Animals Running Away

There is a donkey called Dunkypunky. His owner, Bob, doesn’t know that Dunkypunky and the other animals can talk.

So, one day Dunkypunky was planning to go on a boat with the chickens and the cow. “The owner doesn’t even give us food so let’s make a plan to escape on a boat,” said Dunkypunky.

“Okay, let’s make a plan and tell the chickens if they want to escape too,” said the cow.

“Do you guys want to escape and get food to eat because our owner doesn’t give us food?,” said Dunkypunky to the chickens.

“But first we have to make a plan,” said the chickens.

They were planning how to get out of the farm. The owner is mean and doesn’t give them food and gives them old hay that is like a month old. The owner doesn’t like them so he doesn’t take care of them. Since he’s always in his house reading, they can open the door of the farm and lock the door of the house so he can’t get out.

They ran to the bay and got on a boat without the owner. But they were kind of in trouble because they didn’t have the keys to make the engine start. But since the donkey was so smart, the donkey was looking at all the buttons and found the one that said start. He put his hoof on it and it started. Five chickens were on one side of the wheel and five chickens were on the other side. When Dunkypunky wanted to go to the left, the five chickens went to the left and when Dunkypunky wanted to go right the other five chickens moved to the right.

The owner of the boat came out of his house, which was right in front. He didn’t see his boat, and instead he went on a motor boat that goes very fast. He saw the chickens and the donkey and the cow on his boat. So he called 911 and the police were in the water surrounding them.

Since the boat they were in was hard to stop they crashed into the police boat and kept going and the police boat sank. They were going deep into the ocean where there were sharks and they met with a great white shark but he was good. “I will lead lead the way to Greece,” said the shark. He led the way for them to get out of Croatia.

One day they got to Greece and they got out of the boat and they saw a cruise that was about to go. They jumped on without anybody seeing and they found an empty room in the basement and they stayed there. Five days later, the cruise went to Spain and they went to bullfight. The bull was their friend. He said, “If they kill me, I will not see you. If I don’t I will still not see you.”

Luckily, the bull didn’t get killed and they saved his life since he was such a good bull. In bull fights when the bull is very good they let them go in the wild. The bull went to the forest and got lost from the animals. Then the animals went to the airport. From Spain they took a plane to New York City. They got out and the owner of the farm was there in New York in the airplane. When they was getting their bags he turned around and saw the animals. When the animals were running out of the airport, they took a taxi to Brooklyn. The owner of the farm’s friend who didn’t know they were the farm’s animals kept them as pets. But they didn’t know that the farmer was going there.

The farmer went and said, “You have a chicken, a cow, and a donkey for pets.” An hour later he noticed that they were his animals and the animals jumped out the window. And the owner started to chase them.

When they were running in the street, they saw a homeless dog and said, “Do you want to help us run away from our owner?”

The dog said, “Yes.”

So they went to the pet store to rob the food from the pet store and the alarm went off. So the police in the pet store were chasing the animals and the animals didn’t know what to do. Police were surrounding them so the police trapped them and put them into a cage and took them to the pet orphanage. But then since the donkey was so smart he asked the cow to kick the door open and the cow did kick the door open. But then the police saw them and they were surrounded. The chickens went to the police and crashed into them. The police fell. The dog bit their hands and they ran out. They went to the same airport and met a new friend that was a cat was on a leash so the cat bit the leash off and robbed the tickets off her owner. There were enough for the ten chickens, the one dog, the cow, and the donkey, and for the cat. And then the plane they had business class tickets and then the TV they were watching the news. They were on there. So they saw that and it was very dangerous because in every single place in the world there were police looking for them except in Antarctica.

So their plane took them to Africa and they took a train to South Africa and from South Africa took a plane to Antarctica. In Antarctica they met another friend that was a polar bear. That polar bear pretend he was good but he was actually a police polar bear. He said, “Come, I’ll take you to where my friends are.” In the water they were on the polar bear’s back and the polar bear took them to South Africa. In South Africa there were police that trapped them and put them in the jail where El Chapo was. El Chapo was a new friend for them, so they helped El Chapo go out, and El Chapo helped them to go so they were a new team.

When they got out the police, were looking at their cage and the police saw they were not there. They saw a little hole that was tunnel and there was a car in that hole. They took that car all the way to Egypt and from Egypt they took a plane all the way to England and then England they went to the London Tower.

And they got the queen’s crown and then the alarm went on and the police chased them everywhere so they went to the airport and they went to New York in New York. They went to the NASA but they had to pass security, so the chickens bit the police and Dunkypunky kicked the police and got the biggest space shuttle and took them to a planet that doesn’t exist and that was called Zombie Prigg and they made zombies that were eating people’s brains.

They were in trouble because the queen zombie didn’t like human brains but they liked animal brains so the zombie started chasing them. So the space shuttle went to another planet called Jupiter and there they were safe. Before leaving they took the queen’s crown. They said goodbye to El Chapo and El Chapo stayed there. They went to Mars and there they started to build a base that nobody knows about right in the middle. Nobody saw it. It was invisible, and only they could see it.

They went to Earth with the space shuttle and then they bought an alarm and a lot of metal. So they went back to Mars with the space shuttle and they put an alarm and they made a force field made out of metal. So they got the queen zombie and contacted her by blue tooth and said, “If you protect our space we will give you our brains.” But then they went to planet Jupiter and told El Chapo, “Come and look what we made for us.”

They went back in the space shuttle and they showed him the base and since it was invisible, they pressed the button that made it visible. He saw it was like a castle.

The animals said, “We can work together to make the police stop chasing us. We could give you the queen’s crown and you could live in this place.”

They went back to planet Earth and the animals made a deal with their owner, “If you treat us nicely and give us food, we will stop running away from you.”

The owner said, “Okay,” then gave them food.

They had a lot of food and in the space shuttle they put all the food. When it was nighttime they went back to Mars and gave them the queen’s crown. El Chapo was living in their base.

And El Chapo said, “The animals are dead. Tell the police to stop wasting their time chasing them.” But they actually went back to Zombie Prigg with the queen zombie and they were the most important animals there because they gave the queen other animals so the queen could eat those brains. So they had a gigantic base like a castle made out of gold and diamonds.

“And if they help the queen to make another planet like a storage for brains,” the queen said, “We will let you live in our castle.”

They helped her to make the storage planet and it was bigger than the sun. But there was still one brain that couldn’t fit but since there was no gravity it just stayed there floating and the next day the queen ate it for breakfast. Then that day at night, NASA sent a space shuttle to discover this new planet called Zombie Prigg and they brought two police and saw the animals weren’t dead. So the police started chasing again. Then the animals went on the space shuttle that NASA brought to Mars and they said to El Chapo, “Can we stay in your base till the police go out of Zombie Prigg?”

He said no because he already saved them once. The spaceship that the animals robbed from NASA. NASA people and the police went on another NASA space shuttle to Mars and saw the animals and put them to work for the president, Donald Trump. Since he treated them so bad like their own older, they called El Chapo to say, “Can you help us take his brain out and give it to the queen of Zombie Prigg?” And he did help them.

They didn’t have a space shuttle to go to Zombie Prigg with his brain so they built their own space shuttle that could only work for five months and then it runs out of battery. But Zombie Prigg was five months and a day away so they asked El Chapo if he could rob them five tons of gasoline, and he did so they could get to Zombie Prigg. So they got on their space shuttle and went to Zombie Prigg and gave Donald Trump’s brain to the queen zombie and she ate it!

Since Donald Trump didn’t have a brain, he turned into a zombie, so Hillary Clinton became the new president. Since she was so powerful she conquered the whole world and she gave ten thousand billions of dollars to the animals and with that, they paid the police to stop chasing them.

Then the animals told the owner, “if you treat us nicely, we will really stop running away from you.”

“Can you guys talk?” said the owner.

“Yes we can talk,” said the animals.

“Okay but I’m sorry I didn’t give you food because I didn’t have enough money to give you food. But now the police gave me five hundred billion dollars so now I can feed you,” said the owner.

The owner did give them food and they lived with the owner in the farm. Now the owner  let them be free in the backyard and they had a lot of food and lived and had parties every day with piñatas.

“Hey, I can break the piñata with my feet, look!” said Dunkypunky.


“Hey, I can get the candy,” said the cow.

Then the chickens said, “I can pin the tail on the on the donkey.” They got it. They did pin the tail on the donkey.

“The reason we are celebrating is because we are back home,” said Dunkypunky.

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