Bobzilla the Brick!

There was a brick named Bobzilla. He was in a mud pile on a grassy field far away from his wall, where his family was. His dream was to fit in with his family.

His family made fun of him. They were normal, red bricks, but he was pink. His brothers and sisters said that they didn’t want a pig in their family. He was really sad. He was crying and making a sad face. So, he ran away from his family, never looking back.

He ran to a field of grass — nice, pretty green, fresh grass. He felt happy because he was away from his family, and there would be no one to call him a pig.

He met his best friend. His best friend’s name was Bob. Bob was a frog. They both loved doing the same games and eating the same foods. But, Bobzilla didn’t know if he could trust Bob completely, yet, because they had just met a few minutes ago. So, he didn’t tell him why he ran away.

They played a game of truth or dare, and Bob told Bobzilla about a secret that he didn’t tell anyone before. Bob’s secret was that he was originally a person, and an evil sorceress turned him into a frog. He started eating things as a frog and doing the things that a frog would do, and he finally realized that it was kind of fun to be a frog because you get to jump around everywhere. He was still himself.

Bob asked Bobzilla if there was anything wrong.

Bobzilla said, “Yes, there is.”

But, Bobzilla didn’t know if he wanted to tell Bob. So, Bobzilla told Bob if he could play a round of truth or dare to tell a secret.

“Yes,” Bob agreed.

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth,”said Bob.

“Tell me your biggest secret,” Bobzilla asked.

Bob said,  “My biggest secret is that I was once a person, but an evil sorceress turned me into a frog, but I like my frog life too…”

The bridge broke! Oh no!!!

He was then stuck in a big pile of cement for a long time, and he didn’t even know how long he was stuck in there because he wasn’t paying attention. So, he thought about a way to get out of the pile of cement. Eventually, he found a way to get out. He thought he could call Bob the frog to come over and help him get out. But, Bobzilla wasn’t an ordinary brick, although he was pink instead of the actual red. That made him unique, he could do tricks, he could walk, he could talk, he could do anything that an ordinary brick couldn’t do.

Then Bob came, and he was so strong that he was able to pull Bobzilla out of the cement pile!

The End


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