One day, there was a 32-year-old man named Mace from the planet NoBoo. He wanted to do target practice one morning to train for school, but he realized that he did not have an AK-47. He did not want to practice with a bow and arrow because it took too much time to load. He set out to find an AK-47. First, he went to the best gun store in NoBoo, The Great Guns.

“I need an AK-47 for target practice,” he said to the man at the counter.

“Sorry, we have horrible AK-47s here. They don’t shoot very well. They have horrible aim.” Mace started to leave, feeling defeated, but the man at the counter stopped him. “If you really want a good AK-47… I know where you can get one.” Mace was curious. “There is a greedy man,” said the man behind the counter. “Take my ship. It is very old, but it still works very well. Go to the Averdado System, that is where he lives.”

Mace smiled at him. He was so excited to finally get an AK-47 for target practice.

It was really important for Mace to learn to shoot at a target. In NoBoo, enemies were frequently trying to attack. Hackers were constantly trying to hack food, dentals, and other life necessities in order to be rich. This put a lot of lives in NoBoo in danger. Mace needed to protect himself and his things from the hackers. It was the most important thing. He reminded himself this as he climbed into the man from the shop’s old ship. The ship was small and it was very clearly used in a war against the Hackers a long time ago. It was covered in dents and the front of the ship, where there was usually a tip, was completely missing. Mace was confident in the ship, though. He climbed in and set off towards the Averdado System to get his AK-47.

Once he arrived in the Averdado System, Mace tried to go to the greedy man on a spaceship. On the spaceship, he went to the ship’s bridge, but he didn’t find him there. What he did find was crumpled weapons, and this made him feel not so good. How did these get here, and why are they so destroyed? Mace thought to himself. He had never fought before, and it was dawning on him that the greedy man may be more powerful than he expected. So what he did was that he went out to the bottom to try and find him, but the greedy man was actually on the bridge hiding.

The greedy man remembered his past and his childhood while he was under the bridge. When he was a child, he was a scaredy cat, because one day when he was five years old he was scared of his uncle. The greedy man couldn’t help it. He was born scared. His uncle didn’t do much to be mean or scary, but the greedy man was just scared. People made fun of the greedy man and said, “He he he he he is a scaredy cat!” This made the greedy man really upset, and it made him want to turn bad. One day, when he got home from a bad day of teasing, he was so upset that he destroyed a plane. It made him feel powerful. He got greedy and began destroying everything after that.

The greedy man was so lost in his memory that he forgot that Mace was his enemy. Mace was his enemy because he wanted the greedy man’s AK-47. The greedy man already had guards called Protocepters. The Protocepters went after Mace because they were robots and didn’t forget that Mace was the greedy man’s enemy. Mace went to the main hangar and found nothing. The guards went after him, but then one of the Protocepters called the greedy man and said, “Mace is your enemy.” The greedy man got so angry that he got the AK-47 and went down to the hangar. The Protocepters told the greedy man where Mace was and then met up with the greedy man. They had to wait for him or else they would’ve been fired, but Mace was escaping!

Mace managed to get off the ship eventually, but he didn’t get what he wanted. He decided to get a bow and arrow instead, but he changed his mind because he thought it would take too much time to load. Then, he thought of a rifle. Then he said, “Too long.” Then he decided to get a pistol. Then he said, “Too small.” This was a problem, a real problem. He decided to get a medium gun. Then he thought about getting the medium gun and figured it was not powerful enough. Then he said, “No.”

Then he went back to the spaceship and found the greedy man. He stared at his welcoming face and almost fell victim to his deception. “He is just in disguise as a nice man,” he reminded himself. The greedy man had guards called Protocepters. They were purple-eyed robot things standing tall and holding spears to defend the greedy man. When Mace got on the ship, he went to the bridge that was on the ship. He found the AK-47. He was so happy. A huge grin spread across his face. Oh! I’m the best! I’m the best! I found it! he thought to himself. He then quickly grabbed the gun and went to evacuate to the hangar. As he entered the hangar, he saw the greedy man and the Protocepters waiting for him.

Mace shot the AK-47 at a nearby Protocepter. It went down, and immediately a war broke out. First, one of the Protocepters grabbed his spear and started attacking Mace. But Mace was skilled. When the Protocepter jumped up as high as he could, Mace ran as fast as he could towards his ship. As he ran, another cruiser came out of space in light speed and got in his way. He was very surprised. Mace thought that there was just one cruiser! He looked into the driver’s seat and saw the greedy man’s brother sitting in the cruiser.

He said, “All cannons fire! Fire! Fire!” Then, a noise began to sound. It was the alarm button. The brother was hit. The cruiser spun out of control and crashed into the greedy man’s cruiser. Kaboom, it sounded. The greedy man said, “Come on! I was so close to winning!” and he died in his cruiser.

Mace looked around. The Protocepters threw their spears down outside of the cruiser and died one by one. Mace picked the spears up one by one. He flew back to his planet called NoBoo. He lived happily ever after!!!


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