A Wizard and His Book of Spells


Hi, I’m Jack, a wizard with a book of spells. It’s a gift from my father Ionn. I live in a house by myself. My father died. His body is buried in a coffin in my house. I wanted to revive him, bring him back to life. My father was killed by a dark wizard, his brother. I was only nine. I surely smelled just fine, but I was too young. I wanted to go on a journey to save my father. I researched just the right thing to revive my father, the great wizard. I found out that dark elixir would work.


Another year passed. I thought about my trek. I was ready to journey to the planet Knowhere to get the dark elixir. It was hidden in a cave guarded by a dragon that breathed blue fire. I needed to go there… today.


Boom! I teleported to Knowhere. It was a small town, with very few apartment buildings, but then up ahead I saw a large cave. I met a lot of rude men there. Most of them were old and wrinkly. Some of them were young and tall. They wore animal cloaks and leather boots. They called me names such as trespasser and mindless.


I made the trek to the cave. There in front of me were 100 guards all in armored chest plates. My mind raced. What do I do? My spell book, use it! I started saying a spell. Elimination? Flames? Rise? All the guards started to burn. Flames rose up from the ground, and the guards screamed. They flailed in terror and fell to the ground.




They died.


I entered the cave to the dragon. It was beautiful. It was filled with crystals that glowed like the sun. I saw the elixir, but… there was a dragon. It towered over me like a mountain. It had horrible yellow eyes, scales as green as a lizard, and a tongue as red as blood. I staggered backward out of the cave. I realized this was good. I could sneak back into the dragon’s cave and trap the dragon outside of the cave. It went exactly as I planned. It worked! I snuck past him by going through his legs. Then, I said eruption? Rocks fell and completely covered the entrance. I saw the elixir, took out my flask, and took a big scoop of the dark elixir.


On the way out I remembered I had to break the wall of rocks. So I chanted a spell on page 28 that was… cosmic creation? The wall exploded.


I walked out of the cave, and I was surprised to see a fallen dragon under a huge pile of rocks. I said to myself, That must have happened in the explosion. Boom! I teleported back to my house. I ran to my father’s coffin, opened it up, and poured the elixir into his mouth.


My father climbed out of his coffin and coughed. I hugged my father. Ionn hugged me back.


“How did you revive me?” Ionn asked.


“I went to Knowhere and defeated a dragon. Then, I retrieved the dark elixir and returned to you. I poured the elixir into your mouth. Then you woke.”


“Wow!” Ionn said.


“It’s so great to have you back,” I said in a weak voice.


“Oh, I must drink a strength potion. I’m very weak.” Ionn staggered to the potion stand where the potion was. Ionn drank the potion.


After that they lived happily, but then Ionn wanted to get revenge on his… brother!!!


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