Adventurous Kids


The Mom Was Spooky

Horrible Disgusting And

Did Not Do Her Job


She Was An Awful

Person Who Did Not Like Her

Kids They Hated Her


She Made Them Do All

Her Work And Chores And They Were

Like Maids They Spooked Her


They Used Their Brooms And

Flew Away Their Mom Was Scared

Perplexed And More Scared


She Called The Police

And Said Her Horrible Kids

Flew Broomsticks Away


They Said She Was Quite

Insane And Was Arrested

In Jail She Cursed


Then The Children Fell

But Luckily Fell Into

A Tree, And They Lived   


They Were Hurt And Called

The Ambulance, They Were Fine

But Were Really Hurt


The Children Needed To

Find Shelter, And Get Someone

Like A Guardian


This Guardian Treated

The Children Like A Father

Was Supposed To Act


But Then Something Weird

Happened Wizards Barged Into

The House And Said “You


Children Are Wizards

You Can Do Magic So You

Have To Come With Us”


“But Why We’re Just Kids”

They All Said In Unison

“Yes But If You Want


To Save The World

Join Us” The Wizards

Said To The Children


“Cool We Get To Save

The World” Then The Wizards Said

Something That Might Change


Their Mind “The Thing Is

You Have To Leave Everything You

Love Behind” Uh-Oh


“Then I Think We Will

Pass We Already Had Some

Horrible Things Hit


Us In Our Child

Years Our Mom Hated Us

She Thought We Were Maids


So We Need Our Friends

And Family So

They Did Not Become Wizards


And Went On With Their

Daily Lives And Were Happy

They Didn’t Become



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