Bee’s Best Desire

One day, a while ago, there was a small, small bee. That bee had one wish, to become the most beautiful bee in the history of living things. However, he needed to obtain a flower so divine that even humans wished they could have it too. On a silent November day, the bee set out for an adventure.

He packed his things into one massive, purple, shiny backpack and said, “Watch out world ‘cause here I come!”

After flying a mile or two, he spotted a person riding a skateboard right past him. The strong winds caused the small little bee to freak out and land in a pile of garbage.

“Seriously, not even the window. Frankly, I would’ve prefered the window,” he said, glaring at the cafe window nearby. A human was holding a small bee by a leash, as a pet, and they both laughed at the small bee. The bee slithered its way out of the stinky garbage pile, plugging its nose. “That was more gross than my father’s socks after five months of no-washing!”

The bee carried on his mission with only slight regret of his choice to find the flower. He hiked up a treacherous mountain, then stared at the long way down. “Yikes…”

Suddenly, BAM! A person by the name of Ben slid backwards down the mountain and plucked off a small strip of vine. The bee couldn’t just let Ben take his one goal in life! So he flew as fast as he could down that mountain and pleaded for the specimen.

“Please let me have it! I only want to make my mom proud of me! Ever since I was a little baby bee, she wanted me to be a model just like her,” he said. “When she was smacked by a fly swatter, I knew I had to make her dream come true! Please!” Ben flashed a minimal smile, while the little bee trembled in anxiety.

“Well, do you really need it?” Ben asked smugly. The small bee swiftly nodded his head yes and zipped up to eye level with Ben.

“But I really need it,” Ben said, “Would you do anything for it?”

The bee replied, “Yes! Yes, I would!” Ben revealed another sly smirk.

“Would you, say, race me for it?” Ben asked. The bee thought for a minute or two, then decided that he a had dedication to this dream and would do anything to achieve it.

“Yes! Here and now!” The bee exclaimed. They both lined up near a huge rock, whoever got to a tree over the bend first won.

“Three… Two… One… GO!” they said in unison. Ben started in the lead, but the bee tried hard.

“I’m not giving up on my mother!” he yelled. He forced his wings to fly fast as he could and zipped around the bend. He closed his eyes and expected the worst, but it turned out, he won! He happily marched over to the flower and picked it up. “Sorry, amigo, but rules are rules, and races are won!” The bee said.

In the end, the bee became the best known model in the history of bees, making his mother proud. He wore the flower in many ways and in many photoshoots. He was like a celebrity amongst humans and bees.  He was even scouted by a famous manager who managed his mom. The bee lived happily ever after, for right now!


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