Bob the Dwagin

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, there was a dwagin named Bob. Bob lived in a cave in the middle of nowhere. 

He used to live in a waterfall by a lake named Peace on this land. He was kicked out of the waterfall because he kept breathing fire on tourists and stuff! 

But there was one boy that wanted the dwagin to stay. The boy’s name is Billy. Billy loved dwagins. They were his favorite animals. He loved every type: water, ice, fire, earth. Everyone, except undead dwagins. Undead dwagins were mean and ferocious. They attacked anyone they saw. Billy’s favorite type was fire though, because they were classic. That is why Billy wanted Bob to stay at the waterfall. 

But the other townspeople wanted him to move. They all shouted, “Move! Move!” to Bob the dwagin. But Billy told everyone that Bob shouldn’t move because he was happy with his “company” there. But they all disagreed. Everyone said that he was dangerous and unfriendly. 

Once he moved, Billy snuck away at night to find Bob. It turned out Bob found a cave near the village, but still in the middle of nowhere! It was small and warm and snug, but it was too small to have his friends over.

Chapter 2: The stuff

When Billy found Bob, they decided to go out and play. While they played, Bob found a big wooden box that was lined with real gold, and it was really heavy and locked. Luckily, Billy had a paperclip so he opened the chest. In the chest were diamond and gold, and even a note. It said: So ye found the treasure all filled up with gold, now go to the town and get your reward. 

“Wow!!” said Billy. “Sorry Bob, but you can’t go.” 

Bob was kind of sad because they found the treasure together, and he wouldn’t be able to get his reward. Billy said that he would ask the mayor for his reward. Bob felt better after Billy told him that. So Billy carried the big treasure chest all the way to the town. When he showed the mayor what he had found, the mayor was so happy he let him take two things from the chest, then it would get transported to the museum.                                                                   

Soon after he finished speaking, the moving truck arrived to pick up the chest. Soon, 

everyone wanted to go to the museum and see the chest. 

“You did a good job,” the mayor told Billy. 

Then Billy asked, “Mayor, can Bob come back? Because he was the one who found the chest.” 

The mayor was so happy with Bob that he let him go back to the waterfall. When Bob went back to the waterfall, he hugged Billy. He noticed that everyone was there, and they weren’t scared of him anymore. Bob felt happy. He was smiling. So he lived happily ever after.