The Ghost Story

Chapter One

It was a dark and stormy night. I was fast asleep when a big flash of lightning woke me up.

I checked the time. It was midnight. I climbed down from my bunk bed, drank some water, went to the bathroom, and got back in bed. My dad woke me up in what seemed like seconds. It was the last day of school, so I was excited. As usual, my dad had to pry my brother out of bed, while I was getting ready. I changed, brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast, put on my shoes and backpack, and walked out the door with my brother and my mom.

When I went out the door, I immediately noticed something strange. It was really windy and very quiet. There weren’t that many people on the street. When I got to school, everybody had transferred from breakfast to our first subject. It was a half day, so we got picked up at twelve o’clock.

Finally, it was twelve o’clock. My babysitter picked me up from school. I was walking home, when suddenly something came out of the ground (which I thought was a white race car going three hundred miles per hour). And before I could tell everyone, it was gone in one big flash of light. When I got home, I started playing on my phone. I decided to forget what had happened on the street.


Chapter Two

When I got home, I immediately started playing on my phone. My baby sister kept tapping on my leg. I asked my dad to bring snacks for the movie that we were going to watch. He said he would. He also said he would get pizza. When my dad came home, we started the movie. When it ended (which was at midnight), we went to bed. I tried to go to sleep. Then, I saw something that made my eyeballs pop out. I knew right away that it was a ghost.

First, it was quiet, and then it said, “I will haunt you.”

And then, in a flash, it was gone. I instantly fell asleep, and in the morning, I washed my face and forgot about what had happened at night. My dad told me that my brother and I had to go to baseball camp tomorrow. I liked baseball, so I immediately got excited. I was not really happy that I had to go to sleep, because the ghost would maybe appear, like it did the other night. But it did not show. I think that meant something, but I did not know.


Chapter Three                          

The next day, I woke up early to go to baseball camp. It started at nine o’clock a.m., so I had to be very quick. I got changed, brushed my teeth, put on my clothes and shoes, and waited for my mom and brother to get ready. Once they were ready, we got into a taxi and went to seventy-fourth street.

My coach told us that we had to go to the park to play baseball. We went down to the park and started a game of baseball. My team won. It was finally time to go home. I took the bus home. But when I came home, I saw something that made me faint. My parents were gone.

I was so stunned, I almost jumped out the window. Once I told my brother what happened, he passed out. It took him a long time to recover. I looked in their bedroom, and they were not there. I looked in my bedroom, and they were not there. Then, I went to the kitchen, and I found a note. It said: I have captured your parents. I have taken them all the way to LA.

“Darn it,” I said. “Now I have to get on a plane, and go to LA!!!”

But I did not have enough money. I went to my parents room. Luckily, the ghost did not take my parents’ credit card. I took the credit card and booked a flight for tomorrow, at seven p.m. I didn’t think my parents were ever going to forgive me for stealing their credit card, but I had to for their sake. I put everything I needed for the flight, and the ghost catcher, because I had to catch the ghost. I also helped my brother while he watched the duck song. I went to bed early. When I woke up, it was four o’clock.

“Perfect” I said.

My brother was already awake, which was good since he usually got up late. We got ready and went to the airport. It was 5:59. We got out of our taxi, checked in, and went through security. Then, we went to Shake Shack and got hamburgers. Our plane was at gate B7. We boarded the plane. I had booked a business class seat for me and my brother. So, that meant I would probably be grounded for some time. But I guess it was worth it. I watched a movie, took a nap, and then we were there!

We got into a taxi and went to the building the ghost said to go to. And they were there. I snuck in, past the doorman, and went to the elevator. When we reached the top, we saw our parents. Still alive, thank goodness.

“Hey,” we both said.

“Hey,” my parents said.

I tried to untie the rope they were tied to, when something hard hit me and made me bleed. It was the ghost.

He shook the ground and said, “Wah-Ha-Ha-Haaa.”

“Let them go,” I said.

“Never,” he said. “They did not believe in me, so I captured them.”

Then, I got an idea. I was going to make my parents fake believe that they believed in the ghost, and then I would capture it and free my parents.

I said to the ghost, “My parents believe in you.”

I gave them the stare that said, “Say yes.”

Then my parents said, “Yes, we believe in you.”

So then the ghost let them free, and then I immediately opened the ghost catcher, and captured the ghost! I untied the rope, and my parents and my brother and I went all the way back to the airport, got on the plane, and went back home.

When we got home my dad immediately started the punishments!

“Punishment number one, you are not even touching your electronics for one month!” my dad said. “Punishment number two, no movie night on Fridays for one month. Punishment number three, because of what happened just now, we will not be going anywhere, anytime soon.”

I shrugged and went to my bedroom to play with my puddy. My parents were back, and I was feeling… okay and my brother was playing with my sister. That night when I went to sleep, I tried to forget what happened. I could not wait for the day ahead of me.


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