The ABCs of Helpers

A for ambulances who help people who fell on the street

B for bus drivers who make sure kids are not late for school 

C for cops who arrest people for robbing banks

D for doctors who help people who are sick

E for Electrician workers who help people who can charge TV

F for firemen who help when there is a fire

G for garbage men who pick up garbage because it is going to stink

H for homework helpers who help people who need help for homework 

I for ice cream helper when it is hot 

J for janitors who clean

K for kitchen helpers who help people cook

L for librarians who help people who need help finding the books 

M for museum workers who make sure people don’t break glass in the exhibits 

N for nurses who make people feel better 

O for office helpers who make sure people who work get money 

P for plumbers who fix toilets when they get broken and when they’re not working 

Q for quilters who make cute quilts to keep people warm 

R for radio workers make sure music is perfect! 

S for sanitation workers who wash the streets

T for teachers who help people learn 

U for umbrella makers who make umbrellas so when it rains people can buy them 

V for van drivers who drive people 

W for waffle makers who make waffles 

X for x-ray workers who check people’s hand, feet, and body 

Y for yoyo makers who make yoyos that bounce

Z for zookeepers who take care of the animals