Ah Ha Moment

Hi, I am Will. I am the first male cheerleader at U.C.L.A.

My life was terrible before I decided to be a cheerleader. I got shaken down for lunch money every day. I wanted to be a doctor. I was torn. I liked being a cheerleader, but there were no professional male cheerleaders in the NFL.

Now that the Rams had just moved to L.A. the owner, Stan Kroenke, offered me a spot on the 2017 Rams cheerleading squad.

I was overjoyed. I raced home to tell my mom about the offer. My mom was not happy; she was the one who paid my U.C.L.A. bill because she is a doctor, and she wants me to be a doctor too. My mom said that I better decide to go to medical school.

At midnight, there was an emergency, and my mom was called to the hospital A.S.A.P. My mom made me go because she said it would be a good learning experience. We rushed to the Red Cross Hospital emergency room going 25 miles per hour above the speed limit. It did not matter because nobody was on the roads at this time of night, but still, this was one of the rare times that I was glad that my mom had chosen to be a doctor, not a professional race car driver.

When we got to the hospital, my mom ran into the emergency room, and I pulled out my phone. But the battery was dead, and I needed a charger, so I decided to ask my mom where a charger was. I knocked on the door, and she did not answer, so I walked into the room and saw my mom performing heart surgery!

I screamed, and that was when I decided to be a cheerleader, no matter how hard my mom tried to change my mind.


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