Alexander: The Kingdom of Fairies


My name is Alexandra Olive Rose, but everyone calls me Alex. I am 8 years old and I live in the country by a huge forest. Most of my time I sit and stare at my bedroom wall and get no dinner. Well, I have stared at that wall so many times I think it moved! You know why I stare at that wall almost every day of my life? Because I get in trouble from wanting to explore, like the time I went past the village and into the forest.

But it was only a foot in…

Fine! It wasn’t a foot in, it was my whole body! I know it was wrong but it felt so good to be out of the house! My dad carried me back home and then I got sent to my room, again! With no dinner! No “good night!”

My parents say that creatures live in the forest, dark creatures!

Anyway, I knew that I would not get dinner after I went to the forest, so every day before going to explore I always got a snack and put it under my bed, so that when I got sent to bed I would have something to eat. I ate my snack then started to read. I love books, and my parents wish I read rather than explored. But the thing about books is that I can read about other girls’ lives, just like mine, then see how they resolve it!

Chapter 1

I got up the next morning with the sound of birds chirping. I knew that today was going to be a good day! So, when I think I am going to have a good day I get dressed in my favorite outfit, a sleeveless juniper green colored shirt. Then for my skirt: white with pink polka dots and a pink line across. I went to the bathroom and brushed my thick brunette colored hair. I wanted my hair to grow long, but not too long, just like my mother’s. And to top it off I didn’t wear shoes that day!

I went down stairs and my mother left a note for me next to my breakfast. It said: ¨Don’t go into the forest and finish your breakfast  Love, Mom.¨  I sighed then finished my hot pancakes and all of my orange juice. After that I cut up some fruit so that I could be active because today was going to be the day! The day I left for an adventure! I went back upstairs to my room and wrote a note on my typewriter that said: ¨Dear Mother & Father, You need to let me go and adventure at some point, and again sorry I don’t follow your rules. See you soon, but I don’t know when. -Alex :)¨

Chapter 2

I decided to go without anything to carry so that I could get around quicker. Ok, I was about to do this! I got the door handle and opened the door, and…my mother came in!

“Oh hi honey! Thank you for opening the door for me,” she said.

OMG! I was so frustrated! Now I didn’t have an escape plan! She told me to put on some shoes which I didn’t want to do! She also told me to go and occupy my time, so I did. I ran to the back door to leave and…my dad walked in! And guess what he said?

“Oh hi honey! Thank you for opening the door for me!”

Like, can no one come through the window?! It’s easy, just climb, I do it all the time! After dinner I got tucked into bed. When I saw my mother and my father’s candle go out, I got out of bed and got dressed. I combed my hair so that I would look good running away.

I checked my parents’ room to make sure they were asleep so that I wouldn’t have to open the door and risk one of them coming through it again. I went inside the room and just looked at them. I had to admit it, I was going to miss them. I left the note I wrote on the desk then left. When I stepped outside, I quickly ran to the forest, then found a nice comfy cave to sleep in for that night.

Chapter 3

I woke up with food around me and a deer on top of me. “Is she dead?” asked a voice.

“No, wait, I see that she is waking up¨ another voice said.

I woke up and saw animals around me. It must be some type of dream, I thought, because how did I get here? I was lying cozy on some type of leaves, but none that I had ever seen before. As the deer moved away from on top of me, I sat up then asked “How did I get here?”

“Well we brought you here for Queen Ella and King Elite. Because you are our savior, you were chosen to come here,” the deer said.

Wait, did this deer just talk to me?

“I just understood you…” I said with disbelief.

“She is the one,” said the squirrel.

“But how?” I asked.

“Because we gave you the enchanted forest pendant. It allows you to communicate with us. It is protected by the king and queen and they said if we found you, to give it to you,” a rabbit said.

“How do you know it is me?” I asked.

“We just know,” said a turtle. And then, in a blink of an eye, they were all gone. I decided to go look around. My pillow had been a tree, so I stood up and peeked over it…there was an entire village! It was all made out of trees with tiny little glowing lights. Inside each one, a house. In the middle was a river of sparkly red water. I felt the enchantment in the air. And then I knew where I was…Enchantia.

Chapter 4

I knew about Enchantia from the Fairy Tale books I read when I was younger. I would always pretend I was a princess fairy, the most beautiful in the land! And so I thought today I would meet the lady that I pretended to be for so long! I ran towards the kingdom, then felt a little poke, like a shot at the doctor. I looked down and tiny warriors, the size of your thumb, were shooting spears the size of pinkies at me. They were fairies! But boys!

I knew that Enchantia must have had boys, but I never would have guessed they would also be fairies! I told them that I was a good person, not a bad one! But all I heard from them was “Idontknowwhatyouaresayingbadperson!”

Hey, I understood that…

I could speak fairy!

Just then, a lady riding in a carriage went right past the guards and straight up to my face. The guards bowed to her as she came up to me. She was the most delicate, beautiful, amazing thing I ever saw! I stared at her. She had a golden dress with a beautiful golden leaf crown that circled her head. She glittered, almost as if she were the sun. Then I saw who she was… I took a bow.

Chapter 5

“OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! You are…” I said not finishing my sentence.

“Queen Ella? Why yes, I am! And you must be Alexandra.”

“Yes, how did you-”

“But everyone calls you Alex. You ran away from home and your parents say that the forest is too dangerous for little girls like you! And animals took you here under my command. You used to play as me when you were little. You were destined to come here, Alex, you were!” She spoke in some sort of British accent.

“How do you know all that stuff about me? And how-I mean, why me?” I said.

“I watch you in my dreams. When that happens I know you are the one! And when you fall asleep I come visit you and tell you all about Enchantia, and that’s why you came here,” she said.

“Wow! Like magic?”I asked.

“No. Like magic!” she told me.

“I know, that is what I said!” I told her.

“No. It’s what I said! Anyway, you are planning on saving us all, right? Because that is what you are here for!”


“Good! Now follow me and I will show you your room!” she said. I then followed her past a river and into the middle of a tree!

Chapter 6

Outside there were flowers and trees leading into two golden and wooden doors that would open to a red carpet and another pair of doors which lead to a beautiful room! It looked like a doll house, something on display because you couldn’t fit inside…unless you were very small!

“Uh…it’s a very royal room but it’s just too small, I can’t even stick my hand in there!” I said, worried.

“Oh ya I forgot! Silly me!” she said.

“What?” I asked. She took out her wand, it had the same detail as on my necklace, but on top was a perfect, beautiful quartz! She held it in front of me then.

“ENCHANTIA!” she shouted. I felt dizzy, then everything started to get bigger. Then I couldn’t see at all! All I heard was “Oh dear me!”


Chapter 7

I woke up. Everything was big and I now had a dress in a wavy-sort of style, and at the bottom of this dress there was a circle of leaves. I had a beautiful tree pin in my hair and my hair was curled. I had these beautiful flats that matched my dress and as I turned around…I had wings! They were beautiful and golden with tiny bits of green! My necklace remained, so I knew I could still talk to the animals of Enchantia. I tried flying and on my first try I fell. I tried a second time. I fell, again. But I was not going to give up! I tried one more time…I flew! The Queen came up to me and said, “I see you have gotten the hang of flying!”

“Its awesome! So…now since I am small I can live in that royal room?” I asked her.

“Of course you can!!!” she said.

“Thank You!” I said, then flew off to my room. It was a beautiful room, and everything inside was forest themed! Canopy tree bed and wooden walls with a forest painted on it! It just looked so royal! I landed on top of my huge bed and went right to sleep!

Chapter 8

The next thing I knew I was in the middle of a wedding! There was a monster. I remembered him from the Fairy Tale books I used to read! His name was Fenrir, a dark and scary werewolf. He lived on the cold side of the forest, where everything was covered in ice. He was dark gray with a white belly, and ice stuck to him like honey that never wanted to come off. He had dark blue eyes that would spot you from miles away. He used to be locked up in chains and spikes, but someone had let him free. I woke up in the morning and I realized that it was only a dream. I remembered in the old story that Fenrir was to marry a fairy named Mary that he was obsessed with! She was forced into marriage to unite the two kingdoms or Fenrir would destroy Enchantia! Fenrir was afraid of Enchantia taking over the land. He was evil and did not want goodness to spread to the darkest parts of the forest.

I looked around me and saw that half of my room was torn up, broken! It wasn’t a dream after all! I had to go to the wedding because something must have gone wrong!

But how? I recognized that place but from where? Then it hit me! It was the tree where I woke up at the beginning! I flew over there and, sure enough, there they were! All the fairies were tied up, even the Queen and the King.

“How do like being at my wedding?” asked the Fenrir.

“We hate it and you know it!  The savior will help us! I know she will!” the Queen shouted at the Fenrir.

“So she will?” said the Fenrir. Fenrir was as tall as the statue of liberty!  I snuck up behind him, then I kicked him in the weak spot on his shoulder, and just like in the story, he fell to the floor! It was like a gigantic explosion had hit the entire earth! I was speechless, and before anything could be said, Fenrir got back up. He pushed me down upon the floor and was about to stomp on me with all his might when, all of a sudden, a Force Field surrounded me. I was flying, again! Then I thought happy thoughts as sun/fire balls came out of my hands. I threw them at Fenrir. I knew I had an advantage over him, since Fenrir will die if he is out of the cold for any long amount of time. I threw one last fireball at him and he fell. I went to him and put my head on his chest to see if his heart was still beating, but it wasn’t.

Silence fell upon the room. “You…you…you did it!” said a fairy.

“I told you that she was the one! I told all of you fairies! I haven’t see that power since I ruled the throne! And no one else has it!” the Queen shouted.

“All hail our savior…Princess Alexandra Olive Rose!” said the King.

“Me, Princess?! Me!?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, but you have to take an oath to say that you would stay here, forever!” said the King.

“I would…” I didn’t finish my sentence, I looked at all the fairies, then looked at my house in the distance. “I used to just be a girl who wanted to explore, and now look at me, about to become a princess? I love you all and I will come back and visit…” I said, still looking back. “But my family is waiting for me at home!” I said.

“Understood.” said Queen Ella. And with a flick of a wand I felt dizzy again. I fell to the ground and the last word I heard was “Goodbye!”

Chapter 9

I woke up in my bed and it felt like nothing had happened! Had it all been a dream? The only thing I could remember was the necklace! I felt around my neck, and there it was! I knew it couldn’t have been a dream because it seemed so real! Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw a light glow in my closet. It was faint but I soon recognized it…

It was Queen Ella! I waved and saw her wave back, then she pointed to my desk. I saw a tiny card that read: “Don’t forget us please! We will all miss you! Keep the necklace but come visit us, ok!” I then looked at Queen Ella as a tear went down her face. I wanted to run and give her a hug but by that time she was already gone. I got out of bed and looked outside, which is when I saw all the fairies of Enchantia holding little lights in the sky! They were all crying tears of joy with a sign that said: PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OLIVE ROSE!


Authors Note:

During writing this book I pictured an 8 year old girl that just had a life that all the other girls didn’t.  This is the second book I have done besides DisNerds vr. PokeNerds in school. But I have like 5 other books I put aside to finish this book! I also put an author’s note in the other book as well! Like every professional author, I add the people I thank for inspiring or helping with the book! Ahem, My friends: Gracie, Alex A, Izzy, Sophia, and so many others! Umm…Oh ya! Ahem, My Writopia correctors/teachers: Alex and Emily! Umm… ya, my family and just lets say lots of people!

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  1. Penelope you have a wonderful imagination and a great talent. I am so very proud of the writer you have become and of course the beautiful person (and Granddaughter) that you are. I loved your story. Keep up the great work. Someday you will be selling your books at Barnes and Noble!!
    I love you very much!!!❤️❤️❤️

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