Kiku and Sophia

Once there was a pig name Kiku. Kiku was a baby pig. Kiku was not just a normal pig. She was a talking pig! She lived in a dimension with unicorns and pigs. It was very magical. Kiku didn’t have any friends — she was sad. So, she decided to try and make some. She tried to talk to other pigs and a unicorn, but they wouldn’t talk to her.

She asked them, “Can we be friends?”

But they said, “No, you’re too small”

Then she tried to talk to a baby unicorn; the unicorn’s name was Sophia. They bumped into each other, and they asked what each other’s names were.

Kiku said, “I’m Kiku.”

And Sophia said, “I’m Sophia.”

A sheep came along, and the sheep kicked Kiku. Then, Sophia saved Kiku. She put a magic spell on the sheep. The spell turned the sheep into a mouse, and the mouse/sheep ran away. Sophia asked if Kiku was okay, and they learned more about each other. And Kiku finally had a friend!

Kiku was so happy that she had found a friend that she squealed so loud that the hole universe could hear her. They liked to go to the water park together and also go to different dimensions together. The dimensions were very different from their home world. One dimension is just like a unicorn’s horn, another is a cloud world, and there’s a world made of triangle mirrors all over.

Kiku was jealous of Sophia because she had magic, and she didn’t. Kiku told Sophia that she was jealous, and she wanted magic.

Sophia said, “I don’t want you to be jealous, and I can give you magic.”

Kiku said, “Can you please give me magic. Please please pleeeaase?”

And Sophia gave Kiku wings and a magic horn. Kiku was jumping up and down, flying around in circles, and saying, “Thank you thank you thank you thank you!”

Then, the sheep/mouse came along and was crawling around and saying, “What happened?”

He still sounded like a sheep. Their jaws were dropped down, and they walked away from the mouse/sheep. The mouse climbed up Sophia’s back and tore off her horn.

Sophia was crying, and she said, “It’s never gonna grow back.”

Kiku said, “I can make your horn grow back! Remember you gave me the horn, and now you just have to tell me how to control it.”

Sophia told Kiku how to control it. Kiku tried it, and her horn brought her all the way up into outer space. Luckily, because of Kiku’s wings, she could fly back. It took an hour because she had magic wings.

Sophia said, “Thank God you’re not dead! I was so worried! When you left you went ‘poof!’”

“I’m gonna try again” said Kiku.

She tried the spell again, and instead of whacking her horn forward, she swirled it around. That made her hit the mouse/sheep in the head with her tail. Then, Kiku landed on the mouse/sheep, and the mouse/sheep was gone forever. Kiku felt sad. When Kiku was walking back to Sophia, she was crying.

Sophia asked, “Why are you crying?”

Kiku said “I killed the mouse/sheep”

Sophia said, “How?”

Kiku said, “When I swirled my horn around, it made me fly in to the air, and I fell on the sheep/mouse.”

Sophia said, “That’s so sad.”

“Let’s give a funeral,” said Sophia.

“Let’s go,” said Kiku.

When they got there, they made a coffin.

They put him in the coffin, and they closed it. Suddenly, Sophia and Kiku heard a “baa.” Kiku and Sophia thought that it was the sheep/mouse‘s family, but it was sheep/mouse. But Sophia and Kiku didn’t know, so they dug up hole and pushed the coffin in, and then Sophia and Kiku heard a squeak. They thought it was a field mouse, so they walked away. They went back to try to put back Sophia’s horn, and it finally worked! Sparkles were floating around when Kiku put back Sophia’s horn.

The mouse/sheep came out of its coffin and dug out to the surface, and it took a whole day because it was such a small mouse. He was very excited. He finally got out and started walking around. He was very dizzy and walking around in a circles. It seemed like it was a whole new world. Then, he came to Kiku and Sophia, and he remembered that he tore off Sophia’s horn, but when he saw Sophia, he screamed and ran away.

Sophia yelled, “HE’S ALIVE!”

And then Kiku came and said, “Where is he?”

“He ran away,” Sophia said.

“Why did he run away?” said Kiku.

“I don’t know,” said Sophia.

“Well, let’s go find him,” said Kiku.

And they went off to find him. They walked day and night looking for him. They walked through the forest and had really bad blisters. At night they would make magic tents and camp out to sleep for a few hours, and they made ginormous doughnuts to eat for dinner. And in the morning, they ate from their magic giant neverending cucumber that is constantly growing. They had magic maps to track the mouse/sheep.

It took a month to find him. And when they found him, they took him back to their dimension. They were so tired that after they dropped him off at his house they fell asleep on the clouds. They woke up three days later! They felt great even though they didn’t know they had been asleep for three days. They made the cloud float back down and stepped off. They walked around, and they noticed that mouse/sheep was now a normal sheep.

Sophia said, “The spell must have worn off.”

Kiku said, “Do you think we should turn him back into a mouse so that he can’t make any mischief?”

“I don’t think we should,” said Sophia, “but if he does, then we definitely will.”

One day later, Sophia and Kiku decided to go to the walrus dimension to see their friend Wally. When they got there, they saw Sheep, and he was trying to kill Wally. He was gnawing on Wally’s tail. Wally had almost eaten Sheep, but he decided not to eat Sheep because Wally had already put two little holes in his back, and he felt sorry for Sheep. Sophia and Kiku ran over there and turned Sheep back into a mouse, but by accident they turned him into a human child. Then, they turned him back into a sheep, and then they turned him into a mouse again. Sophia, Kiku, and Wally started playing. The mouse fell into the water and swam away because it was a magical mouse, so it could swim.

After they played with Wally, Sophia and Kiku went to a cat dimension to see Mittens. They played with a bunch of yarn, and then Sophia and Kiku went home, and they told the other sheep that their baby sheep was making too much mischief and that Sophia and Kiku would turn him back into a sheep if the other sheep got him to stop making all the mischief.

“Okay,” the head of the sheep said.

And when sheep/mouse got home, they turned him back into a sheep and brought him to the head of the sheep.

“Stop making mischief!” the head of the sheep said.

“Pundjala dala,” said sheep/mouse.

The head of the sheep said, “Dun dala dun dala dun dala.”


“This is boring. Let’s just walk away,” said Sophia, so Sophia and Kiku walked away.

While they were walking they heard a boom noise, so they looked back and saw that all the sheep except for sheep/mouse had tripped and fallen forward. It was like a domino effect.

After they fell, there was an earthquake, and Archery Otter come out of the crack.

The otter said, “I’m here to help. I speak Sheep.” Archery Otter said, “Do Do Da Wa Wa.”

And the sheep said that, “Wa wa dee wa wa,” and Otter told Sophia and Kiku that the only way sheep/mouse is going to stop being mischievous is if everyone starts wearing shoes.

So Sophia and Kiku go to one dimension every day and try to find shoes. None of the dimensions had shoes, but they hadn’t checked two, and Kiku said one of them must have shoes. So the next day, they went to another dimension, but that dimension didn’t have shoes. So now there was only one left.

They went to that dimension, and there were no shoes! But then they noticed that there was another dimension connected to that dimension, so they jumped into space, and they landed on the second dimension, but there were no shoes there either. So they dug underground, and they found a treasure chest. They tried to open the chest, but it didn’t work! They tried to find the key, and then they remembered they were magic, and they both made different keys so that if one doesn’t work, the other should. They tried, and Kiku‘s worked! The chest opened, and there were a bunch of shoes in it, and so they brought the chest back to their home dimension, but it took a year because this dimension was very far away.

They were very tired of walking day and night, so they camped out, and they slept very long, and the next day they woke up, and magic giant cucumber was blocking them! So, Sophia and Kiku had to push the cucumber out of their way, and they ate some of it too. They continued their trip back. Once, giant doughnuts fell from the sky while they were walking. They put their mouths wide open, as big as the doughnuts, and the doughnuts just fell into their mouths to eat. It finally stopped doughnut-raining, and Kiku and Sophia were able to walk again.

A dragon came along and asked them, “Do you know Archery Otter?”

“Yes,” Sophia and Kiku said.

The dragon said, “‘Cause I only give rides to Archery Otter’s friends.”

So, the dragon flew them home. He was flying them home until it started raining doughnuts again, and the dragon caught doughnuts on his scaly back so that Sophia and Kiku could eat them. It stopped raining, and they went back on their journey. They finally got home, and they told the sheep that they had found shoes.




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