Appalled at the Art Museum

Wendell and Monico Milk Goats were at the art museum. It looked cool on the outside. It was golden and ancestors were etched on the sides. They were ancestors of gods. Wendell and Monico Milk Goats booked tickets to go inside and take a tour. The manager warned them they might smell like a dirty diaper for at least one month.

They said, “I don’t care! I just want to see what else is cool inside.” They booked it for five months later, and exactly five months later on the exact same second they went to the museum. 

They didn’t know that inside was just a huge garbage dump. It was only chewed up food. Also, they might smell and look like a dirty diaper for at least a month.

Monico Milk Goats said, “Uh, this is not an awesome museum.”

In Monico’s head, the manager said, “Uh, I warned you!”

Monico said, “We shouldn’t have gone. The manager warned us.” They had to stay in the garbage because they booked to stay in it for five years. 

They were really dumb and greedy and rich. There were these plants that were sweet in a circle in the museum. They were sweet, like they were good to eat.

Monico Milk Goats said, “That’s interesting!” Then he said, “That’s odd.” Then they tried to pick the plants and they turned out to be alive. It stirred because it was sleeping. Then they backed away, but then they were like, “Oh, it’s fine,” because it didn’t leap at them.

They whispered, “Let’s rip it out of the ground,” because they wanted to eat it. It was the only food.

So, they said, “Hey, it’s your friend!”

And the plant came closer and closer and the plant said, “What are you gonna do?” 

And they said, “Oh, nothing. Just gonna rip you out of the ground to eat you.” The plant had sharp teeth and almost killed them.

They ran out of the garbage and people were like, “Ew, why would a dirty diaper be let in there? The museum’s so cool!” And then a bunch of people went inside and it was the same story so Monico Milk Goats and Wendell were marked the greatest people in the world because they ventured inside, but actually it was just so they wouldn’t get mad at the people for calling them dirty diapers. Plus, they looked like dirty diapers before they went into the garbage dump, because they were rich and dumb idiots.

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