Adventures of Emily

“Go outside, Emily. Go outside.”


Emily heard the voice in her dream. Emily was a girl that was blonde and had bright blue eyes. Emily went to a regular school, had a regular family, had a regular dog, and had a regular house. “Go outside Emily. Go outside.” Emily was hearing this for the fifth time so she decided to go outside. When she was outside in her yard, she saw a statue that she had never seen before. It looked like a statue of her grandfather that she never met, it told her, “Tomorrow, go to the graveyard at noon…”


The Next Day…


As the statue told her, she was there at noon. She saw the statue on top of her grandfather’s grave open and she saw a staircase leading downwards. She decided to follow it. It was a very twisty and slippery staircase. Once she reached the bottom, there was a big room covered in moss. She saw a shadow that looked a little bit like a ghost. She saw something glow and she decided to clear away the moss. After a little while, she saw a plaque that said…


“The 25th daughter of Quadricles will discover that her power is stronger than the power of Varniduca.”


Emily got scared when she saw that, and she thought, Who is Varniduca, and what powers is the plaque talking about, and who was Quadricles? Then she heard that same voice that was in her dream say, “Varniduca is an evil witch, Quadricles was a wizard, you are the 25th daughter and you must discover your powers on your own.”

Who is that? Emily wondered as she looked around, and suddenly she saw a shadow walking towards her.


“Hello, I am your grandfather, Anderson. I will help you learn to use your powers.” Then the shadow took off a cloak and Emily saw an elderly man.


“You will be able to walk through walls, turn invisible, read people’s minds, see the future, fly, and you will have laserbeam eyes.”


I have powers!? thought Emily.

“How did you talk to me in my dream?¨

“I have magical powers.¨

Emily asked, “How come everyone thought you were dead?”

“I hid down here to make a plan.”

He showed her a piece of paper that had a picture of the witch’s house and a bunch of lines and x’s.

“What’s this?” asked Emily.

“This is our plan,” he said, and then he explained that Emily would go inside the witch’s house and hide until the witch fell asleep, and then Emily would get the gems. She would have to get the two gems that control time. She stole the one that controls the sky and the one that controls the sun.


The next day…


“We have to work on the plan.”

“Why right now?” Emily said.

“Because we have to get ready for the big day.”

After working on the plan for three hours, they were finally ready.


The next day…


After walking for two hours, they finally made it to the darkest part of the forest where all the evil creatures lived.

“Where’s her house?” asked Emily

“Just a little bit farther forward.”

“Why do we have to hide?”

“Because if she doesn’t know we’re here, we’ll have a better chance of capturing her.”

“What’d she steal?” whispered Emily.

“She stole two of the five jewels that control time in the magical world.”

“Is that her house?” asked Emily pointing to a big purple and black mansion.

“Yes, be very quiet.”

“Is that her?” asked Emily, pointing to a lady looking out the window.


“Should we go now?” asked Emily.


Emily ran towards the house and knocked the door open.

“WHO DARES TO ENTER MY HOUSE!!” shrieked the witch.

Emily hid behind the bench as the witch started to search. Emily turned invisible and read the witch’s mind.

She was thinking, “Is it Tommy’s cat again?”

Emily thought, “Phew, she doesn’t know I’m here.”

Emily silently walked forward.

Emily went behind the witch.

Emily tripped over the back of the witch’s dress and made a loud sound.


Emily hid behind a closet while the witch put a forcefield around the house so that nobody could get out once they were inside and the power of invisibility didn’t work.

“I seee you,” said the witch.

As the witch started to look for Emily, Emily quickly searched the house for all the hiding spots possible. Emily hid under the witch’s bed and hoped that she wouldn’t look for her there. After searching for three hours, the witch said, “Whoever was in here must have left. They couldn’t have stayed in here without food or water. I will take off the barrier.”


After waiting for three hours, Emily heard the witch start to snore. Emily decided to take a chance and come out of her hiding spot. Emily silently tip-toed away from the bed and searched the house for something that might look like a magical gem. After searching every room in the house, she found a pattern of stones on the floor of an empty, very small, dusty room. After thinking for a little while, Emily thought it was a code. She recognized this type of code from books, I have to step on the correct stones for something to happen. Emily also noticed that there were clues for which stone to step on. They were: Blue is the fifth color of the arc of seven colors.

The bright yellow sun is the closest star to the earth. The midnight sky seems far, far away. White is the center of all the colors. Grass is the middle of the sun and the water. The bright color of royalty belongs in second place. The color of ever-lasting fire belongs on the third mark of seven. Emily thought and wrote in her notebook and came up with the answer. Purple, gold, red, white, blue, green, yellow. Emily stepped on the stones in that order, and she found herself inside a huge room. I have to get the stones. But then she thought, What if she catches me? Emily chose to search for the gems. After searching everywhere, she found the gems in a big box. Emily was about to grab the box and run, when the witch said, “I found you.”

“I see you too,” said Emily.

“I know you see me,” the witch said. The witch made a bubble around her and Emily so that they had to move in that small space. Emily made a laser net around the witch and after a little while, the witch gave up and said, “I give up, you can have the gems.” So Emily took the gems and with some help from her grandfather, the forest animals, and the birds, they brought the witch to the magical prison, where she would stay for one hundred years. Emily also returned the gems to their spots in the magical rainbow castle where they belonged, and everything was normal again.


The End

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