Westchester and Fairfield Counties

The Hawk and the Clover

Veer Bhandare

Ant and Flower

Daniel Zheng

Tom the Ghost

Daniel Zheng

Katie and Her Pillow Adventure

Maya Marrero

Annie the Seeing Eye Dog

Hannah Lim


Cora Nelson, age 10

Interesting Topics

Serena ZHU, age 10

The Three Adventurers and the Big Monster

Sydney McCraw, age 10

Sticky Consequences

Lisa, age 9

The Importance of Art

Chloe Song, age 10

Kenzie’s Failing School

Anna Xu, age 10

Ouch! Goes the Weasel, Books 1 & 2

Enhao Ren, age 9

Ouch! Goes the Weasel {Book #3: Ronalds, Welcome to Elementary School}

Enhao Ren, age 9

The Singularity

by Eric Li, age 9


by Ellie Newton, age 10

The Thought Trilogy

by Jack Beauclair, age 11

Lost in Time

by Shawn Qiu, age 11

Do You Want Me

by Emma Wolff, age 9

The Pearl Necklace

by Ava Pennachio, age 11

Diary of a 10-year-old Artist

by Jack Beauclair, age 10

The Donkeys

by Sophie Rinzler


by Jigisha Singh, age 9

On a farm

by Yusuke Ho, age 8

A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories

by Alyson A., age 9

The Horror Mustache

by Leandro Triana, age 7

Blue Bean: A Limerick

by Alyson A., age 9

Cherry trees in the wind

by Yusuke Ho, age 8

The Purple Thing

by Quinn Washburn, age 10

The Awesome Story of Tommy

by Nina Vigil, age 11

The Prophecy

by Michael Stoica, age 10


by Michael Stoica, age 10

Bee’s Best Desire

by Kira Lopez, age 11

Quest for the Leaf

by Lydia, age 11

Bailey, Harley, and the Dead Bear

by Isadora Mello, age 10

A Green Galaxy

by Rachel Horn, age 9

Sophie’s Perspective

by Rachel Gottesfeld, age 11

Bloody Funny Story

by Pragnya Jois, age 9

Stephanie’s Fear

by Penelope K., age 10

Caterina’s Gold

by Aiki Nasu Kapila, age 9


by Dylan Vernor, age 9


by Ram Narayanan, age 11


by Dylan Vernor, age 9

Talent Show Drama

by Grace Wu, age 8

The Final Battle

by Cleo Saltz, age 11


by Daniel Anton, age 11


by Alice C., age 11

Jeff and Timmy Save the World

by Tristan M., age 10

I Know the World

by Cleo Saltz, age 11

Karen’s Diary

by Olivia Gao, age 10

The Crime

by Om Sanan, age 9

The First Swan on the Moon

by Riley Dowell, age 11

The Cloud Race

by Nina Vigil, age 10

Fort Knox

by Ram, age 11


Avantika Jagdhari

Travels in Time: Rosie in the Revolution

Jade Kraut

Lorenza’s Eventful Day

Kira Lopez

Nikki’s Message

Alicia Xin

My Chicken Experiences

Cassidy McKee

Love for the Amazon

Catherine McCarthy


Ben Cohen


Avantika Jagdhari

The New Dentist (Part II)

Ellie K.

The New Dentist (Part I)

Ellie K.

Awkward Family Reunions

Sey Stein

Dramatic Fall: The Dramatic Story of When George Washington Went Skiing

Laura Williams

Inspired by Monet

Parker Yates

Ice Cream Is Great

By Ram, age 10

Ogre and Sophie and Most of All Sophia

By Charrise Cheung, age 7

Song of the Wolves

By Jaewon Yeo, age 11

Moon Shadows

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

Prince Almando

By Cleo Saltz, age 9

The Lonely Glimmer of the Moon

By Maddie Slogoff, age 11

Rose Red

By Isabella, age 11

The Art Thief

By Daniel Anton, age 10

Buzzer’s Adventure

By Alex S., age 8

The Mermaid Who Stole a Diamond

By Julia Aram, age 10

When I Went Down the Rabbit Hole

By Chloe, age 11

Autumn Tree

By Alessandra Cipollone, Age 9

The Unbelievable Man

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

The Lady Sings

By Ziara Pichardo, age 10

Switching Sides

By Grace Alpern, age 9


By M. Francisca Vivanco, age 10

The Coat of Nature

By Natalie Panitkin, age 11


By Sarah Arevalo, age 11


By Katherine F. age 9

Mourning in its own Light

By Scarlette Roy, age 10

The Young and the Youth

By Scarlett Roy, age 10

As It Floats Down

By Daniel Plotkin, age 10

Saving Santa

By Natalie Frank, age 11, Maigan, age 11, and Hannah Frank, age 12


By Eve Root, age 9

Words and Hearts

By Mary Root, age 11


By Mary Root, age 11

Elliot’s Adventure

By Romi Drubetskoy, Age 9

The End of Time

By Elle McMahon, age 10

When You Kiss Me Goodnight

By Madeline Slogoff, age 10

Best Friends

By Lily Stein, age 11

The Ice Key

by Big Ben, age 9

The Great Chocolate Adventures

by Maya Beasley, age 10

The Bird and the Worm

by Char-Char, age 8

Swirls of Color

by Kayla Aldahondo, age 9

Summer Feet (Excerpt)

by Anonymous, age 10


by Clara Smith, age 9

Is There Really A Witch?

by Alessandra Cipollone, age 9

Going Up To The Bigs

by Jared Birman, age 9

Criminal Warehouse

by Maysea D, age 11

Alliteration Poem

by Anonymous, age 10

A Great Vacation

by Katey, age 9


by Madeline Slogoff, age 10

God Like Thing

by Keaton Abbott, age 11

Professor Sunglass and the Bank Robber

by Ilan Goldfein, age 9

The Floorboards

by Danielle Kohn, age 11

Biography – Scars

by Samuel Hurwitz, agw 11

Farmer’s Haiku

by Jaewon Yeo, age 10

The Sky

by Alice Fisher, age 11

Four Seasons of New Life

by Alice Fisher, age 11

Vroom Vroom

by Leya Ivanov, age 11

Life as a Gymnast

by Katherine Fisher, age 9

Amy and the Mystery of the Gold Vault

by Juliette Murphy, age 9

Intern Story

by Iris Dumaual & Kaley Mamo

Evergreen Hartly

by Maddie Slogoff


by Riik Acharya

Forever Folding

by Scarlett Roy