Awesome Airplanes: The Escape From The TCOEP


The man, the leader of the TCOEP, told Matthew and Michael that he would be coming for them and walked away into the dust and disappeared.


“That was strange,” said Matthew after the leader of the TCOEP walked away.


“Yeah, he could have just got us right there,” said Michael as they reached their airplanes.


When they finally got to the base, it was already dawn. But the brothers didn’t get to rest for long. After they ate breakfast, the enemy alarm blared, startling Matthew and Michael. When Matthew walked over to the enemy detection screen, he saw something that surprised him! He saw that the enemy was in the control room of the base.


“What the?” said Matthew.


“Let’s go check it out,” said Michael as they went into the control room. In the control room, they heard a bomb, five, four, three, two, one.


“Uh-oh,” said Matthew as the bomb exploded.


When they woke up, Matthew and Michael found that they were in a jail cell in the TCOEP base. The jail cell was dirty, and there was a rusty bucket in the corner and an old bench and an emergency pack.


“Now what should we do?” asked Michael.


“I have an idea,” said Matthew, smiling and pulling out a chainsaw and slicing through the steel bars.


“Where did that chainsaw come from?” asked Michael.


“From the emergency pack over there,” said Matthew. “I bet they never check that emergency pack because all the criminals stuffed all their weapons in the emergency pack.”


“Now let’s get out of here!” yelled Michael as they broke out of the jail with weapons.


Getting out of the jail was not easy. There was a huge group of troopers guarding the base, so they had to sneak around a lot.


When they got outside, they saw that they were on a tall mountain and their base was in the distance.


“How are we going to get to our base?” asked Michael.


The brothers did not have a lot of time to think, because soon they were surrounded by troopers in black suits pointing rifles at them.


“Hands up!” said a trooper.


“Never!” Matthew yelled back as he and Michael got out guns from the emergency pack and started shooting.


Finally, the troopers surrendered.


“Where are the aircraft hangars?” asked Matthew to the troopers.


“They are right there,” said one of the troopers, pointing to a tall building.


Soon, they were on a helicopter flying back to their base. “Home sweet home!” said Michael as the helicopter landed.


Back in the base, the brothers received a message from their boss. The message said, Dear Matthew and Michael, please join the Navy. Sincerely, your boss.


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