocks. In the air there was a scent of fresh dew on the moss. When Teddy got there, he grabbed all the weaved bamboo boxes he could find and carried them back home. He needed them because his family was moving into a different house, so his aunt and uncle would not have to sleep in his room. When he was done with packing, he heard the door open, and his mom, dad, aunt, and uncle entered. They carried bamboo boxes in their hands. Teddy left all the boxes with his belongings by the door. They were moving in two days. After everyone was done packing, there were a lot of boxes by the door. Teddy’s mom started packing all the dishes and pots and pans. Teddy stripped the sheets in the bedrooms and packed them into a box. Since Teddy’s hideout had a couple of rooms, they slept there for the night.

When they woke up, the scent of bamboo and fresh sunlight came in from the open light. For breakfast they had some bamboo. Teddy quickly got dressed and went for a walk outside. Surrounding him was a lush forest of dew, moss covered rocks, and a hundred bamboo trees. Teddy walked to the walkway and sat on the rocks eating bamboo and watched all the tourists stare in awe at him. He waited for Parker, but it didn’t take long. When nobody was looking, Parker snuck over the fence. Teddy told Parker about how his parents were in the hideout and how they were moving in one day. They sat on the grass behind the trees talking in whispers so nobody would see or hear them. In the distance, they heard Teddy’s parents calling him for lunch. Parker quietly snuck over the fence when nobody was looking. Teddy hurried back home through the path of winding trees and moss covered rocks until he came across the river. He grabbed a big log and carefully walked over it. He reached the hideout and went into the room with a table in the middle and a couple of cupboards on the side of the room. He quickly ate lunch and went back outside over the stream and through the winding path of trees. When he reached the walkway, Parker was waiting for him. They went back to Teddy’s old house and went up to his room.

Teddy asked Parker, “How did it go with your parents? Did they believe that you were joking?”

Parker said, “No, they didn’t believe me because I sounded serious when I said it. I’m sorry.”

Teddy said, “It’s okay, we can find another idea. Wait here. I’m going to go to the hideout and get a couple of pieces of paper.”

Parker said, “Okay.”

Teddy went back to the hideout and grabbed a couple of pieces of paper and then went back to Parker. They sat at the table and jotted down some ideas that they had, but none of them made sense. They didn’t know what to do, and they didn’t want Parker’s parents to tell anybody else.

Teddy came up with an idea that might work, which was Parker telling his parents that they can’t tell anybody, but then Teddy realized that then Parker’s parents would know that pandas can talk. They sat there thinking and thinking, but they didn’t know what they should do. Teddy told Parker that he should go home and that he will try to think of some ideas.

Teddy led Parker back to the walkway, and they both said goodbye. Teddy went back home. Teddy went into his bedroom in the hideout and sat at his desk and tried to think of some ideas, but he didn’t think any of them would work.

Teddy finally thought of an idea that might work. Parker would talk to Teddy in front of his parents, but Teddy wouldn’t respond, and then his parents would believe that Teddy couldn’t talk.

After dinner that night, Teddy went to bed and woke up eager to try his idea. He quickly got out of bed and packed his breakfast in a little container and ran back to the walkway. He waited until Parker came and told him his idea. Parker agreed to try this idea, so he got his parents to come with him. Teddy stayed behind the fence just in case they tried to take him to study him. Parker came back with his parents following him and showed them Teddy. Parker talked to Teddy, but Parker knew that Teddy wouldn’t respond. That was part of the idea.

Parker told him, “Hello. What’s your name?”

Teddy sat there and pretended to look confused. He tilted his head to make it even more realistic.

Parker told his parents, “See? Pandas can’t talk.”

His parents said to him, “So then why did you say that pandas could talk?”

Parker said, “Since you guys are really serious scientists, I just wanted you to laugh for once.”

Parker’s parents said, “Let us try to talk to him.” They tried talking to Teddy, but Teddy just ignored them. They said, “We have to go, so please don’t do that again. You disturbed us. You’re grounded. You can’t come here for two days.”

Parker said, “Come on!”

Once Parker’s parents went, Teddy said, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” said Parker.

Parker slowly walked home, disappointed that he couldn’t see Teddy for two days. At least it wasn’t for four days. Plus, by the time he was ungrounded, he would be able to at least see some of their new home. Two days passed slowly in those days. Teddy moved to his new home which was pretty big, and it had a ton of rooms. Parker was really eager to see Teddy’s new home, at least on the outside. Finally, on the day that Parker was ungrounded, he went to the walkway and met Teddy, who led him to their new home on the outside.

“Wait here, I want to get something!” Teddy said.

“Okay,” said Parker.

When Teddy went inside, Teddy’s parents glanced outside the window and were shocked to see a human.

“Young man! Explain yourself!” his mom said.

“Uh oh!” Teddy said.

Teddy’s mom had a very stern look on her face.

“Did you tell a human our secret?” said his dad.

“Maybe… well… we kind of just maybe became good friends,” said Teddy.

“Do you know how much danger you put us in?” said his mom.

“Well, I trust him. He’ll keep the secret really safe,” said Teddy.

“How long have you been friends with this boy?” said his dad.

“Well, maybe a month or two,” said Teddy.

His parents were really angry. Luckily, his aunt and uncle were out for a walk. Thank goodness!

“I’m really sorry, but I just don’t have any friends!”

“Well, if our secret is safe with him, it should be good,” said his parents.

Teddy thought, Phew! I thought this was going to be worse.

“You’re going to be grounded for five days,” said his dad.

Teddy felt awful and didn’t know what to do. He went back outside and told Parker the disappointing news and how annoying it was. He would be grounded for five days!

“You should go. I’ll get in more trouble if you stay here longer,” Teddy said.

“Okay,” said Parker.

Teddy led Parker back to the walkway, since the path was a little bit different. Teddy felt awful. He had gotten in so much trouble, and he didn’t want Parker to also have the punishment of not seeing him. Teddy walked back home slowly and sadly. His parents told him to go to his room. Teddy laid on his bed on his stomach. He was hungry but didn’t have anything in his bedroom.

“Mom!” Teddy said. “Can I have something to eat? I’m hungry!”

“Come down here and get something if you want something!”

“Okay,” said Teddy.

Teddy slowly dragged his feet down the stairs into the kitchen to the pantry, opening the door with a sad face on him. He looked in the mirror and thought to himself, Oof! I look awful! There were wet stains on him and green patches of leaf stains on him. I better take a shower, he thought to himself. He quickly got his clothes and went into the fresh, lemon scented bathroom. It smells like lemons, he thought. He used his fur body wash from Pandaphora. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself cozily. Five days passed slowly, and in those days, Teddy stayed in his room, practicing his juggling. Usually the ball would bounce on his head and he would get a huge bump on it. His juggling got better and better every day. On the last day, he decided to just lie in bed and sleep. He was happy because he was ungrounded at last.

“Finally!” he said to himself. “Ungrounded!”

Parker was waiting at the walkway when Teddy was there.

“I’m ungrounded!” Teddy told Parker.

“Yay! Finally!” said Parker. “Those five days sure went by slowly.”

They went to Teddy’s hideout and hung out, talking about what had happened in those five days.

“Well, I’ve been getting better at juggling. Want to see?” Teddy said.

“Okay… ” Parker said, unsure.

Teddy grabbed three clementines and started juggling them, but they kept on falling on his head. Teddy and Parker laughed hysterically. They were on the floor, rolling on their backs cheerfully. They were friends in secret.

The End


The Diary of Sir Littleton III


December 1, 1924

Hello, my name is Sir Littleton III. I live in London, England. I have been having some rough times lately. I only want a friend, but how could a little mouse like me find a friend in London? I also have to escape mean people who chase me with brooms!

And guess where I live? An old pipe in a wall! Aieeee! Mouse! Oops! Sorry, gotta run! Bye!

December 2, 1924

I’m back!

I went to the museum by sneaking into some lady’s purse to get away from those mean people with brooms. When I was there, I heard some priests talking about how they should respect all life. That’s it! I thought. I could live in the church! I am going to be a church mouse!

I rushed home, stuffed my things in my doll’s suitcase, and headed straight for the church.

I scurried through the crowd and found a pair of fancy, comfy shoes to live in. I felt like a one pound weight was lifted off my tiny shoulders (which is a lot for a mouse).

Then, I decided I needed to look like a church mouse. I snuck into the priest’s dressing room and cut a tiny robe from his big one and put it on. Then, I cut off the top of his hat and put that on too. Finally, to top it all off, I took the long stick he carries and broke off the top. I went back to my shoe to get dressed. I looked fabulous! Amazing! Beautiful! I was a real church mouse. While I sat in the shoes and read a torn off piece of the bible, I heard a THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! The priest was coming! I shut my eyes tight and put my paws in front of my snout, hoping I would not get killed, when he picked me up and hugged me.

“My, my, you’d make a great pet,” he said.

Well, chop my cheese, I thought. He wants to keep me as a pet!

“And where did you get those adorable little clothes?”

My little snout went redder than a tomato.

“Oh, who cares? You are the cutest thing I ever saw!”

Suddenly, I heard a scream from the dressing room.

“Eek! Somebody ruined my clothes!”

“Lorenzo, what’s more important — clothes or animals?”

“FINE, but if I catch that dirty mouse doing anything with my things again, I promise, I will get revenge!” he snarled.

I shivered like I was in Antarctica.

That night, I slept in my shoe. When I woke up, I continued reading the torn off bible page. A cold, wrinkly thing pushed down on my snout. Wait a minute… that was Lorenzo’s foot! Ew! Lorenzo stomped into the shoes and started walking down the hall. I screamed for help, but to everybody else it sounded like SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK!

“Aw, are you okay, mouse?” Lorenzo laughed.

Great, now I’m stuck in a shoe getting crushed by none other than Lorenzo’s foot, I thought.

When I thought all hope was lost, the priest came running in screaming.


Now it was Lorenzo’s turn to go as red as a tomato. When the priest looked at his shoe, he went paler than a ball of mozzarella.

“Y-y-you… you took my mouse!” he stuttered. “YOU TOOK MY MOUSE!” he screamed.

Then, he ran over to the phone and dialed 9-1-1 to report animal abuse. The police rushed over and arrested Lorenzo. He was very mad. After that, the priest and I lived a happy and calm life together.




Once upon a time, there were two goldfish. One was Pretzel, and one was Cheddar. One day, they were swimming by a coral reef, and they found an extra cheddar goldfish, who was Cheddar’s mom. Extra Cheddar said that Pretzel and Cheddar needed to take a nap.

When they were supposed to be napping, they were whispering and talking, and Pretzel said to Cheddar, “I wish we were rulers of the sea.”
Pretzel said, “Ooh, me too. I wonder how we can become rulers.”

After their nap, Cheddar’s mother sent them out to play in the playground, which was the coral reef. When they got to the playground, they found Pizza goldfish. Then, Pretzel said, “Pizza, I wish we were all rulers.”

“I agree, I wonder how we could become rulers,” Pizza said.

Pizza, Pretzel, and Cheddar swam around the reef to try to think of a way to become rulers. They couldn’t think of anything, but then Pizza goldfish said, “I thought of something. We can go back to our house and have a snack there and think. Maybe we’re swimming around too much and can’t think about becoming rulers.”

So they went back, but they just ran into Pizza-Pretzel goldfish, Pizza and Pretzel’s mom. They asked their mom if they could go back home and have a snack, and she said, “Yes.” Then, they sat at the kitchen table and thought. Cheddar had an idea that they could go the ruler of the sea so they could ask to become assistant rulers. Pizza and Pretzel went to their mom to ask if they could go see the ruler of the sea.

She said, “No, you guys have been asking too much. When you guys are older, you can go out on your own and ask.”

Cheddar, Pretzel, and Pizza were all sad, and they had to think, think, think. Pretzel had an idea. “How about Pizza and I tell our mom that our birthday is coming up soon and if we can go then because we’ll be older.”

They asked their mom, and she decided it was okay with her, but Cheddar couldn’t go because she was younger. Cheddar felt sad because she wasn’t allowed to go, but Pizza and Pretzel were allowed to. She swam slow.

Pizza had an idea so Cheddar could come along with them. Cheddar saved just enough money to buy five pairs of sock. Each pair one size larger than the other. They went to Cheddar’s house and asked if she could measure Cheddar again to see how much bigger she’d gotten. Then, Cheddar put on all the socks to make her look taller to her mom. Her mom said, “How many pairs of socks is that.”

Then, Cheddar pulled up the largest sock to cover the smaller socks and said, “Only one.”

Her mom said, “Let me measure those socks,” and she saw that they were way too big on Cheddar’s fin, and she asked to take off the sock. Cheddar pulled them all off at the same time, and they came inside out. Then, Cheddar’s mom said “Cheddddarrrr, go into the house and have a time-out for five minutes.”

Cheddar was so upset that she started crying.

Pizza and Pretzel were having a playdate at Cheddar’s house, and they ran out and tried to see if there was any way they could become rulers and then make Cheddar a ruler too. They went to the ruler’s castle, but the drawbridge was up, so they went back to Cheddar’s house. Cheddar’s mom was in the kitchen. “We are going up to Cheddar’s room,” Pretzel said. They were really just going out the back door. They went out, and they went to the ruler’s castle. The drawbridge was down, and they went inside.

They asked the ruler, “Can we please be rulers?”

“Yes, but you need to take a test to see if you can rule properly. And it’s a very hard test, and nobody has passed it but me.”

“We’ll take the test!” they all said at once.

“Here are the questions: If another army comes, what would you do?”

Pizza, Pretzel, and Cheddar talked, and Pizza said, “Ask your army to fight back.”

“Yes. What would you do if someone came to visit?”
They talked, and then Pretzel said, “Give them your guest room and make them feel very welcome.”

“Yes. Name three good rules for the kingdom.”

Cheddar said, “Look both ways before you cross the street.” Cheddar was really frustrated because she was having lots of trouble coming up with rules. Then, she said, “Be nice to others.” Last, she said, “You have to brush your teeth every morning.”

The ruler said yes to all of them. They all became rulers, and they all got a castle. The castles had a big dining room, a huge kitchen, an amazingly large living room, lots of bathrooms, and lots of bedrooms. There was one tower where the throne was. The throne was made of red velvet. Pizza, Pretzel, and Cheddar had the castle to themselves, but their parents got to stay with them. They were very happy that they became rulers.

In their kingdom, real goldfish lived. They ate seaweed and sand. Their supermarket was a very sandy and seaweed-y place. They watched movies, read books, and played with their friends. Every day, the little fish went to a school of fish, and the houses looked like bubbles. Pizza, Pretzel, and Cheddar were the best rulers ever.

The End


Coco At The Circus

Coco is an elephant. She likes to go to the circus. In Coco’s world, there are no people because one day people invaded their world, but no one got hurt. Every year, there is a circus to celebrate that they are safe. Today is the day of January first, so they celebrate today! Coco goes to the circus and gets popcorn and cotton candy. She sits down and gets comfy. She is very excited. First, the horses come with beautiful feathers on the top of their heads. The ladies on top of the horses also have feathers on the top of their heads and beautiful headdresses. The riders twirl and dance on top of the horses. Coco really likes it. Every rider has a special color for their costume. Next, there are clowns. They are juggling eight bananas each. They hop on one leg. They also dance and juggle and do all different kinds of things when they juggle. Then, they start juggling with their feet and do the exact same things that they did when they were juggling with their hands. Next, there is a bear that can unlock itself from its cage. So, it unlocks itself. Everybody is surprised. Then, the bear goes back into his cage and locks himself up again. The audience is relieved. Then, the bear starts going in and out of his cage. In and out, in and out, over and over again. The audience laughs. When the circus is done, Coco is happy because there is another circus for animals that could not come today. But the next day, some of the things are missing! “Oh no!” cries Coco. So, she decides she would try and look for them. She looks in stores, her neighbor’s house, streets and sidewalks, but she still cannot find them. She goes back to the circus to look for clues, and she sees footprints. They look like bear footprints. That is odd, she thinks. She follows the footprints to the bear’s cage! She looks all around the cage, but she cannot find them. Then, she notices the bear’s blanket is bumpy, so she looks there, and she finds them! So, she tells the ringmaster she found the missing things. They have the circus the next day, thanks to Coco.

The End


Faller Killed Killer

Once upon a time there was a snowflake named Killer. He looked like he had many swords, and they were made of ice. His were semicircles. He was white and clear. He lived in Alaska on a tree. Next to that tree lived Faller, who was a snowflake, which was clear and was very irritating. Faller looked like he was a fan, so whenever you spun him, he would give you air. Before, when they both were not fighting, Killer used to spin Faller. When Faller thought, I don’t like it when he spins me, he started to irritate Killer. He would make lots of noise in the night when Killer was sleeping. Then, in the morning, he used to come in his living room and open the window shades and put music in his room and then wake him up. Then, Faller ran out, and he fell down. When he would fall down, he started spinning.

When Killer and Faller saw the biggest star in the sky in the night, Killer decided in the morning he was going to kill Faller because he irritated him so much

Killer had many swords, and he was holding seven swords. He was very dangerous. He was bigger than Faller. Faller was like snow and often fell.

One day, Killer put one of his swords in Faller’s body and took it out. He broke Faller’s flake. Then, Faller fell. Faller was flying again. When Faller had fallen on the ground, Killer came and tried to eat him up. Faller had no swords but had many flakes. He cut his flakes into two pieces, but then cut them off the middle and made them into swords. Faller pointed them on Killer, and he stabbed them through Killer. First, Killer had ten swords, but now Faller took three of his swords, and he only had seven left.

Faller thought, Why does Killer always try kill me and melt me? If Killer kills me, I can’t come back. He almost succeeded!

He saw one of his flakes on the ground and made a boomerang out of them to kill Killer.

But Killer took the boomerang and made that one of his swords. They both were fighting. Then, Faller broke one of Killer’s swords and made that his mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty, mighty sword. It was very sharp. It was very dangerous. It could go through Killer’s wings.

Then, Killer thought, I have to get revenge.

But Killer almost died. Faller used his mighty sword to cut Killer in half. Faller took part of Killer’s body to make another sword. Then, Faller took another part of Killer and made it into a mighty sword. He now had three more swords. Faller made one of his swords into metal by putting a metal piece he had and then put fire in that. Then, Faller went into Killer’s heart with his sword, and then Killer melted into water. Faller was happy, because Killer used to kill everyone. He was dancing!

The Twins that Never Fight

Once, there were two twins who lived in New York in Manhattan. Elizabeth and Grace were their names, and they were five years old. They both had brown hair, blue eyes, they were missing two teeth, and they had peach skin. They lived with their mom and their dad. They shared a room, and they liked each other a lot. They liked to do a lot of things together, and their favorite thing to do together was eat ice cream. And they were different in one way. Elizabeth played soccer, and Grace didn’t play soccer. She would rather fix her hair. They both liked to dance.

There was a big dance competition coming up. Grace and Elizabeth were dancing around in their uniforms for the dance competition. They had known about the competition for a month, and they practiced every day. They loved to practice. Grace remembered that they would get to go out to dinner after the competition, and they rarely get to go out to dinner. Their mom said they could get dessert. If they won, they would get to pick what restaurant they got to go to. If they didn’t win, their mom and dad would pick the restaurant. Grace and Elizabeth were excited, so they practiced really hard. They had five days before the dance competition.

Later that day, Elizabeth used Grace’s lip gloss. Grace got mad at Elizabeth, and she ripped her poster for soccer and threw her trophy on the ground. It broke in half. Elizabeth ran and told her mom, crying. Her mom told Grace not to throw trophies because someone can get really hurt. Grace thought maybe they would not make up, and they would miss the dance competition. So, Grace went and told Elizabeth that it was okay that she used her lip gloss. Elizabeth said that she wasn’t mad anymore. They made up and hugged and kept practicing for the dance competition. They turned on this weird music and thought it was the song for the dance competition, so they danced to the weird music.

The night before the dance competition, Grace thought as she slept, Am I gonna win? Am I gonna win? Am I gonna win? Then, she woke up and went to get water and went back to sleep.

In the morning, Grace and Elizabeth got their uniforms and matching bows on. They were red with white sparkles. They got in the car and drove off to Sag Harbor for the dance competition. It was a five hour car trip. At the competition, the judge called their names. They were first. They walked onto the big stage and started to dance with the weird music, but then different music came on, and they had to dance with that music instead. They just went with it and copied each other. Eight people danced after them. No one was as good as Elizabeth and Grace. At the end, they crossed their fingers that they would win first place. They jinxed that they would not win the competition. They put the first place on the board, and it was Grace and Elizabeth! They drove to the restaurant they picked, Maxwell’s, and ate dinner. They each got chocolate ice cream for dessert.



The Evil Santa

Every night on Christmas Eve, Evil Santa takes toys from the innocent boys and girls. The Good Santa couldn’t help because he was kidnapped by the Evil Santa. Evil Santa first kidnapped Good Santa 200 years ago, and it had been going on since then. The old Good Santa tried to send a secret message to the elves to ride the reindeer sleigh to save them, but they couldn’t do it and couldn’t get back.

One day, an elf heard on the radio that someone was stealing presents on Christmas Eve again. So the elf said, “I’m going to finally stop this thief.”

He was going to go on Santa’s sleigh. He didn’t know how to ride the sleigh, but he did it anyway. They said the robber was in New York City, so the elf had to go with the reindeer to New York. When he got to New York, he saw a lot of beautiful stuff he never saw before. He saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

When he passed a few houses, he saw someone sneaking into someone’s house. He stopped outside of the building, and he went inside the elevator. There were too many floors, so he picked floor three. Then, he went into someone’s room, but they were sleeping, and they had a dog. The elf didn’t want to wake the dog and be seen, so he walked quietly. Then, he saw someone at the Christmas tree. He did a sneak attack. He went on the ceiling, and then he jumped onto Evil Santa. Evil Santa yelled, “How did you get up there?!” It was a little loud, but it didn’t wake the people. But it woke up the dog. The dog was barking, and the man saw Evil Santa but not the elf because the elf was too small. The guy went on Evil Santa. They were fighting for a long time until Evil Santa got away.

The elf was under the bed, and he still couldn’t get out. He was in big trouble. He didn’t know what to do until the dog saw him under the bed. The dog was growling at him. Then, the guy told the dog to be quiet. They went back to sleep. The elf went away, but the guy saw him. The guy told his wife that someone stole presents from their house, and an elf was in the house too. So he called the police and pressed the fire alarm.

The police came quickly. The elf was running so slow. The police were chasing him, and he was scared. His hands were sweaty, and his heart was beating quickly, so he called the reindeer. They came with the big sleigh. They were off again. The cops were so jealous that they were flying in Santa’s sleigh. The elf said, “Now the cops want to get me. I’m a criminal!”

The elf was hungry. He saw a restaurant, but he didn’t go in. He just saw a lot of stuff about Santa. He listened to his favorite radio and relaxed. He wanted to find Good Santa again so everyone could get back Christmas. He looked around for someone to help, but no one wanted to.

In the morning, the elf was off again to find his boss, Good Santa, and the Evil Santa. The elf was sleeping on the sleigh when they left, and he didn’t notice they were somewhere else. They were close to Pennsylvania. The reindeer were getting tired, and they were getting as hungry as the elf. So the elf gave them all carrots, and the elf got a boiled egg for his lunch.

The elf was back in New York. Then, he saw a big, giant building, and he saw Evil Santa with all these people. He didn’t know why he was up there. Then he thought, He was a criminal, a villain. So he couldn’t beat him by himself, and he needed help. Then, he thought for a minute. He built a talking dog leash, a leash that if you put it on a dog, it can talk. A police dog was walking, and he asked the dog if he could help. The dog barked, but then the dog put the talking dog leash on, and he said, “Yeah.” The canine dog told him about Evil Santa, and the dog said he also wanted to get rid of Evil Santa because he always saw him at bedtime stealing presents.

So, the elf and the dog went up to the building to get Evil Santa. The elf wanted to jump out of the sleigh, but the dog was scared and thought the elf was crazy. So the elf used his stick pads to get up the building. They used a laser to cut a circle in the window. Then, they went under the table and saw all the stuff Evil Santa stole. The dog saw his presents and wanted to get them.

“No, don’t get it!” said the elf, but the dog got it, and then they saw him.

They were chasing the dog, and the dog said, “Go get the presents and save everybody!” The elf got all the presents and also saw his boss. He wanted to save his boss, but he needed the keys. The Evil Santa had the keys, so the elf did a sneak attack like back in the house. He climbed up on the walls with the sticky pads and jumped and got the keys.

The Evil Santa was chasing the elf while everyone else was chasing the dog, until the dog jumped out of the window and used his parachute. It was a little windy, so he went too high and the parachute got broken. All the villains tried to jump with parachutes, but they were too heavy, so they fell. The dog tried to fly. Then, he used his grappling hook because he was a secret agent dog.

Evil Santa was still chasing the elf. Then, the elf fought the Evil Santa. The Evil Santa was much stronger than the elf, so the elf used all his powers. But Evil Santa grabbed the elf’s neck and was choking him. He said, “I always steal presents on Christmas, and no one sees me or stops me.” But then, the secret agent dog did his karate kicks. Evil Santa was on the edge of the window. The elf couldn’t move. He was injured very badly. The dog was mad, so he used the grappling hook on Evil Santa and shot him all the way to another building. The Evil Santa was shaking to get free. He fell on the ground and landed on all the bad guys that fell before.

Then, the police came and found out who was stealing the presents and arrested Evil Santa. The dog also found the keys on the ground and freed Good Santa. They all went back to the North Pole with the dog. The dog was happy to be there because he could help if anyone was in trouble. Good Santa said, “We have a new Santa: Jiminy Elf!” Jiminy Elf would now be the new Santa. Everyone planned a ceremony, and they were happy.


War of the Fruits


Note from the author: A lot of strange things have happened in the fridge. I hope you enjoy, and just saying, dried banana tastes quite good.

Chapter One

There once was a team of banana soldiers in a banana city in a fridge in a kitchen in a house in New York City on the Earth. They really wanted to take over more land in the kitchen, but the team of apple soldiers in the apple city in that same fridge in that same kitchen in that same house in New York City would not let them. It was easy enough to get out of the fridge, since in that house people were opening the fridge all the time, but it was harder to actually get to the landing that they wanted. Being fruit, they would land on the floor and not onto the glorious counters they so badly wanted.

The bananas needed to figure out a way to make a bridge to the other side of the kitchen to the counter. Luckily, they saw a plank and thought, That would make a perfect bridge. However, the plank was on the counter, the very counter they were trying to reach. Then, their time arrived: someone opened the fridge…

Chapter Two

Up on the higher shelf, the apples were thinking about the counter across the kitchen. The apples looked down and noticed their arch enemies — the bananas — talking about a plank on the kitchen counter. They immediately became interested.

“We have less of a chance of getting to that plank than the bananas do,” said an apple, noting how they would have to climb down from their higher spot in order to figure out how to get the plank.

Just as the apples began devising a plan to climb down from their shelf, the fridge opened…

Chapter Three

The bananas were super excited that their chance had come. They had everything planned out. Only two would go. The most agile and quick bananas of the bunch would go. When they fell on the floor, they would go to the drawers and climb up the drawers.

When the door opened, they made their jump. They quickly climbed up the side of the drawers, when they saw them… the apples, getting ready to jump down from their shelf in the fridge. They knew they had to move fast. They reached the plank and ran into some oranges. The oranges were big, muscular, and bright, bright orange. The plank was a bed for some oranges, and they would not give up their plank so easily. The oranges really valued their rest. They needed to sleep a lot because if somebody came and tried to attack them, they needed to be well-rested so they could fight back. So, the bananas thought, Maybe we could let the apples do the hard part and deal with the oranges, and once the plank is in the fridge, we could retrieve it. So, using their agility and quickness, the bananas hid and waited for the apples.

Chapter Four

The apples saw the bananas hiding and contacted their king. “The bananas are trying to get us to do their dirty work and battle it out with the oranges,” they reported.

So, the King replied, “Wait under the place you were going to climb, and wait for them to come down.” They did as they were told. A few hours later, they started to feel uncomfortable. Brown ickiness started to appear on their skin. It was hot.

“We’re beginning to rot!” they said, noticing they had been out of the fridge for too long. They needed to get back into the fridge. They tried to climb up, and they hid in the freezer until the fridge would be opened again. Three days later, they opened the fridge, and the apples jumped into the fridge. They were saved!

Chapter Five

The bananas were annoyed their plan was foiled. They jumped into the fridge, too. Then, they told the leader of the bananas, “It might take a little bit longer to get all of us out onto the counter.”

“We need to hurry,” the king said, “because the apples might get there first. We can’t let that happen! We have to go super fast, jump, and try to get a plank to make a bridge.”

The bananas decided to hide out in the freezer and make plans down there. It would take less time to get down, climb up, and get the plank that way. They went down, but the apples were down there, too! So, they hid behind an ice pack until the freezer opened. The stakes were high. If they were in the fridge for longer than four days, they would freeze into frozen fruit!

Chapter Six

The fridge opened, and the apples snuck up into the fridge so they wouldn’t rot. They were extremely strong, about as strong as the bananas were quick, so they were able to pull themselves up into the fridge. Then, it started warming up, so they could tell that the freezer had been opened. They realized this was their chance to get out and into the fridge. The bananas were on a lower level, so the apples needed to sneak up and past them to get back to their king on the high shelf. It was very important that they not be seen. The apples jumped onto the wall of the fridge and climbed up quietly and stealthily so that the bananas would not see them.

Chapter Seven

One of the bananas noticed an apple climbing up the side of the fridge to their high shelf. The banana ran to his chief, and the chief of the bananas said, “Follow them!”

The bananas climbed up the side of the wall after the apples. The banana chief was waiting for the bananas that were in the freezer to come back up. He noticed them climbing up and then climbing down the other side of the freezer. They ran as fast as they could to the drawers and climbed up. It was hard. There were not many places to grab on to climb, but they managed to do it. They hid and waited for the oranges to get off of the plank so that they could use it for their bridge. The oranges went off the plank and went to look for an intruder. They did not want anyone of those apples or bananas to come around and cause any of their chaos, and they especially did not want them to use their bed to make a bridge!

Chapter Eight

The apples were really angry because the bananas were closer to the goal than they were. They decided that they needed to be really quick, but the apples were still healing from their rot. They decided it was time for sabotage. The apples sent their strongest, but not most agile, apples to jump down out of the fridge and onto the floor. The strongest apple jumped out and grabbed the banana. He threw the banana off the shelf. The oranges heard a commotion, so they woke up. The strongest apple had the apples’ secret weapon: The Apple Slicer. He sliced himself into lots of more little apples.

Chapter Nine

The banana was about to get the plank, but an apple tackled him and threw him to the ground! He broke his leg from the fall! He ran as fast as he could, at least as fast as a banana can run with a broken leg. He finally climbed up and went back into the fridge. It took a while, so he started rotting a little too. He noticed a brown spot on his face… he was unripe. He had a smudge on his leg. Finally when he got up there, the bananas sent their strongest banana and with his bananas’ secret weapon: The Banana Cutter.

They sent their longest rope from the fridge to the counter, but only he could climb it because he was the strongest. He was there. He chopped himself into little, strong, and mighty banana pieces, and he used his skin as a rocket! He shot himself to the other side just so he wouldn’t waste time.

The apple and the banana called a truce just so they could team up to battle the oranges. But after that, they would fight again.

Chapter Ten

The oranges were furious to be woken up from their nap. The apple took on one orange, and the banana took on the other. Little did the two enemies know, the oranges unpeeled themselves and turned into lots of little oranges! So, it was basically an eight on eight battle! They fought and fought and fought! The apple called more apples to come and help. The apple jumped up, turned on the sink grabbed the bananas rocket that he flew there with, and used it as a raft to go across to the side with the plank!!!

Chapter Eleven

The bananas saw the apple calling for more help, so they did the same. “OH, NO. RETREAT!!!” said the oranges.

Meanwhile, back in the fridge, the banana chief said, “Hurry! Come help!”

A few planks across, the apple king said, “Go give them help, too!”

It took a little longer than it would for the banana and the apple because they were stronger, so they could just use the rope. They had to jump down from the fridge, climb a ladder, and catch the raft across from the sink. Then, when they finally arrived a few hours later, they surrounded the oranges. The oranges ran away, but the apple had the plank. He ran as fast as he could with all his other companions and made the bridge.

“Yay!! We made the bridge!”

Chapter Twelve

The bananas were quite angry that the apples got the plank. They turned bright green because bananas are green when they’re not ripe. They chased after the apples. One of the bananas was thinking, What is the point? So he just sat in the background, watching it like a movie, picking at dried banana. Then, the fridge door opened again. The apple put down the plank and said, “We win!!!” But then, right behind him, the bananas ran towards him. But, luckily, more apple warriors stopped them. Then, the apple king and the banana chief started screaming opposite things.

The banana king started weeping and weeping and weeping, and the apple king was jumping around on his throne, screaming “Yay! Yay! Yay!” Finally, the war ended. The apples had won.

They ran around screaming, “Yay! Yay! Yay!” just like their king. But every one of the bananas, except for one of them, was weeping and weeping, just like their king. He just kept on eating his dried banana.

Chapter Thirteen

I told you that dried banana is so good that you can eat it, even if everyone else is crying. That’s the whole point. Also, now I’m going to go eat some apples, and maybe a banana after, and the oranges, oh well. They’re just sleeping.

Hi, I’m the narrator. I told you some weird things that have happened in the fridge. My name is Fridge. Yeah, I’m a fridge. I hope you enjoyed. My pets are magnets, and my best friend is the counter. He’s quite sleepy, though, just like his pets, the oranges. Oh, and also, World War 2 is coming soon or, should I say, World War of the Fruits 2, so be sure to read it. Goodbye! Wait! Be respectful to your fridges, just because you might have me. Also your counter. Don’t wake him up. He’s grumpy. Now, for real. Goodbye.

They’re inside someone’s stomach. It’s gross, and they’re about to be pooped out. There’s a lot of brown stuff, and they’re unaware of what it is. They’re trying to swim in blood away from the toilet and the brown stuff that they’re still not able to identify. The apple and banana have also become friends. They look like chewed up fruit, and they’re very mushy, and there’s banana juice and apple juice dripping out of them. Also, they met a very nice broccoli that has not gone through the system yet. They’re all thinking, I’m doomed to see light again. Also, they met a frog which has been making their owner have a very weird voice. They’re looking at very gross puffy, brown stuff that they don’t want to touch.


The Great Snowball Fight

It was the best snowball fight ever, but I won because I know the secret to winning all snowball fights.

This is what happened. I, a snowman, and my best friend, a snowman, met on a snowy day. We made two different snow forts and made a pile of snowballs. We made a snow ship and two snow cities. The cities were giant buildings made out of ice and little buildings made out of ice, too. We made ladders to climb up to different stories of the building, and the finishing touch was an icy, snowy statue of me in the middle of my city and a statue of him in his city.

There was only one thing left that I needed: a sign. But the time was up! We had an hour left of preparations, so we made catapults and cannons and a wall with little windows to blast out of.

The battle began. I dug a tunnel down under my base and into his, and I used ice bricks to hold up the top, just so I wouldn’t die.

I ran as fast as I could through my tunnel into his big ice castle. I snuck around and climbed up his highest building and threw a snowball at him.

Now the battle was really beginning. We threw snowball after snowball. I noticed there was an ice cannon on his roof, and I ran for it.

Noooooooo! I got hit by a snowball! I thought I was done for, but luckily I didn’t get hit in the face. I limped over to the cannon, even though I had no feet. I reached the cannon, and I put in some snowballs and fired. Or should I say snowballed.

It started to snow. It covered up my escape route. I thought, how would I escape? I thought I could dig a hole as fast as I could and get back into my lair. I limped over to my hole and started digging.

So, I started digging. I ran through my hole and tried to get to the other side.

I thought it was over. I was just out of his lair. I finally got into my lair. I took out a snowball and threw it at him. It missed. But then I threw another, and it hit. Yay!! It hit! I won!

I couldn’t fully win, though, without a sign that said I won. And that was the secret to winning all snowball fights. But then I realized that I couldn’t make a sign that said I won without a pencil, so I tried to grab my pencil. Then, I realized my pencil was on the floor. And I couldn’t reach it because I was on the top of one of my buildings. I ran as fast as I could to get to it, but by accident I tripped off the building. Then, I fell flat on my face onto the snow.

I got really bad frostbite, but I did wonder how a snowman could get frostbite, because he’s quite cold already. I warmed up by building an ice heater. It melted straight away, though. Luckily, it cured me. I grabbed the pencil. I drew the sign that said I won!, but I still had to climb up the giant tower I had made. So, I climbed up the ladder.

Meanwhile, my opponent was not fully on the floor. He was digging a tunnel and making a labyrinth to me.

Finally, he got into my base. I had just put up the sign. We shook hands and said good game, even though I won. Yaaaaaay!


“Liar, you got it totally wrong. I was the one who won,” said my opponent.

“Uhhhh. Fine, I’ll admit it. You won,” I said. “You had the secret to winning all snowball fights. But I’ll never admit it again.”

“Oh, wait! If you want, I’m good friends with the fridge,” he said. “So if you wouldn’t mind, read the fridge’s story. His story’s quite good, too. The books are called World War of the Fruits 1 and World War of the Fruits 2. They’re really funny.”

Now it’s really THE END.


Maddy the Gymnast

Once upon a time there was a girl named Maddy, and she was really into gymnastics. She started gymnastics when she was only one year old. One day, she asked her mom to ask her teacher if she could move up to the team. Her teacher said, “You can move up to the team after you know how to do a backhand walkover and a back handspring.”

Maddy said, “Okay, I’ll try my hardest.”

She went to her house because her mom was a girls coach for gymnastics. She said, “Can you teach me how do a backhand walkover and a back handspring?”

Her mom said, “Sure.”

They were in the gym, and she was trying to do a back handspring, and she sprained her arm. She went to the hospital for one day. She was quite emotional. She had a boyfriend. He got her ice cream. She got rainbow ice cream. Then, they kissed on the lips. She jumped around and smiled and watched lots of TV. Then, she got an ice pop. It was her favorite flavor.

The next day, Maddy felt better. She went back to gymnastics. This time, her mom taught her a back handspring and a backhand walkover, but she was really scared to do it. She tried one more time, and she got it. Her mom taught her how to get better at her posture and moves.

Later, there was a tryout for the team. Maddy did the moves that the teacher asked her to do and all the ones she was good at. It all went really well. The teacher saw how good Maddy was and said, “You’re on the team!” Maddy made the team, and everybody was happy, so they threw her a surprise party. There was a girl named Grace that Maddy was friends with who didn’t make the team, and Maddy forgot to invite her to the party. Grace told everybody that Maddy forgot to invite her to the party, and everybody gasped! But Maddy’s besties were on her team, and Grace’s besties were on her team.

Then, there was a competition to go to the Olympics. Grace told the judge to give Maddy a zero for the beam, but the judge gave her 100. Grace got mad at the judge for not listening, but the judge ignored her because she was cheating. Maddy also did her new moves, the back handspring and the backhand walkover, and she got a 100. She got into the Olympics.

Maddy threw another party, and this time she invited Grace. But Grace wanted revenge because she was still mad. Grace wanted to prank Maddy at a meet. One day at a meet, Grace put glue in Maddy’s water bottle, and then Maddy drank the water bottle, but then she felt glue, so she spit it out. She was angry. She was going to get another water bottle, but Grace poured it on her pants, and everyone was laughing. Maddy took the leotard and started changing, even though she knew it was Grace’s prank.

She wore her leotard, and she went to gymnastics. She pretended like nothing had happened. Even though everyone knew what happened, they still acted like nothing happened. Grace pushed Maddy down the beam and said, “I hate you.” She also laughed when Maddy fell. She also teased Maddy.

Then, the teacher saw what happened. The teacher said, “If you keep this up, you will get kicked off the team.” Maddy smiled. Grace kept being mean after the teacher gave her a warning, and she got kicked off the team.

Five days after Grace got kicked off the team, there was a competition. Maddy felt nervous that she would get last place and the teacher would be really mad. Maddy and her teammates all stretched together. They talked about how they were scared for the competition. Maddy’s first station was beam. She did a triple twist, then a roundoff, then a back tuck. Her score was 100. Next, she did bars and got 100. After that, she did trampoline and got 100. The last station was floor. She did a triple twist into a backbend. She got 500. Afterwards, Maddy thought, I know I’ll get first place. Then, the judges revealed that she got first! She was smiling so hard, and they had a party.

The end.

P.S. This time she invited Grace.


The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Drawing

Once there was a girl, and she drew animal people. Her name was Sophia. In her dreams, she only thought of animal people. There were food and games and animals, but there was always this animal with big eyes wearing a suit. Sometimes, another character would be in it. One day, she couldn’t stop drawing the photos of the animal people. Ding ding! The bell rang, and class was over. Sophia, the girl, took her stuff and walked out the door. Oops, she bumped into a pole. She was drawing in a book, and she dropped all her pictures. Then, Sophia picked all of them up and ran into the bathroom. She was so embarrassed because her pants ripped while she was picking them up. She ran out the door and into the class, and it was hard because she was at the front of the class. And they had P.E.. They started doing jumping jacks. She was at the front of the class, and everybody was laughing, even the boys. She ran out of school. Sophia ran to the hygiene store to pick up some medicine for her pants. But, instead, she picked up lice maker. And then, she drank the lice maker, and in the morning, she had knits. So, she didn’t go to school. She felt dizzy, so she started drawing. Drawing and drawing and drawing. She realized it was a problem. She remembered people talking about Ms. Pig Wig. So, she called Ms. Pig Wig. She helped anyone cure things like the Non-Sleeper’s Cure and Don’t Want to Go To Schooler’s Cure. So now, she’ll cure the Start Stop Drawing Cure. She tried thousands of numbers, but they didn’t work. The last one did though.

But her phone died. Sophia marched over to Ms. Pig Wig’s house. She knocked. Knock, knock, knock, knock. Ms. Pig Wig answered. She was old, had long rainbow hair, and wore random clothes and a guacamole hat with an avocado on toast purse. Her favorite animal was a blobfish. She said, “What do you need?”

And Sophia said, “I need the cure to stop drawing cute animals.”

So Ms. Pig Wig said, “I’ll go get it.” Sophia gave her three gold coins. And Ms. Pig Wig gave her a big box that said Start Stop Drawing Cure.

“Thank you, but what’s in here?”

“Something special,” said Ms. Pig Wig.

When Sophia got to her house, she opened the box, and there were paper and pens and some ugly stuff like fake poop, gross but moldy Febreeze, and an old piece of chalk with some food smudges on it. So, she just drew all of it. She kept drawing and drawing and drawing. But, instead of drawing ugly stuff, she drew cute drawings.

Then, she found a letter, and it said to draw the ugly stuff. So, she drew the ugly stuff. And she couldn’t stop drawing it. Sophia used all the paper and pens. One day, she did not know which one to draw. So she went back to Ms. Pig Wig and returned it back to Ms. Pig Wig and told her it helped.

The next day, she went to school. She was happy, but when she opened the door, there were posters that said “Butt Girl Sophia,” and they had a photo of the rip in her pants. She ran to the classroom. She told the teacher and said, “People are bullying me!”

So, the teacher went out into the hall to see the poster. He laughed so hard that his pants flew off. So, her friends took a photo of his underwear, which had kittens, pugs, and rainbows. And then they started putting up posters of him and took down the posters of her. The other adults were in the teacher’s lounge. When they come out, they heard the bell, and all the kids ran out except for that one adult. All the teachers saw him in his underwear. Sophia was now happy because everybody forgot about the poster of “Butt Girl Sophia.” She thought she was so grateful that after school she went to Ms. Pig Wig’s house and thanked her with ten chocolate coins, which in this country is $100 dollars. That’s not the only thing. All her bad stuff disappeared, and she drew cute animals once in a while, but she knew it would never be the end of the Start Stop Drawing Cute Animals Cure.


Treasure Map

Once upon a time there was a treasure map. Ari was playing Minecraft, and it popped up on his computer out of the blue. When Ari saw this, he called his three friends, Hope, Linzi, and Mert, and told them to come to his house. His friends left their houses, and they reached Ari’s house in the span of five minutes. At Ari’s house, he showed them the treasure map. The boys and the girl decided to pursue it to find out what the mysterious treasure was.

They followed the map to a mysterious forest. There, they met a bear. In the bear’s den, there was a clue. They decided to get the clue when the bear was gone. Luckily, they weren’t caught by the bear. And then, the clue said, Up, up in the trees you will find another clue. But when Ari, Hope, Linzi, and Mert went up, up in the trees, they didn’t find any clue. They forgot that they didn’t read the clue fully — they turned the page. The clue said, Up, up in the tree, you will find it on a bird. Luckily, they went and caught the bird and got the clue. The clue was attached to its claws.

The clue said, Down, down underneath the surface, you will find a computer. But be very careful, it’s hot. Ari, Hope, Linzi, and Mert went down underneath the surface, and it was really hot. They found lava. And in the lava, there was another clue. To avoid the lava, they used two clues to make a little rope, and they got it. And then, they read the clue and the clue said, Read the treasure map and go to a different place. They followed the treasure map, and it led them to a swamp.

At the scary, smelly swamp, they found another clue, but they didn’t know how to get to it. Luckily, they had a little net and they used the net to get it. And then, they brought the net back, and they got the clue. And the clue said, Towards the right, you will find a fight. They went towards the right, and they found two animals fighting. A frog and a bullfrog were fighting. And then, they tried to get the clue in the middle of the fight, but everytime they tried to get the clue, they got hurt. Finally, they used the net to get in between the fight and get the clue. Accidentally, they picked up the frogs too. So, they let the frogs go and picked up the clue. The clue said, To the left, you will find flight. So, they walked towards the left, and then they found a bunch of birds, and one of them had a clue. The clue was attached to a bird’s claw. And they quickly jumped over the bird and got the clue. It said, The last place you will go is on the treasure map. They followed the treasure map to Skull Island. Everyone who tried to go there would never return.

Ari, Hope, Linzi, and Mert went to Skull Island and, luckily, they returned. They followed the treasure map, and they came across the huge skull of a giant T-Rex. And there, they found one clue. It said, Be very careful… Because above you, there is Blackbeard! They looked up, and they saw Blackbeard. He was a pirate with a black eyepatch, and he was a captain. He had a big, black beard. They saw a clue above him and jumped up to the clue, and they got it. Ari, Hope, Linzi, and Mert all worked together to throw Blackbeard off the island. They physically picked him up and threw him off. Then, they read the clue. The clue said, This is the last clue, and you must write a story about your adventure. And if you don’t, you will never return. They found a magical pen on the floor and wrote the story. Then, the story magically turned into a clue. The clue said, Finally, follow the treasure map to the treasure. They followed the map, and they got to the treasure. They opened it. There was a box of gold, and underneath the gold, there was another treasure map, but there were no clues with it. They followed the treasure map and took the gold and treasure chest with them. Then, they followed it, and it led to another treasure with a treasure map. And the treasure map said, There will be six treasure chests. And in the sixth one, there will be a key where you can open all six of them at once. You must stack all of them inside each other, and then you will get the real treasure.

They went to the third treasure, and the third treasure had a treasure map. They put the third treasure chest inside the other two. Next, the treasure map inside the third treasure chest said you must get three more treasures. There was one key, and when they opened it, they found a telescope and lots of things they would also need. Then, they followed the treasure map to the fourth map. The fourth treasure had more things they would need. Then, they followed the treasure map to the fifth one, but the fifth one was far away. Then, they took out some fake wings from their bag that they had, and they flew to it, and they got it. Then, it said the next one would give you the ultimate treasure. Then, they collected the fifth one, and the sixth one was very difficult to find. They didn’t find it, but they found a rocket ship, and they went to outer space.

In outer space, they searched everywhere, and still they couldn’t find the sixth treasure chest. They searched Mercury and didn’t find anything. They still had to go to the other planets. And then, they searched Venus, and it wasn’t there. Then, they went to Mars, and they couldn’t find it. They searched every single planet, and they still couldn’t find it. Then, they forgot they didn’t search inside the volcano in Mars. They searched inside the volcano at Mars and found the ultimate treasure. But since they were in outer space with zero gravity, the treasure spread everywhere. So everyone caught two pieces of the ultimate treasure, but there was some that were on the loose. All together, they got one quarter of the full treasure, but there were still three-quarters of it left out there.

They were too tired to look for it all, so they took a little break. Then, after that break, they took another break. After two breaks, they were still tired. So, they gathered all their stuff and went into their spaceship and traveled back to Earth. After a little rest and a water break, they got into their spaceship and went back to outer space. They searched and got two-quarters of the full treasure. Then, they put all of it together like a puzzle, and when they opened it, it was a cookie. When they took bites of the cookie, it was horrible. Then, they realized the treasure chest was a cookie making machine. They realized they could make cookies all day long. Then, they kept eating cookies. Soon, they were full. They wanted to take a break from adventuring, but then they found out that within the cookie machine, there was another treasure map.

The treasure map said, When you find this, there will be a huge surprise. So, they went to go and find the surprise but they could not find it. Then, they realized there was one place they did not look — the sun! In the middle of the sun, they found the surprise. However, they got trapped in the middle of the sun. They were all about to die because it was too hot. Finally, after they got out, they realized aliens took their spaceship. Then, they went to the moon to try and find the aliens. They couldn’t find the aliens, and they looked everywhere. Then, they went to work and found the aliens. They decided to put them on the moon forever and ever. Then, they found the treasure. The treasure was a cookie machine that could make delicious cookies. Then, Ari, Hope, Linzi, and Mert lived happily ever after.

The End.


The Castle of Love

Once upon a time, there lived a princess, queen, and king. They wanted to be very rich, but they did not have much money. They became king and queen because they were rich. Other people had $10, but they had almost $100,000, but there was someone way richer than them. They had $100,035, but that was from their army for fighting against England.

They became a little rich because they worked very hard for the high jungle every day to see plants and animals. The family had eight pet unicorns and 50 pet dragons and three horses. The first dragon was named Rainbow, the second was named Pretty, the third was named Beauty, the fourth was named Rainy, the fifth was named Rosie, the sixth was named Uni, the seventh was named Nature, and the final one was named Yummy. The unicorns were named the color hair they had. The first one was named Gold, and the next one was named Silver. The third was named Pink, the fourth was named Purple, the fifth was named Turquoise, the sixth was named Brownie, the seventh was named Rainbow, and the fifth was named Rainbow Gold. The army was named the Rich Army on Earth. Rainbow was a generous and kind unicorn. She could do anything for the family, but she was usually mean to everyone else because she didn’t like anyone else talking to her. Her friends didn’t know how this would happen. If she didn’t know anyone and she didn’t want to meet anyone new, how did she make friends?

Rainbow was almost a teenager because she was nine years old. Her next birthday was tomorrow. Maybe she must be magical. And the princess was very happy, but they had lots of money because they took care of all their pets, so they had been richer than ever. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.




Part One

Chapter One

One morning, the sky was so blue I could see white clouds and airplanes, which we never saw here in my town, so it started the day off with an odd but somewhat happy start. The happy part ended when mom came and told me that even though it was the middle of the summer, June 8th, 1941, I had to work. When I say work, I don’t mean writing. I mean babysitting the triplets.

“Noooooooooooooooooooo!” I said.

Meanwhile, my older brother Michael got to go out with his friends, and my twin sister, Madeline, got to lie on the other side of the room!!! Sorry for the delay. I am Adaline, and this is how the worst day of my life started.

My mom made me eat breakfast quickly. It was oatmeal, my least favorite. I had to get dressed in uncomfortable clothes for the middle of the summer. Agh, long sleeves, long jeans, itchy headband, long socks up to the knee, and boots. Then, my mom got ready in nice summer clothes. It took her twenty minutes. She did her hair and makeup, and she put on her nice sandals and dress.

“The triplets, Ava, Emma, and Samuel, are in their room in the cribs. Please get them dressed and change their diapers,” my mom said. Then, she added, “Remember, they need exercise. Take them to the park. Remember to take a diaper bag, a first aid kit, two pairs of shoes, sunscreen, and water. Don’t forget snacks! Bye!” Then, she left. I wanted to be like my siblings. They got to go and have fun while I was stuck babysitting.

I went to the room and changed the kids quickly (their diapers and their clothes). The triplets were one and a half years old. One of them was in the carrier on my back. The others were in a double stroller.

The one on my back started screaming. The screaming was so high-pitched! It sounded like me. I was so annoyed. I had three babies, one screaming and two in the stroller asleep, while they should have been eating. The screaming one was throwing her food all over me! I was only eleven years old. I shouldn’t have been the one taking care of these kids! Michael was fifteen, but mom said he couldn’t be helping out. Then, the two in the stroller woke up, wanting food. When I gave it to them, they started spilling it and throwing it everywhere! On our way to the park, they saw one of their friends who was going in the opposite direction.

No, I thought. Please help me.


Chapter Two

The triplets screamed happily when they were next to their friend. I talked to the other baby’s mother for a while, and then she said something.

“Hey, if anything happens to me, can you please adopt my child?”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll have to talk to my mom.”

I was not surprised, but I was very worried. I couldn’t have another sibling. Oh no, I thought. I was part of six kids already. The triplets, my twin sister, and my brother. I couldn’t take care of quadruplets! Wait! That meant my older brother and twin sister would have to help!

“And, if anything happens to me,” the mother continued, “can you pick my other daughter up from 104th street and West End? That’s where the bus stop is. Pick her up at 2:30, please. She doesn’t need to go to school tomorrow if anything happens. “I’ll be right back,” the mother said. “Wait here. If I don’t come back in five minutes, then just take the baby to the playground. If I don’t show up at two, please pick up my daughter. Her name is Alexei. Don’t look for me. It’s not safe in the building.”

“Okay,” I said, “Bye!” I took the baby, leaving the mother with the stroller, and put the baby in the front of the baby carrier. The mother started walking away with the empty stroller. She went into her building. I waited five minutes.

She didn’t come out. I waited a little longer, then we went to the park. I had kids. I couldn’t leave them. I’d get in big trouble!


Chapter Three

At 2:00, I went to pick up the little girl, but the mom never told me what she looked like!

“Alexei,” I called to the bus. She came off and looked for her mom. She was scared. But then I called, “Come here, Alexi. I’m your mom’s daughter’s friend. Your little sister is friends with my little siblings.”

Alexei came and said, “Oh! Are you Adeline?”

“Yep,” I answered.

She asked, “Where’s my mom? Are you babysitting me?”

I answered, “It’s a long story. You’ll be staying with us for a while.”

“I WANT MY MOMMY!” she wailed.

“I’ll tell you when we get home,” I soothed. “Why don’t you get onto the board on the stroller? You can ride.”

“Okay… ” she said quietly.

I gave her a ride home.

When we got home, I introduced her to everybody. Everybody met for the first time except for the triplets. My mom still hadn’t come home, but she said she would be back by 2:30. Oh, and I forgot, she was visiting her friend… whose daughter I just picked up! My heart was beating so fast. My hands were shaking. I was panting, I was running out of breath, and I had no words. What would I do?!


Chapter Four

I ran over to the TV room and turned it on, and I jumped onto the couch with the kids and the remote.

“HURRY UP,” I yelled for my brother. “We need to watch something! I think Mom’s in danger!” I heard my brother running.

“By the way,” I added, “we adopted two kids.”

“What on earth?! You adopted two kids without Mom’s permission?” my brother asked. Then, he hesitated.

“Where’s Mom? She should be home by now.” His voice was questioning and worried.

The TV was on, and we saw the news. There was a huge fire from 92th to 134th street! It was 42 blocks!

“EVERYBODY, GRAB A CHILD OR TWO,” I yelled. “WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE BUILDING.” I turned to my brother. “You can drive, right?”  I asked. “If you don’t, you’re in big trouble, mister.”

“Sort of? I can sort of drive,” he said. “I can knock down a few trees and buildings, but I can still drive.”

“Good enough. INTO THE CAR!” I yelled.


Chapter Five

“Get into the driver’s seat,” I told my brother, “Everyone else, sit down, and I’ll buckle you in.” I began to buckle in one, two, three, four, five, six… we need more car seats. I unbuckled two seats and squeezed two into a car seat. I sat down and buckled up, and we were off, but we forgot the baby’s blankets in the fire.

Then, we drove off, and we saw the fire truck up ahead, and then the fire truck hit our car and turned it over. I yelled, “Again! Everybody, take a child, unbuckle them, and run. We will need to get as far away from here as we can. Follow Michael, then run to Grammy and Poppy’s house in Brooklyn!” On our way there, people in a minivan stopped us and asked us to get in.

Michael said, “It’s the only thing we can do.”

We hopped in the car, and the parents had two children in the car named Avery and Sophie. When we got in the car, everybody held three children, and we drove back to their house. At first, we were nervous, but as we got used to it, we felt more at home. They adopted all of us.

We lived happily ever after… for a few minutes.


Part Two

Chapter Six

One Sunday, everybody left for a trip to Australia. Everybody went except for me, my sister’s friend, and my sister, Alexei. My sister’s friend name was Amanda. Amanda couldn’t eat a lot of things. She was allergic to pretty much everything that everybody else in the house liked, and Alexei liked everything that Amanda didn’t like, and Amanda liked what Alexei didn’t like. They didn’t like any of the same things.

I was not very picky. So it made it hard for the seven months they were in Australia. Every night, we would put the blackouts up and went into the subway. I would put the kids to bed. The first Monday, things went a little differently. Usually, every day we would get a letter in a very bright color from our family letting us know that everything was fine and good, but today we got a black letter that didn’t seem very happy. It said:


Family of Samuel, Avery, Sophie, Emma, Ava, Michael, Madeline, Elizabeth, and Benjamin Smith,

Please come to Australia to attend the funeral of Benjamin Smith. It will be at the Waverly Cemetery in Sydney, at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday July 16, 1941. We will explain how they died when you arrive.

The babies are okay, but are sick because of the bomb, and aren’t doing very well.


James Harrington


My shoulders drooped, and I began to cry. I was so upset. We rushed over to the docks, caught the first boat to Australia, and we were off. It would take one whole week to get there from London, and with all the bombing, I wasn’t sure if I should have taken all the little ones with me. But who would take care of them if I didn’t bring them along? So on our way to Australia, the boat stopped at Brooklyn so that people could get on to go to Australia, and I dropped off the little ones with our grandparents. Alexei stayed with me as we got on the boat and sailed away. The boat was rough, very crowded, and the food wasn’t very good. Both of us felt sick.

It was really hard to be on the ship alone with a five-year-old as an eleven-year-old. I had to take care of her, and I had to take care of myself, but as we got on the ship and started sailing away, I felt badly that I left the little ones with our grandparents. Our grandparents weren’t the nicest people. They found the worst in every situation, and I didn’t want the little ones to think I abandoned them. Also, I felt like our grandparents would teach the little ones to not like a bunch of things and be mean. They wouldn’t teach them manners, and I’d come back to rude little sisters. So after we went to the funeral, I would take back every child and go back to Brooklyn to pick up the little ones with all the other kids and Elizabeth.


Chapter Seven

I got really nervous that the kids in Australia got really hurt because the letter said they were not doing so well. I hoped Michael, Madeline, and Elizabeth were okay, because if they weren’t, who would take care of the little ones? I couldn’t take care of everybody by myself, especially while taking care of bandaged adults and all of the people who normally help me with the seven children.

There was a little boy on the boat with me whose mom was on the last ship, which sunk. His dad was in the war and died. So I thought, Maybe I could convince Elizabeth to adopt him!

“Hi, I’m Adeline. I heard about your parents. Do you want to come with me? I’m only 11, but you can trust me. I have triplet little siblings, an older brother, and a twin sister. We were adopted by another family, and then there are two siblings in their family, and then there was another family that got adopted by us, who were another family of two children, and now we can adopt you. If that’s okay with you. There’s a five-year-old girl over there whose name is Alexei, who is one of the kids that we adopted… And what’s your name?” I said.

The little boy answered, “I am Charlie. You heard what happened to my family, right? I have a newborn sister and an older sister who are over there taking care of each other. My older sister is seven, and I am four.”


Chapter Eight

I introduced Alexei to Charlie, and they started playing. I then went around the boat, asking if any of the other children needed a new home or didn’t have parents. In all, there were ten children who needed a new home, not including Charlie and his siblings. So, we adopted all ten children into our family, and I got all of their parents out of a few rooms on the boat and had all the children sit in a circle and introduce themselves. There were six girls and four boys. The girls were Amelia who was six, Olivia who was three, Emily who was nine, Jessica who was eight, Isabella who was four, and Isla who was seven. The boys were Oliver who was six, Jacob who was two, Harry who was nine, and Jack who was seven. There were two sibling pairs and three only children.

When we got off the boat, I had everybody get in a line. First was Harry, then Emily, Jessica, Isla, Jack, Amelia, Oliver, Amelia (Charlie’s sister), Alexei, Isabella, Charlie, Olivia, Jacob, and the newborn, Ava. Amelia had to switch over to hold Ava, but other than that, this was the line. As we were getting off the boat, I had the older kids pair up with a younger kid. We got onto a trolly and were off to go to the funeral. First, we went to our house in Australia to pick up everybody else, then we got our clothes on. I was terrified but happy to have all of these new siblings. I knew how it felt to be separated from your parents, and I knew how important family was in times like this. We were young, with any boy over the age of 16 being sent off to war. Us younger ones had to stick together. I reminded myself this as I got myself ready and helped all the new siblings get ready for the funeral.


Chapter Ten

All the girls would have a dress that was black or blue and a bow to put in their hair. All the boys would have a suit and a tie. Everybody got changed, and I put everybody that was younger than five in a stroller, that the kids that were older than five helped push. We got on a trolly and went to Sydney for the funeral. We met Elizabeth, Michael, and all the other kids that didn’t come with me. Elizabeth was very droopy and blue. Her eyes looked black, and I could tell she was really sad. Michael had just gotten a black eye while running with Samuel, so he wasn’t looking his best either. In spite of all of this, I was really happy to see them. They were my family. Even with Benjamin gone, it made me so happy to know that the rest were safe. Who knew how Benjamin was killed? I wondered. I decided not to ask Elizabeth, because I knew that it would make her upset.

Before I got to ask anybody, Sammy came up to me and said, “Ben got killed in a bomb while fighting. Elizabeth was on her way to save him, but she fell and got knocked over, and her eye isn’t actually a black eye… It’s an eye patch because she lost her eyeball while running. We had to run to the hospital, and it was a disaster. Michael had to carry three of us, and Elizabeth held her eye, and Madeline carried me. When we went to the hospital to try and find something for Elizabeth’s eye and Benjamin, Benjamin wasn’t there. They had taken him to a grave site, and laid his body over the dirt. They said that we would have a funeral for him soon, but it has been a week since it happened. It happened the first day we were here in Australia.”

I said, “Wow. You haven’t learned to talk any less! Has Emma learned to talk yet?”

“No! Not at all!” Sammy said. “She still makes baby noises even though she is almost two!”

“When you’re five,” I said, “you’re gonna be saying words from the dictionary! Your vocabulary will be far more advanced than mine!”


Chapter Eleven

Sammy walked away, and Elizabeth came over to me and asked, “Why are these other 13 children here?”

I said, “I know how it feels to have no parents for a while, so I decided we could adopt them! But if you don’t want too… I will.” There was silence. “Will you adopt them? Pleeeeeeease?” I begged.

Then, Amelia and Ava came up to Elizabeth and said, “Hi, are you Elizabeth? I’m Amelia! And this is Ava, my newborn sister. She will be two months old tomorrow! What happened to… Bean? Ben? Benjamin?”

“Benjamin,” Elizabeth corrected, “and he was fighting in the war when a bomb hit him and he died, and we are at his funeral today if you know what that is.”

“We know what that is,” Amelia continued. “We were going to have a funeral for both of my parents, but then we had to go to Australia to see our grandparents, who suddenly died from a bomb… Who knows how? So Adeline picked me up, my little sister, and my little brother. We helped collect ten other children who all really want new homes, even if it’s here. Pleeeeeeeeeeease?”

After a few minutes of silence, Elizabeth finally said, “Okay. After the funeral, we’ll go to court and get the adoption papers for everybody here, other than Sophie and Avery.”


Chapter Twelve

“Every week day, I’ll have to send all of you adopting children, and they don’t like it. So everybody is planning against you and the day so that I can do some work around the house, and it’s just too much for me. The kids that are eight and older will have to take care of the younger ones. I’ll send you all to your grandparents, also known as my parents, not yours. Michael, Adeline, Madeline, and Peter will be in charge. Peter is my nephew. He is 11,” Elizabeth said. “His parents, my brother, was in the war and died. His mother was very ill from the bombs, and she too passed. So he and his five siblings will be joining you and living with us. That makes 30 children. People know that you are other children. I want all of you to get together and get in a car. Michael can drive now. He runs into a few trees and buildings, but other than that, he can still drive. He will be driving, and you will be off. I want all of you on a boat by midnight every Sunday night. You will all be on a boat that fits 30 people over the age of one, including the captain. That will make there be able to be one captain and the 30 of you children. There are 29 children above the age of one, so it’s a really good fit, and you guys will have the whole boat to yourselves. Try not to spill anything on the bus driver or anybody else. I will see you every weekend, but let’s get to the funeral.”

Everybody stood in a line, and we would get to the ceremony. The kids under the age of five could leave unless they need to be supervised, then they were allowed to stay. There were special circumstances. Everybody would need to eat lunch while they were there, so this meant Amanda would stay with me, Ava would stay with me, and Charlie would stay with me.



Chapter Thirteen

After our photo, we walked over to the funeral. Elizabeth dropped off all of the kids at the restaurant so that they could eat and play for a bit during the service. Us older kids were at the funeral, and some stayed back to watch the little kids. I stayed to watch the little kids with Madeline, and then I got everybody the meal that they wanted and a teeny weeny piece of cookie, since sugar was scarce due to the war. We played with the little kids for a bit longer, until the funeral was over. Once it was over, we met up with Elizabeth, and she told us at 11:30 to go back to the trolley and meet her in order to get to the boat and load our things onto it.

“You are going to New Zealand to hide,” said Elizabeth, “and you will be taking the boat that Benjamin built. As I told you before, it will fit 29 people over the age of one, in addition to all of your stuff. The captain is one of my really good friends who will be driving the boat there and back every Friday and Sunday.”


Chapter Fourteen

We got ready to leave the next day. We spent the rest of the evening putting our stuff on the boat. We needed to load all of the babies’ blankets and pacifiers, and all of  the older kids’ books and learning tools. We also packed five cartons of milk for each of the older kids to give to the babies and sleeping bags to sleep inside of. Food and water went under the hatch of the small boat, along with clothing for all of us. After we loaded all of this onto the boat, we were feeling very tired. We slept in the cabin under the deck of the small ship. Ten people would sleep in a room, two babies would share each crib, and two kids over the age of five would share a bed. It was very crowded. I felt stuck inside but safe. There were so many people around to keep us safe, and we all knew how to swim, luckily.

That morning, the boat took off for New Zealand. I was feeling very happy to be going to New Zealand, but then I remembered I had to pick up the one triplet from my mean grandparents house. I had almost forgotten about them with all of the new adoptions, but I could not leave them behind! I ran and told the driver to go to Brooklyn, and he told me it would be a week’s long journey. We had to do it.

“Let’s go!” he said. “But I bet Elizabeth will be wanting you back by the time you get there.”

“I will send her a letter,” I said. “That way, she will know where we are.” I found a feather and ink, took a piece of paper, and began to write…


Dear Elizabeth,


I forgot all about the kids back in Brooklyn! We need to go back and get them, because they are with my grandparents who are not very nice, and I don’t want the kids there to be raised in a home that is not very nice. Hope you understand.




I handed the letter to the driver and asked him for an envelope. Once the letter was sent out to Elizabeth, we began our voyage to Brooklyn. The time went by quickly, but not easily. It was a rainy and stormy voyage. None of us had been on such a long journey. Eighty percent of us were throwing up, the other 20% suffered from fainting. The babies were screaming like they had never screamed like before. Their screams sounded like people were dying and like seals were slurping water.


Chapter Fifteen

Once we reached Brooklyn, all of the children ran off the ship and tied it to the dock. The driver came out with them, and then we all ran to our grandparents’ house. We fixed our dresses and suits so that they looked presentable and rang the doorbell. Two kids came out, and they looked older than I remembered. They were wearing the most fancy clothes I had ever seen, and they both had really pretty purses covered in gems. The little girls, one years old, looked like they are five and rich, even though they weren’t rich. Though, they were half rich.

We had to walk into the house to pick up the little ones. I felt jealous and dirty in my sloppy clothes as I walked into the beautiful mansion. There were beautiful flowers outside, swings covered in pink and blue gems, and the yellow house that they lived in was beautiful compared to the house that we live in. Our grandparents said that Elizabeth told them to take us instead of going to New Zealand every week. We walked in, and our grandparents gasped at the sight of us in our dirty clothes.

They said, “Oh! We have some much nicer clothes for you on the bed. But you mustn’t walk in like that! You need to take a shower beforehand! I will give you towels to walk on… so that you don’t get the floor all sloppy.”

I stepped out, and my grandmother said, “Adeline! It is so nice to see you again! I haven’t seen you since you were a baby! Get changed, and we will have a bit of breakfast! And you are not allowed to step a foot into that little boat again! I will have the driver bring your stuff into the house from the boat!”


Chapter Sixteen

After he did this, the driver took off, and we were on our own with our grandparents. We cleaned ourselves and got changed. I began to brush my hair, which I hadn’t done in so long, and it felt really nice to be neat again. After my parents died, I’d been dressed in all of these rusty clothes which my parents would never have put me in.

The boys went fishing, and the girls cooked and took care of all of the little girls. I helped Grandma clean the house, set the table, make French toast, pancakes, fruit bowls, salad, eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, and lattes.

Then, our aunt took us from our grandparents. Our aunt lived in pretty much the same house as our grandparents, except it was in Alabama. There was a mansion that was painted a soft baby blue with guards covering the whole first floor of the house, which was pretty much what my house used to look like. It had flowers and vines covering some of the mansion, and it was ten stories high. Well, my house wasn’t ten stories high, it was 15… but this would do. We walked in wearing high heels and our blue poofy dresses and suits. Our aunt greeted us in a long, straight dress, and said she didn’t like the poofy dresses. She put us all into pink dresses with silver gems. Well, mine was covered in silver gems, and she did my hair.

She dyed my hair red, and I liked it. She had everybody else stay in their clothes, except for the triplets. She had the other 26 children go back to our grandparents’ house and kept the four of us.


Chapter Seventeen

She had two children of her own who looked just like me, and she told me that my parents had dyed my hair blonde when I was a baby…. Well, my fake parents… the people I thought were my parents. She told me that the four of us were actually her children! And that my parents took me from her. She introduced me to my actual brother and sister. One of them was 15 and named James, and my twin sister was Adeline. She told me my name was actually Charlotte! She said that the triplets were taken from her by her mother as she was giving birth to them. The other kids in my family were actually my parents’ kids, but who I thought was my aunt was actually my mom, and I got a little mad at my mom that wasn’t really my mom… She was my aunt, but she was dead. So she said that she would go to Elizabeth, and that the eight of us would go to the half adoption/half not adoption ceremony. My parents, my siblings, and I would go. Everybody else would live with my grandparents, who we would get to see every Christmas.

At the adoption ceremony, my siblings ended up deciding not to live with my grandparents. They lived with a new family that now had 23 more kids! Charlie, Amelia, and Ava stayed with my family that became a family of nine children.



Random Stories


Bob’s Story

Bob was a little kid. He was stranded in a forest. He needed water. But he did not need food that much because he stole his father’s gun. His problem was that he couldn’t shoot that well. When he tried to kill a baby pig, he missed by five feet and hit a bright green leaf on a tree. He thought he should make some shelter and then come back to kill the pig. Well, the pig oinked and ran away, so no more pig. So, he went out into the forest to find someone to help him. He looked all over, but he found no one but himself. It started to rain. After it rained, it got really muddy. So he ran, and he found a green house where he stayed. But it was a bear’s house. But he didn’t know and he went in, so when the bear came back to his house, Bob was scared. He ran away in a panic. It was muddy. But Bob did not have shelter, so he was soaking wet. Bob was cold and shivering. Then, he made a bed with leaves on the wet floor. The next morning, he was in a house. He was taken to a house where someone lived. That person didn’t look nice.

Bob said, “Thank you for saving me, and goodbye.”

Then, the strange man cackled. Bob really didn’t like him. He went to grab his father’s gun but found that it was gone. He asked the strange man where the gun was, but the man kept cackling. Bob really didn’t like him, so he ran to the front door and tried to open it. It was locked. A shiver ran down Bob’s spine. He ran to the back door and found it was locked.

The stranger said, “Ha ha! You are all mine now!” He cackled.

But the window was open, so Bob jumped out. The house then exploded!! Bob had gotten out just in time. He somehow found his way home and wrote a story about it. This is that story!

The End


Ezreke’s Story

One hot day, Ezreke was strolling through the desert. He had just seen some water, but now some people on camels were drinking it. They had on cutoff T-shirts, short pants, and flip-flops for shoes. Ezreke slowly made his way over in the hot desert and asked for some water.

“Please, can I have some water,” he said. The travelers said yes and gave him a cup full to the brim with water. After he drank the water, he asked if he could join them on their travels.

The travelers said, “Yes, you may come with us, as long as you come for a short time. We don’t have enough food and water for you and us.” Ezreke thanked them and hopped on one of the camels

After three days, one of the travelers said, “We don’t have enough food and water for you. Well? What are you waiting for? Go!”

Ezreke hopped on a camel that was alone. He said, “Take me to some shelter.” The camel didn’t understand Ezreke. He slid Erzeke off his back. He was so exhausted he took a nap on the ground. When he woke up, he felt sand on his face. He was buried! There was just enough room to sit up. He tried digging up, but whoever buried him had used wet sand, so he couldn’t get out. He tried digging to the side, but more sand fell. He was buried. He tried to think of what his dad would do.

“Always be resourceful. Use whatever you find.”

Ezreke groped around the hole and underneath him. He found a stick and a rock. He used the stick to make a hole. Then, he threw the rock to crack the wet sand. When the sand cracked, he used his hands to dig the rest of the way out. When he got out, he found a man who was digging a hole. An unconscious boy was lying at the man’s feet. Ezreke acted instinctively. He grabbed the rock he had used to crack the sand and threw it at the man. The rock hit the man on the head, and he slumped down, unconscious. When the rock was halfway through Ezreke’s outstretched hand and the man’s head, the boy had woken up. He saw his savior throwing a rock at the man who had kidnapped him, knocked him out, and tried to bury him alive. Naturally, he automatically ran towards Erzeke. This boy was a few years younger than Ezreke, and he was very scared.

“It’s all right. Look, an iPad! We can contact the city!”

The boy sniffed and smiled at Erzeke. He ran over and grabbed the iPad. But he wasn’t done. He pulled up Google Translate and typed something in French. It translated as Hi. My name is Francesco. I don’t speak English, but understand it well. My family lives in the city. Thank you for rescuing me.

Erzeke said, “You’re welcome,” and smiled at him. He smiled back. Erzeke contacted the police and his family. The man was arrested forever, and Francesco and Erzeke became friends.

The End


Awesome Airplanes!


“This is so awesome!” said Matthew as he pushed full throttle on his airplane and rushed through the clouds above the plains. Just then, a black enemy airplane from TCOEP (The Country of Evil People) dropped something on his plane. It started counting down. “A bomb!” he cried. Then, he heard a blast.

“Aaagh!” screamed Matthew as he fell toward yellow plains. But then, another airplane below caught him and his broken airplane by suddenly lifting the bottom of the wrecked airplane. That airplane is very strong, thought Matthew. Then, Matthew realized it was his brother, Michael’s Blackbird airplane. “Phew, that was a close one,” said Matthew.

“Ssh!” said Michael. “This is a secret mission. We need to destroy the TCOEP’s base. It is just over the hills. We need to surprise them by attacking at night.”

After they returned to their home base and repaired Matthew’s airplane, it was time to go on the mission.

As Matthew started up his airplane, he felt nervous, like he would never make it back from the mission. Soon, Matthew and his brother were soaring above the TCOEP’s base. Suddenly, the intruder alarm blared in the base. Er er eer, blared the alarm as the airplanes closed in to the base.

Just then, the roof of the base opened up, and two gigantic machine guns emerged from the depths of the base and soldiers dressed in black marched out of the base shooting with tiny pistols.

“Seriously?” laughed Michael through the walkie-talkie as he looked at the soldiers attempting to shoot their airplanes.

“Umm, I think we’re in big trouble,” said Matthew, as a giant machine gun shot down his brother’s airplane.

I got to save Michael! thought Matthew as he landed his airplane next to his brother’s wrecked airplane. Unfortunately, Matthew didn’t find his brother near the wrecked airplane, so he decided to go into the enemy base to find his brother.

Meanwhile, Michael was sneaking around the TCOEP base looking for the power system for the base. When he finally found the power system to the base, his brother, Matthew, was waiting for him there. “Let’s set a bomb in here and get out!” said Matthew.

Soon, Matthew and Michael had set a bomb, and it was counting down. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one POW! Luckily, the brothers got out of the base in time, but the high winds whipped the smoke and dust into the air. Out of the shadows, a man stepped in front of them. Not any man, the leader of the TCOEP.



Once upon a time, there was a student bunny named Isabelle who was six years old. One day, Isabelle called Jim the dog for a meeting because Isabelle was a new student in school.

“You’re so ugly,” Jim replied, and Isabelle had no idea he was a bully dog.

Isabelle cried and threw her phone away, because she was so sad. Once Jim’s mom heard what Jim said, she told him to apologize to Isabelle immediately and scolded Jim for being rude.

So the next day, Isabelle saw Jim at school, and he apologized to her, but Isabelle still did not forgive him. So when Jim asked Isabelle to play during playtime, she told him “no” because she knew what he said was true and was still mad. Isabelle just kept playing with the kind children.

When it was lunchtime, the students were allowed to go home and eat, so when Isabelle went home, she ate her mom’s food and made a card with an ugly face on it for Jim saying, You’re ugly too, doggy. But one day, Jim’s mom and Isabelle’s mom hung out and brought Jim back to Isabelle’s home. There, the moms told their kids to play with each other.

“I don’t want to play with the ugly doggy dumpling!” said Isabelle.

“And I don’t want to play with the bunny cookie!” said Jim.

“Oh, just be nice and play together,” said the moms.

So Isabelle and Jim made up to make their moms happy and played a tea game together for the rest of the day. When Jim left, Isabelle went to sleep and snored a lot. She dreamt of her and Jim turning into emojis. Jim turned into the meh emoji, and Isabelle turned into the princess emoji, and they then ran around in Candyland and ate all the candy, and they slept in the marshmallows. Then, they saw trees, and on the trees there was chocolate, and they ate the chocolate. But they didn’t know how to find their mom and dad, and whoosh! they saw their mom and dad, but the mom and dad were chocolate statues, and then they ate their mom and dad.

And then, the doggy said, “Let’s go to the little room in the ginger house,” and they stayed in the ginger house and made things to eat by themselves.

So one day, they went outside, and they saw big scoops of ice cream because the Candyland was snowing, and the snow was ice cream. And in the Candyland there was a tornado, and the tornado was made of spaghetti, and when it rained, there were gummy bears, and if there was a big rain, there were jelly beans. Sometimes, there were hamburgers falling down, and they ate them too. One day, there was a big sun, and it melted all the candy, so the Candyland turned into only candy rainbow, so they ate. The rainbow turned into jelly beans. Then, there was a big snow, and it turned the candy into normal candy, and you could eat the ice cream again.

Then, they slept one night, and when they woke up, they thought they were still in the Candyland because it was not a dream — it was real. One day, they slept again and got to the Popsicle-Land, and there was lemonade and gum that you could jump on. You could even take a lot and get it into your mouth and then you could have a big bubble, and the bubble would give you a helmet. There was candy water, and you could go inside, and there were gummy animals in the candy water. And then, they all saw cookies that could fly through the sky, and you could sit on them and see all of Candyland, and then you would see one big lollipop, and it would float you on the candy water. There was a little girl made of candy and another girl made of chocolates. You could eat them. Then, when they ate them, they returned back home and had chocolate on their mouths.

Their mom said, “Why do you have chocolate on your mouths?”

And the dog and the rabbit said because they went to the Candyland and ate a lot of candy, and when they got home, it was a lot worse because they had to eat a lot of vegetables. Then, they slept, and they lived happily ever after. Now they never go to Candyland ever.

The end.


Video Games

It was seven o’clock, and Tom had just woken up for the weekend. Tom couldn’t wait to play Fortnite with his friends. Just before, he brushed his teeth and ate his breakfast and then got onto his iPad to play Fortnite. Fortnite was really fun for Tom. It was his favorite game, so he played it for two hours. Tom and his friends also won a Fortnite battle which made Tom very happy. While Tom was playing the game, he got a lot of good guns, which meant he was able to kill a lot of people, which was exciting because it meant he was winning. He was also a bush, so no one knew it was him. Tom and his friends also got a lot of chests which also gave him a lot of good guns.

After he had a lot of fun playing Fortnite with his friends, he went outside to play soccer. It was really fun because his dad was playing with him, and it was a high scoring game, and Tom won.

After Tom won the game, he asked, “Can we go to the arcade and play some games?”

His dad said, “No,” but Tom still had a lot of things to do at home.

After 15 minutes, Tom couldn’t wait to go to his friend’s birthday party, but that wasn’t for a long time. It was his friend, Peter, and he was turning nine years old.

Time had passed, and it was finally Peter’s party. His parents drove him to Peter’s birthday party. When Tom got there, there was a lot of action going on. People were playing tag together. Some people were jumping on the bouncy house. Tom chose to jump on the bouncy house instead of playing tag.

Once Tom was on the bouncy house, Tom saw that Peter and his friends were having a lot of fun playing tag on the bouncy house. Tom asked if he could join. Peter and his friends said of course.

After Tom was playing tag with Peter’s friends, Peter was suddenly the tagger. Tom thought Peter was really fast, so Tom wanted to avoid him. Then, Tom realized that Peter was chasing after him. Tom tried to run away, but Peter tagged him. Then, Tom fell down and hurt his leg. He was crying because of the pain.

Peter said sorry, and Tom felt better. Peter meant a lot to Tom because he was Tom’s best friend, so Peter’s apology cured Tom’s pain.

On the other side of the party, Tom saw that there was another conflict. One of Peter’s friends named Bob, who was very athletic but a slow runner, was fighting with another one of Peter’s friends named Jeff, who was very fast and liked playing video games. They were also playing tag, so they were fighting about who was not going to be the tagger. Nobody liked to be the tagger.

Finally, Jeff offered to be the tagger, so the fighting stopped, and they all felt better.

After they played, Tom’s parents said to Tom that it was time to go. Tom was very sad, but he had a lot of fun.

When Tom arrived home, Tom went to his bedroom. He was exhausted, so he went to bed.

After he went to bed, Tom woke up and realized that Peter’s birthday party had been a dream! He realized that Peter was actually having a birthday party today, so Tom couldn’t wait to go to his party.

The End


Trouble in Disney World!!!

Some families do not go on vacation. Others do. Either way, I do not care. I am too busy anyway. Oh!! Sorry about my manners. My name is Erica, Erica Manning. As I was saying, I am very busy this summer because I have to catch up on some school work. You see, my mother and father are both explorers, and I usually go with them on their expeditions. I have seen many amazing sights, but I have missed a lot of school. Summer is my catch-up time.

Rumble, grumble. Oh dear, I think that was my tummy. In that case, I better head down to breakfast. At this moment, I was in Brazil, if you were wondering. I walked downstairs to breakfast, where I smelled something like cheese. No wonder, it was my mother. She loved cooking native dishes of the country we were in. As I got closer, the smell got stronger and stronger.

When I entered the kitchen, I curiously asked my mother, “What is this smell?”

She replied, “Erica, darling, it’s Pão de queijo, which is a little small-baked cheese flavored roll. Want to try?”

It sounded delicious, so I sat down on one of our chairs and gulped it down. It was amazing. No more rumbly tummy for me. Then, my father entered the kitchen. He had also tracked down the smell. Soon, he was gobbling those rolls down too.

“Guess what, Erica? We’re going to some place else. And this time, it’s not another city for exploring.” Now this caught my attention. My eyes were fixed on him. He continued, “Most kids your age go to this place for a summer holiday. We thought it would be nice for you.”

“Yes,” chimed in my mother. “We are going to take you to Disney World!”

I was astonished at just the thought of going there. It was supposed to be basically Mickey Mouse paradise. I remembered when I was little asking my mother and father again and again and again if we could go there. Finally, for the first time in my life, I was going to have a real summer vacation. I absolutely couldn’t wait. My head was bursting with a million questions.

The first thing that popped out was, “What! How soon? When?”

“Well, we are going to be going tomorrow at about 5:00 a.m., so you may want to go to sleep early tonight.”

This was really not a problem for me because I have been on airplanes at very early times a lot. Before I knew it, we were packing our bags.

“What should I bring?” I asked my mother.

“Make sure you bring some clothes that are good for walking with, and you might want to bring your Mickey Mouse ears, too.”

Obediently, I packed them and stuffed my favorite book, Robin Crusoe, in too. I couldn’t wait for the time to come. I got my wish. Since the plane we were going on was too crowded, we were put on an earlier plane right that night. When I woke up, I was soaring above Florida. All of the cars and buildings looked like little toy blocks to me.

An announcement came over the speaker. The captain commanded, “Please put your seat belts on for landing.” I looked at my seat belt. Sure enough, it was fastened. Must have been mother or father.

I told my father excitedly, “We’re landing? I can’t wait to see my first sight.”

Once we landed, I was jumping with joy. It was all kind of a blur, but I do remember getting into our hotel. It had long, silk curtains and a nice mini bedside table with all my necessities. I soon drowsed off on a very comfortable bed. After what I think was two or three hours, I was woken by my mother who was wide awake.

“Rise and shine, sleepyhead. It’s a special day today! You’re going in the shower after your father.”

I yawned. “What time is it,” I asked.

“It’s 7:30, we let you sleep in. You do look very tired.”

Once we did all the preparations, which seemed to go on forever, we finally headed out the door to Disney World. We jumped into a rented car and road all the way to Disney World. I could not wait for my first ride! Ta-da, there it was, the legendary amusement park I have been dreaming about since I was little. I couldn’t figure out what to do first. I ended up doing Aladdin and his magic carpets. It was amazing. You got to control your own magical carpet. We were all tired out after this amazing day, but we had one more stop to go. The gift shop, of course! I wanted to get a special pair of Mickey Mouse ears for my collection, but we could sense something was wrong when we stepped into the shop. We saw someone who looked very important pacing and mumbling under his breath. He seemed very unhappy.

I walked up to him and asked, “What is wrong?”

“You would never understand. My Mickey Mouse ears designer all of a sudden has gotten very ill with some disease, I don’t remember. She’ll be alright. Though the ears parade is tomorrow, and if I can’t find another substitute, the ears parade can’t go on.”

“Maybe our Erica can be a help,” my father said.

“We always knew she was a good designer,” my mother added in.

As he was making up his mind, I was bursting with anticipation. I really hoped he would let me do it.

“Fine,” he said. “What does she charge?”

“I’ll do it for nothing,” I replied. “It’s an honor.”

When I got home that night with my new designers pad and a job to do, I felt like I could fly. But that feeling didn’t last so long. As I carefully examined the paper, all of a sudden these numbers didn’t really make sense. Neither did all the graphs. I had to call on my mother and my father. And I still didn’t understand. Then, at around one in the morning, I turned it over. Ooooh, I thought. All that time I was having so much fuss over that one little mistake. It was turned over the wrong way! Then, I saw how sensible it was. I got to work knowing I didn’t have much time. I was feeling a little anxious. Though, now that I understood it, it was much easier. I made one Mickey Mouse ears with only one bow in the center. They weren’t pink, they were rainbow. In another one, I put a unicorn horn in the middle. I hoped that Mr. I don’t know his name would like them.

Even though I stayed up practically all night designing those ears, I thought it was fun. In the morning, I got the designs back to the director. We were supposed to meet up in front of the gift shop at seven. I could practically bounce off the walls. I felt like I was on the top of the world. I put my little pad in my little satchel. For some reason, I always knew that would serve a purpose when we went to Disney World, so I packed it.

My parents and I arrived at the gift shop at 6:55. My father always insisted on being there early. I saw from the distance a man coming toward us. He looked exactly like the director. He was the director!

So, then he got to the gift shop. I handed him my designs. I crossed my fingers that he would like them and put them in the ear parade.

As he looked at them, I could see a smile slowly spreading over his face.

“They’re fantastic!” he exclaimed, once he was finished scanning them. “Will you design the ears every single year for my parade? This is even better than my old designer.”

I couldn’t say no. Even though he was a middle-aged man, he looked as excited as a six-year-old on Christmas Day. I couldn’t let him down, so I replied, “Yes.” After all, it was enjoyable once I figured out I had the pad the wrong way.

“Little did you know, that you had averted a huge disaster. There could have been no ears in the ear parade.”

“Thank you. It was a pleasure. It was a real pleasure.”

“You know what,” my mother told me as we were leaving Disney World, “I knew it always a good idea to let a designer know about your talent.”

“This is for you,” my father said as he was holding up amazing gold Mickey Mouse ears with my name written on it in cursive.

It was a perfect day. I couldn’t wait to go back to Disney World.

The End.


Walking Through a Cave

Mayuree Nin and her team had just won a great soccer game in Hat Yai, Thailand. Her team was walking through a cave, which they went through a lot because it was a shortcut to the ice cream shop. They also had granola bars and celebratory treats.

Mayuree was laughing with her friends. The youngest kid on the team was 13. She was hugging everyone around her. The oldest kid on the team was 16, and she was jumping up and down. Mayuree was 14.

Then, the monsoon rain started. It flooded the caves.

“Coach!” shouted Mayuree. She ran over and hid behind a rock. All of the girls started to scream. Coach grabbed Mayuree’s arm. The team ran further into the cave. They stopped and waited. After a while, they went back out. Not every place was flooded. They went to try and find a way out of the cave. They looked around. The only ways out were small little tubes filled with water. Mayuree fell to the ground. They were trapped!

“Let’s try to ration out our food,” Coach said. First, they looked for water. They found water in a corner on the right side of the cave.

“This water tastes weird,” Mayuree’s friend said. The team was trying to wait for the water to drain. But it didn’t.

On the seventh day of being in the cave, the team ran out of food.

“What are we going to do!” a girl shouted. The coach sat down.

“I don’t know,” the coach sighed. They were trapped for four more days in the cave. On the fifth day, an explorer popped in all dressed in scuba gear. The kids looked up.

“Do you have any food?” the girls asked.

The explorer shook his head. The girls sighed. The explorer immediately dived back in the tunnel and left the girls behind. The explorer told other people about the team in the cave. The story became worldwide.

Mayuree was starving. Her whole team was starving. The rescuers brought the team food. The girls all ate very quickly. But now they were active enough to find some more water. The rescuers brought the team water bottles, snacks, and meals. Now they were finally active enough to talk about finding a way out. The rescuers told the team that the only ways out were the small passageways that were a mile long. It took six hours for the rescuers to get to the team. Mayuree liked to sit and wait for six hours for the rescuers to come. It really was the only thing to really do in the cave. But for two days, none of them came. They thought that the rescuers had forgotten about the team. They grew hungry again.

A rescuer came a few days later. He reported that a rescuer died in the passage. He was trying to put air packages in the passageway. But he ran out of air. That made the team cry. They knew they were never going to get out.

But the next day, rescuers came with extra gear. “Okay, kids. I will take four of you through the passage. One rescuer will be in front and in back of you.” As the rescuer said this, he handed scuba gear. They gave gear to Mayuree and her friend Malliyalara. Mayuree got scared.


A few hours later, Mayuree and the group of her friends were getting ready to go in. Mayuree used to be scared that she was not going to be good at soccer and lose the game. But this was so much scarier. Mayuree said goodbye to her friends and coach. Then, one by one, the girls went in the passages.

The girls had been swimming for three hours. The girls were very tired. Then, Mallivalara started to fall to the bottom of the passage. A rescuer came up behind her. He could not come next her. The passage was too small for that. “She ran out of air!” the rescuer shouted. Mayuree looked behind her. But it was hard. The tunnel was three feet tall and two feet wide. She had to turn back forward. How was this possible? she thought. The words went through her head a million times. Her friend had died. Her friend had died. Her friend had died. Her friend since diapers had died! But Mayuree had to focus. She went the rest of the trip focused and ready. When she got out of the cave, she could change out of her gear. She stared out of the cave. She took her mask off and took a deep breath. But she noticed none of the rescuers were holding Mallivalara’s body. Mayuree got filled with rage. She ran back to the tunnel. She dived in.

“Wait!!!” the rescuers cried. They grabbed Mayuree by the leg, then pulled her out.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the rescuers said to her.

“You left my friend’s body in the tunnel!!!” she shouted. Tears filled her eyes. She tried to pull back from the rescuer, but his grip was too strong. She gave up. She fell to the ground. The rescuers looked at each other. One pulled a mask out of his back pocket. He was about to put it on when Mayuree jumped up and grabbed it from him. Then, Mayuree jumped back into the tunnel. She started crawling towards her friend.

Three hours later, Mayuree came upon her friend. She was not moving, and Mayuree just wanted to cry. But she held herself together. She grabbed onto her arm and moved as fast as she could. She didn’t want to run out of air.

Four hours later, she was nearing the end of the tunnel. Then, she knew what was happening. She was running out of air. She tried to swim faster. She did exactly what she saw on shows. She had to take short breaths. She saw the exit. She started to swim faster and faster. Then, she totally ran out of air. She had a record of holding her breath for a minute, and she guessed that it was okay. She swam very fast and bursted through the top. She jumped out and grabbed her mask off. She took a deep breath and relaxed. She took Malmallikalara’s mask off. She sighed. At least she was okay, and her friend was not stuck in a tunnel. She took a deep breath. Then, she heard someone take an even deeper breath. It was Mallivalalara! She sat up. She looked around. Mayuree walked over and helped her up. Now this was a happy ending!!!


Inspired by true events


One Look is Friendship


JADA: Main character

GABBY: Jada’s best friend

JUSTIN: Jada’s brother






Samantha: STEPHANIE and MOM

Lydia: CORA

Ronni: JADA


Andrew: DAD and JUSTIN


Waking up in bed. JADA puts clothes on, brushes hair, goes downstairs, brushes teeth, and eats cereal. Bus honks. Thirty minutes later, she is at school.

MADDIE: Hey, did you finish my homework? I’m not gonna pay you this week if you didn’t.

CORA and STEPHANIE cross arms. JUSTIN arrives.

JUSTIN: Stop bullying her. What did she ever do to you?


JADA (to JUSTIN): Thank you so much.

JADA exits. GABBY enters.

GABBY: What happened over there? Did they want to get their homework again? You should stop letting them do that to you.

JADA: I have to get money to get a new car.

GABBY: Only until you get a new car.

Bell rings.

Thirty minutes later. Lunchtime. JADA sits down with GABBY. CORA, MADDIE, and STEPHANIE arrive at their table.

MADDIE: Where’s my homework? I’m literally not gonna pay you for three weeks!

JADA: Okay, okay, I’ll give it to you tomorrow.

MADDIE: Don’t tell Justin I told you this, or you know what’s gonna happen.

MADDIE exits. JUSTIN enters.

JUSTIN: Did she ask you for her homework again? Tell me the truth.

JADA: She did not ask me.


JUSTIN exits.

GABBY: Why didn’t you tell him the truth?

JADA: Because you know what’s gonna happen. She’s not gonna pay me for the whole month

GABBY: You can’t go on like this! You can get a job.

JADA: I don’t want a job! I have to do this.

GABBY: Whatever you say.

GABBY exits. Five minutes later, bell rings, and JADA exits the lunchroom. Three hours later, she is done with school, and GABBY is walking home with JADA. GABBY goes home first because her house is closer.

GABBY: Bye, see you tomorrow!

Five minutes later, JADA is home,

JADA (to her MOM): Um, Mom, the girls also want their homework, and I forgot where I put it, so I need to find it today.

MOM: Honey, you have to stop letting them do these things to you. You have to stop doing homework all the time, you have a life.

DAD enters.

DAD: What’s going on in here?

MOM: Oh, well the girls still want her homework, and they’re still bossing her around to get money.

DAD: You have to stop letting them bully you. I’m going to school with you tomorrow, and I’m going to talk to them.

JADA eats dinner, takes a shower, brushes her teeth, and goes to bed.

The next day, JADA sees GABBY, and they walk to school. JADA’s dad meets JADA at school, and JADA sees her dad talking to MADDIE, STEPHANIE, and CORA.

STEPHANIE: Hey, what do you want? Oh, and by the way, we still need our homework from your daughter.

CORA: Yeah we do! You know how much homework we gave her? We need it today.

JADA: Dad, what are you doing here? Go home! It’s embarrassing!

DAD: Okay honey, I’ll go home.

MADDIE: Dad calls you honey, not princess?

CORA: Where’s the homework? We need it today. You know that!

JADA hands them the homework.

JADA: Here’s your homework.


Gives the homework back.

It doesn’t look like our handwriting. Just do one more line, and it will look like our handwriting.

JADA takes the homework back.

JADA: Okay, but you have to pay me extra this week, or I’m not giving your homework back.

MADDIE (rolling her eyes): Ugh, fine.

JADA walks off to class.

MADDIE: Where’s our homework? We need it now! She’s calling us up!

JADA: Where’s my money first?

MADDIE gives JADA the money, and JADA gives MADDIE her homework.

MADDIE: Finally.

MADDIE, CORA, and STEPHANIE go to the teacher and gives them the homework. Three hours later, she is done with school. Gets home and counts all her money and runs downstairs.

JADA: Oh my gosh, Mom, I have enough money to buy a new car! I don’t have to do their homework anymore!

Runs down the street and knocks on GABBY’s door.

JADA: Gabby, I have enough to buy a new car! I don’t have to do their homework anymore!

GABBY: We have to have a celebration at my house tomorrow!

JADA: Okay, tomorrow it is.

JADA gets back home.

JADA (to her parents): We’re gonna have a celebration tomorrow!

MOM and DAD: Okay, let’s go!

MOM: Go eat dinner, brush your teeth, get in the shower, and then get into bed.

JADA: Okay.

JUSTIN enters.

JADA: I don’t have to do their homework anymore! I have the right amount to buy a new car!

JUSTIN: Oh my god, I’m so proud of you!

JADA: Okay, could you come to my celebration? It’s tomorrow at eight.

JUSTIN: Sure, I’ll be there!

JADA exits. The next day. A huge celebration. GABBY calls JADA’s MOM and DAD.

GABBY: It’s time to do the decorations! Hurry, my house!


GABBY: Hurry, the celebration! We need decorations!

JUSTIN: Okay, I’m gonna call everybody from school to come. And I’ll get some decorations too.

MOM and DAD (to JADA): Honey, we’ll be back later.

JADA: Okay, see you later! Remember the celebration! Don’t be late!

MOM and DAD: Okay.

JADA arrives at GABBY’s house. GABBY opens the door.

Everyone: Surprise!!

JADA: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you planned this!


What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t like me or something.

MADDIE: I’m sorry for bossing you around with all these things. I got this car for you.

JADA: But what about all that money you gave me for doing your homework?

MADDIE: It’s okay. You can keep it and buy another car.

JADA: Well, do you want to hang out sometime? Just not this time because we’re having a party.

NARRATOR: And they had a great time.


Friendship Song

JADA: Friendship comes with a key everywhere,

MADDIE: Even if it’s harder than it looks.

GABBY: We’re all in it together,

JUSTIN: No matter if it’s rough.

EVERYBODY: We can do it,

Because it goes on, it goes on,

Because friendship is the key to victory.

JADA and MADDIE: We started off as enemies, but then we became good friends.

GABBY and STEPHANIE: We both found something interesting we like together,

EVERYONE: We all end up friends.


Typed by Belinda Becker Jacob


The Haunted Circus Chronicles



It was a hot and sunny day when Jeff and Bob walked into the circus. The noise was loud, they could hear people laughing, carousel music, and an announcer calling over the loudspeaker, “Last call for a ticket to the Great Juggler’s Show!” Jeff bought a big bag of hot, buttery popcorn, which smelled amazing, and cotton candy. Bob bought a hot dog, and they both bought cold sodas. They walked down the grass eating their food, looking around for something cool. On each side of the grass were tents: white and silver for the acrobats, red and blue for the animal tamers, blue and silver for the magicians, and one more tent for refreshments.

“Do you like school?” asked Jeff, while eating his popcorn.

“Not really,” said Bob. “The teachers are so mean.”

“Yeah,” said Jeff. “Ms. Butterbottom is really strict. She didn’t let you celebrate your birthday! We never have parties for holidays, and we had a lot of homework.”

Jeff and Bob were both thirteen. They were both wearing T-shirts and shorts.

Bob looked up and saw a platform ahead of them. A crowd had gathered. They were watching silently in amazement while a clown juggled on a unicycle. The clown was wearing a red wig, a red nose, big shoes, and a bright yellow and red polka dot shirt.

“I hate clowns,” said Jeff.

“Me too,” said Bob.

“Especially after that movie last night,” said Jeff. They had watched a horror movie, Politics About Clowns.

Jeff and Bob avoided the platform. They saw a path to the left, leading towards the carousel. They kept walking, eating their popcorn, and talking.

To the left of the pathway, there was another tent. It was red and yellow.

“What time should we go home?” asked Jeff.

“Well, I want to invite some friends over for a party tomorrow. We could have a pool party at your house… ”

The clown on the stage did a backflip on his unicycle while juggling ten balls. The crowd looked amazed, cheering and clapping.

Suddenly, Bob and Jeff felt a hand wrapping around their arms and yanking them backwards into the tent. “AHHHHHHHH!” they screamed.

Nobody saw Jeff and Bob — they were too busy watching the clown. Outside the tent, all they could see was a bag of popcorn left on the ground.


Jeff and Bob were tied down in wooden chairs inside the tent. The chairs had blood all over them. They saw a whole bunch of clowns in a dark room holding knives.

Everything had happened so fast that Jeff and Bob were confused. “Who are you?” asked Jeff and Bob quietly.

“We are your worst nightmare,” they all said. One of the clowns stepped forward to tighten their ropes. The clown had a freaky face with blood all over it and a lot of white and black makeup. It had red blood all over its white clothes and ruffled collar. It had red hair, ugly teeth, and stitches all over its eyes.

Jeff and Bob were shocked and frightened to death.

The clowns explained their ugly plan. “You must be clowns, or you and your families will die.”

Jeff and Bob didn’t know what to say. There was no escaping the clowns.

“It’s better for only us to get hurt than all our families,” said Jeff.

“Yeah, you’re right,” said Bob.

Jeff and Bob answered. “We want to be clowns,” they said.

“Good,” said the clowns. “And we are killer clowns. So you will have to kill people.”

“We don’t want to be killer clowns!” said Bob. Jeff and Bob were very, very scared.

One of the clowns came up behind Jeff and Bob with a gun. He pointed it at their brains, but Jeff and Bob couldn’t see. Then, the clown put a hole in their brains and put a chip inside.

Jeff and Bob dropped their heads. When they woke up, they had red eyes.



It was a hot and sunny day when Steve and Joe walked into the circus. Steve and Joe were looking for Jeff and Bob at the circus. They had just come home from vacation yesterday. Jeff and Bob had told them they were going to the circus, but they were on the plane, so they couldn’t go.

Bob’s and Jeff’s parents had called Steve’s and Joe’s parents, but they didn’t know where they were. So then, Steve and Joe went to the circus to find them.

When Steve and Joe walked into the circus, they started looking. First, they got food because they were starving. They got strawberry funnel cake with whipped cream and powdered sugar on top. They also got popcorn, hot dogs, and cold sodas.

They started walking around, and they saw a whole bunch of tents. They walked in the first one, and they saw a security guard. The security guard said, “Do you have a ticket?” They said no.

“We spent all our money on food,” Steve said to Joe.

“We have to get in there,” said Joe. “Bob and Jeff could be in there. Maybe they stayed there all night, or maybe they joined the circus!”

Steve used his martial arts karate moves to attack the security guard. He was down in two seconds. And Joe was just standing there. He didn’t know any martial arts.

They looked in the tent, but they couldn’t find Jeff and Bob. Elephants and musicians were doing a show in the middle of the tent. There was a humongous crowd. They loved it! They were amazed!

Steve was feeling proud of himself for taking out a security guard, and Joe was worried about Jeff and Bob.

When they went out of the tent, the security guard woke up with ten other security guards. Steve and Joe knew that the guards were there for them. Steve and Joe tried to punch the guards, but then they had to run away because the security guards were chasing them. They ran into a white and silver tent.

It was dark inside the tent. There was creepy violin music. Then the lights turned on, and acrobats were surrounding them. They looked like normal acrobats — they were wearing sparkly silver leotards and no makeup except for jewels on their foreheads. But they were holding knives, and one had a chainsaw. Then, Steve and Joe saw clowns behind the acrobats. They couldn’t recognize Jeff and Bob.

Steve and Joe were shocked. They gasped.

The acrobats said, “Now you and your family will die if you don’t become an acrobat.”

The acrobats put chips in their brains with a microchip gun. Then, Steve’s and Joe’s brains forced them to obey the evil acrobats.



It was a hot and sunny day when Marie and Cooper walked into the circus. They were trying to find Jeff, Bob, Steve, and Joe. Their parents all knew each other, and they all called Marie’s and Cooper’s parents to see if they knew where Jeff, Bob, Steve, and Joe were. Jeff and Bob had been missing for two days, and Steve and Joe had been missing for one day.

Marie was a five foot seven Japanese young woman, and she was fourteen. Cooper was a five foot nine blond guy, and he was thirteen.

They were at the pool when they got the phone call from the parents. They were kind of annoyed about leaving the pool. They were kind of worried and mad at the same time.

The first thing they did when they got to the circus was buy food. They bought buttery popcorn, cotton candy, blueberry funnel cakes, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sodas. They also got a slushy. And that’s all they got.

They started looking for Steve, Joe, Jeff, and Bob. They called their friends, but no one answered. Marie and Cooper went to the big tent where the elephant show was going on. And then they found $300 on the ground. They were lucky! They bought two tickets and took turns watching the show and looking for their friends.

After the show, they still couldn’t find them. But then the SWAT team came, because the money that Marie and Cooper used was fake. The SWAT team went looking for Marie and Cooper, but they raced away. Marie was kind of slow, but then she punched them, and Cooper ran away to a tent that was blue and silver. It was nice outside, but inside the tent it was dark, stormy, and mysterious. And then, the lights turned on.

Marie and Cooper were circled by evil magicians, acrobats, and clowns. They couldn’t recognize Steve, Joe, Bob, or Jeff. Marie and Cooper were shocked. They had no idea what was going on.

So then one magician said, “Your family and you will die if you don’t become evil magicians. HA HA HA HA HA!”

He looked like a wizard. He was kind of ugly. He looked like he was 70, but he was only 40. He had a long, scraggly gray beard.

Marie and Cooper both turned into magicians with a chip inside their brain.



It was a cold, dreary night at the circus. The clowns, acrobats, and magicians got together to do their really, really, really evil plan. Their plan was that they would attack the human race and rule the world. The plan was to attack the president first, to rule the world, and then they would attack the whole US, then North America, then South America, then the whole world.

They started going to Washington, DC. Then, when they got to the president’s house, they broke in, killed the security guards, and then murdered the president. Then, they took control of the United States, and then every United States citizen had to go to the White House immediately. Then, they turned all the people of the United States into clowns.

Then, they took over Mexico and Canada. Mexico turned into acrobats, and Canada turned into magicians. They took over South America, and they all turned into clowns. Europe turned into acrobats, and Asia turned into magicians. And Australia was the last defense of the human race. Then, they took over Australia, and they all turned into clowns.

But then, there was one more country left. New Zealand. They attacked. Half of them got demolished, but the clowns, acrobats, and magicians still won. Then, the only quest was to take over Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus, and the other planets. So, they started creating rockets. Acrobats took over a third of the planets, and magicians took a third, and clowns took one third. But they couldn’t reach Neptune.

But then they all came to Neptune with a powerful rocket. Then, they started to defeat Neptune. The acrobats used their flexibility to catch the people on Neptune, the magicians used their spells to freeze the people, and the clowns used their knives to kill them. Now the Milky Way was called The Haunted Circus. No humans or aliens survived. There were nine million clowns, acrobats, and magicians spread out across the galaxy. They journeyed to each of the hundred billion galaxies. Now they had a billion billion recruits in the Milky Way, and they had about another billion billion in the Sunflower galaxy, and another billion billion in the Whirlpool galaxy, and another billion billion in the Black Eye galaxy. So, they had billions of recruits.

Now the six friends were the leaders of the Evil Haunted Circus, and they ruled the whole universe. They were friends again, because they were leaders, but they didn’t remember their old lives. They didn’t know who their parents were anymore, and their parents became clowns.

The End!




Warning: This story contains graphic violence, which may be disturbing to some readers.


Chapter One

When midnight came, the zoo started roaring because in this area, everything is a life sentence, for the animals were treated like they were slaves. The zookeepers walked around the zoo. They looked into the animals eyes and hit them. While the zookeepers did that, one animal was in its cage, lonely in the corner, thinking, Why is the world like this? During that time, it was raining. The animal’s name was Robin, and he was an elephant. He always thought that animals should be free in the wild and that they should be able to have freedom as a family and survive in the wild.

For a long time, the animals were enslaved in the zoo for Homo sapiens to see. Also, near there was a circus. The circus tortured animals even more. They would smack them, put them in chains, and rip them apart. They would hypnotize them, shoot them, put them in cages, everything you can imagine, and worst of all, they used elephants.

Oooh, you can’t imagine what people did to those elephants. They would put them in chains and make them dance. They would make them pull things. They would chop up their tusks. They would kill their young. They would put them in cages. They would face paint them. They would make them drink venom. And there was another creature. That creature was a lion. The lion always wanted the circus to be boycotted and thought that animals shouldn’t be treated so awfully.

The elephant and the lion, Alexander, knew each other. Each Sunday evening, they would break out of the zoo, meet up, and try to raise money to help animals go back into the wild. It never worked. A lot of animals suffered.


Chapter Two

One evening, the elephant and the lion went to the restaurant.

The elephant said, “How much money did we raise?”

The lion said, “We only raised 35 cents.”

Then, Robin had an idea. The idea was that Alexander and Robin would both go back and tell the animals this plan: the animals all station around town to raise money and if it didn’t work, they would meet back at the zoo, even the circus animals, and get a new plan. So they both set out back to where they came from and told everybody the plan.

All the animals agreed that it was an amazing plan. They set out stations all through town.


Chapter Three

All of the animals set out stations in these locations. Two were Times Square, three near the zoo, five near the circus, ten near the Empire State Building, thirty-five in Central Park, and fifty-two in the suburbs. All of them raised a little bit of money each day. They soon had over one thousand dollars. But they still didn’t have enough money to put the animals back in the wild.

While Robin was walking, he met a few humans: Curiosity, Philosophy, and Geography. They all wanted the exact opposite. They wanted all animals to be put back in the zoo and not to be bred. They wanted them to die easily, and they wanted them to cut their flesh for fun. They also wanted to destroy their habitats.

Robin did not like this. He was wondering if they even had brains. He wondered if any of them even grew up as actual animals (because all of the organisms were actually animals).


Chapter Four

All of the stations around the city raised over one billion dollars each, and that still wasn’t enough to overthrow the government. The government did not agree with this and wanted more animals to be tortured with an electric chair and a guillotine. They would also tie horses up by all their body parts.


Chapter Five

Robin and Alexander thought of a new idea. They would start a rebellion on Sunday evening, in the state park, at five pm, longitude 33 degrees.


Chapter Six

Sunday evening, at five pm and longitude 33 degrees, the polar bears broke out of their cages, using little ticks all night, biting in the cages with their little fangs, to open them up. The polar bears banged on the zookeepers and got the keys. The praying mantis killed many bugs and stuck them on the cage like super glue. Since there were five million of them, they pulled back all together and destroyed the cage.

The ants crawled out. The owls used their smarts to use telekinetic powers to open up the bird cages. The zookeepers were knocked, and the seals used them as floats to be able to be on land. The dolphins used little sea sponges to be able to jump on land and walk around. The animals that live in the coral reef jumped into the seals’ little tanks. Also, since the cage had mowers in it, the alligators took all of them and destroyed the cage. The elephants blew the cage down. Now, since the endangered animals all lived in the same cage, they all together got the keys from the polar bears and opened it up. Also, the parrots were able to use human to communicate with the people to open the door. The parakeets were able to text loony tunes and get granny.

Now they all together marched toward the White House. They marched through the door into the president’s office. First, the elephants smacked him the face, poked his eyes out with their tusks, and burned his brain at the stake. They also made his wife wear burning iron heels and had to dance in them for the rest of their life. Then, they took the dead president and buried him in a junkyard.

They came out and broke out and did these things.


Chapter Seven

On that day, all of the birds were spinning around and around the White House. They also had heavy balls that had atomic bombs with them, that they had to drop on the people. They threw them on Washington DC and to add on to that destruction, they put on anti-chemical masks, put chemicals in the jars, and banged them on Washington DC. They, too, went back in time with a time machine and took the most radioactive bombs in the world that were supposed to fall on Japan. They took them back to the present and threw them on Washington DC. Then, they also threw in human beings with cancer and the rash. Then, they also threw in computers that could be burned to make the radiation even stronger. Then, they just flew off. The birds also flew over to Florida and sawed it off.

They also sold Manhattan back to the American Indians. They took off the “locks” in the Panama Canal. They also destroyed Nickelodeon studios. They also threw donuts on the people of California. They exploded Columbia College. They shut down Niagara Falls and filled up the Grand Canyon with dirt. They also gave venom to the people of Barnard College. They also went back to Washington DC and went to a pottery studio and made president pottery and threw it into a vat of radiation. Then they started putting kittens everywhere and gave them to the Native Americans. They went back in time and killed Lewis and Clark, sunk the Mayflower, and killed Christopher Columbus. They also killed Teddy Roosevelt.

Then, they went on their phones and started looking at Pinterest. The end.


Chapter Eight

They also found out that America has a warship called the Intrepid. They took the Intrepid and sailed to India and bombed it. They sailed back to the circus. The owls flew around the circus people, picked their feathers off, and started poking the people with them. Then, they flew all the way to Kansas and then started collecting tumbleweeds. Then, they went and started throwing tumbleweeds at the people at the zoo. The tumbleweeds had toxins in them which made them fly to the foreign of the galaxy. They also collected twigs and made a fire with them and threw them at the cages to melt them down and make them into little molds.


Chapter Nine

As all the marine animals jumped into the water, they started swimming towards Antarctica. There, they met the polar bears, penguins, and sea lions and took them on a trip to Asia, and they went to Russia and invaded Moscow. Then, they started going to the big mosque, and they peeled off the big onion domes and then squeezed them into the ground and cut a door to make them portable homes. Then, they flooded India. After that, they went to Dubai and watched the dancing fountains. But, before they did that, they clogged up the system and made it so that the dancing fountains were like the ones at the Met, which were not inspiring and the people didn’t pay at all and also since they clogged it up, the water just went one inch tall each time it leaped. So the people saw that the fountains weren’t working and started dancing around in the water for no reason.

Then, the marine animals swam to NYC and flooded the subway through the Hudson and the East River. Then, they went up the East River upstate and clogged up every single tube they can see, even the toothpaste in your grandmother’s country home. Then after that, they started going back into the city and climbed up the Empire State Building and started shooting enormous volts of electricity into every single home until everybody in New York State was electrified. Then, they started swimming down the East River, went to Florida, and enjoyed the beach.


Chapter Ten: The Land Rover

All the land animals did something too. The first thing they did was go up the Nile River and climb up the Great Pyramid. Then, they started teleporting solar power to every home they saw, which made all of Egypt and almost all of Africa, shake. Then, they took a boat to Europe and started destroying the Colosseum. Then, they knocked down the Tower of Pisa and started destroying the Hoover Dam. Then, they went back to England and arrested the Queen. Then, they went back in time and put an earthquake in Los Angeles. Then they went further ahead in time, and they went to the earthquake of 1906 in California and started putting massive volts of electricity in the ground to make it shake more. They went back in time, and they started climbing up the biggest tower in the world and started throwing bacon at the world even though there was a pig there. Then, they split up and went to every single bank in the world and got the money to overthrow the government.

Then, the whole zoo marched up to the White House in 2018, with all of the money from all over the world, and went into the Oval Office. Since the president was already dead, they had a new president. He had paintings of himself all over the walls. He was even worse than the previous president. He made sure that all the animals in the zoos of the world were smacked in the face each millisecond and that they would pull out the tusks of all the elephants each millisecond. They also forced them to give birth to more elephants to produce more tusks. All the animals marched up to the new president’s desk and put the money on the desk.

Then, they said, “Will we be free of slavery and injustice if we give you this money?”

Then, the new president said, “No, no.”

Then, the animals overthrew the government one last time by marching out and knocking unconscious every single person in the White House and made the new president sign a paper saying all the animals will be released into the wild. The declaration was signed, and all the animals were free in the wild!


The World’s Smallest Dog

I am the world’s smallest dog. The world is too large and gigantic for me. All these big aliens are taking me by a red rope and naming me Ben, Fred, and Lilly! I can’t take it anymore! So, I run away. I mean, I will be left alone. No more “you’re a cutie pie” or “such an adorable munchkin” for me! So, with my short, stubby legs, I run down the road. I keep running until my small legs cannot take it anymore. I sit down to take a rest.

“Hey, you little doggie.” A big cat comes up on me.

I stand up to run away. My little legs don’t take me very far until the cat comes up to me. He grabs me up and bites me. I start to whimper. He drops me to the ground. Then, he walks away. I wait until he is gone, then I sit up. I have no idea where I am. The trees are swaying, and the wind is making me cold. I am hungry. Where is my soft and sweet doggie food? I am too small to do anything. So, I sit and stare hopelessly at a tree.

In the morning, I am awoken to the sound of chirps and baby birds. I look up. A bird’s nest is above my head. I run away from it. I never have liked birds. They were bigger than me. Anything bigger than me is sure to kill me. I am so small, my legs don’t even take me ten feet from the tree. I hate being so small. I hate it.

I walk as far as the town goes. I turn up onto a pole. There’s a picture of me!! I’m famous! All the world will know about me! For once, something goes well for me! Wait a second. I have seen that word before. I think it is “missing.” Or “massing.” I don’t know. Well, I’m famous. Who cares what it means. I walk down the street with my head held high. I hope people ask for autographs!


A few days later…

I am walking through a park with my head still held high. A van! It must be my special ride. I hop over to it and wait for the door to be opened to an inviting doggie food bowl and some doggie hair people to do my messy hair. The door opens with a slam. Not what I was expecting. But still, I’m excited for my new haircut. But a net falls over my head. What is going on here! I start barking. I get pulled by the net and dropped into a cage. Wait, I think I know what’s happening. I think I’m being taken to the pound! What am I supposed to do!!


One month later…

The pound is mucky and dirty, and it smells weird. The food is not that good. No one has adopted me yet. One more day in this stupid pound I will die!! Well, here comes another little girl who will pick any dog but the smallest dog in the world. We all have to line up and do tricks. At the end, the girl has to choose who she wants. All the dogs do handshakes and rolling over. The girl comes to me, and I look at her and smile. She smiles back at me. Then, she pets me. “I want this one,” she says.

“But you have not seen all the dogs yet,” the owner says.

“But I just know I want this one,” the girl says. The girl picks me up. She pets me once again. Then, she and her mom go out the door. I love this little girl, and she loves me, because I am the smallest dog in the world!!

The End


Thunder the Tiger

Thunder the tiger lived in the jungle, but he wondered what New York City would be like. He lived on the north mountain which was actually very far away. He wondered if he would ever get to New York City because he was so far away.

His mom and dad said, “You can’t walk that far,” but he was confident that he could.

He walked a long distance to get to New York City. He saw an ostrich hiding in the bushes who wanted to kick him. He had to run a far distance, and he realized he was back where he started. He wondered again if he would ever get to New York City because there were so many dangers out there. But he wouldn’t give up. He swung on the vines and found a leopard. That was a real danger! He wondered if he would ever get past the leopard, and he tried and tried. However, the leopard found him again and again. But Thunder wouldn’t give up yet until he got tired. Then finally, he got past the leopard. Then, there was more trouble. He had to go back past the ostrich. He finally got past the ostrich too, and the ostrich tried to kick him.

But Thunder said, “Look, there’s another leopard!”

The ostrich looked, but nothing was there, He looked back, but the tiger was gone. Thunder had tricked him. But Thunder had more obstacles to get to New York City. He had to get past a whole big log pile that was blocking the path to New York. He tried to jump, but he fell down the log pile, so he went around the logs. But he had even more obstacles to do. He wondered if New York City even existed. He was so tired that he had to take a break.

The next morning, he had lots of obstacles to do, so he had to do his best to get to New York City. He had to get past a bunch of rocks that formed a wall. He had to make a hole in the ground and make another hole to get up. He tried and tried, but he couldn’t get past the craziest obstacles in the whole rainforest. He tried to get past the deer, but they were eating, and he knew they would think he was a predator and they were his prey. So he dressed up like a deer secretly and took off his costume when he finally got past the deer. But one of the deer saw him not in disguise, and the mother deer thought it was her baby, but it was just Thunder disguised as a deer. Then, when he took off his costume, the mother deer spotted him, and the deer realized they had been tricked.

The mother deer asked him where he was going, and the tiger said, “I want to leave the rainforest and go to New York City!”

The mother deer said, “Okay, you can go!”

He finally got past all obstacles, but then he realized New York City didn’t have the things he needed. It didn’t have a proper place to live, it just had tall buildings. They didn’t have water in pools on the ground, they only had water in fountains which he couldn’t reach because he was a baby. He realized he had gone this far for nothing, because New York City didn’t have the right things for him. Now he had to go past all the obstacles he had passed before.

The moral of the story is always be thankful for what you have, or else you’ll end up in a place you won’t want to be in ever again.



Princess Cat Makes a Friend

One day, Princess Cat was taking her walk, and she saw an orange carrot in the window of a supermarket. A dog raced in front of her and grabbed the carrot. So, Princess Cat followed the dog! She followed it all the way to the dog’s house, but then the dog ate it. So, she went back home.

The next day, she went back to the store. She saw the carrot! But the dog’s owner took it for him to eat. The dog’s owner was Mary. Mary was very responsible. She was twenty. She had long brown hair and blue eyes. She went home with the carrot, and she shared it with the dog. The dog’s name was Ronald. Ronald had white fur and was a poodle.

The next day, Princess Cat meowed and meowed and meowed at her owner until she agreed to get the carrot. Her owner’s name was Rose. Rose had long black hair and purple eyes. Rose went to the wrong grocery market! When she gave it to Princess Cat, the cat hated it! “This is not the right carrot!” she said. “You must go back and get the right carrot. I will go with you there.”

So, they walked back to grocery store. When they walked there, they saw Ronald and Mary walking there too. Ronald saw them too. Princess Cat scratched her owner and pointed to them. Both of them started running. But then, the dog started running faster! The cat caught up, and they both grabbed the carrot at the same time! It snapped in half, but then the dog’s eyes got wide, and he just grabbed the other half.

Then, the cat scratched the dog’s back and grabbed onto him until they got back to the dog’s house. Then, the dog slammed the door and locked it!

(This is a very tragic story.)

The next day, they both ran as fast as they could to get there. But the carrot was gone! They turned to each other and each thought that the other one had stolen the carrot. So, they both ran into each other and just started to tackle each other. They rolled around all the way on the street, tackling each other.

They got to the cat’s house, and the cat’s owner was holding the carrot. Then, the dog and the cat both tackled her because they both wanted the carrot. Then, the owner swiped it out of their paws. The owner ate it. It tasted like glory.

Rose had wanted the carrot all along because she knew that she liked the same things as Princess Cat, and the cat said it looked absolutely delicious, and she would die for it. So, Rose ate it. Princess Cat was furious and sad. She just ran away from her owner. She ran and ran and ran until she got to her secret hideout in the park.

(We can’t see what it looks like, because it is underground and secret.)

Ronald got there just in time to jump into the hole before it closed. Dogs are very perceptive and fast, so he sniffed out where her hideout was, and he got there just in time. Ronald felt very bad for her. He understood how she felt because he was sad when he didn’t get the carrot. He cheered Princess Cat up by giving her a cupcake that he was holding the whole time. It was a strawberry cupcake, her favorite fruit. They stayed in the hideout overnight.

Her owner, Rose, felt very bad for eating the carrot and making Princess Cat upset. And Mary felt very scared because her dog was missing.

The next morning, they ran to get food from the store. This time, the carrot was not there. So, they went home and ate waffles for breakfast. They really enjoyed being friends. Meanwhile, Rose and Mary were racing around the city puting “missing” signs everywhere of Ronald and Princess Cat.

Rose and Mary looked at Princess Cat’s and Ronald’s favorite spots. Rose looked under her couch, in her bed, and behind the TV. Mary looked for Ronald in the park, on a certain spot beside the reservoir. As Rose and Mary were looking, they started to feel scared. “Where are our pets?” they said.

(Back at Princess Cat’s secret hideout, they were playing.)

“I feel bad for eating the carrot,” Rose said.

“It’s all your fault,” said Mary. “Why did you have to eat the carrot?” Mary knew Rose ate the carrot because she walked in as she was taking the second bite. She was so mad she felt like exploding.

Meanwhile, someone else saw the missing sign. It was an eight-year-old girl named Lila. As soon as she saw it, she told her parents. She was really worried because she loved animals. Lila didn’t have any pets, but she always wanted one. Lila had really keen eyesight, so she was good at finding things.

The next day, Lila was walking in the park. Ronald and Princess Cat had been missing for two whole days. Rose and Mary were feeling so scared. They weren’t feeling like giving up though! Suddenly, Lila saw a weird hole come up and down in the ground. She was surprised. Then, she saw it open again. She ran as fast as she could and slid in the hole. She saw a cat and a dog. She was so surprised, she even gasped. “Huuh!”

Then, she remembered the “missing” signs. That’s the dog and cat that are missing! she thought. She grabbed them, and Princess Cat and Ronald were very startled.

“What’s going on?” Princess Cat said. Once again, the dog’s eyes got really big. He tackled Lila!

“Calm down!” said Lila. “I’m trying to save you!” The cat and the dog glared at her.

How are you trying to help us? they thought.

“I’m trying to help you because I saw a ‘missing’ sign and want to bring you back to your owner.” Lila would want to keep them because she wanted a pet but knew it was not right.

Back in Hawaii, the owners had just given up. They decided that Princess Cat and Ronald might have moved to a whole different state, like Hawaii! So, they decided to give it one last shot and go to Hawaii. It was a lot of money! It took them ten hours. When they got there, they looked everywhere in Hawaii, which took twelve hours. They even went in a boat and looked in the water! They went scuba diving and looked under the water. They saw other animals like crabs, fishes, bumble bees, snails, shrimp, lobsters, but luckily no sharks. But no Princess Cat! And no Ronald! They decided to give up and stay in Hawaii because it was too much money to go back.

Meanwhile, back in New York, Princess Cat and Ronald still didn’t trust Lila. Then, she went to their houses with them. They didn’t want to go, but she was strong enough to hold them. She rang their doorbells, and no one answered. Then, she found out that Rose and Mary were in Hawaii! She saw a note to their dog and cat on the door.


Dear Princess Cat and Ronald,

We are in Hawaii. We only wrote this note just in case you were here.


(It seemed like they were mad at them.) (Because they were.)

Maybe I could keep them! thought Lila. She promised them that she would keep alive and safe. For once in their life, they believed her. They believed her because they got used to her a little more. They had been with her for seven hours! She was very kind to them and to everyone.

They decided they didn’t want to live in their hideout anymore. They went to Lila’s house. Lila’s parents opened the door and saw the animals.

“What’s going on!” said her mom.

“Blehh!” said her dad.

He thought it wasn’t real, so he was trying to wake himself up. But it was real. “These are the missing animals that I saw on the sign, and I checked at their houses to find their owners, but their owners are in Hawaii!” said Lila.

“Fine. We can keep them. But, you have to take care of them,” her parents agreed. Rose and Mary were never going to come back from Hawaii.

The next day, Lila and Ronald and Princess Cat had so much fun together. But then, they remembered the carrot. They ran as fast as they could to the grocery store, but Lila stopped them. “What do you want?” she said. They barked and meowed and barked and meowed and barked and meowed. Them, she realized that they wanted a carrot, because she learned how to speak dog and cat. That day, she had learned how to speak dog and cat because she searched for it on the Internet. Princess Cat and Ronald were a little sad because they missed Rose and Mary, but they still wanted the carrot.

Princess Cat and Ronald decided to go to Hawaii. They knew that Rose and Mary were in Hawaii. They wanted to be with them. They liked Lila, but they really wanted to be with Rose and Mary. So, they asked Lila if she could go with them.

She said, “I will ask my parents if I could come with you.”

So, she went to her parents to ask them if she can go to Hawaii with Princess Cat and Ronald. They said only if she did chores when she got back. Her parents bought her a plane ticket, and she felt happy and sad. She was sad because she was going to miss her parents, but happy because she was going to reunite Princess Cat and Ronald with Rose and Mary.

Lila, Princess Cat, and Ronald packed their suitcases and went to the airport. Princess Cat packed a mirror, a bathing suit, and snorkel gear. Ronald packed a ball, snorkel gear, and a bathing suit. They got food and things to do on the airplane because it was a ten hour flight. They got off the plane. Now, they were in Hawaii. Hawaii felt really hot. They saw coconut trees and pineapples and fish. They found Rose and Mary after all the hard work they did. They ran and ran and ran as fast as they could to get across the streets. They searched for three hours. They can run really fast because they’re a dog and a cat, so Lila rode on Ronald’s back. They searched high, low, and everywhere. They searched in the trees, they searched everywhere. They searched in the ocean. (They saw many sharkies, by the way.) They used their snorkel gear. They loved snorkeling, they were so good at it!

After a while, they finally found them. They found them at a house! They felt weird. The house looked very beautiful. There were many plants, little statues of fishes, and little statues of crabs. It looked like the kind of place where Rose and Mary would live. They rang the doorbell, and they knocked knocked knocked. They finally got in. Mary opened the door! Ronald jumped with joy! And then, Rose walked up too. Princess Cat leaped with pride! They both ran up to them and jumped into their arms.

“We’re so excited to see you!” Rose and Mary said. “Where were you?”

“Meow meow meow meow, meow meow woof woof woof,” they said.

They had no idea what they meant. Luckily, Lila was there to translate.

“Your secret hideout?!” they said. “Well, at least we forgive you for leaving because you came back and found us. We didn’t expect you to do this for us.”

They all decided they wanted to go back to their home. They moved back in with Rose and Mary. Then, Lila wanted to move in too. So then, she took her parents and moved in with Rose and Mary too. And then, they all went to the grocery store and bought the carrot. They all shared it. It tasted like glory!



Falcin’s Pizza

Falcin is a robot that lives in California. Falcin has two yellow arms and two blue legs. His body and his head are green, and he has spikes on his neck and a lot of spikes on his back. He also has a spike on his nose.

Falcin’s friend is having a birthday party, and he is going to give her pizza. (I think that’s funny because no one should get pizza for a present.) Falcin goes to John’s Pizza. There is a long line. When he is at the front of the line, there is only pepperoni, and his friend only likes cheese pizza. So Falcin decides to go home and order from another pizza store. He orders the pizza from Joe’s Pizza, and he goes to the party.

The width of the pizza is 18 feet, and the length of the pizza is one foot long. It smells good! Far away there is a giant basketball who smells the pizza, and he wants some. Falcin is having a lot of fun at the party until the giant basketball bully comes and eats all the pizza and destroys everyone at the party. It is a sad ending.

The End


The False Accident

Martha was running in a race. Katie was winning. Martha really wanted to win, so she decided to trip Katie. She ran just a tad bit faster until she was right next to Katie.

She ran next to Katie and when she was ready, she said to Katie, “Hey, Katie! Do you like running?”

Katie said, “Yeah.”

Martha asked, “Well, have you ever fell?”

Katie said, “Why do you ask that?”

Martha stuck out her leg, and Katie tripped over it. She fell and busted her chin. It was bleeding. A second later, Katie started bawling. Martha shaded her eyes and looked away.

“Martha tripped me!” Katie screamed at the top of her lungs.

“No I didn’t,” yelled Martha. “Anna told Lucy to do it so she could win.”

“Did not!” snarled Anna.

“Did too!” shouted Martha.

“Actually,” said Lucy, “Anna did not tell me to trip Katie.”

“She did!” said Martha.

And it went on and on and on like that until the coach said, “Stop! The rest of the race is cancelled. You may all go home. Nobody gets the prize cup for the winner, but there is no winner, and I am saving it for next year. Tomorrow, I want someone to confess and tell me who tripped Katie. If you do not, I will write a letter to your parents telling them that no one told me who tripped Katie and you all, except Katie, will get detention for the rest of the week. The detention will be cleaning the toilets with your toothbrush!!! And while you are doing that, Katie gets some free time.”

They all went home with their parents. Martha thought about what the coach had said. Martha slumped on the couch and turned on the TV. Nevermind, she thought, I am feeling too bad for Katie that I can’t even watch TV. She went in her room and buried her face into her bed full of fluffy and furry pillows. She started to cry. One and a half hours later, her mom entered the room.

“I heard someone crying one and a half hours ago. What happened?” her mom asked. Martha did not know an excuse, so she sighed when she realized she would have to tell her mom.

“I tripped Katie,” she said. “I just wanted to win the race because Dad said that if I don’t win the race, he won’t be proud of me.”

Her mom said, “Well, your dad just loves sports so much. He just wants you to be really good at them. But you will have to tell your dad. You can’t keep it a secret for the rest of your life. Also, you will get detention, but not at the racetrack.”

During dinner, Martha told her dad miserably, “I tripped Katie.”

“Well,” said Martha’s dad, “your mom and I are going to have to think of a consequence, but you are not going to have a consequence from the coach.”

“Yeah,” Martha muttered.

That night, Martha lay awake all night thinking about what she should say to Katie and the coach. Finally, she fell asleep, dreaming nightmares about Katie, Lucy, and Anna turning into monsters and attacking her, pushing her away from the racetrack. At one in the morning, she woke up sweating and still had no idea what she was going to say to Katie. Of course she knew what to say to the coach; she would whisper in his ear, “I tripped Katie because I wanted to win the race.” She was so exhausted, she fell back to sleep.

Six and a half hours later, she woke up at seven-thirty to her alarm, and remembered what she had to tell Katie and the coach. Nervous butterflies swarmed in her stomach as she thought about it. She still didn’t know what to say to Katie. She put her best pants and top on and went downstairs to breakfast.

“Look, Martha,” said her mom as she stepped into the dining room.

“The newspaper said there’s a new movie coming out in theaters, this Friday. It’s called The Diary. It’s about two best friends who moved away from each other, and they figure out a new way to communicate by writing letters to each other. Would you like to come watch it this Friday, Martha? Martha?”

“Yeah sure,” she said, rushing up the stairs to her room. She had a plan of how to tell Katie. She grabbed her journal, ripped out a page, and slammed the door shut.

“Are you okay up there?” her mom shouted from downstairs.

“Yeah!” she yelled back, quickly scribbling a note saying:


Hi Katie, sorry I pushed you.

I hope you can forgive me, I was too scared to say it to you in person, so I decided to write a letter to you. Would you write back? I just wanted to win so I tripped you, sorry.

Sincerely, Martha.

P.S. Once again, sorry for tripping you.


She then dug around her junk pile and found the best envelope that fit, but it was little torn up, so she had to use tape to fix it.

“Martha! Breakfast is ready!” called her mother from downstairs.

“Coming in a sec!” she yelled back. She closed the envelope and rushed downstairs. She shoved all the breakfast in her mouth and ran to the car with her running equipment. When she was sitting in the car, she took out the pen she had packed in her bag, and she ripped open the envelope. In tiny letters, she wrote what she was going to say to the coach. She ripped that piece out, folded it in the tiny envelope shape, and put it in her bag.

When she got to the racetrack, she snuck into the boys locker room and stuffed the tiny envelope into the coach’s locker. She went into the girls locker room and stuffed the big envelope in Katie’s locker. She put on her running shoes and her sweatpants and jogged to the racetrack.

“Well,” said the coach, “who did it?”

“Look in your locker after class,” said Martha.

“Okay,” said the coach, “only if the thing inside tells me who tripped Katie.”

“It does,” said Martha nervously.

“Then I will,” said the coach. “Okay everybody, listen up. One-hundred laps around the track, Katie’s first, then Lucy, then Anna, then Martha. Martha’s last.”

After class, Katie went to Martha’s locker and said, “I know you just wanted to win,” and she turned and walked away.

Next, the coach came and said, “I’m glad you told me and Katie that you tripped her.”

Martha was smiling all the way home.



My Dogs Baba, Ibiza, and Poppy

I have a puppy named Poppy, and my puppy has brown eyes. Her fur is kind of white but isn’t that white. She is only ten pounds. I got her in 2016 at a family reunion. We went to the mall, and there was a pet store. I had been asking for a puppy for about a year. So, my mother finally said, “Okay, let’s see.”

In the pet store, there were a bunch of puppies. But Poppy was the only one playing but didn’t look happy while doing it. She was so tiny. She was only ten weeks old! I asked the man if I could play with her in the playpen. I asked my mom if we could get her, and she said we had to ask my dad. He said yes. I have had her for about two or three years now, and I love her so much. On a scale from one to ten of how much I love her, I say a 100!!! Sometimes she runs away. It makes me so sad when she does that, but she always comes back. She goes in the corn field, the woods, and even across the street. My brothers don’t like Poppy. I don’t know why. I think she is the best puppy ever. She plays a lot, and she makes friends all the time, and sometimes my mom, my dad, and I go on walks with Poppy and our other two dogs Baba and Ibiza. Sometimes, I watch my iPad, and I go to the couch with my iPad, and my dogs come over to the couch.

Poppy and I are very similar. Poppy and I are both very crazy. I bite my nails, and she has very long nails, and she’s only two, and she tried to bite them off! Then, when that didn’t work, she tried to scrape her nails off with her other paw. I wanted to tell my mom because it was funny. We’re also both very fast runners. When she escapes, she runs away really fast. Poppy can climb and jump, and so can I. We’re not just crazy. We also do crazy things. Poppy and Baba like me more than my brothers. My brothers don’t like Poppy because she runs all the time on them because she’s only two. Their favorite is Baba, and Baba likes us all pretty much equally. Poppy still loves me the most though. Even my brother, Ibi, jokes that Poppy likes him more than me (I think). Ibiza likes my dad the most, even though he’s kind of named after my brother Ibi.

My dog Baba broke his leg after being run over by a car, but is okay now. But he is afraid of almost everything and has a habit of nipping people when he is afraid, but sometimes he just barks or growls. If he’s in a car with all of us together, and he sees other cars, he’s not afraid.

Ibiza is a Mini Australian Shepherd. She loves attention. She will eat anything and steals Baba’s food sometimes. We got her when I was around six years old or younger than that.

When we go on walks, my mom will take one dog, my dad will take another, and I take the third. If I could take my dogs anywhere in the world, I would take them to sleepaway camp. This is my first summer going to sleepaway camp, and it would be so much fun with my dogs there right beside me.

Poppy would love camp because there would be a lot of kids there, and we would run and play and do everything together. If my dogs could talk, I think they would ask a lot of questions and ask for a lot of belly rubs. Baba’s favorite place to get pet is his armpit, and he’d probably ask for armpit pets all the time.

Ibiza would say, “Pet me now! Don’t look at him! Just me.”

I would say in reply, “Okay, in a minute.” She’s very impatient.

If my dogs had superpowers…

Baba would be able to fly, Ibiza would have telekinesis, and Poppy would be able to teleport.

One day, I brought all three of my dogs on a field trip to a lab. In this lab, they make special dog food, and I wanted my dogs to get a sneak peek at the new flavors. The scientist, William, met us at the front door to give us a tour of the dog food lab.

“Hello, Scientist William. These are my dogs Baba, Ibiza, and Poppy. Can we taste some of your dog food,” I said.

“Yes,” Scientist William said. And he gave us a tour. And gave us the dog food. “Don’t open it until you get home!”

“Okay!” I said. Then, we got home. I gave my dogs the dog food, and they ate it really fast. Then, Baba started lifting off the ground. Then, Ibiza looked at something, and it started to float. Poppy all of a sudden was gone and somehow was on the couch. I realized something was off. My dogs got superpowers!

I ran to my mom and dad.

“Mom! Dad! Come look in the kitchen!” I shouted. We went downstairs. My mom and dad didn’t look too worried.

“Calm down! This is kind of a good thing,” they said. “Now, Baba can fly, Ibiza has telekinesis, and Poppy can teleport. Now, we don’t have to walk Baba — we can fly him! Ibiza can pick things up for us, and we can get Poppy to teleport something.”

“Okay, I guess it’s a good thing,” I said. Then, they digested the food, and Poppy couldn’t teleport anymore, Ibiza didn’t have telekinesis anymore, and Baba couldn’t fly anymore.

“Dang it! We’re going back to bed!” my parents said.

The end


A Wizard Who Can’t Talk

The wizard always dreamed to talk. He never went to school, that’s why he couldn’t talk. If he never talked, he could never make any spells. He was six years old. The wizard was called Cedric the Sensational. He was not the one who made that name — the wizard’s dad made it. Cedric the Sensational always tried to tell his dad that he hated that name. It was too fancy and too “sensational.” His real name was Potato, but his dad called him Cedric the Sensational because he was embarrassed that his son was called Potato. It was sort of his mom’s fault, because she named him that. He was also a little shy, because his name was Potato. People bullied him. They said, “Why is your name Potato? That’s, like, the worst name I ever heard of. And why are you so fat?”

One day, the wizard, Cedric the Sensational, said, “Now I know why they called me Potato — they thought I was fat. They called me that at school. Now I think I’ll ditch school and be homeschooled. But my mom doesn’t know how to speak English. So now, my mom can talk in the other language that she knows, which is Spanish, and I’ll understand, and I’ll say two or three words in English, and I’ll be like a two-year-old to people who don’t know Spanish. That’s what everyone says at my school — that I can’t talk at all.” He said in Spanish, “pero tú no sabes hablar en español,” which means “You don’t know how to talk in Spanish.” He was a little angry but mostly sad.
And Cedric the Sensational had enormous arm muscles that couldn’t even fit in the stores. He was always working out at his gym because he wanted to be the strongest at his school, so everyone would know that he was cool, but it didn’t work. So when he went in a store, he was knocking down everything, even other people. No one knew what happened to him, he just grew so big, as big as a building. He always wanted to be small again, but he couldn’t talk, and his mom didn’t teach him the spell, so he couldn’t make a spell to make himself small again.

So, his mom was going to do a spell in Spanish because she understood Spanish better than English. So then, Cedric the Sensational became a Spanish sorcerer. He learned lots of alphabets, but only two spell words, because his mom didn’t have any time to spend time with Cedric the Sensational. He really wanted to do spells, but he couldn’t talk, so he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t cast any spells. He couldn’t walk because he was too fat. He had one finger, two legs, three pairs of arms, and twenty pieces of hair. Cedric the Sensational looked really bad, and everyone called him fat, but he was actually an alien. Everyone looked at him as a wizard.

Cedric the Sensational met a unicorn with a birthmark that was in the shape of a heart, and the unicorn was mad at him. He was growling and baring his teeth, which were a little pointy. Cedric the Sensational had no exact idea why. The unicorn had a blue eye and was staring at him like he didn’t know anything. No one else knew what happened.

The unicorn was another alien, and he thought he looked like a normal, regular unicorn, and in his world, all the unicorns look exactly the same, but the unicorn had a rainbow horn, twenty eyes, one nose, forty-five arms, ninety-nine feet, and forty-nine legs. The unicorn came from their planet. The planet was called Forklimon. It was made out of forks and mon. No one knew what mon was, so that was why the planet was so mysterious. It had talking alligators and really, really long worms the length of buildings. It was a land of candy and pretzels and Goldfish and fruit snacks, and everyone was crying with happiness, and even if they broke their arms, they would still be crying with happiness. Everyone was cool there, but there were only two people who were really cool, as you can see, on the bottom.

“Come with me,” said the unicorn, grinning mysteriously. No one knew where Cedric went.



Changing Towns

Once upon a time there was a princess named Celestia who was sixteen years old, and she liked colors. She really wanted more people in her town. It was a very lonely town, and she was wearing a black dress today.

So every day, she sat in her throne, and she said to herself, “How can I get more people in our town?”

But one day, on her birthday of turning seventeen, she thought, Maybe I should go and get more people in our town. So she told her parents that she was going to get more people in their town. The king and queen also wanted more people in their town, so they told their daughter Celestia that she could go do it. So, she packed her food, and she set off.

So first, she went to Chicago, and she told all the people there. Then, she went to Greece, and she told all the people there. Then, she went to Florida, and she told all the people there. Some said no, and some said yes in all the countries she went to so far. She convinced them to go to their town because she convinced them that it was a nice town, and there were hot tubs and pools all over it. The people that said no weren’t convinced with what she said.

And then, she went to Hawaii. All the people said yes in Hawaii because it was ten minutes before the volcano erupted in Hawaii, so they all said yes, they took all their stuff, and then they went with Princess Celestia. Once she got the Hawaiian people to safety in their town, the Hawaiian people thanked her for saving them. Then, it was nighttime. They all went to sleep, and Celestia promised herself that she would do some more talking to people tomorrow.

The morning after nighttime, she wore her color dress. The colors that it had were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. She had a rainbow dress on! She went to London. Most people there said yes, and some said no, so she took the people that said yes on a boat while she went to a different country or state.

She went to Australia. The cities she went to were Sydney and Melbourne, and all the people in Sydney and Melbourne said yes. So she took them to New York City. They had a great time. Then, she went to New Mexico. New Mexico was a busy town, and there was a gate at the airport before you entered New Mexico, and the gate had a passcode that you had to enter. There was no button that said Change Passcode, so she didn’t know how she would get into New Mexico. So, she tried all the passcodes she knew, but none of them worked because the gate felt your hand if it was New Mexican or American or any other city, state, or country. The gate knew that she didn’t live in New Mexico, so Celestia didn’t know what to do. So, she thought and thought until she came up with an idea.

Good thing she brought a pogo stick in her backpack! She could jump over the fence and no one who was New Mexican knew if she was New Mexican or American. But there were wolves guarding the New Mexican houses because the New Mexicans knew that someone could have a pogo stick from a different state and jump over the fence. So, they put more wolves to guard. The wolves charged at her. She didn’t know what to do. She was surrounded by wolves. She said her name to the wolves, and then they said theirs. Good thing she knew wolf language! She learned wolf language at school where they taught all about wolves. She told the wolves her name in wolf language. She told them that she wanted to be their friend. They said that they would be her friend. So, the wolves let her go into New Mexico, and then the people were astonished of how Celestia got in. Then, they glared at the wolves. The wolves got really scared.

There were only ten children who weren’t glaring at the wolves. Those were Celestia’s friends in New Mexico. She called them, and they came and helped protect the wolves. Now that the wolves were safe, Celestia asked her friends if they wanted to go to New York City with her. They all said yes because they were her best friends in New Mexico! They asked all the people in New Mexico. All the children’s parents that were Celestia’s best friends came with their children to New York City, and then she went to Africa. All the people in Africa said yes, and then she took the people from New Mexico and from Africa to New York City, and they lived happily ever after! The end.


Real facts about different countries:

Fact: If it’s July 5th in Australia, and you think it’s also July 5th in America, it’s actually July 4th! It could be with any date. So for example, today in America it is 7/19/18, and in Australian times, it’s 7/20/18. So in Australian times, it’s always one day ahead of American times, and when it’s evening time in Australia, then it’s morning time for America.

Fact: There are lots of animals in Africa, like zebras, and lions, and animals like that. Most of them are tame and will do what a person who owns them says. There are different climates in Africa. There’s the tropical rainforest, and there’s a place where they grow chocolate, and there’s a desert in Africa.

Fact: In Hawaii, there is hula dancing. There are lots of islands. On 7/19/18, a volcano erupted in Hawaii. All of the islands were formed when a volcano erupted underwater.


A New Friend

Once there was a girl named Mary. She had black hair and was in kindergarten. She was five and liked playing games at recess like family. Her best friend was named Mimi. Mimi had glasses, played with Mary 24/7, and was five as well. Their teacher was named Ms. Rendy. All these people had brown eyes.

One day, walking home from school, Mimi asked, “Do you want to go to my house and study for our report on Native Americans?”

So, Mary answered, “Totally!”

After about two hours, they finally found a big, fat, dusty book called All About Native Americans. It seemed liked the perfect book to write a report that was being turned into Sunset Elementary. After 55 chapters full of tiny, hard to read print, (some including clothing and games) they reached the chapter on animals and food. And guess what the first sentence said? It said that Native Americans ate bunnies! This was heartbreaking. Even worse, since Mary loved bunnies, she felt like she had been stabbed.

The next Tuesday, Mary went into the shed in her backyard to get a leash for her dog. But the second she got inside, the little wood structure seemed to begin going downward, but not underground. Kind of like an elevator. The stomach-churning zooming went on for ten minutes. When the door opened, Mary was so surprised by the shockingly beautiful landscape. Her breath was taken away. The grass was greener than anything her small hometown in Wisconsin had to offer, and large, innocent deer darted away from flying arrows. No one seemed to care about the animals. (This was a quiet scene.) Suddenly, Mary felt something warm and fuzzy rubbing against her leg. She looked down and saw it was a bunny!

“Help!” it whimpered. “They’re going to eat me!”

Arrows suddenly began flying into the time machine. The door started to close, but an old cat scampered in.

“Choose your button carefully, or else you shall regret it!”

“Okay?” Mary said curiously.

So, the cat walked calmly out. The buttons on the time elevator were covered in Russian letters. A random one was pressed, and then both the girl and the bunny felt their stomachs turning somersaults. Then finally after five hours, the door opened again. They screamed. A giant T-Rex!!!

“Next time, we should be more careful,” Mary nervously said.

Then, they went back up to present day.


No Snooping!


September 22, 2018

Tomorrow’s the first day of middle school. I’m nervous, excited and worried! I’m nerworrited! Everyone says Mrs. Grag is mean, and guess what? She’s my teacher!!! I once heard my older sister, Lacey, talking to her friends about how mean Mrs. Grag is. They were saying she gave lots of homework, gave detention easily, and gave at least two tests a week! That doesn’t sound like a nice teacher to me, you?

Another thing I’m disappointed about is both of my best friends are not in my class. This is the first year that they haven’t been in my class, and I don’t know how I am going to get through the year. My best friend Sabina is disappointed about it too. She tried to reassure me about it.

She said, “It’s okay, we can see each other after school,” but it didn’t help. I haven’t talked to my other best friend, Helena, about it yet, but I’m sure she’s not happy about it aeither.

Although, the thing I’m most worried about is the basketball team. I really love basketball, and I hope I can get on the middle school team, but I’m not sure. I know the competition is pretty tough, and there are some pretty good players who are also trying out. I tried to convince Helena and Sabina to try out for the team, but they don’t have any interest in basketball.

Now I have to go to the store to get new books and binders.


Beatrice (Bea) Malcery


September 23, 2018

Today when I woke up, I was still feeling nerworrited. I forgot to set my alarm last night, and it was 8:30 A.M.. I had to be at school in 20 minutes! So, I quickly jumped out of bed, got my clothes on, and shoved my toothbrush into my mouth. I started to run down the stairs, but halfway down I fell.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” I screamed. “What is wrong with me this morning?!” My leg was bleeding like crazy, and it hurt like I had just fallen down the stairs. Oh wait — I did.

I quickly bandaged up my leg and gulped down my cereal. Finally, I was ready to go. I put my lucky basketball shoes on and grabbed my bike from the garage, put my basketball, binders, and books in the basket, and started riding to school.

When I finally reached school, I was panting and felt nauseous. I walked through the crowded halls of middle school hoping to find my locker, but I was having trouble finding it.


I had just bumped into Charlie and dropped my books, my basketball, and my binder. Charlie helped me pick up my stuff and helped me up. Charlie had been in my class since kindergarten, but I had never really talked to him.



“Oh my goodness, that was the second bell!” I said. “I’m late for my first class. UGGGGGGGGGG!”

I rushed to my English class, but I was late — not a surprise. My English teacher, Mrs. Johnson, gave me detention at 12:30. Luckily, the basketball tryouts were at 11:30. Geometry passed really slowly. It felt like it went on for hours. I started to not listen to Mrs. Johnson, but then she asked me a question, and I didn’t know the answer.

“Beatrice!” said Mrs. Johnson. “I want you to listen to what I’m saying.”

I wasn’t listening because I was thinking so much about the basketball tryouts. I told her I would listen from now on.

When geometry class was finally over, I took my backpack from under my chair and rushed to tryouts. As I arrived at the basketball tryouts, my heart was beating faster than it ever had before. It was finally my turn, and I was shaking all over. I dribbled up to the three-point line, and I shot. As the ball flew through the air, I double crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

“You made it!” I suddenly heard someone shout.

I had been closing my eyes and not looking. The coach told me I had made the team. Thanks to my lucky basketball shoes, I would be playing actual five on five basketball games! There were fifteen people competing, and I was one of the top ten. Yay!

As I left the gym, my heart was filled with joy. This had been my dream since kindergarten. The rest of the day at school went by very quickly. I didn’t even mind that Mrs. Grag (yep, that’s right, my mean homeroom teacher) gave us extra homework. I retrieved my bike from the bike rack outside of the school and started to ride home. I couldn’t believe I had made the basketball team! I was thinking about how proud I was of myself for making the team, but I wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of me.

“AHHHHHH!” I screamed. I had just bumped into a tree. My Band-Aids had fallen off from earlier, and I was super annoyed. “Twice in one day!” Suddenly, Charlie came over to help me up. He told me he had been in the store next door, and he had heard me fall. I told him thank you, and I rode the rest of the way home peacefully. As I was riding home, I started to think that maybe Charlie and I could become friends. I decided tomorrow I would invite him over.

As I opened the door to my house, my parents asked me how my day went.

“I made the basketball team!” I exclaimed.

“Let’s go out for ice cream to celebrate!” my parents said.

“Yay!” I said “Can we play basketball after?”

“Sure!” they responded.

See you,



September 24, 2018

Last night, I made sure to set my alarm so I didn’t have to rush getting out of the house. I got dressed in my most athletic clothes, ready for my first basketball practice. As I walked down the stairs, I made sure not to fall by holding onto the railing. My cut from yesterday was still healing.

I started to eat breakfast, but I heard the back door click open. Both of my parents were still asleep, so I decided to go check it out.

“Lacey, what are you doing?” Lacey was entering the house looking like she had been up all night. She had bags under her eyes, and she looked half asleep.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lacey said, and she dragged me up to her room.

“I have been up all night partying with my friends,” Lacey whispered, “but you can’t tell anyone!”

“Mom, Dad!” I started to yell, but Lacey wasn’t taking chances.

“Shut up, Bea!” Lacey was whispering again. “I told you not to tell!”

Lacey said she would get me for this, so at this point I knew she wasn’t kidding, I decided not to tell Mom or Dad. I ran out of her room because I saw she had a jump rope. I wasn’t about to get choked.

While I was eating breakfast, I was thinking when I should invite Charlie over. A few minutes later, my parents woke up. I decided to ask them.

“Mom, Dad,” I said. “I’m inviting a boy over today. What time should I invite him over?”

“Honey, you’re inviting a boy over?” my mom said.

“What’s wrong with that, Marissa?” my dad said to her. “I like that idea. I think it’s good for her to not just be friends with girls.”

“I guess you’re right,” my mom said. “Bea, you can invite him over at five.”

When I got to school, I opened my locker to find a surprise. I had an invitation. It was a blue envelope with white stars, and it said my name on it. I opened it up, and I found a note to me. Here’s what it looked like:


Dear Bea,

Would you like to come over to my house for dinner at 5? I would really like to hang out with you and maybe we can play basketball after. If you like this idea, tell me in history.

– Charlie


I decided to tell him that I love the idea. I emailed my parents to tell them that Charlie wasn’t coming over after all, and that I was going to his house after school.

Today in math, we got a result on the quiz that we took before school. This quiz was to determine the class and level that we would be put in. I looked at my results, and I found out that I got put in the gifted and talented class. Yay! For the rest of the class, we did fractions and decimals. Boring!!!

When the class was finally over, I headed to history, determined to tell Charlie I would love to come over! Once I reached the class, I steered myself towards Charlie’s desk. I calmed myself down and told myself not to worry. Charlie was sitting at his desk drawing. “Hey, Charlie. I saw the note, and I’d really like to hang out with — ”

“What are you talking about,” Charlie said.

“I thought you invited — ”

Suddenly, Charlie P. walked over. “Hey, I’m the one who gave you that invitation!”

“With the white stars?” I asked.

“Yep!” he responded.

I mean, Charlie P. was a nice guy, but he thought so much of himself. He bragged to everyone at school that he had more than 100 trophies. Such a lie, right?

I could feel my cheeks getting hot. I tried to tell myself everything would turn out fine. How could I have assumed it was that Charlie. It didn’t have to be the Charlie that helped me up from my fall. How could I have been so dumb!!!

“So Beatrice, do you want to come over?” Charlie P. asked.

“Um — ” I started to say something, but Charlie P. interrupted me.

“So, you do want to come over?” he asked.

“I — ”

“It’s settled, you will come over at five,” Charlie P. said.

“Class, class, in your seats!” the history teacher said. “This is history, not playtime!”

“Yes, Mr. Williams,” the class said.

“A long, long time ago bla bla bla bla bla.”

I stopped listening to Mr. Williams because I was too busy thinking about Charlie P.’s house. I was thinking about how miserable I would be there.

“Beatrice!” yelled Mr. Williams. “I want you to listen to me!”

I had not realized it, but I had been daydreaming for 40 minutes. The class was almost over! I was just losing it today!

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Williams,” I said.

“You know what, Beatrice! I’ve heard from your other teachers that you haven’t been listening to them either,” said Mr. Williams. “I’m going to need to talk to your parents about this!”

I was very disappointed about this because I knew my parents would be very mad at me. They might even tell me I couldn’t be on the basketball team anymore. I guess I’ll find out soon.

As I was walking to the cafeteria, I saw Sabina.

“Hey, Sabina,” I said. “How are you doing?”

She looked at me like I was crazy and then walked away. I wondered what that was about. I thought we were really good friends. During lunch, I thought and thought about all the things that had gone wrong with me today. First the incident with the letter, then Mr. Williams getting mad at me, and then Sabina acting weird about me. Was it a coincidence, or were they all connected?

I tried to not think about going to Charlie P.’s house and pretend like it wasn’t going to happen, but eventually it did. Charlie P.’s chauffeur drove us to their house. They had a white limo with a personalized license plate that said, I RICH. I wondered how much fancier this car could get, but I didn’t have to wonder anymore when I got inside. The leather seats had no trace of dirt on them, and they had cupholders on either side. The seats could unfold into a bed, and there were extra pillows in the back. In the back, I also spotted a mini fridge and a mini basketball hoop. I asked the chauffeur if I could use the basketball hoop, and he said yes.

The ride to Charlie P.’s house was a long one, and when I got there, I figured out why. His house was a mansion in a grassy field with a perfectly neat garden in the next town over. This explained why Charlie P. was sometimes late to school.

As I stepped inside the house, I made sure my shoes weren’t muddy. I looked up from the floor and gasped.

“Your house is so beautiful!” I said to Charlie P.

“I know,” he replied.

“Would you like a snack, Beatrice?” Charlie’s mom asked.

“Sure!” I replied. “What do you have?”

“Follow me,” she said. I walked into the beautifully decorated kitchen with a marble floor and white walls. In the middle of the kitchen was an island, and it had two sinks and a bowl of fruit. The fridge was about as big as my bathroom. I opened it and found snacks galore. There were Goldfish, pretzels, cookies, crackers, and all kinds of juice. “That’s not it!” She led me into the bar. I sat down on one of the leather stools of the bar and ordered seltzer with a lemon and crackers from the butler. I wasn’t very hungry. But before I could take my first bite, Charlie pulled me off the stool and led me upstairs.

We entered a room labeled, Charlie’s trophy room. I wondered if the trophy rumor was true.

“C’mon Beatrice!” Charlie said. “I need to show you all my trophies.”

“Call me Bea,” I said.

“Whatever,” he responded.

Charlie’s trophy room was decorated in the most lovely red carpet. Glass cases filled with tons of trophies bordered the room. I started to look at one, but Charlie stopped me.

“Those are the off-limits ones,” stammered Charlie.

“Okay,” I replied. I never realized Charlie P. was this spoiled! As I looked at the trophies, I figured out that most of them were for horseback riding, but occasionally there were some for checkers.

“Sometimes, I stare at these all day!” Charlie said. “I just love looking at what I have accomplished!” I think I heard a bit of sarcasm in his voice, but I’m not sure.

“Yeah… sure… I could look at them all day, too,” I mumbled.

“So, Beatrice, do you want to look at my other trophy room, or do you want to do something else?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, trying to sound excited. “We can look at your other trophy room.”

This was the most boring experience that I’ve had in my life. Maybe if I was with someone else, like the other Charlie, then this would be so much fun! This house was super cool.

We headed into Charlie’s other trophy room and looked through all the trophies. I checked my watch to see when this would end.

“We could see my other eight trophy rooms if you want,” Charlie said. “But there’s still the medal rooms.”

We hadn’t even finished through the third medal room when Charlie P.’s mom called us for dinner.

“Charlie! Beatrice! Time for dinner!”

Charlie and I headed down the stairs for dinner. Meanwhile, I had a plan. When we got downstairs, we sat in the dining room. The table was the size of my bedroom, and the ceilings were high, decorated with a giant diamond chandelier that hung over the center of the table. The tablecloth just nearly covered the whole table. I don’t have any idea where they found that big of a tablecloth!

“Beatrice, we’re having Scandinavian steak and potatoes, do you like that?” Charlie’s mom said.

“I’ve never had it, but I’m sure I will,” I responded.

“Great, go ahead and sit at the table,” she said. Before I could take my first bite, I heard loud stomping footsteps. The footsteps were Charlie’s dad walking in. I hadn’t realized it before, that Charlie had a dad. I guess I was just too busy thinking about other things, like whether this was going to go well, or whether they were going to have good food for dinner. I just didn’t realize.

As Charlie’s dad sat down at the table, my mind was rushing. Was Charlie’s dad mean, was he nice, or just an average person? I soon learned what he was like. He sat down at the table and banged the table with his fork and knife.

“Where’s dinner?” he exclaimed, frustrated.

“The dinner’s coming, honey,” Charlie’s mom responded, sounding quite annoyed and tired.

Suddenly, I remembered my plan.

“Mrs. Pellock? May I go to the bathroom?” I asked Charlie’s mom.

“Sure!” she said. I wasn’t really going to the bathroom. I was just going up to the trophy room to look at his “off-limits” trophies. I quietly walked up the stairs and entered the trophy room. The trophy room was still as beautiful as before. I guess their maid had cleaned it since we had last been in. I walked to the back of the room to see the off-limits trophies. There they were.

I unlocked the case with my hair clip and took one of the trophies out. Under it, there was a Post-it Note.

It read, Trophy for horseback riding. Reminder: I cheated this one.

“Oh my goodness!” I exclaimed. “He cheated!” But then I guess someone heard me, and booming footsteps came up the stairs. It was Charlie’s dad.

“Beatrice, what are you doing, looking at my son’s off-limits trophies?” he said.

“I just wanted, ummm, to see how amazing — ” I started to say.

“Beatrice, get back down to the table. I want you to eat dinner peacefully, and I’ll send you home after dinner.”

I had made a mistake, and I knew it. Now I was an enemy of the Pellock house. Mrs. Pellock and Mr. Pellock will probably call my parents. I will be in huge trouble. The teachers will call my parents, too. I’ll be in double trouble.

Mr. Pellock took my hand firmly as we walked down the stairs to the dining room.

“Look who I found,” he exclaimed. “Beatrice was up there looking at Charlie’s off-limits trophies.”

“Well, did she see anything? Like, the thing?” Charlie asked.

“I didn’t see anything,” I quickly stammered. “Just trophies.”

I’m just so frustrated, I can’t write anymore. I’ll just have to tell you what happened tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

See you,



The Amazing Aliens


Chapter One: The Awesome Idea

“Emily, Emily!” Sasha shouted. “I have the best idea ever. Do you want to hear it?”

“Yes please,” said Emily.

“How about we look for a new planet?” said Sasha.

“What about Kiki? Can she come?” asked Emily.

“Sure,” said Sasha.

“Let’s go to Tooth to get her,” said Emily.

“The planet is called Mint.”

“Woo hoo!” screamed Emily. The two best friends jumped over to Tooth (since Tooth was in close proximity to Cookie). The two friends went searching for Kiki. Within ten minutes, they realized that Kiki was chasing them (not for the spaceship, but as a joke). They were all laughing their heads off for one hour straight. Once they stopped laughing, they entered Sasha’s spaceship and flew around the big star, looking for an awesome planet.


Chapter Two: The Planet Mint

In only a few minutes, they reached planet Mint.

“This looks beautiful,” said Emily.

“I don’t know about that,” said Kiki.

“Well, it’s our very own planet, so the both of you should be happy, okay,” said Sasha.

“Now we have to build this planet’s furniture.”

“Okay, it’s a good thing Emily and I packed in advance,” said Sasha.

“Let’s build!” said Kiki.

There were beautiful decorations and purple wood paneling available for use. It took an entire week to build and decorate everything. Sasha wanted to get her old friends back from Cookie land. Sasha and Kiki decided to travel to planet Tooth to pick up Kiki’s friends as well. Emily stayed back to keep an eye out for potential villains. Within a few minutes, the other friends arrived. They had a party planned for that night and stayed up until 3:00 am. They were all incredibly tired but excited for the next upcoming party, which was promised to last until 11:00 pm. Everybody went home at 11:05 pm. Once Sasha, Kiki, and Emily arrived home, they immediately fell asleep. There was a scary creature slithering around the night sky.

It was an evil villain! It was tall in stature. Sasha didn’t see it, but it always came during the evening time. She heard it in the middle of the night. She told Emily and Kiki. They saw it flee before morning.

In the morning, they looked for it. But they were never successful in locating it. They went back to Chocolate Chip, but they still couldn’t find it. They went to Cookie land, and they still couldn’t find it. They went to a different planet called Blob. It looked like a green blob. They saw an evil villain. The creature was trying to go really fast, but Sasha, Emily, and Kiki collectively captured it. The evil villain was an alien snake. It had a long body and ten piercing eyes. It was a terrifying sight.


Chapter Three: The Evil Rattlesnake

They realized that the evil snake was actually an evil alien. The creature transformed back into an alien. It was a spitting image of Sasha. It looked similarly to when it was a snake, it was just in an alien form. It had a short body with arms and legs and two eyes, and it wore a shirt and pants. The creature was very cruel. He was continuously punching them. Finally, he decided to reveal his name.

“My name is Steph,” he said.

Steph was living on a planet where there were lots of aliens. Instead of transforming, he said it was just like Halloween every day for him. He apologized for punching them. Steph then went back to his planet. He wasn’t allowed to leave his other planet. He would sneak out every night. He traveled with Sasha, Kiki, and Emily to Space Town.

They arrived at Space Town and hid Steph in their house because he didn’t want to be seen. They went back to Blob, where Steph lived. They had the opportunity to meet his parents.


Chapter Four: Ten New Planets

The next morning, Kiki, Emily, Sasha, and Steph went to a bookstore on Chocolate Chip. This was their first time on Chocolate Chip, and it looked like a bookstore. After they got books at Chocolate Chip, they went to school. They had to go to Planet Blob for school. They floated to each planet. It went fast because there was a tunnel. You’re able to go to whatever place you want. Sasha, Emily, Steph, and Kiki were in class Z. Ms. P was the name of the homeroom teacher. In school, they had to have a contest. It was to find as many planets as you possibly could and write them down. If you found the most planets, you got a big prize for each of the aliens on your team.

Emily, Sasha, Kiki, and Steph made a team. They searched for ten planets. They began with Chocolate Chip, the bookstore, and they got to Blob, their town. They went to a camp that was named Clip, and they found another planet for evil people that was called Villains. That place had evil villains on it, and they were just like Steph before he became a friend, so they didn’t go on it for a while. Then, they went to a glass making place called Glass, and they found another place called Planet, and inside Planet there were four more planets that were named Oreo, Juice, Tree, and Jungle. And the last planet was named Pants. The next day, they were going to hand the paper in.


Chapter Five: Winners

The next morning, Emily, Sasha, Kiki, and Steph went to school. They gave the paper to Ms. P. Ms. P looked at it for a long time. Ms. P finally said, “Sit down and wait for the other aliens to come back.” They sat for a while. Still, nobody came. The other aliens were still looking for the planets. They finally came back with nothing on their papers.

Ms. P was so disappointed at them. They got detention, and Steph, Emily, Sasha, and Kiki were the winners. They got a huge golden trophy.

“Great job,” said Ms. P.


Chapter Six: The Big Secret

Steph went over to Sasha’s house to have a playdate. That’s when Sasha saw something on Steph’s face that looked the same as hers. It was the same ugly scar that she had. They also had the same eye color, a dark brown.

“Steph, what is your last name?” asked Sasha.

“Curry,” Steph replied.

“We might be brother and sister.”


“Because my last name is Curry.”

“What?! That’s awesome.”

“I know!!!”

Sasha and Steph hugged each other, and then Emily, Kiki, Sasha, and Steph all lived together.


The Magic Rhino


Chapter One: Hard Things

“It’s snowing!” MAGIC MAN said.

“It’s snowing,” mocked mathemagician.

“It’s snowing great! Snowing is bad. When will you learn your lesson?” said mathemagician.

“Never. Because snowing is good,” said MAGIC MAN.

“No it’s not. It’s bad for the Earth.”

“No it’s not!”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“Mother! Isn’t snowing bad for the Earth?”

“Not exactly.”

MAGIC MAN grinned.

His bro frowned.

Then, it was time for breakfast, so they sulked to the table.

At the table, MAGIC MAN told them how he broke his foot at school and that the nurse said he should wear a cast for two or three months.

His mother said, “Why didn’t you tell me? Let’s get it on right away.”

So, he got his cast on and went to Sunday school.


At Sunday school, he learned that rhinos have been around for 500 years.

And he wanted to be a rhino.

But then, he remembered that magic wands could not put a spell on themselves. He also remembered that he could turn into a parrot. Maybe then, he could turn into a rhino. So he tried, but he could not do it.


Chapter Two

Forty-five years later…

MAGIC MAN had almost forgotten it, but he tried again. Still no parrot.

Then, he remembered that he could not turn into a parrot unless he was a senior. So, he waited another 11 years. He tried and poof, standing in his place was a beautiful, golden, new parrot. But he realized he could not turn into a rhino.

Then, he remembered that he could have turned into a rhino 45 years ago. But not now. You can only turn into a rhino if you are 45 or younger. But then, a magician with no wand, one that knew this parrot wanted to be a rhino, turned the parrot into a magic wand. And all he did was sing a special song:

I don’t want him to be a parrot, rhino, or pooh. Just a magic wand.

With that, the parrot was a magician wand.

The magician picked him up, waved him a little, and walked away with a magic wand in his hands.


The End


Emma Learns How to Fly

Once there was a ladybug. Her name was Emma, and she loved to fly. Her mom was also a ladybug.

She told her, “Emma, you have to go to classes to learn how to fly!”

“But Mom, I know how to fly! You don’t have to teach me. I can fly by myself!” Emma said.

But her mom still insisted that she must go. But Emma was really scared because she didn’t really like going to different classes.

The day she needed to go, Emma said, “Mom, I don’t want to go! I can fly perfectly!”

“If you don’t want to go, you have to show me that you can fly!” her mom said.

So the next day, her mom said, “Show me how you can fly! Fly for ten minutes in the air and come back.”

“Okay,” Emma said.

She came back in ten minutes, and her mom said, “Wow, Emma! Did you perch on a branch for a minute?”

Emma froze. She said, “Uhh… Sorry, Mom. I didn’t! I’m trying to remember after such a long time. And have you noticed it’s actually been one hour? So you expect me to fly for one hour? I had to fly a little, but I perched on a branch for one minute.”

So her mom said, “Well done, Emma. You don’t need to go to flying school.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

The next day, Emma woke up feeling as fine as she looked.

She asked her mom, “Can I eat breakfast early? I want to go fly!”

“Of course,” her mom said. “I’m so happy that you love flying!

So she went outside and started flying. She was going too fast and hit a branch. Her wing slit a lot, and it started bleeding. She came home with one wing, and her mom said, “What happened? Are you okay?”

She took her to a ladybug hospital, and Emma stayed there for a month.

“The next time you go flying ask me to come, because if you get injured I can help you,” Emma’s mom said.

“Okay,” said Emma.

Then, she got better and came out of the hospital. She had enough courage that she could go flying with her mom.

Then Emma said, “Yay, I’m doing it! I’m not going to get hurt again.”



The Story of Candyland

One early morning, Carly was asleep, and her mom was calling Carly up. So, Carly brushed her teeth, washed her face, ate breakfast and poof! She was in the Magic land of Candy.

Then, another poof came. It was her friend, Charlie. They thought they could use candy to make a house.

A fairy came and told them, “You can eat the candy, but you can’t make it into a house.”

So, the fairy used her wand to make a gingerbread house for them.

They saw a tree made of marshmallows, and the trunk was made of gum. They thought they could go to the ocean, but there was no ocean. There was only a cotton candy ocean. But there was a guard, and the guard told them that they couldn’t get in the ocean because it was very thick, and you could get stuck if you fall in. When you got stuck, you would sink. But the queen helped them out and used her wand to make the cotton candy smoother for them.

So, Charlie sat on a pizza to ride on the cotton candy ocean, and Carly used the cookie to sail on the cotton candy ocean. A little bear sat on a lollipop made of chocolate and sang. When they got on the island, the little bear was there too. They thought it was their home from before, but it was not. Her mom was in the home to find Carly, and Charlie’s mom was there to find Charlie. But their moms went to the room and didn’t find them anywhere.

They found a Coca-Cola pond, and they could drink Coca-Cola from the pond. They ate some of the fish made of jelly beans.

The moms saw them and said, “This planet is shaped like a jelly bean.”

But it was not their mom, it was the jelly mom. So, they ate the jelly mom because she wasn’t their real mom.

They found chickens in a farm where another chocolate bear was. This bear was eating half an egg, because the chicken was a magic chicken that could give you a chocolate egg if you gave her chocolate.

The bear said, “You should go to the Land of Food.”

So, they sailed on the big boat of candy and sailed to the Land of Food, and there was pizza mom. And they ate their pizza mom.

On the Land of Food, there was a machine that could give you anything you wanted, like pizza. And there was a unicorn made of every type of candy. The unicorn had a marshmallow mouth, and the cotton candy was her head. She had a jello body, and her four hooves were made of jello too. Her neck was made of chocolate. Her mane was made out of lollipops, and her tail was made out of golden candies and food coloring.

They saw a pile of mashed potatoes and jumped in the pile, and it felt very squishy. On the Food Land it was Christmas! The snow was made of all types of ice cream: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip, watermelon, lemon, pineapple, and all of the other flavors. They slept in a taco because it was nighttime, and they were tired. All of the candies turn into lights, and you still could eat them! And you couldn’t forget the taste of the popsicles because they tasted so good. You could eat a bit of fries and some hamburgers for dinner.

They ran into a goblin, and it was candy, and they ate the goblin like they did with the food moms. At midnight, when they slept in the taco, a fairy used her wand to send them to their own home.

When they got home, they were very unlucky because Carly’s mom said, “Where have you been!”

“We’ve been in Candyland,” Carly and Charlie said.

Carly’s mom said, “Your punishment is to only eat vegetables for four weeks!”

They never went to Food Land and Candyland because of the fairy who sent them away. And the fairy was made of jello, so they ate the fairy because they wouldn’t eat anything sweet for a month.

So, the next day, Carly and Charlie wished to go to Candyland again. But they could only go if they let the fairy out of their tummies. But Charlie and Carly said they couldn’t because they were people and weren’t magical and couldn’t easily spit her out. They went to the doctor and got the jello fairy out of their mouths. The fairy waved her wand, and Charlie and Carly could go to Candyland and never return. Their moms tried to find them for 2,000 years and didn’t succeed.

In Candyland, they did a lot of fun things. They found a princess that was a human, not candy. The princess showed them the way to the waterfall. And when they got there, there were four princesses that could change their hair magically. They could turn their hair into an island. But they didn’t because they could only do it if they were dreaming about it. Carly, Charlie, and the princesses used bubbles to go down the waterfall, and they had so much fun.

At the bottom of the waterfall, there was a crocodile! When the girls saw it, they quickly ran back to the castle to tell the queen about the crocodile. When they returned to the waterfall, they used a very sharp sword to stab the crocodile. After, they got into a big, big taco and had a tea party. The taco tipped over and fell inside the ocean of cotton candy. It was not a problem because the taco could still float. They ate cotton candy straight from the ocean. It was a rainbow cotton candy ocean that had all of the juicy flavors.

The queen used her magic wand to teleport them back to the castle, and they slept in a cloud that was in the castle! Carly and Charlie thought it was very comfortable. In the cloud bed, you could control your dreams. They dreamed of a basket, and they could see something in the basket. It would give you whatever you wanted, like cotton candy, jelly beans, and chocolate eggs. And sometimes, you could say you wanted chocolate bars. They shared their candy with the four princesses they met that day. When the dream was done, they fell asleep and didn’t dream more because the cloud could only give them one dream that they could control.

The next day, they were still in candy land. They got to a big lollipop and pressed a button, and all of the candy melted, and a tornado slurped up pasta and meatballs.

“What?” said Carly.

“It is yummy!”

“What is yummy?”

“Ruuuuuuuun… No… ”

“It is pasta and meatballs. Slurp, slurp, yum.”

They ate all of it, then they saw soup, so they drank some. They saw a little cute bear covered with pasta, so they slurped the pasta off him, and the bear thanked them and gave them some tea.

They saw a pond that was made out of Coca-Cola. They drank some of the Coca-Cola, so it made them cool. They saw the jelly donut fish in the Coca-Cola pond. They thought it was a very, very boring day because they didn’t play anything. They only ate and saw little chocolate bears. Tomorrow was Carly’s birthday, but they were very sad because it was a boring day.

A little bear heard them and thought he could give them a surprise, so at midnight, the little bear built a waterslide and a rollercoaster. In the morning, the little bear baked a cake and bought gifts to give Carly. He told the other bears to buy enough gifts for her. The first bear gave Carly a car. The second bear gave her a banana boat. The third bear gave Carly a box of M&Ms. The fourth bear gave Carly a pet dog. The fifth bear gave Carly a very special candy. In Candyland, it was called the Unicorn Mix. Carly was very, very surprised.

The next day, the seventh bear gave her a very, very special gift. It was called a cake pudding, so you could put cake on a plate and then put it on your hand, and when you turned and turned it, the machine would plop the cake on your face. The eighth little bear gave Carly a robot that could do homework. She was so surprised that they ran out the taco and started to play.

Charlie ran out too because Carly said, “Come out and play!”

It was so fun. Carly and Charlie played for 24 hours.

Then, a pile of lollipops and candies dropped down on them. They were stuck, and it was so sticky that a lollipop stuck to their heads. When a guard saw the lollipop on their heads, he used his own sword to cut it off.

They ate their hamburger lunch and were very tired. They slept in the taco for three days because they were so tired. After the three days, they thought they were in Candyland, but they were in their own house.

Their mom said they were sleeping for three days. They thought it was serious, so they watched TV for eight days. It was so good, and they got to do homework for eight weeks. It was good because Carly still had her homework robot. Her mom was surprised that she got 100 on her homework. Her mom was very surprised, so she gave Carly another pile of homework, and she got 100 on another homework too. Her mommy let her watch TV for 15 days. Her mom let her drink Coca-Cola and eat lots of chips and candies and no vegetables for a week.

Carly was very surprised that her mom let her drink Coca-Cola because she never let her drink Coca Cola and never let her eat chips. Her mom went to the restaurant with Carly. Charlie was at home learning math. Carly’s mom said that she could go to Charlie’s house and play.

Charlie’s mom said, “Yes, that’s a great idea,” so Carly went to Charlie’s house.

They played cards and made lemonade. They watched TV for 24 hours, and they had a sleepover. Robot was very sad because he didn’t go into anyone’s house. So the robot never worked for Carly, but her mom found out Carly’s trick and punished her for one year and let her do homework and locked the robot out of the house. Charlie was very sad about Carly, too.

One day, they wanted to do a trick on their moms. So Carly put poop on the plate, so her mom would go to the sink and wash her hands and then have a snake in the sink, so the snake would bite Carly’s mom’s hands. And then Carly put some rocks on the floor, so that when Carly’s mom would run away, her feet would be very, very hurt. She put a donkey out in the door, and so when Carly’s mom would go outside, the donkey would kick her very hard. So, Carly’s mom would freeze, and Carly would never have to do homework ever again.



Dragon Time

The light was as bright as a couch, which meant the light wasn’t that bright. Maria was in Albany sleeping. It was nighttime. She was on vacation from Florida. It was summertime, and she wanted normal weather instead of really hot and humid weather like in Florida. She got dressed, took a shower, and then she found an egg in her room. It was a blue-green egg. When she saw it, it was starting to get cracks. She was both scared and excited. She was going to have her own pet! She hoped it was a bird. Then, she heard a burst. The egg hatched, and standing there was a little baby dragon. It was blue-green. When she saw it a second later, she didn’t see it anymore. Then, it appeared again. It was using camouflage to change color, and it could understand and speak human language.

Then, she asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

Then, the dragon said, “Bacon!”

So Maria’s dad made bacon, and then Maria named the dragon Jack. Then, Maria and her dad made waffles.

Then, the dragon said, “I want waffles!

So he got a waffle. And then, the dad made two pancakes, and he ate them.

And then, the dragon said, “I want pancakes!

So the dad made three pancakes, one for Jack and two for himself. And then, the dragon played a prank on the dad. He made his waffles taste like water from a sparkling lake. The dad ate the waffles, and his mouth was as sweet as a sparkling lake.

Then, the dragon said, “I want to go to the lake!

So they took him to the lake, and then he jumped in and started splashing everybody near the lake, and then they realized that he was a water dragon, which meant that he could shoot water out of his mouth.

The family yelled, “Yay! Now we can have free water!” They cheered.

Then, the dragon yelled, “I want to drink!

The dad asked, “What do you want to drink?”

So the dragon said, “Beer!

They asked him, “Why do you want beer?”

The dragon said, “Because, one, I want to be like a grown-up and, two, ‘cause I said so.”

So they gave him a bottle of beer. He drank the beer, and then he breathed out a jet of water into the dad’s face.

So Jack started laughing like mad, and the dad said, “That’s not funny!

Then, Maria went back to her room to play with Jack, and she found an orange-red egg in the doorway… Then she heard another burst, and there stood an orange-red dragon!

Then, he demanded, “I want to go into flames!

Then, Maria said, “Why do you want to do that? Isn’t that dangerous?”

So Maria took him into the fireplace, then lit a fire. Then, he burned the place, and then he shot a jet of fire out of his mouth into her dad’s hair, and his hair caught fire.

So he called, “Jack, put out this fire!” and Jack put out the fire in the fireplace, and then there was an ultimate dragon battle.

So Maria named the fire dragon Mark, and then the battle was Mark vs. Jack. Then, Maria went back to her room, and in the doorway she found a golden egg! Then, the egg hatched, and there stood a golden dragon!

She didn’t know what dragon it was, until the dragon said, “I’m a Dream Dragon!”

Then, she locked her eyes with Maria’s, and Maria immediately fell asleep and started dreaming right away. She dreamed about what would happen when the dragons became big. Maybe she would get the Dream Dragon, her dad would get Mark, and her mom would get Jack. She saw them flying across the skies flying back to Florida, putting out fires as they went, and Mark the prankster making fires. And then, she started playing with the Dream Dragon. Then, she named him Dreamer. Then, Mark and Jack came back into the room, and then they combined the water and fire in the room, and then Jack put it out, and there was a brown egg!

Then, the brown egg hatched, and it was an Earth Dragon. It could move stuff using its mind. So she called him Mind Mover, and then it was an ultimate dragon battle of Mark vs. Jack vs. Dreamer vs. Mind Mover. They were fighting because they were little dragons, and little dragons did crazy stuff. Dreamer put Jack and Mark asleep, so it was Dreamer vs. Mind Mover. Mind Mover used his mind to put Dreamer to sleep. Mind Mover won and then, using his mind, he put the other dragons onto a shelf. Then, he started flying around the room like mad. Then, he got the other dragons awake, so the three other dragons had to learn how to fly. Mind Mover knew how because he thought of himself flying and started flying. The other three dragons learned how to fly because Mind Mover used his mind to change their minds, so they learned how to fly. The fighting was by accident. They just felt like it one moment and felt bad that they did it the next. Then, they apologized to each other.

Then, the three dragons said to Mind Mover, “No, don’t apologize. Because of you, we learned how to fly.”

Then, they wanted to fly outside, so Mind Mover opened a window for them, and they all flew outside. They were flying around the house and, during flight, Mind Mover was planting trees left and right. They were apple trees because he liked apples. Then, Mind Mover planted a few grapes because Dreamer liked them. Then, some strawberries because Mark liked them. Then, some raspberries because Jack liked them.

Then, they came back and made another egg! It was black and white. Then, the egg hatched, and there was a dragon and its twin. It was a Moon Dragon, which was black, and a Sun Dragon, which was white. Then, since it was noon, the Sun Dragon made the sun come up, so the day would last even longer. Then, the Moon Dragon got angry that the moon would last shorter, so he made the moon come up so that it would be nighttime.

Maria was in the kitchen eating lunch, and she was like, “Wait, What?! The moon’s up already?” Then, she came back to her room, and there she saw six dragons planted in front of her. She was like, “Six dragons?! I thought there were only two!”

Then, when she left, the dragons named the Sun Dragon Light and the Moon Dragon Dark. And then, they made another dragon egg, but this time it was neon green, and out of that one rose the biggest dragon of all! He was three feet tall. He was as big as some children, even bigger than some, and he was only a few seconds old. Then, he came up and breathed fire. Then, he breathed water. Then, he put everybody asleep. Then, he made a bag of food fly over to him with his mind. He made the sun rise. Then, he made the moon rise, so that they would crash. Then, he used his own power. He could make things appear out of thin air. He made a luxury car appear outside the door out of thin air. It was a golden Lamborghini.

Then, he made the dragons get into it, and then he got into the driver’s seat and started driving around like a crazy dude. He started crashing everything, and when he crashed something, he immediately repaired the car. For the people inside the buildings and cars and on the street especially, it was really dangerous. Then, he made the car go flying over the city. Then, he made it crash land into the Great Hall to ruin a wedding feast. Then, he wrecked the place. The only place that he didn’t go to was Maria’s house. He made a force field around the house and all the berries and stuff. He didn’t want it to get hurt because that was where his family lived. Then, he came back and parked the car back into its place, and then he repaired the place.

Then, the dragons awakened, and they found themselves in the car, and they were like “What? When did we get this car?”

Then, the new dragon said, “Well, you’re lucky you do, ‘cause do you want me to turn it into powder?”

After years passed, they got older and wiser. Since they were wiser, they knew not to wreck the city and that type of stuff, and that made them nicer. They next made another egg, a white one. (Getting crowded, right?) Then, a white dragon hatched. They named him Wowy. He had all the powers. He could shoot water and fire out of his mouth, and he could put people to sleep and make them appear out of thin air, and he could make things happen only by thinking them. His own power was that he could make bigger things appear out of thin air. The green one could make a car, but this one could make a building.

Then the next year, they flew back to Florida. Then, it was the same as Maria’s dream. Maria got Dreamer, her dad got Mark, and her mom got Jack. When they got home, they were planting trees every now and then. And soon, their house was like a garden, and then they could get free food. Maria and the family and the dragons were happy. Then, Mark made steak.

Then, the family and the dragons ate the steak. The dragon ate most of it. Then, Wowy made a snake, and the dragons ate it. Wowy made a special building for the dragons, and the dragons all lived in it. Maria was allowed in it too.

They hired a special cook who made all their favorite foods and let them eat junk food. Then, Light wanted to make the day last longer, so he put the sun up higher. Then, Dark made the moon go full speed up into the sun, and they crashed!

Then, Mind Mover said, “Oh, you guys! Stop it.”

Then, he repaired the sun and the moon. Then, a mysterious egg appeared. When it hit the floor, it cracked, and it was a Sun and Moon dragon.

Jack said, “Water time!” and got out many bowls and shot a jet of water at all of them.

Then, they flew back to Florida where there were many fires, and Jack couldn’t possibly put out all of them, and the whole state burned. Mark kept making more fires. Everybody needed to evacuate out of Florida. So Maria moved into New York City. Wowy made a luxury car and started wrecking the city, and then he repaired it. Then, they met a unicorn, and Wowy started fighting with it, so he breathed fire, and the unicorn made a jet of water come out of his horn. Then, Wowy made the unicorn do a jig and breathed water at it, and the water made it crash into the wall and fall down. Then, he made the unicorn sprout wings, and they all flew together in a great formation. The unicorn was in the back with Jack. Then, they flew back to Dragon land, and they lived happily ever after.

The End!


Three Worlds

Once upon a time, there were three planets named The Fairytale World, The Otherworld, and Underpanty World. In Underpanty World, everyone wore only underwear. In Underpanty world, there were only two kids, named Dan and Jill, who wore clothes. In the Fairytale World, there were two kids named Jack and Goldie. In the Otherworld, there were two kids called Daniel and Port.

One day, Dan, Jill, Goldie, Jack, Daniel, and Port were in restaurants in each other’s worlds. While they were ordering, a giant beam of light came upon each table, and it started to suck everything up, including all of them, and suddenly in a beam of light, they were gone. Then, they magically appeared inside a river. They walked across it and started to see a road. Suddenly, they all bumped into each other. Dan bumped into Goldie, Jill bumped into Jack, and Daniel bumped into Goldie with Jill, and Port bumped into Jack. They greeted each other with warm welcomes, even though they had no idea where they were. They all said they got sucked into the same portal. They made a team and started trying to figure out how to get to their worlds. They started along the road. As they walked along the road, Jack noticed a little cottage. They noticed that one of the houses was free. They walked inside and looked in the house. It was perfect! They had enough beds for everyone. They started to set their home up.

Just then, a man appeared and said, “This house is free. You do not need to pay.”

They shouted, “Hooray!”

They started out of the house and looked for a way back to their worlds. As they started off, they found another road. They found two Jeeps. It was perfect. They had enough seats for everyone. As they went in the Jeeps, they noticed the trees started to get thicker. They got out of the Jeeps and noticed where they were. They heard of this place before. It was the Evergreen Forest. They started to walk across the misty air. Ground became bumpier. Just then, Goldie noticed a shadow. Just as she looked at it, it dashed away. Then, they got out of the road and into the real forest. As they walked, they noticed a wolf. It came closer. They froze.

Goldie said, “Do not move and stay calm. If you keep like that, it will not try to get you.”

The wolf charged towards Goldie because he noticed her mouth moving. The wolf took Goldie and ran with her. The other guys charged to the wolf. Jack noticed he had a knife in his pocket. He got on the wolf and stabbed him. He did not fall dead, but he fell very injured.

Jack said, “Maybe if we go to another restaurant, it might make another portal into our world.”

They ran into the nearest restaurant. They did exactly what they did in the other restaurant. It didn’t happen. Just then, Jack started floating, then Goldie, then Daniel, then Jill, then Dan.

“Guys, why is this happening,” Dan said.

“I don’t know,” Jack replied.

Then, Jack tried to shoot a portal out of his hand. It worked! It was blue and swirling. Just like the other portal. It sucked them up, and they returned to their own world.

The End


Raining Frogs

Once upon a time it started raining frogs. Everyone went inside because they thought frogs were slimy and gross. There was a frog named Slimey. He fell right into a pond. All the other frogs got hurt and didn’t go into the pond. And then, toads started to rain! Then, snakes started to rain! It was going crazy for about three days. Slimey was just watching everybody fall outside of the pond. But then, a shark came up and ate Slimey! He went into the shark’s tummy, but then Slimey farted, and the shark spit him out. The shark spit him out into a tree. He was stuck in the tree until a fox hit the tree, shaking the tree, and Slimey fell into somebody’s house.

He felt scared. He wanted to go back into the sky where he came from. Then, the person in the house saw him and trapped him in a garbage can! He threw Slimey into a hole where a groundhog lived. It was really dark and cold. The groundhog saw Slimey, and Slimey was scared, so he farted on the groundhog. The fart was so bad that the groundhog ran away. Slimey was trapped in the hole because it was too dark to find his way out. He ran into the mother groundhog, and she started to bite him. Slimey farted on her too, and she ran away. Through a tube in the groundhog tunnel, he found his way out, but a snake fell on him and pushed him back into the hole. The snake fell into the hole too. It was still raining animals. All the groundhogs started to bite the snake, and Slimey went back through the tube to get out while the groundhogs were distracted.

Slimey climbed into another person’s house and hid behind a can of tuna. Then, a girl lifted up the tuna can and started to open it with a can opener. The girl saw Slimey, picked him up, and put him in the garbage because she thought he was a toy. The garbage got dumped outside, and a whole bunch of animals fell into the garbage, squishing Slimey. Slimey was in the garbage, with all the other animals, for two hours before the garbage collector came and picked up the garbage and brought it to the dump.

Now, Slimey was in the dump with all the other animals that were on him. He was with foxes, snakes, toads, groundhogs, and gophers. Then, the garbage collector saw all the foxes, snakes, toads, groundhogs, and gophers, and he shot all of them. But Slimey didn’t get shot. He ran and hid in a pile of trash. It smelled like poop because there was donkey poop and dog poop and cat poop in there. So, Slimey got all dirty. Then when the garbage was going to be crushed, Slimey ran away and ran away to the pond.

Then, Slimey found a ramp that led to the sky. The ramp looked really purple, and there were other animals going up it.

Slimey talked to a snake and asked, “Where does this ramp lead to?”

And the snake said, “Back to the sky.”

Slimey felt very excited. So now he went in line to go up the ramp.

But then, a pile of garbage fell onto Slimey. He forgot everything. And he was really stinky, so no one wanted to talk to him anymore. He forgot about the ramp.

A snake was rushing away from a toad, because they were playing tag. But then, the toad bumped into Slimey. And when he bumped into Slimey, Slimey got back his memory. And Slimey went up the ramp and was back where he was from. In Slimey’s home, the houses were made out of stars, and the floors were made out of clouds, and the ceiling was sky blue, and Slimey could see all the planets through a telescope in the animal world.

Slimey saw his parents and all his cousins and aunts and grandparents. They looked happy to see him.

They said, “Where were you.”

And Slimey said, “In another world.”

And then Slimey hugged them, and they lived happily ever after.


The Girl Who Finally Got A Dog


Once there was a girl. It was her birthday. She had just woken up from her sleep. She couldn’t wait for her birthday party to start. She had invited all of her friends. She was so excited! She was having a spa birthday. Her birthday party was going to start at 10AM and end at 12PM. She got all the goody bags ready, and she couldn’t wait. She really wished she knew what kind of cake she was going to have, but her parents wanted to surprise her, and they always succeeded in surprising her with the most delicious cake she had ever had — at least, until the next year, when they got her an even better one. She couldn’t even imagine how good this year’s cake was going to have to be to top last year’s cake. Then, after she got the goody bags ready, she got ready. She had special pancakes for breakfast. The pancakes were special because they were birthday pancakes that were filled with nutella and had a smiley face of fruits with really yummy syrup on top. There was also one little candle on top, so she could make two wishes for her birthday: one with the real cake and one with her pancakes! She made a wish and blew it out. She really hoped that her wish would come true.

Then, she washed her face to make it super shiny. After that, she changed into her special party dress and put on a little bit of lipstick. Since she was just seven years old, she was only allowed to put on lipstick when it was her birthday or a special occasion. Then, she put on her special shoes, which were beautiful blue shoes with sparkles and blue glitter pom-poms on them. Next, she wanted to do her hair. She woke her parents up and asked them if she could use the curler by herself.

Her mom said, “No, sweetie! You’re not old enough, you’re only seven.”

So her mom got out of bed and did it for her. She didn’t really care if she curled her hair by herself or not. She just really cared about having her hair styled and in a pretty hairstyle. So after her mom curled her hair, she put it half up and half down. It looked fabulous and stunning. Now that she was finished getting ready, she went on her iPad and started to watch TV while she waited for her parents to get ready too. Her older sister woke up and also got ready. When her sister was done, she went on her phone and started texting her friends because her sister was 18 and old enough to have a phone. Her sister could also use the curler by herself, but she wanted her hair to be straight, so she used the flat iron instead.

Now that her whole family was ready, they drove to the spa in the dad’s car. They got everything ready. They put up decorations, put the goody bags in place, and put everyone’s names on them so the guests would know which one was theirs. Finally, all of her guests arrived, and the party could start. They danced, did their nails, got facials, played dress-up, and made their own lip balms. When they were done with all the activities, someone yelled out, “Pizza time!” so they all went and ate lunch.

When they were done with the pizza, someone yelled out, “Cake time!” Everyone got really excited, especially the birthday girl because she would finally get to see how good the cake would be and what type it was.

Her mom and dad brought out the cake and put it down on the table right in front of her. The flames from the candle were facing her, so she said, “Whoa!”

Her parents asked, “What, sweetie?”

She told them that the fire was right in front of her face and seemed dangerous, so they moved the cake a bit further away. Now that she was less worried, she took a good look at the cake. It was the most gorgeous thing she had ever seen. It was a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, fondant flowers all around it, and a giant fondant statue of the birthday girl on it. The statue was also holding a small mini chocolate shaped like a cake, just for her. On top of the cake, it also said, in strawberry frosting, Happy birthday. There was a chocolate candle that was shaped like a seven too. She was so happy. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and she blew out the candle. She also made her second wish. She wished for the same thing that she had in the morning, just to make sure that the wish would come true. Suddenly, a giant box appeared at her house without her knowing because she was still at the spa.

When she was done with her party, she gave out all the goody bags and said goodbye to her friends. Then, when she got home, she saw the giant box. Her parents were confused because they had never gotten that for her. But there was a note attached and it said, From your wish. She told her parents what she had wished for. She opened the box and saw two adorable little puppies. One was a white Maltese, and one was a black Terrier. They were jumping up, and she let them out of the box. They started to lick her face. She was confused because there were two puppies. She realized that she had wished for the same thing twice and that her wish had come true twice too. She was so happy about the puppies, and her family loved them too. They had fun with the puppies as she opened her other presents. It was the best birthday she had ever had.



The Hat With Hands

Once upon a time there was a hat who did construction work and lived on Mars. He couldn’t do his construction work because he didn’t have any hands, so he started to cry. He got fired, and then he got kicked back to Jupiter. He told his friends and cousins and family that he lost his job.

The hat went to his house and cried and cried until it was the next day, then the next day, then the next day, then the next day, then the next day, until he got really, really hungry. Then, he went into his kitchen, and he looked in there, and he ate a bowl of cereal, and he was so hungry that he ate another one and then another one until the next day and the next day until he was really full.

Then, the hat’s parents said, “What are you doing? You’re eating all the food!”

Then, he remembered that he had no hands and said, “I want hands! Someone give me hands! God, give me hands! I want some hands! I’m going to go on a quest for hands! I’ll find someone who’s dead and chop off their hands and use their hands.”

He knew where dead people came from. The only way to get dead people was from Earth. He had a rocket ship, and he realized that he still didn’t have any hands, so he just had to jump onto a button to blast off and used the little handles on his hands to close the door, and he blasted off into Earth.

When he landed, he landed in the lake, and then he swam out of the lake and spun around and around to get all the water off of him. He looked in the city and looked at a graveyard, and he was like, “I don’t know, this is going to be scary. What if someone sees me? I had to pull my rocket ship all the way here, and if someone sees me, I’ll get in there and just blast off.” He saw a body with hands that could fit him, and then he cut them off.

Then, a police officer saw him and he was like, “Hey, what are you doing, hat? Stay there, I’m coming for you!”

Then, the hat was really scared. He grabbed the hands and ran into the spaceship and took off. He wasn’t even flying the spaceship; he was trying to put on the hands, but he realized that he needed to steer. If he didn’t steer, he would crash. He put the hands down, and then he steered it to his house. When he got there, he put on the hands and tried to fit them on, and then the hands were starting to move, and he realized that he was the one moving them. So he tried to learn how to move the hands, but he just hit himself in the face with one hand, then the other one, then the other one. Then, he said, “Stop,” and the hands stopped. He realized that he knew how to control the hands.

When he went into his house, the parents asked, “What happened to you?”

He said, “I went to Earth and chopped off someone’s hands who was dead and put them on.”

The mom replied, “Honey, why did you do that? You don’t need hands. You’re just like everyone. You can do whatever you want without hands.”

The hat said, “Mom, why can’t I have hands? I just want hands, so I can touch things and I can grab things.”

“You don’t need that,” said the Mom. “You can just jump on everything that you need. You don’t need the hands.”

And the hat said, “You’re right, Mom. I don’t need hands.” But then, he just put the hands back on.

The police, in the graveyard, had asked, “Are you still going to do this?”

And he had just said, “I’m blasting off, baby.”




Definitely Not Evil

Once upon a time, there was a guy who made really good muffins and was definitely not evil. He lived on top of a mountain. There was a construction worker on his lunch break, and he said, “Hey, what should I have for lunch?”

Then, someone threw a phonebook at the construction worker, saying, “Get out of the road, bozo!” Then, the construction worker saw on the phone book, Muffin House (Definitely Not Run By An Evil Guy). It was located on a mountain.

“Oh no!” said the construction worker. “I don’t like mountains, and I really want a muffin!” So, he got a wrecking ball from his work and destroyed the mountain, so he could get his muffins.

Then, the definitely not evil guy (who I didn’t make a name for) said, “Hey! You will pay for that.”

Then, the construction worker, whose name was Bob, said, “How much? $5.99?”

Then, the evil guy who was evil and who I thought of a name for (Evil Guy), said, “You destroyed my house!”

“No,” said Bob, “I destroyed your bakery.”





“Okay,” said Evil Guy. “You destroyed my bakery/house.”

“Fair enough,” said Bob. “Now what?”

One hour later…

“Hmmm,” said Bob and Evil Guy. It had been so long that the narrator got bored and quit, so they had to hire a new one.

“Oh, I was going to make you pay with my monster muffin with ridiculously big eyebrows,” said Evil Guy.

“O-M-G!” said Bob. “Those are ridiculously big eyebrows.”

He was right, said the new narrator. Now the big muffin was trying to eat Bob, and Bob was like, “O-M-G! A gigantic muffin is chasing me!”

Then, he realized it was a muffin that made this mess and that he was hungry. The muffin didn’t last long after that. To make this long story short, chomp chomp, burrp! Bob ate the muffin, got his lunch, and went back to work, when he realized the evil guy was still out there!!!

Bob realized he needed help when someone threw a phone book at him, saying, “Get out of the construction site, bozo!!!”

“Hey, I work here,” said Bob.

“Okay, sorry,” said the guy in the car, but this was a different phone book. On the back it said, Need help? Call this guy (his name is Good Guy)! Definitely not located on a mountain!

Then, Bob realized he should get help, so he went to the place that was definitely not on the mountain, and he asked for help. So he got help, and then he tried to find the evil guy who made the muffin to catch him and put him in jail. So that’s exactly what they did.

Then, they got a truck and rode around, trying to think where the Evil Guy would go. First, they checked a ton of bakeries, then they checked a ton of evil bases that luckily had no one in them, and then they tried looking for bakeries that had secret evil rooms. And they found Evil Guy, but he escaped.

They chased him and chased him, and then they finally caught him, but he escaped again. Then, they caught him. They really, really caught him, and then…




Rumble in the Jungle

There was a person in the deep dark woods, and no one had ever seen him. He used to live on the planet Mars, but he had left five years before. His name was Rumble. He had four of everything: four ears, four arms, four legs, four heads. On each head, he had two eyes. He had six hands. He had four houses. He even had four pencils. Rumble wanted the magic cupcake more than anything. It was supposed to be very yummy, and it was supposed to make you see everything and hear everything.

Five years ago, there were space astronauts that came to Mars. They had the magic cupcake. Rumble had heard about the magic cupcake from a messenger, but no one had ever seen it. But then, one day, he saw the astronauts with the cupcake on Mars. It was rainbow colored and looked really good. But, when he tried to grab it from them, they went back to Earth. So, he got his spaceship and went to Earth. But on Earth, he accidentally crashed in the woods. And now, he lived there.

One day, Rumble decided he wanted to go back to Mars to get the cupcake. But also, he wanted to destroy Mars to get bricks so he could build with them. Mars was made of bricks. He got the bricks from Mars. He had a special power — he knew where the astronauts were. He wore booboo bands that made him have every special power.

He built a path to the astronauts with bricks. They were yellow so he wouldn’t get confused. The brick path took him to the thousand knights. He beat 100 knights, then 200, then 300, then 400, then 500, then 600, then 700, then 800, then 900, then 950, then 960, the 970, then 980, then 990, then 991, then 993, then 996, then 999, then the king of the knights.

Then, Rumble almost got hit by a knife when a ninja hit the king with a sword, so he stepped back because he would have gotten hit with the sword. The ninjas just appeared out of nowhere.

Rumble said, “Thank you.”

But then the ninja tried to hit him with the sword. Just in time, he ducked under the sword.  

“You meany!” cried Rumble.

“I give up,” said the ninja, and he walked away.

Rumble went on another path of bricks. For some reason, he met the ninja again.

“Hi,” said Rumble.  

For some reason, the ninja said hi back. Somehow, they became friends and they went on the path together. Then, they went to the secret tunnel, but one of Rumble’s arms fell off! He didn’t have to care because it would grow back again. Sooner or later there was a split in the tunnel. There were two ways, but it was so dark that they couldn’t see. Good thing that Rumble brought a flashlight so they could see what the sign said!

The left said dead skeletons and the right said pokey leaves. Rumble remembered that he had to go to the pokey leaves to get the cupcake. So, they went that way, but they saw dead skeletons. Then, Rumble noticed a big monster. He looked like a skeleton but alive. So Rumble and the ninja tried to run to an open door at the end of the tunnel. The ninja made it, but Rumble was so slow. He couldn’t come out through the door because then the worst thing in the world happened. I’m not going to tell you what it was.

Fine, I’m going to tell you. THE DOOR CLOSED!!! Rumble was so scared. Rumble kicked the door as hard as he could, but it didn’t budge. Then, he kicked even harder. Then, he kicked it so hard that his face turned red, and then the door opened with a crack! The door magically opened. But it wasn’t Rumble who opened it, it was ninja.

“Thank you!” Rumble said. Then, he realized something. “I think I know who switched the signs! It was the monster!”

  When the monster heard them say its name, he stood up and ran after them. They ran like the wind back to the way that said dead skeletons, because they knew it was the opposite. Even though they got hurt a little, it was at least better than being eaten by a big monster. Then, they finally got out of  the dangerous tunnel and started to go to the mean king.

They saw the mean king and heard him because he was yelling so loud. So they snuck up on him. Rumble was shaking with fear when a knight found them. The knight grabbed Rumble and Ninja and took them to the dungeon. Good thing that Rumble had a mini-gun that could shoot arms. So, he shot the mini-gun at the person who had the key. He got the key to the dungeon. And then, they opened the dungeon. They opened all of the dungeons and let everything out. There was another ninja, so the ninja hugged the other ninja. They went to the other side of the castle and opened the dungeons on the other side. In the middle was a lava pit.

Once the guards saw them, they said, “Come over here, you! Hey, you!” They tried to get more ninjas out, but they were so close to the guards that they just ran.

But, there were guards on the other side! So, they had to push them from behind. Rumble grabbed one of the guards and threw him at one of the other guards, so both of them fell down.

“Yes!!” Rumble screamed.

There were two guards on one side and two on the other side. Ninja grabbed one of the guards and threw him on the other guard. And then, they noticed that two guards were in the corner, so the guards grabbed Rumble and Ninja, both of them. Then, Rumble threw the keys at the other ninja in the dungeon, opened all the cages, and then he made a whole team. The guards chased after Rumble and the ninja and the two guards that got them. But then, they defeated the two guards because the guards were so tired from trying to catch all of them. When one of the ninjas was tired, he could take a rest. And then, he had to go back to running. There were 100 ninjas now.

“Where should we go,” asked a ninja.

“Oh yeah, my sticks,” Rumble remembered.

“Oh yeah, I have my sausage for a snack ‘cause we are going to be here for hours and hours and I might get hungry,” said the second ninja.

“How could you use a sausage to find a cupcake?” asked Rumble.

“You just brought sticks and I don’t think you can use them.”

“Oh yeah! Watch this. Let’s go mega sticks! I felt it! This way, let’s go!”

“Is he feeling okay?”

Then another ninja said, “I don’t know.”  They were worried Rumble was going crazy. They just followed Rumble cause they didn’t want to be separated.

“So, are you still 100% sure it’s this way?” asked a ninja.

“I keep telling you guys I got this,” Rumble said. “I think I see an astronaut!”

They ran to the astronaut because there was one astronaut and one hundred ninjas.

They all said at the same time, “Where is the magic cupcake?”

He didn’t answer for a while. “In a secret room,” he finally said.

“Nobody has ever been inside except the guards.”

“I’m going in,” said Rumble.

“I don’t- ” the astronaut said.

Rumble didn’t hear his full sentence because Rumble already left. He teleported to the secret room where the cupcake was. The ninjas stayed with the astronaut and distracted him. There were fences around the cupcake, so he teleported himself over the 50-foot fence. When he saw the cupcake, he felt double happy! It was the biggest cupcake in the world, and it was rainbow. It had rainbow icing and rainbow icing. When he grabbed it, he noticed on his watch that he didn’t have any more booboo bands to walk or run. Because they gave him every power, Booboo bands made him stronger. Each booboo band had a different power, and he originally had ten. But now he had none!

He couldn’t teleport anymore! He started yelling for help. The astronaut guards heard the yell and tried to look through the hole of the fence.

“How did he get inside there?” the guards wondered out loud. As the guards were looking through the fence, the ninjas sneakily came behind them and poked them with the swords. Since the ninjas knew how to jump and climb, they climbed and jumped to the top of the fence and made a chain with their hands to the top, so someone was able to go to the other side but still hold on.

Rumble was still stuck in the middle with the cupcake, but he couldn’t see the ninjas coming to get him because he was out of booboo bands. Without them, he was so tired that he just fell asleep. Fifty of the ninjas came inside to get him. They made a chain with their hands over the fence and brought him up and over the fence with the cupcake in his hands. On their way out, they passed an astronaut guard. The guard gasped.

“How did you do that?” the guard exclaimed.

The ninjas ignored him and kept walking. They brought Rumble to his house back in the forest and put more booboo bands on him. All one hundred ninjas shared the cupcake with Rumble. It was delicious!




Bill and Her Mice

Once upon a time, there was an old lady. Her name was Bill. She had a lot of wrinkles, a very tall and skinny nose with a bump on the end, and a mole right next to her mouth. She was very fat, as fat as the biggest room in your house. Bill was very strict and mean and went poop a lot. This was because she had bathroom issues. She had to get food sent to her room by her servants, Timpson & Timpson. 

Timpson & Timpson delivered her food every day. They also had a tiny little room, because they were mice. They had to work together to push the cart of food because they were so tiny. Bill’s bedroom was also her bathroom. It was bigger than the biggest room in the whole world, except for the room of Earth. You could see Bill’s bed-bathroom from outer space, it was that big. It had a ton of lights and there was a button so Bill could lay down and go to the bathroom at the same time.

Bill would only talk to Timpson & Timpson when she wanted something.

“Get me my food!” yelled Bill.

Timpson & Timpson were scared of Bill.

“Okay, miss,” they said.

“Don’t you call me miss! Call me Bill!”

“Okay, miss,” Timpson & Timpson’s bodies were shaking.

“Bring me food right now, or I will not feed you for ten weeks! And never call me miss again! If you do, I’ll call the mayor and ask for servants that are people!” Bill was so loud that they heard her from outer space.

“Yes, miss.”

Bill picked up the phone and called Mayor Nosey.

“Hello, Mayor. This is Bill. Timpson & Timpson must leave.”

“Timpson & Timpson must stay,” said Mayor Nosey. “Why do you want them to go?”

“I want them to leave! I want a human servant, okay, Mayor Nosey? They call me miss too much! I do not want to be called miss,” screamed Bill.

“Okay, miss. I’ll get you another mouse servant, but you can’t kick Timpson & Timpson out,” said Mayor Nosey. Mayor Nosey knew that no other mouse would sign up for the job, so he had a plan.

“I want to be called Bill! You’re so terrible, you should be my servant!”

“I will not be your servant,” said Mayor Nosey. “I’m the mayor, and I’m famous.” But Mayor Nosey was not as famous as Bill. She didn’t know, but people took pictures of her through her window because of how large she was.

“You better get me new servants, or I’ll come out of my house!” yelled Bill. So many people were taking pictures of her. Keechew!

Mayor Nosey wasn’t the best mayor, even though he had stopped Bill from destroying the city once. Mayor Nosey just didn’t know how to be a good mayor. He walked into meetings with his arms swinging while he yelled, “Howdy doody, partners!” No one at the meetings liked that.

One time, while a news crew was filming a show about a man named Dude Cool who ate a lot of burgers, Mayor Nosey walked up to the camera and asked, “Can I be on TV?”

Dude Cool looked at him and said, “Whatcha doin, bro? Hey, check out my girlfriend.” He pointed to Sexy Lady, a hamburger.

Mayor Nosey was confused but still wanted to be on TV. He looked into the camera and said, “Put me on TV!”

Then, Bill shouted, “Get off TV and speak to me!”  

Mayor Nosey did not hear her. Mayor Nosey did not like talking to Bill. Neither did anyone else on Earth. Bill hung up the phone on Mayor Nosey. Mayor Nosey was so frustrated, he tried calling Bill back to tell her now she wouldn’t get any servants. Bill hung up on him right away.

Mayor Nosey called Timpson & Timpson on their old-fashioned phone.

Timpson & Timpson said, “What? Who is it?”

Mayor Nosey said, “Timpson & Timpson, please come to my office.”

Timpson & Timpson had two robots that looked just like them. They had built them long ago in case they ever needed a replacement. They had only used their robots once before in hide and seek with their parents. Timpson & Timpson left their robots hiding behind the table, and they went to hide in a better spot.

This time, Timpson & Timpson put their robots in the bed-bathroom and went out their tiny door. Timpson & Timpson had built a very tiny car while Bill was sleeping one night. She had no idea. They had kept their car in a secret garage.

It was ten miles to Mayor Nosey’s house. Timpson drove & Timpson rode. They listened to “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic movie the whole way.

Mayor Nosey’s house looked like a statue of Mayor Nosey. It had his beautiful clothes but his ugly face. Mayor Nosey was ugly because he had a lot of bruises and boo-boos because he didn’t sleep well.

Timpson & Timpson had to sign in to the house before Mayor Nosey let them in. Bill didn’t know this, but Timpson & Timpson and Mayor Nosey were best friends. They only saw each other at night. Timpson & Timpson walked to the office.

“Okay, Timpson & Timpson,” said Mayor Nosey, “I have a mission for you. I want you to dress up in other clothes so Bill doesn’t know who you are. You must go and dress up at Bill’s house.” But Timpson and Timpson knew Bill would be able to recognize them.  

“You — Timpson. Please dress up like an elephant in a work suit. You’ll look good. Timpson — you should be a monkey. Dress like one in these pajamas.” He held up blue and white striped pajamas.

“Okay, but I don’t want to be a monkey with striped pajamas. I’ll look weird,” said Timpson.

“You have to,” said Mayor Nosey, “because I’m the mayor. If you don’t, I’m going to send you to jail.”

“Okay… I’ll wear it,” said Timpson.

Timpson laughed at Timpson because he had to wear something he didn’t want to wear.

“Timpson! Stop laughing at me because I’m gonna tell Bill.”

Timpson said, “Well, Bill won’t know you’re Timpson, because you’re a monkey in striped pajamas.”

“Well, when I’m Timpson again. I’m going to tell Bill.”

The Mayor Nosy said, “Stop arguing!”

Timpson said, “I don’t want to do this. I’m nervous.”

Mayor Nosy, “I’m sorry for what Timpson did. Well, I can’t know who is Timpson and who is Timpson.”

“I’m Timpson,” said Timpson.

“And I’m Timpson,” said Timpson.

“We should change your names,” said the Mayor Nosy, and he pointed at one of them.

“Okay, my name is what?”

“Your new name is Magalio!”

“I do not like my new name. I want my new name to be Jack like the guy from the Titanic who froze in the water.”

“What’s my name?” said the other Timpson.

“Your name is Dadolo.”

“I don’t like that name! Why can’t my name be Magalio and Timpson’s name be Dadolo?”

“Okay, my name will be Dadolo,” said Timpson, “And Timpson’s name will be Magalio.”

So, they drove to Bill’s house. When they arrived at her house, they knocked on the front door.

“Who is it?” Bill grumbled. She was very, very grumpy.

“It is I,” said Dadolo and Magolio.

“Come in,” she groaned.

So they both came inside.

“What are you here for?” Bill grumbled.

“We are here for a discussion about your behavior.”

“Blahhhh,” said Bill.

“Should we begin?” asked Timpson & Timpson in disguise.

“Where’s Timpson & Timpson? They must have gone somewhere.”

“We don’t know who’s Timpson and Timpson.”

Hey, you two look a lot like Timpson and Timpson!”

Then, Timpson & Timpson said, “Who’s Timpson & Timpson?” But then they made a big mistake. They used their normal voice.

“You’re Timpson & Timpson!” Bill roared. She started to get out of the bathroom and walked outside.  

“Uh oh,” said Timpson & Timpson. “We did make a big mistake. Now Bill will destroy the world because when Bill gets mad, she sets off to destroy everything.”

Bill started to destroy the world — from Canada to Africa, to Norway, to France, to London, to Egypt, to China, to Japan, and finally she came to the place where we stay now. She came to New York City, and she destroyed all the people. Timpson and Timpson, because of what they had done, decided to save all the people. They took all the weapons and put on some gear, then they went off to save the world.

As Timpson & Timpson walked towards Bill, they started to chop up stuff. But it took an hour to chop up everything because they were super tiny, and their swords were super tiny. Soon, Bill couldn’t walk, talk, or even move her arms. Bill was furious! So, she started rolling towards Timpson & Timpson. But Timpson & Timpson were really high jumpers. So, they both jumped up as high as they could and landed on Bill’s tummy. And then Timpson cut one side of Bill’s tummy, and then Timpson cut the other side of Bill’s tummy. And then, they took Bill’s tummy and threw it away. Then, they took out Bill’s food. Then, they took out Bill’s heart. Then, they took out Bill’s brain and lungs. Then they threw it all out. Then, Bill died, and Timpson & Timpson saved the world!

“You’re our heroes!” everyone cried to Timpson & Timpson. But it wasn’t over yet. Bill had a sister who was growing and growing, and now she was as big as Bill. Her name was actually also Bill. So, Timpson & Timpson did the same thing. They ran up to Bill. They cut off her legs. They cut off her arms. Then, Bill couldn’t walk or move her arms. Then, Bill did the same thing. She rolled towards Timpson & Timpson. So, Timpson & Timpson jumped up towards Bill’s tummy and jumped on it. Timpson cut the side. Timpson cut the other side. Then, they threw Bill’s tummy away. Then, they took her food out and threw it away. And then, they took her heart, and her brain, and were still heros saving the world from Bills.




The Rat

Once there was a rat who lived on the streets. He had black fur and big ears, two big front teeth, a big nose, small hands, a chip in his ear, and a unibrow. He ate cheese every single day. He found the cheese from a trash can.

A human came and tried to kill the rat, but he slipped and fell. His snowsuit came down on the rat, and the rat thought that he could use it as a bed. But it was so soft on the inside that he sunk right in. There was a hole nearby, and he managed to escape. Then, he tried the other side. It was too rough, though.

So, he found some tissues and used them as a bed. He used his jacket to block the entrance, so people wouldn’t get in, because it camouflaged with the colors outside. But the tissues were used, so he found a fresh box of tissues. He tried to get up, but it was too high. His friends came and helped him, and he used a cotton ball as a pillow.

Unfortunately, the snow started to melt, but his friends got all of the sponges in his house and started squeezing them out with the water. The rat was hungry, so he went to the fridge, but there was no cheese in the fridge. Then, he went to the basement door, but he had lost the keys to it. He looked under the couch and found the keys. He opened the basement door and ate some of the cheese inside the basement. He had more left, so he gave the rest to his friend.

The human had caught a flu and had broken his leg. He started charging towards the rat, but then realized he had broken his leg and wasn’t using his crutches, so he fell down. He called his mom, but she was too tired to get out of bed, so she fell back asleep.

The human and the rat started to head back to their homes, but then the rat’s friend told him that he had broken his leg too. The rat made a cast for his friend. Then, it got dark, and he had trouble finding his way home, but he had eleven flashlights with him. So, the rat found his way back home.



The Three Portals Book No. 1 The Wizard


Chapter One: The First Portal

One night, I heard a whoosh! I quickly opened my eyes to see what was there. Before my eyes, I saw a huge portal.

I looked at my watch. Exactly 3:00 am. I heard a faint voice say to me, “Jump in!” So, I did. A wizard threw me a parachute. We started to fall faster and faster through different colors. I screamed. In a few minutes, the colors were changing so fast that I got lightheaded and passed out.

The wizard yelled, “Quick! Press your parachute button on the top right of your shoulder!” I woke, and I did as he said.

The parachute jerked my shoulders up in a weird position. A seat magically appeared on the parachute, and I got teleported to the seat.

The wizard and I floated to a stone floor. Beside us was a white and black portal. We both stepped into it. After we stepped through the portal, everything was white and black. We were both in a city.

A twig hit my eye. In the distance was a big tornado. The wizard tried to tell me, “Jump in!” But it did not work. After a few more tries to talk, he slowly started to realize sound only came out when he thought something. So we talked to each other through our ached and dizzy heads.

A pig started snorting at us through his head. The wizard said in his head, “We have to take down the tornado!” Every time he thought something, a beam of white light would shoot through the air and powerfully strike the other person right in the skull. If you were that person that got struck in the head, it didn’t hurt that much. It felt like a strong basketball pass that hit you in the head. But since our heads already ached, it hurt a lot by the end.

We ran toward the tornado, and it suddenly vanished. The wizard said, “Reality isn’t really in existence.” For the last time, a beam struck me again.

I said, “I don’t get it. If nothing really exists, then how are you here?”

“You are already dead. Time in the real world has already stopped.” A beam struck me in the head one more time, and then I collapsed to the ground.

Then, I woke in a pitch black world. I couldn’t move. Then, I felt like nothing. I woke in the real world with time frozen. I saw everything. Falling. A few things were floating. Some people too. I gasped. Then, everything around me vanished. Or maybe I did. Since I already did not exist. Some yelling woke me up. I was inside the tornado. I flew out of the tornado and smashed into a brick wall. The tornado pulled me in one more time, and we fell through a blue portal.


Chapter Two: The Second Portal

I started to fall really fast. I yelled and kicked and screamed. Thud. I fell on the ground. A fake ground. Then, I fell right through the hologram and fell for a few more minutes. Then, I saw a huge reflection mirror, and I hit it. I rolled off and fell in some snow. In front of me were two giant ice sculptures about the size of the freedom tower.

I said, “Hi! Can you help me?”

Then, one of the two sculptures said, “The wizard is not lying. He has the power to make dead people think big things. You can only save the real world by getting past the red portal and putting the rainbow stone into the empty hole.” Then, the wizard fell through the snow with a thud.

I fell in too. Then, we fell into a red portal.


Chapter Three: The Fire Dragon

I almost fell into the lava under us. I balanced on the unsteady planks. Then, we saw a dragon covered in fire. It roared a booming roar. I saw the rainbow stone behind it. A metal sword floated to my hand. I didn’t think I was ready for this. I tried to slice him in half. My sword went right through him. He breathed a fireball. I blocked it with my sword. The wizard flipped a hidden stone switch. The lava disappeared. The fire dragon turned into a dragon with no fire. The dragon couldn’t breathe fire. It had no powers. I sliced it in half and shoved the stone in to the empty hole. Then, the world started to spin, and I fell back into bed. I looked at my watch. Exactly 3:00 am. My mom and dad came rushing into my room.

They said, “What happened? Where were you? Where was I?”


The End


Reality Toddlers



Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing. This story is about Nothing, who is somebody who is nothing. That’s why this story is called Nothing. Let’s get on with it. Can we just cancel this show and put our lives out of immediate danger?

Once there was a kid named Nothing, and she was nothing. She was three years old. One day, she pushed a chair until she moved it. There was a show called Reality Toddlers. Before she started pushing the chair, she had watched it for the first time. On the show, a toddler named Tiny had pushed a chair while his big brother was lying on the floor. He had kept pushing and pushing, but the chair wouldn’t move any further. On the TV it said, “Will there be drama at naptime?” Then, disaster struck: Teddy the dinosaur’s jaw was too small to bite the head off Dr. Mustache. Would someone please cancel this show and put our lives out of immediate danger? Find out on next week’s episode of Reality Toddlers.

Now Nothing wanted to fail super badly, so she tried to make herself fail by playing a game of chess with her dad. She closed her eyes when she moved the pieces, but she won. So, she went to the playground and went on the monkey bars, closing her eyes and trying to fall off on her first try, but she made it to the end without falling off.

“That’s weird,” said her mom and dad. “Why do you want to fail so much?”

“I want to be like the person from the show!” she said.

“Really?” said her dad. “Then I have a way to make you fail: get on a balance beam, close your eyes, and walk on it in different directions.”

Nothing did what he said, but she still didn’t fail. She did it again, and again, and again, until she finally failed. She kept doing things like this on purpose and kept trying to push the chair without moving it. One day, when she was walking up a hill, she slipped, and she didn’t do it on purpose. Then, she kept slipping and slipping and slipping, and she finally failed.

She got a job as an actor on Reality Toddlers. Her parents thought it was weird, but they let her do it so they could become millionaires.


Episode 1464: Crocs Apocalypse

This week, on Reality Toddlers… Somebody kicked a croc, and then everybody started crying and throwing crocs at each other. But then, disaster struck: a pacifier fell out of someone’s mouth. It got even worse when somebody threw their baby food up at the ceiling, and hit the light, and everything went black. Everybody thought that they were dead and in heaven, because the walls glowed white, and then somebody jumped out the window to check if it was a dream. Then, everybody jumped out the window, except four people. The daycare was on the 100th floor of the Empire State Building. The only survivors were Nothing, her brothers Chumball and Charlie, and her sister Panais. They just went out the exit and went home. The exit was similar to the window, except it had a ladder.

In real life, everyone was wearing a bungee suit that had a green screen on it so that it looked like their clothes. No one actually died — it was just a stunt. Nothing’s parents told the director that he should be ashamed of himself.

Nothing said, “Don’t say that! Everybody’s okay! We shot it on an actual 100-foot tall building, but we had bungee jumping things, so we wouldn’t die or fall off or make the show too violent.”

Right after everybody watched the episode, the news said, “BREAKING NEWS: The show Reality Toddlers is really violent, so everyone should forbid it and never watch it again.”

But the director said on TV, “But wait! Everybody had bungee jumping suits on, and no one got hurt! Take the L!”

Nothing’s parents said, “You can keep participating in it, but only if you do your chores ten times a week.”

Nothing really liked it, so she kept doing it; she actually lived in the studio. There were lockers, and behind them was a queen-sized locker bed for Nothing. Only Nothing and her family lived there, not the other toddlers. The director told Nothing that you can only get fired if you die. She was happy at first, because she loved it.


Seven years later…

Nothing was now ten, because she was three seven years ago. Three plus seven equals ten. The show had been going on for practically forever — for as long as its creator had been alive. There have been 1,464 seasons. Nothing now had to kneel to pretend she was a toddler. Nothing was really bored of the show, and she really wanted to quit, but the only way she could get fired was if she died.

Nothing was going to fake her own death. She got an actual arrow to stab herself with, but quickly switched it with one that was already split through the middle, to make it look like she’d been shot in the head. If that wasn’t enough, she had a back up plan: a knife that fit into her hip to make it look like she’d been stabbed. She succeeded. Her brothers and sister did it too, and it actually worked.

They brought the bodies back to the house, and their parents saw them. When their parents were crying, they sprung to life and said, “Hi” all at the same time. The parents’ jaws dropped to the bottom of the floor. “Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi,” they repeated, sounding like a computer.

“Don’t tell the toddler show that we’re still alive, because we still have millions of dollars.” Their house was actually a mansion now.

The parents carried the coffins to the cemetery without the children inside. Nothing became a normal kid. She didn’t go to school, though, because if people saw her in the public eye, she would have to go back to Reality Toddlers. She and her brothers and sister had to be homeschooled. But their parents were really bad at teaching them, because when they were homeschooled, their dad taught them, “Fried rice plus chicken noodle plus fried chicken equals ten bags of chicken noodle fried rice soup.”


The End


Tacos, Part 1

Once there was a taco named Bill. He was a happy taco until the enchilado army took control of Taco Square Central.

But Bill said, “You can’t just take over Taco Central!”

“I just did,” said Enchilado General 1.

“Move it, Bill,” said Enchilado General 2.

“Fine,” said Bill with a sigh. Bill thought about what just happened. “I know!” said Bill, and he got right to work, and in the morning he had a robot.

Then, he took the robot to the enchilado army, but they killed him. But then, two tacos came out of Bill. Bill just discovered the taco secret.

Then the Enchilado General 1 said, “You’re a freak, so I’ll burn you. Boy you so fat, when you go on an elevator, you have to go down.”

“Don’t you dare say a burn to a taco,” said Bill.

“I just did,” said General 1.

“Robot attack!!” said Bill, and then the robots kicked the enchiladas one by one until only Generals 1 and 2 were left.

And then General 1 said, “That robot’s a freak! Get out of here!”

Then, Bill used the chomp taco secret, and then General 1 got gobbled up by a big chomp of a baby’s mouth. And that shut him up.


Bill walked with his robot back to his house in Taco Central. And when he was walking, some of the enchiladas were running in fear, and some of his best friends were giving him dirty looks. Bill ran straight into his garage, and he dismantled the robot code 1528. Then, he went outside in a disguise. And he went to the enchilada army.

A whole crowd of enchiladas came and said, “I want his skull! Kill him! I got a pitch fork in your head!”

Then, he ran straight back into his house and turned on the robot with the same code he used to turn it off and dismantle it. Bill upgraded it with laser eyes. But he found someone doing a little work on it. He was a baby.

Bill picked up the taco, gave it some milk, and said, “Go inside the machine,” in baby language. “Go inside the robot,” said Bill, and it followed the command.

Then, the robot turned into a baby inside a laser eyes robot.

The baby flew with the robot to the enchilada crowd outside that was getting really angry now and banging up his house. It accidentally used its laser eyes on them, and they turned crisp black into a pile of ashes. And then, the baby cried and wailed because he turned them into a pile of dust. So Bill had to get the baby out of the robot and inside, so he would get him to stop crying in public. His wish came true. The baby taco stopped crying. Bill told the baby everything about what the enchilada army was doing, but then something happened: a portal opened and a donut took him and the baby into the portal and then, in a couple of seconds, they were in Donut Land.

“Where are we?” Bill asked the donut who brought him there.

The donut said, “I live here. This is Donut Land.”

“Can you show me around?” said Bill.

“Okay,” said the donut. Then, they started walking up a hill and into Super Cake Donut Hill.

Bill said, “Can I eat some of it?”

“Only a little bit,” said the donut. “We’re not allowed to eat it.”

“Are you an outcast?” asked Bill.

“Of course,” said the donut. “Some of us are outcasts here. You want to be an outcast? Or be regular?”

“Regular,” said Bill.


Godly Mythical War



Once there was a little boy who lived in Cuba, and a hurricane wiped out his village. He was the only person who survived in his village. He crawled for a couple of hours, but he was a baby, so he couldn’t go that far. Somebody found him and asked what his name was, and he said “James,” and then the person took him to a orphanage. Over the years, he started to hate the caretaker because the caretaker was mean. He made them work day and night! They had to clean toilets and make a TV. James also made some friends, and their names were Adam and Paul.



Adam said, “Maybe we should break out of here.”

“Okay,” said James. “But we’ll need a plan.”

So they found some people who didn’t care if they helped, so they told the people the plan, and they did it. So now they got to the bathroom, while the kids asked if they could get more chores. The diversion occupied the caretaker, so then the three boys could go down the big toilet and get outside of the orphanage, and the toilet took them to a forest.

They started walking, and Paul said, “Hallelujah! We got out of that orphanage!”

James said, “I doubt we’ll ever have to go back to that place, we’re in the middle of nowhere. Let’s keep walking.”

But Paul didn’t stop feeling happy, and then the trees started dancing around him.

James and Adam both said, “You are outstanding, Paul.”

Paul said, “I had no idea that I could do that.”

“It’s so cool. Let me try,” said Adam. Adam tried to do what Paul did, but nothing happened.

Then, Paul had a vision of his father, and he saw himself in his father’s arms, and his dad, the earth god, was saying his name, telling him he was his dad and that he was a god.

“You, Paul, are a demigod.”

Then, things went black, and he woke up, and Paul asked James how long he was out.

“You weren’t out at all, Paul,” said James. “Why do you think you were out?”

Paul said, “I had a vision, and it was with my dad, and he said he was a god and I was a demigod.”

“Wo — ” and then an earthquake interrupted Adam. A gigantic chasm opened up in front and in the back, and when you looked into it, it looked like a man laughing.

Then, walls erupted out of the chasm.

Then, a hurricane swept the three kids into the air. It looked like James was standing. Or am I hallucinating? thought Paul.

Then, James used his hands and created another hurricane to fight the other hurricane, and it destroyed the other hurricane, and it also destroyed the wall of rocks.

James, Adam, and Paul ran out of the forest more scared than ever, and they ran and ran until the found a meadow.

Then, they set up camp, and they talked about what just happened.

Paul said, “How did you do it?”

Adam said, “I think I know what’s coming next.” Paul was not correct.

James passed out, and he had a vision. He saw the god that had almost destroyed his dad, and then he felt like he already died because he felt so scared. The god who destroyed his dad identified his dad, identified himself, and said he was the god who destroyed his dad, and he was coming to kill him and his friends.

Then, James woke up, and he asked Adam and Paul if he had been out, and they said yes.

And Paul asked, “What did you see?”

Then James said, “I saw the god who almost destroyed my dad, and he’s coming to kill us! Run!”

Then, with a burst of wind, a man appeared, and he was wearing black robes with a long beard, and his hair as wavy as wind. And he said, “I shall kill you.”

And then, he hurled a hurricane at James, which James stood on, and he did two hurricanes of his own, and they barely did anything to Pumpulus. Then, Pumpulus whipped up an F35 hurricane, and it knocked James a hundred feet away. And then, Paul joined him, helped him up, and then Paul made some trees fall on Pumpulus. And then, Pumpulus made a hurricane barrier around himself to make them bounce off and fly back at Paul. But Paul was quick and dodged both trees, picked up James, and got back to Adam.

And Adam said, “This guy is insanely powerful!”

But then, because of Adam’s anger with Pumpulus, he somehow created a tsunami, and then Adam knew he was a demigod. And then, a tsunami was overflowing the area and racing towards Pumpulus. It got to Pumpulus, got inside his mouth, and he coughed up a bit of water, then he was okay.

James said, “Maybe we should combine what we’re good at.”

And then, they combined hurricane, nature, and a bit of death and tsunamis. And then a humongous wall of all that stuff mixed together was racing towards Pumpulus. And then Pumpulus got hit by it, and he was very badly damaged and hurt. Even his godly healing powers weren’t enough to heal everything.

And then, he retreated back to his home and said, “I’ll be back to kill you, James, Paul, and Adam.”




Arly and Asher and The Missing Martial Arts Belt

Arly was eight years old. He loved to read, he loved to write, and he loved to do martial arts. He was a purple belt in martial arts. His best friend Asher was also eight years old, and they pretty much had everything in common. They were both in martial arts when Arly’s belt fell off. The instructor picked up Arly’s belt and put it on the side. Then when they were finished with the drill, he tied Arly’s belt onto Arly. After that, when they were finished with martial arts class, they went out to lunch together and Arly left his belt there.

When they reached Arly’s house, Arly said, “Where did my belt go, Asher?!” (You need a belt because it tells you what level you are).

Asher said, “You must have lost it at the restaurant. I don’t know where else it could be.”

So they went back to the restaurant, and Arly said, “It’s not here anymore. Maybe somebody took it.”

Asher said, “It’s a purple belt, so it’s a pretty high belt. They must want to be higher at martial arts. Do you know anyone who would do that?”

“Only one person,” Arly said. “He’s a yellow belt at martial arts, and he really doesn’t like me.”

“Why doesn’t he like you?” asked Asher.

“He thinks I show off too much, but I don’t show off at all.”

“And who is he?” asked Asher.

“His name is Max,” replied Arly.

“Okay, then let’s go find him!” said Asher.

“Where would he be?” Arly asked.

“Let’s look around the restaurant and see if he’s still around there,” said Asher.

“Okay,” Arly said.

After 30 minutes of looking around the restaurant, they came back together, and Arly said, “It’s no use. It took 30 minutes to look for it. It must not be here. Maybe Max took it and took it home with him.”

“Do you know where Max lives?” asked Asher.

“No,” Arly said.

“Oh look, there’s Max out the window. Maybe we can follow him and see where he lives without him knowing,” Asher suggested.

“Okay,” said Arly. “Let’s go!”

So they went and they followed him, and he did not know at all. When he opened the door, they snuck in behind him. They were army crawling, so he wouldn’t hear them. (If you don’t know what army crawling is, it’s when you crawl on your stomach.)

Arly whispered to Asher, “Do you think he has the belt in his mom’s bag or in his pocket?”

“He couldn’t fit the belt in his pocket,” Asher whispered back.

“Then it must be in the bag,” Arly whispered excitedly.

When the mom was in the bathroom and Max was in his bedroom, they snuck to the bag and looked all around in it, but they just couldn’t find the belt. They snuck out of the house and went back to Arly’s house to discuss it.

“I do not think that Max has it,” said Asher. “And also, how do you know that Max was in the diner?”

“He’s always in the diner,” Arly answered.

“Okay,” said Asher.

“How about let’s think about how we got to the diner?”

“Okay,” said Arly.

So they walked and walked and walked until they walked 50 blocks, going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.

“My legs are tired,” Arly said

“How about we get some rest and then get back to the case,” Asher replied.

Asher went back to his house, and Arly went back to his house, so they both took a little nap and then met again at Arly’s house.

“How about we check people to see if they took the belt,” Asher suggested.

Arly said, “They always put our names written down on our belt, so we can look for that too.”

“Okay,” said Asher. “Let’s go!”

After an hour of looking, they couldn’t find anyone with a purple belt that had Arly’s name on it.

“It’s no use,” Arly said. “Nobody has my belt.”

“Let’s look harder. Maybe somebody does have your belt. We just haven’t seen it yet,” Asher said.

After another hour of looking, they finally found a purple belt on the sidewalk, but this belt had zero stripes on it and did not have Arly’s name. Arly’s belt had four stripes and had Arly’s name. After an hour more of looking, they finally found a purple belt with four stripes, and it said Arly’s name on it.

“Excuse me sir,” said Arly. “That’s not your belt.”

“Yes it is,” said the person that stole the belt.

“No it’s not,” said Arly. “It has my name on it and four stripes, and it’s my purple belt.”

“It’s mine now because I took it.”

“It has my name on it, four stripes, and it’s a purple belt. It’s definitely mine.”

The man ran away.

“HEY, COME BACK HERE!!!” Arly screamed.

The friends raced towards the man. The man ran around the block, crossing the street and making a turn to his house. They followed him the whole way. The man slammed the door right when Arly was going to go into the house. Arly banged into the door.

“Ow!” Arly screamed.

“We have to find a way to get into the house.” Arly explained to Asher.

“I know we do,” Asher joked. “Check if it’s locked. He might not have locked it.”

Arly checked if it was locked. He pulled. It didn’t work. He pushed. It didn’t work.

“I think it’s locked. I can’t get in” said Arly.

“Oh look! He has a back corridor. Let’s see if we can get into it through the back corridor,” Asher said.

They ran into the backyard. They walked up the steps to see if the door was opened.

“It’s our lucky day,” Arly said “He didn’t lock it!”

“Yay!” Asher shouted. “What are you waiting for? Open it!” Asher told Arly.

Arly opened it. They army crawled to the belt, so he wouldn’t see them. The belt was on the table. The man saw them.


Arly was standing tall with his hands on his hips.

“I’m sorry,” Arly said. “I’m just getting my belt.”

“NO YOU’RE NOT!” screamed the man.

Asher was shaking. He was so scared.

“Let’s get out of here,” Asher said stuttering.

They ran out of the house. They made a mad dash to the street. This time, the man was chasing them. They ran all the way to Arly’s house. The man managed to make it in through the door.

“Give me my belt back!” the man yelled.

“Maybe you should take martial arts classes. You need to earn the purple belt.”

“Why earn it when I can just steal it?” the man asked.

“Because stealing isn’t a good thing to do,” Arly said.

The man fake threw the belt to the table, but Arly thought he actually threw the belt on the table. The man ran away. He was so mad.

“Yay! Now we have our belt!” Arly said. He looked at the table to take the belt, but the belt wasn’t there.

“HE TOOK THE BELT!” Arly screamed. “Let’s chase after him!”

“Let’s go!” Asher said. They ran as fast as they could. They beat the man to his house. This time, they were in the house with the man. The man was very mad that they went to his house and figured out where his house was.

The man threw the belt on the floor and said, “I give up.”

“Thank you,” Arly said as he took the belt.

Arly went back to Arly’s house with Asher, and they had a dance party.


The End


Train Lines



One day, the 7th avenue line was getting ready to wake up. All the 1 trains woke up at the 238th yard. “Yaawn,” all the 1 trains yawned. “It’s time to get to work!” said all the 1 trains.

They had to get to work every single day. Only one of all the 1 trains in the yard didn’t want to get up, and that was 1871-1890. The reason that they didn’t want to get up was because it was Car 1872’s last day on duty. It was his last day because he didn’t have any air conditioning. The car replacing him would be 1872A. They didn’t know him yet because he was still getting built. They didn’t want 1872 to leave. He could just get fixed. All of the 1 trains were really sad. He had been all of the 1 trains’ good friends since the year 1984. 1872 had been a good friend. He helped other cars by being a set of five. 1871-1875 were his best friends. 1872 would now be out of service, but he hoped he would still be in the yard. 1872 had hard times on his motors, so he couldn’t move, and the other trains had to pull him.

The drivers got them ready for their day. The drivers didn’t know the trains could talk. The trains kept it a secret, because they didn’t want their drivers to take them out of service. All of the trains talked, so they had to keep their identities a secret. So the second a driver stepped into the car, they couldn’t make a single sound except rrr and beep. All the trains started the day.

Meanwhile, at the Pitkin Yard, the C train was very delighted by 1872 retiring, because he didn’t like 1872 at all. The C train was very jealous that 1872 got all the attention today. “It’s time for me to get the attention!” said the R32 C train.

At the end of the day, the R62 trains — 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, and 7s — made a cake for 1872, and all the trains that were retired but still alive came to the yard too.



At the party, the 2 trains coupled to the 1s coupled to the 3s coupled to the 4s coupled to the 5s coupled to the 6s coupled to the 7s coupled to the old trains. They all went down the line, all the way to South Ferry. They came and turned back, but this time, they went past the yard to Van Cortlandt Park! Well, at least the yard was one stop away. So, they went back and ate the cake. The cake was really good, and after that, all of the trains went back to their yards and went to sleep.

The next morning, 1872A was done. 1872 had to stay in the yard, so they uncoupled him and went away for 1872A. 1872A was very shiny and new. They went to to work. 1872A was pushing the train all the way to South Ferry. He did not want to stop at all. He just wanted to have fun. They got all the way to South Ferry, and they crashed through the wall! 1871 did not get hurt, though he was still crashed in the wall on Track 4. 1872A had to get retired. So they retired 1872A, and they fixed 1872 to be another car. 1872 was part of the same train. 1871-1875 and 1876-1890 were really happy that he was back. So they all went slowly and carefully and stopped at all the stops, and then they went back to the yard. They were right on time.





One day, there was a 32-year-old man named Mace from the planet NoBoo. He wanted to do target practice one morning to train for school, but he realized that he did not have an AK-47. He did not want to practice with a bow and arrow because it took too much time to load. He set out to find an AK-47. First, he went to the best gun store in NoBoo, The Great Guns.

“I need an AK-47 for target practice,” he said to the man at the counter.

“Sorry, we have horrible AK-47s here. They don’t shoot very well. They have horrible aim.” Mace started to leave, feeling defeated, but the man at the counter stopped him. “If you really want a good AK-47… I know where you can get one.” Mace was curious. “There is a greedy man,” said the man behind the counter. “Take my ship. It is very old, but it still works very well. Go to the Averdado System, that is where he lives.”

Mace smiled at him. He was so excited to finally get an AK-47 for target practice.

It was really important for Mace to learn to shoot at a target. In NoBoo, enemies were frequently trying to attack. Hackers were constantly trying to hack food, dentals, and other life necessities in order to be rich. This put a lot of lives in NoBoo in danger. Mace needed to protect himself and his things from the hackers. It was the most important thing. He reminded himself this as he climbed into the man from the shop’s old ship. The ship was small and it was very clearly used in a war against the Hackers a long time ago. It was covered in dents and the front of the ship, where there was usually a tip, was completely missing. Mace was confident in the ship, though. He climbed in and set off towards the Averdado System to get his AK-47.

Once he arrived in the Averdado System, Mace tried to go to the greedy man on a spaceship. On the spa