Battle of Revenge II: Traitors


In the last story, Max, Finton, and Freddy had defeated Lord Robbers and were free of his threat… for a while. They were trying to figure out the medical potion to heal all of the men lost in the last battle. Their fleet needed to be repaired too, so there were lots of repairs that needed to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Lord Robbers was also preparing his little surprise….


Chapter 1: Evil Meeting

Zilbon, Lord Robbers, Quantuo, Xanga, Jumba, Kaka, and Strangehead (members of the Red Strikers) were sitting down on a table back at Larbazako. Lord Robbers was showing them secret plans for some strange secret weapon that they were going to use to crush the Blue Lions and the Squag, which now was named the Blue Squags. The strange secret weapon was a laser, a very powerful laser that could destroy a whole base with one blast. They were going to go to Slankamos to destroy the Squags’ main building. The Squag’s main building was guarded by the Blue Lions’ troopers.

The 105th Legion was very powerful. It was the highest ranking troop squad of the whole Blue Lion space. The 301st Legion was the second highest ranking squad. They were planning to send thousands of Quinns, evil henchmen of Lord Robbers, to attack the place, but Lord Robbers knew that wouldn’t work. He needed more. He told all of his people that they had to lead the Quinns into battle. They all agreed to do it. At the mention of this, every person at the meeting turned on their superswords and stabbed them into their slots, making a blue hologram of their grand master appear in the center with all of the secret information. The only thing that could power this strange source of different blueprints was the super swords from every Red Striker. The master was very happy, but also extremely mad because they hadn’t killed the person the master had said to kill. The master’s name was Extreme.

“You have done well, my apprentices. But that battle we could not afford to lose.”

“Sir, they were outnumbering us,” said Xanga.

“I do not care,” screamed Extreme.

“Many of our troops died out there, master,” said Zilbon.

“We shall win our next battle,” said Jumba.

“Why don’t we discuss our next battle plans?” asked Extreme.


Chapter 2: Squad Healing Center

Max was very worried about all the injured soldiers because there were so many of them. Fortunately, a recipe could stop death, but it was far away in another land, guarded by many enemy soldiers. That was their next mission. They needed to pack up for it. Finton and Freddy were also coming. Trevor wanted to help, so he came too. Erin decided to drop them off at the spaceport. This is what Max packed: a gun, extra ammunition, lunch, a lot of food (food from different planets like Sakalato and Yfdghh,kb c), an extra bottle of hydrating juice, and a bottle of lava in which he would cook the actual food. In addition to providing a place to prepare his meals, the bottle of lava would keep the food from cooling, thus preventing rock from forming on it.                                      

Trevor also packed a super sword, a charge plug, two extra charging stations, food that Lulu had cooked for him, a training droid, and an extra robe.

Finton packed a rifle, extra ammunition (like Max had), frozen food, a blender to liquefy it, a bottle to drink to drink it from, some roots from trees you could eat, and vegetables.

Freddy, of course, packed five boxes of trick stuff, a mobile toilet, toilet paper, and a baby seat for the toilet. He liked copying other people, so he bought two packs of frozen food, sixty-five miniature trees, a giant lava bottle, and a twisted gun, bubble gum instead of ammunition packs, an extra pair of dirty socks, two extra underwears, a giant piece of metal, a soldering kit, and a second twisted gun.

Suddenly, Erin came into the room. “What’s going on? Time to leave, people. Rise and shine. We’re leaving,” he said. “The crawler’s here. Hello!?”

Suddenly everyone grabbed their packs and hurried out the door.

“Move it, move it, move it! This no drill!” Erin was obviously not happy.

Trevor followed his mentor out the door. When they got downstairs, the guards opened the door. Like Erin had said, the crawler was waiting outside, along with other Squags, who said said “Good luck“ and “Be safe.” Max and Trevor said goodbye to Lulu and Lucy. When they got on board the crawler, the driver helped them with their luggage.

“To the nearest spaceport,” said Erin. The driver turned the crawler onto the road as fast as it could go and zoomed away.

On the way there, Freddy took out one of his miniature trees and asked Finton, “¿Para qué se usan esos árboles?”

“You use the roots to make smoothies, dummy!”

Freddy suddenly had an idea to lift the humor. “So, waz sup, dude?”

Trevor and Max burst out laughing.

“It’s pronounced What’s up,” Trevor said.

Finton whacked Freddy.

“Waz dat for?”

“Stop fooling around, Freddy! This is real stuff, bud! We’re going all the way to the center of the whole enemy core,” said Finton. “And in your language, daz foi yo foolin’ around.”


Chapter 3: Second New Planet

When they arrived, they got a cart and put their luggage inside. Since Freddy was a weakling, Finton had to help him. Max was nervous. Trevor wanted everything he saw.

“Hey, look at that! That’s the new kind of bubble gum that came out precisely three seconds ago,” shouted Trevor.

“We have to walk three platforms,” said Erin. “No fooling around here.”

The stairs were as high as skyscrapers. Max and Freddy had never been to a spaceport, except for the one back at the base.

Suddenly, the stairs started moving. “Look at that! We don’t need to climb it!” said Max. The elevator ride was awesome. You got to see the whole spaceport from up there. There were thousands and thousands of platforms. There were starships floating in midair anchored with chain to keep it on the platform. There were millions of people and different aliens. There were guards keeping order. The restaurants served exotic foods of other planets. There was even a pilot diner.

Unfortunately, the gum Trevor wanted was sold out. There was a giant starship in front of them with big letters on it that said: Destination to Main Government Planet. Thousands of guards were guarding the top level. Erin ignited his super sword and the guards stepped away.

On the side of the platform, a little sign said: “Rating: ★★★★★ Food Served: Every Planet Known to The Government Space Possible: ∞.”

The doors to the ship opened. Trevor, Max, Finton, and Freddy walked through them. Erin said goodbye and the doors closed. The ride was on!


Chapter 4: Battle at Fortress Destroy

The juice was delicious, and the space cruise was going smoothly. The ride to the capital of the Government was nearly over, and Finton, Max and Freddy were at the diner eating, while Trevor was discussing how he loved to train. He said the battle was gonna be hard, so they all had to train their best.

“Hey, Finton! Mind passing me the — ”

BOOM!! Erh, erh, erh. The alarm had gone off. The space cruiser was under attack… Outside, thousands of enemy cruisers had just come out of the turbo engine, which was going at the speed of light. They were firing at the cruiser at full blast. Aboard the cruiser was Freddy’s greatest enemy, the dreaded Trick Destroyer — a gun that turned off every trick onboard the spaceship. Two soldiers came out of the hallway.

“Please report to the main deck,” said the soldiers. Trevor, Max, and Freddy rushed up to the top deck. Finton was commanding a huge army of soldiers. Every enemy cruiser was shooting at our cruiser.

“Fire at sector ten!” BABOOM!!! Smoke was coming out of the hole where Finton used to be standing. “Darn, that cannon!” Finton came out of a smoking hole. Two enemy cruisers were on fire. The cruiser had fire all over. Every battle station was smoking. The laser fire rained through the sky like flies at a garbage dump.  As the cruiser returned fire, Max, Finton, and Freddy went under the deck to ignite the turbo engine. Trevor tried to deflect the laser fire with his swinging super sword.

“Hit the turbo engine button, Freddy!”

“¿Cuál es eso?”


“Self destruct engaged.”



“Run to the escape pods!” said Max. Everyone was running to their escape pods.

“Where’s Trevor?” asked Finton. Trevor appeared right next to them. Smoke was all around him. His face was black.

“Stupid cruisers,” Trevor muttered. Two guards were standing around the last escape pod available.

“Run for it!” said Trevor. Beep. The escape pod was launched. Chances were lost.


“Self destruct in ten… nine… eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two — ”

Finton pushed Max outside. Freddy and Trevor fell into space. Finton jumped out. The explosion pushed them forward, and a great big ball of fire behind them that used to be their cruiser was now debris fluttering around them. Now they were lost in space.


Chapter 5: Evil Knows How to Plan

“Success achieved! The boss will be extremely happy!” The members of the Red Strikers were having a giant party.

“They died! Three cheers for the trick destroyer!” There were all types of food at the evil feast.


The door burst open. Jumba came in.

“We’re under attack.” Rocks started falling from the ceiling.

“The feast is ruined!” cried Lord Robbers.

“Send all units!” cried Xanga.

Diong, diong, diong.

The battle outside was tremendous. Thousands of wounded Quinns were lying on the ground. Few were left. The other side was looking much better than its evil match — only a few soldiers were down.

“Send more troops!” ordered Kaka. More came rushing out, only to be killed.

Suddenly, sides changed: the Quinns had taken control of the battle. They were forcing the 105th legion back to their ships.

“Retreat!” ordered the 105th general. The troops rushed back, and the Quinns fired the cannons while the 105th legion tried to escape. Many ships fell from the sky.

Despite their heavy losses, the Quinns had won.

“Now we can’t have a feast about anything! We didn’t win or lose!” Strangehead said.

“I wanted more of that candy bread!” cried Lord Robbers.

As they went back inside, a war drum sounded in the distance.

“What the heck was that?” said Zilbon.

“Quinns into battle positions!”

Ten rows of Quinns stood strong. Twenty spearmen were in the front guarding for any close combat intents. Out of nowhere came a band of aliens with swords, guns, and spears. They were green and had eyes like those of a fly, a green snout in the middle of their head, and brown robes.

AAAheee!!! Chang! Blahg, wago dapo boom! Chang wayyyaaagggooo! Tambow!!! Mwakamaka! Dwaga! Traga! Die!!! BOOM! Weheee!!!

“Now we have something to celebrate about,” said Lord Robbers, “I get my candy bread!”

“No, I get it,” said Xanga.

“Don’t fight, guys!” said Jumba


Chapter 6: The Continuation of Chapter 4

“Now what?” said Max. The space around them was peaceful. They had been floating for hours.

“¿No crees que va a venir una nave para salvarnos?” asked Freddy. Suddenly, a bright light interrupted their conversation, and Trevor turned on his super sword. A ginormous space cruiser appeared out of nowhere. Its shiny decks looked as beautiful as gold, and its twenty-six engines looked super shiny with flaming blue jets shooting out.  

“It’s a Model 58.73 Code 97597.725.7000. I used to have a bunch of those in my room,” said Max.

“Uh, looks like we’re boarding, people.”

Trevor was right. The airlock on the 27,000 foot-tall, 123,000 foot long, and 29,000 foot wide spaceship was opening, letting out seventy-five spaceships that were ten feet tall and twenty feet long.  

“Now that’s an airlock,” said Finton.

“I guess we board one of these ships!” said Trevor.

Max, Finton, Freddy, and Trevor boarded the nearest ship. There were fifty-seven Quinns  on board. “Ahh! Battle positions!” yelled Finton. He loaded his gun and aimed at the Quinns. That was when they realized the Quinns were all tied up.

¨Greetings, noble Squag Trevor!¨ said the mysterious, double-mysterious, even more mysterious, superbly mysterious, totally mysterious, amazingly mysterious, terribly weird, with a terrible face, weird, antennae-headed weirdo named Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota. “Welcome aboard my spaceship. We shall take you to meet my master.  Meet my loyal assistant, Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta.¨

When they arrived at the spaceport, the first guy they had met led them up the stairs to a door.  And when the door opened, what they saw was unimaginable.


Chapter 7: Normal Day for Erin

Erin was pacing through when he bumped into Simon.

¨Want to duel?” said Simon.

“Pleasure,” said Erin.

Erin pulled off his glasses. Simon did, too. They extended their glasses. Then, they burst out laughing!

“Hwahwahwahwa… dueling with glasses! Blahaha,” laughed Erin.

“So funny! So funny!” said Simon.

“This is serious,” said Erin. He turned on his super sword and slashed at Simon’s legs. Simon flipped backwards and extended his super sword in 0.3 seconds. Erin attacked. Simon counterattacked. Erin flipped backwards and lashed the air with his extreme super duo combo, stabbing into the middle of the air where Simon was supposed to be. Simon was actually behind him and Erin sensed him. He arched his blade backward, deflecting the jab. Then Simon and Erin burst into a two-hour laugh. Hahaha! They laughed hard because their swords were only styrofoam training superswords.

Erin waved goodbye to Simon and walked into the library. He loved to study, and he also loved to read. Erin had a lot of favorite series. He remembered that he needed to see how the mission was going. When he turned on his mission tracking computer, the screen turned blurry and his mission tracking computer exploded!

“Something must be going wrong!” thought Erin. He went to the main communications system to speak with Eramag, Sofia, Mateo and Aaron.

“Eramag,” Erin said. “I have lost communication with mission 5.0.2600261000.”

“Find communication with mission 5.0.2600261000 and increase to maximum capacity to see if there is any sign of this mission,” Eramag yelled at nearby communications officers.

“We’ll find ‘em,” said Sofia.


Chapter 8: Getting to Zanklazumos

Inside the doors were hundreds of troops of the 576th legion troopers.

“What the…?” said Finton.

“I didn’t know this!” said Trevor.

“Cool!” said Max. “I thought all of you guys perished!”

“Esto es assustador,” said Freddy.

“Welcome to the 576th legion troopers headquarters!” said Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota.

“Let us show you around!” Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta said.

Around them was a large room full of computers. There were three floors to it and probably more because of the elevator. Lots of different troopers were working around the computers. Different things kept on popping up on the screens that they couldn’t even read. The computers were flat touchscreen pieces of transparent glass that showed what you were working on in the center. There was a lot of talking. It sounded like they were on a completely different planet… but they knew they weren’t.

Freddy secretly reached into his pack and pulled out a canister. The canister read “Super Stinky Fart Gas.”

“Esto va a ser bueno,” whispered Freddy.

There was a hissing sound in the air.

“What’s that sound?” said Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota.

“I don’t know, sir,” said a nearby trooper.

Suddenly, the air smelled bad. Freddy pulled a whoopie cushion out of his backpack. Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta said, “Sorry for the stinky smell.”

Freddy placed the whoopie cushion under Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta’s behind. When Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta sat down a loud fart filled the air. Suddenly, another fresh coat of stinky air flew out. Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota says “Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta, how dare you fart in front of our visitors?”

Freddy couldn’t help but laugh.

“Freddy!” yelled Finton, Trevor, and Max.

“How dare you do that in front of our hosts! I am so ashamed of you!” yelled Finton.

Then they turn toward Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota. “Sorry for this misunderstanding. My friend is a joker,” said Max.

“And he won’t do it again,” added Finton, clenching his teeth and staring so hard at Freddy that Freddy started to sweat.

“Quieren prender el aire acondicionado,” said Freddy.

After a bunch of sorrys, the ship started to move.


Chapter 9: Mass Invasion

The fleet contained fourteen starships. Each one had one hundred billion troops, small blockade runners, blockade ships, troop deployers, troop transports, crew transfer shuttles, supply carriers, and X-class escorts to make a billionaire die of the zeroes. The fleet was an exquisite combination of different capital ships, frigates, and flagships, and all of them were prepared for a mass invasion of the planet Zanklazumos, one of the outer rim planets of the Red Strikers’ force. It contained the recipe to heal the lives of dead troops. It was guarded, but with strategy you could break in. They were going to use the plan below.Copy of Battle of Revenge II- Traitors (by Diego Gonzalez)

“This is going to be great!” said Finton.

“We’re going to have so much fun invading them!” said Max.

“Esto va a ser excelente!” said Freddy.

“What ship are we boarding?” asked Finton.

“You will be on board the troop transporter,” said Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota. The troop transport descended. It was a steady, low descent. Freddy, Max, and Finton were aboard the troop deployer. There was very little light. The ambience was silent. Everyone was ready to deploy. The suspense was unbearable.

“Suddenly, the troop deployer blew up and everyone died. Even our main characters. Yes, I know you people say we can’t kill our main characters, but this story says otherwise. Yes, people, we killed them, get over it,” read the crew report aboard the troop deployer, named ALADA (which stands for Air Land Action Depositor A-transport).

“Ha, what story? And how could the main characters die?” asked Finton.

“Ja, eso fue lo mas chistoso, no se pueden morir los personajes principales,” said Freddy. The troop deployer safely landed on the planet and deployed the troopers. The air was smoky. Suddenly two Red Strike guards walked up.

“Identify yourselves!” they said. Suddenly, a crew transfer shuttle zoomed into its landing site. A figure dropped right in the middle of the two guards. A super sword extended from its hands and the two guards dropped dead beside him. Max and Finton drew out their blasters and aimed at the unknown figure. Suddenly, the blasters flew out of their hands and the ground erupted in front of them. Dirt flew and then it was all silent. The figure turned around and took off its hood.

“Seriously? You were trying to kill me?” said Trevor. “Not nice!” Trevor’s hand stretched out to reveal the electromagnet. He moved his hand up and Max and Finton instantly rose. He moved his hand to the side and back in the direction of Max and Finton. The blasters dropped into their hands.

“Sorry, Trevor,” said Finton.

“How could you scare us like that?” Max asked.

“It seemed like the right thing to do to save you lives,” said Trevor. They walked a long time til they reached the evil fortress. The door was bolted shut. Trevor placed some detonators and got out of there real quick. The door blew open.

“Aren’t you scared that they’ll find out we’re here?” asked Max.

“It’s not a stealth mission,” said Trevor. “They told us to get in there, get the recipe, and get out.”

“Yeah, but we shouldn’t warn them of our presence,” said Max.

“Of course we should! That way they’ll all come out and get their butts kicked,” said Trevor.

The massive capital ship landed, two turrets dropped out of the front. Trevor screamed at the camera that had also dropped down. “What! I thought you had enough arsenal to blow this planet to shreds!”

“That is understood,” replied the robotic voice. 4,000 other turrets came out of the bottom.

“Fire!” yelled Trevor. The turrets released so much laser fire that all three walls surrounding the base were smashed to splinters — or, more accurately, goo — because they were metal. And then, they walked in.


Chapter 10: Kill Them Now!

Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota clicked the walkie-talkie.

“Prepare to destroy those crazy heroes!” said a creepy voice.


Chapter 11: Destroy Them

Back at the Red Strikers’ evil base, Lord Robbers was preparing the super weapon for transportation to Slankamos, and the massive weapon looked like a giant needle. It was seventy feet long, forty feet wide, and twenty feet tall. The big needle was being carried by a huge robotic arm into a spaceship that was going to carry it to Slankamos. Then, Lord Robber would look through the little screen, move his little joystick until the little mark was over the right place, and click the button that said FIRE. And then the giant laser beam would melt his enemies and he would defeat them once and for all.

Lord Robbers cackled, “HA HA HA!” before getting his little pad that fired it and testing the weapon by firing randomly into space. Lord Robbers clicked the big button that said fire. Suddenly, the hangar around them exploded in flames.

FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, the alarms blurted.

Lord Robbers cleaned up the mess and tried again, clicking the FIRE button a bunch of times. Water came down from the ceiling and a bunch of fire bots came out looking for the fire. He cleaned up the mess again and tried once more. He clicked the BIG red fire button and the giant green laser beam cut through the sky and KABLAMO — they heard an explosion.

“Was that supposed to happen, Commander?” Lord Robbers asked.

“No. It was not,” said the commander. Suddenly, a little screen popped out of the ceiling. There was a scared Quinn commander on it.

“OUR BRAND NEW SHIP WAS JUST BLOWN UP!” yelled the Quinn commander.

“Wait! Was it that one that I just wasted all my money on?” asked Lord Robbers.

“I think so!” said the Quinn commander.

“No! No! No! How could this happen?!?” said Lord Robbers. Lord Robbers accidentally stepped on the self destruct button and his brand new weapon blew up.


Chapter 12: Funny Does Not Mean Good

Every single computer screen on every Government-controlled planet showed a message:

“Haha! I am Lord Robbers and I will eat all your food by using this teleporting device! HAHAHA! I will also blow up your planet for the sheer fun of it! I will also achieve universal domination, and if you astrophysicists down there say that it is impossible because the universe goes on forever, and you quantum physicists thinking about the Schrodinger’s cat say that I have a 50 percent chance of world domination and a 50 percent chance of getting my butt kicked, let us change that principal to having 100 percent of world domination. Shaboom, suckers! So for the big shazam, I will blow up your planet!”

When the Government planet saw what was happening, they immediately reacted by calling forth an entire fleet and prepared to destroy Lord Robbers once and for all.


Chapter 13: The Preparation of the Super Weapon

Lord Robbers had decided to demonstrate his super weapon to the rest of the Red Striker leaders, by destroying a random civilian planet. He walked to his live feed media room in his ship, hovering above the main base (the cannon was actually on the planet below him and not on the ship.) He went to his console room and clicked the big red firing button (this was the right button). The green laser bolt flew toward the planet and detonated a whole entire city. The Red Strikers clapped and Lord Robbers said, “This laser is the emblem of our destructive name. We are called the Red Strikers. We strike and destroy! Clunk clunk clunk!” (He is a cyborg, so that is how he laughs.)


Chapter 14: The Deep Dark Hallways

Trevor, Max, Finton, and Freddy walked into the base. There was no one. It seemed abandoned. There was no light; the electricity was cut off. You couldn’t even see your hand in front of you. Trevor turned on his supersword. The sword extended from its hilt and started buzzing, glowing green in the darkness. They walked down the steel hallways, their footsteps resonating on the ground. There was a red light glowing in front of them in a circular chamber and a dark figure hovering over a panel. Max, Finton, and Freddy silently drew their guns. They were all holding Maf 2345’s (Maf is short for MFLP, which stands for Multi-Function Laser Pistol). The Maf had a tiny viewscreen in which you could select the good guy or the bad guy. If you accidentally pointed the gun at the good guy, it would lock the trigger and not allow the laser to pass. If you did, for some reason, sweep the gun over the bad guy and not pull the trigger, it would automatically do it for you. It also had a stun mode, a knockout mode, a kill mode, and a melt mode. They selected the dark figure in the chamber on their Mafs as a bad guy, and put it on knockout.

The man turned around and they finally realized who it was. It was Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota.

“Oh, I see you have come to my greetings party. Or garage sale, since I’m selling proton grenades! MWAHAHA.”

“You’re actually evil?” Finton said. “I didn’t know that!”

“No, but I have just told the secret location of your base to Lord Robbers! HAHAHAHAHA! And now that I am done with you guys, I will kill you all with a single proton grenade while I escape, smooching my crazy girlfriend who is dressed in a sports bra, even though it is extremely cold in here and she will probably freeze to death… which is sad. Now you will play your part. Please stand right where you are while I go click the button to deploy my hovercraft.”

Meanwhile, Freddy had gotten distracted. He had gone to the basement and captured the healing potion, which was why they were there in the first place. He went upstairs again and appeared behind Trevor.

“Ya tengo la poción!” said Freddy.

Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota said, “How did you get that? It was covered by the maximum security fence.”

“Creo que fumigue” said Freddy.

“You farted, Freddy?” said Finton.

“Whoa, I didn’t know your farts were so powerful,” said Max.

“Well, it doesn’t matter,” said Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota. “You just stay where you are and let me click the button.”

“Hello, honey pie,” said Yamakazamotamotamotadomanota Xambagotamezinitabedagota, Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota’s girlfriend.

“Ah, hello, sweet pea. I was just about to assassinate these evil people,” Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota said.

“Aw, but that guy looks really cute!” said Yamakazamotamotamotadomanota Xambagotamezinitabedagota.

Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota set the proton grenade to fifteen seconds. He then clicked the button for the escape craft. Fortunately, Max and Finton weren’t stupid. They still had the Mafs, so they pulled the trigger. Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota and Yamakazamotamotamotadomanota Xambagotamezinitabedagota fell to the ground, stunned.

Trevor, Max, Freddy, and Finton ran to the hovercraft and clicked the escape button. The explosion of the proton grenade resonated behind them. Unfortunately, they had to get out of there quickly, and since Yamakazamotamotamotadomanota Xambagotamezinitabedagota, Wamakazamotamotamotadomanota Zambagotamezinitabedagota, and his assistant Wombazengasambataheenga Zambeegotosanjamotameta were traitors, and so was the whole fleet. So they decided to escape in the stealthy way, a way which I will not explain right now. They hijacked a capital ship, went out into space, proton torpedoed all the other ships, and hit the megadrive button.



Lulu and Lucy were sitting at home for a girls night in when Lord Robbers snuck in. He grabbed them both by the neck and smashed them into his craft. Both of them were knocked unconscious, and Lord Robbers put them into his craft. The iron bars lit up and you could see Lord Robbers creepy cyborg face.

“Clunk clunk clunk!”

The cyborg’s laugh faded into the cool night air.


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