Los Angeles

Sunshine and Shadows

Lavinia Pitts, age 11

Ali and The Missing Book

Dhruv Ambati, age 9

The Chronicles of Mystery Part 1

by Eliana Chung, age 9

Found But Forgotten

Ren L., age 10

The Haunted Cheeseburger (Series 1)

Sophie Powers, age 9

It’s Saturday

Julie-Alice, age 9

The Isolation Experiment

Nola Baldassare, age 10

The Little Mushroom

Ricky, age 11

City in the Sky

Milan Seeff, age 10

The Creature

Nasheeta Rahman, age 11

Leo’s Story

Leo Simpson, age 9

The Finale

Leo Simpson, age 9

The Unexpected

by Gugliemo Cordara, age 9

Park Poems

by Colette Wang, age 11

the psycho banana man 1

by Molly Langevin, age 9

A Pig Stuck in an Elevator

by Carol Wu, age 8

Mr. Pink Giraffe and His Mansion

by Jack Nassiri, age 9

The Pizza Monster

by Nael Gebermichael, age 8


by JX, age 10

The Stupid Pig

by Alfred Ji, age 9

Nothing But Nonsense

by Leslie Gill, age 11


by Kayman Mangan, age 11

Jason Lesley Mason

by Juliana Leb, age 10

Bloody Mary

by Amélie Stambouli, age 10

The Road Boys: The Halloween Mystery

by Ido, age 9

The Road Boys: The Labor Day Mystery

by Nikan, age 9

the man in a bird suit that hardly looked like a bird. but i shot it down anyway. like a bird.

by Scarlett Simpson, age 10

The Bad Sleepover

by Cara H.

Out There

by Kiyomi W.

Pioneer Sightings (Excerpt)

by Wyatt Ritchie

The Best of Friends

by Penelope Lerner

GOD DIARIES: Diary of the Messenger Boy

by Belen Haro, age 10


by Tamar, age 8

Vacation Blackberry Crumble

by Tamar, age 8

Messy May

by Luna K., age 8

Man in the Shadows

by Horus K., age 9

Alien Plant

by Horus K., age 9


by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Snow Adventure

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9

The Flying Pig

by B. Rosenblatt, age 8

The Strong Genie

by Benjamin Afrasiabi, age 9

The War That I Fought For

by Lucie, age 9


by Lucie, age 9

Emotion Poems

by Mylee Rhow, age 8

Today I Feel…

by Kate Lee, age 8

The Class Election

by Quade, age 9

Josh and the Bully

by Asher Drew, age 9

Snakes Go to War

by Aaron Fattal and Allipica, ages 7

Germie Howie

by Hannah Shahidi, age 10

The Fulton’s Cowrie

by Sky Stubbeman, age 10

The Portal of Time

by Christian Stubbeman, age 10

Sports Acrostic

by Rishad V., age 9


by Rashna V., age 9

Dying Wolf (a sestina)

by Aoife O'Connell, age 9

Pac-Man is HERE

by Aliya, age 9

The Trampoline

by Marli Fisher, age 11

The Fashion Show

by Sage Keith, age 11

The Day the Crayons Went to the Moon

by Ido Shalev, age 8

All About My Family

by Alma Elli Shalev, age 6

Owlette and Sugar

by Gianna Scherma-Todaro, age 8

Ali’s Birds

by Tamar Koren, age 7

The King

Leela Mandal

The Tale of the Alien and the Human

Mia Dorman

The Tale of Arcaror

Caspar Turner

The Attempt

Jack Samet

Magic is Really Real

Hannah Shahidi

The Two Sisters

Sana Mehra

The Alien Invasion

Liam S.

The Turtle’s Adventures with Friends

Amelia Santos

The Weird Things

Caden Lewis-Shickman

Island of the Flins


The Weird Week

Belen Haro

Super Powers

Emilie Henry

Ah Ha Moment


A TV Detective

Rashna Vaghaiwalla


Kaylin Yagura

The Poison Hotdog

Jacqueline Rose

Gem Stones

Rashna Vaghaiwalla

A Tall Disaster

Rishad Vaghaiwalla

One Day 3 Million Trillion People Died

Eitan S.

Thanksgiving Turkey

By Leyna Amin, age 9

Sucked In

By Elliana Lilling, age 9


By Tatum Z., age 8

I Can’t Remember the Last Time I Used a Tissue

By Abe Effress, age 9

My Home

By Tatum Z., age 8

Camp River

By Jack Samet, age 11

Kitty Ranchero’s Adventures

By Layla Andrade Lantz, age 8

Diary of a Rebel

By Ruby Addie, age 9

The Facts I Learned About Jupiter

By Reese Z., age 8


By Ruby Addie, age 9

The Town of Randomness

By Abe Effress, age 9

The Big Crystal

By Gianna, age 7

Omar’s Great Adventure

By Aman, age 7

The Night of the Pug Banshee

By Henry Kaplan, age 10

How Humans Were Made

By Eve Robin Kaplan, age 9

Annie’s Time Machine

By Caroline Carr, age 8

How Lego Was Created: A Series

By Grady Ramberg, age 10

Hamsterly Ever After

By Kate Lee, age 6

Greek Gods

By Luca O, age 9

The Fate of the World

by Cole Thomas, age 10

The Elephant

by Ava, age 11

The Christmas Portal

by Aiki, age 9

The Adventures of Little Timmy

by Julian E. Dohi, age 10


by Ava Hurvitz, age 11

A Perfect Halloween

by Taylor Swelstad, age 11

Story Told Backwards

by Neal Bhasin, age 10

Watermelon Specialty

by Hugo Chiasson, age 9

The Willow Tree

by Hannah Giladi, age 11

Venessa and The Unknown Island

by Kina Desai, age 9

How Penguins and a Chicken Became a Dancing Group

by Ella Cho, age 8


by Paula Cortes, age 10

Sun or Moon: The Connection Skyway

by Adam Golomb, age 8

The Grandfather Clock

by Luca O'Neill, age 8

Excerpt from Different

by Jessica Jacobs, age 11

Excerpt from Apryl

by Sasha Schoettler, age 11

Alexander: The Kingdom of Fairies

by Penelope Schodorf, age 11

Beanie Boo Bunch

by Jordyn Mehlman, age 11

The Dead Walk Again

by Alexis Nelson

Dawn of the Flamingo

by Joseph Goldin

The Candy Thief

by Ella Ratner

The Trip to the Ice Cream Store

by Ashley Chow