Bolt and Snowflake

There was a White Shepherd dog named Bolt. He had a collar, a dog tag and a home, but he went out for a little walk — by himself. In those days, it was only him. He lived with 11-year-old Katie Daniels. Katie just stared out the window, hoping for Bolt to come back before dusk.

Meanwhile, there was a female Eskimo dog called Snowflake. She was a stray dog since she was six weeks old. Some people gave her half their food — but sometimes, it was DISGUSTING.

Bolt met Snowflake at noon. Snowflake was trying to get hot dogs from a hot dog stand.

“Ah. Seems like the hot dog guy won’t share. He doesn’t share so often. I’ll talk to that Eskimo over there,” said Bolt sneakily. He continued, “Hey, Eskimo, you gotta learn more about the streets. It’s either a mystery or everyone knows it. But I know about the streets. I’ll get hot dogs from a stand.”

“Okay,” said Snowflake. “So when are we going to get the hot dogs?”

“Right. Now,” Bolt said quietly, not exactly whispering. Bolt got the hot dogs and ran.

Bolt and Snowflake were beginning to cross construction. Bolt had the hot dogs wrapped around his chest, but some were going between all his four legs.

“So when are we going to eat?” asked Snowflake. She got angry because Bolt was running away from her. “HALF OF THOSE ARE MINE!” cried Snowflake angrily.

“Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Care? I may not have a dime, but I got street savior-faire! Why Should I Worry? Why Should I Care? It’s just be-bopulation, I got street savior-faire!” sang Bolt. He sang it all the way home. A pack of dogs was waiting for him at the basement, which is actually some remains of the RMS Titanic. But what Bolt DIDN’T know was that Snowflake had followed him.

Bolt was about to eat the last hot dog when Snowflake BROKE out of the hole between basement ceiling and the sitting room floor. EVERYONE stared at her like how the heck she got here. “I wanted half the hot dogs, but your ‘friend’ just ran away from me.” Nobody said a word until Katie came into the basement. When she saw Snowflake, she said nothing, other than “Hey puppy. I’ll name you-”

“Snowflake,” said Snowflake in a barking noise.

“Alright,” Katie responded. “I guess I’ll just have to get you things for dogs.”

The next day, Snowflake had a collar with a dog tag that said: Snowflake. 50th Street. Between 8th and 9th Avenue, a food/water bowl, a newspaper as a toilet, and toys — perfect for a dog only 14 weeks old.

That night, Bolt turned the radio on. The guy on the radio said, “It’s bumper to bumper on the highway to the beach.”

“Thanks,  Mr. Obvious,” said Snowflake sleepily. She yawned.

“What? A yawn? Am I boring you?” asked Bolt.

“No,” said Snowflake. “But I want to see what the TV does.” Once Snowflake hit the remote control, Disney Channel appeared on the TV. She and Bolt slept through all the commercials and whatnot, and when the fifth commercial appeared, Bolt and Snowflake were already dreaming. When the sun rose and all the alarm clocks were ringing, Katie could see that Disney Channel was on. “I wonder if dogs are THAT smart,” wondered Katie. It was true. She went to school and her parents went to work.

“Staring contest. I bet you can’t beat me,” bet Snowflake. But before it even STARTED, Buzz Mccallister, a cat that belonged to Katie’s classmate, jumped on Bolt and Snowflake’s bedroom window and talked about his dream.

“I had a dream that I had a big boat, JUST like Stampylongnose’s. And I had a big hot water river that I could bathe and sail in. And I had chickens no taller than my knee to make the boat sail. And I had…I had…”

“You had a good kick in the butt, Buzz Mccallister. Remember those April Fools pranks you laid on me?”


“We’re gonna get Charlie back. I’ll put this fake helmet on in case he smells bad.” (Everyone laughs) “Very funny, Buzz Mccallister.”

“I see a GIANT FLYING SHEEP!” (Everyone laughs) “Buzz Mccallister!”

“Oh. My. God. Misty. (On his flank, there is a paper saying: THIS SPACE FOR RENT. Everyone laughs) “Darnit, Buzz Mccallister!”

Flashbacks end here.

“You see? That is why we are BEGINNING to have you as a pet peeve! Snowflake, get that doofus!” Bolt yelled. You would think his entire body would catch on fire.

“Fine,” replied Snowflake. She teased, “THIS is the garbage truck that leads to an incinerator. THIS is where we send ALL the troublemakers.”

“We?” asked Buzz Mccallister.

“The creepiness will start in a moment. EVERYBODY, COME HERE!” replied Snowflake. All the dogs she knew (including Bolt) came and threw Buzz Mccallister out the window and in the garbage truck. “We’ve burned dozens and dozens of rats that almost ate party cookies. And now we’re gonna burn a cat that annoys us!” But Buzz Mccallister was actually alive. He saw Ryder Adams’ apartment and made a dash for it.

About 20 minutes later, everyone was bored. No one did anything but sleep. Then, an idea burst in Bolt’s head. “I know! Let’s cause some mischief at a rundown fishing boat that dates back to the 1950’s!”

“Alright?” asked Snowflake to herself.

When they arrived at a fishing boat, it is probably obvious why it is called a ‘fishing boat,’ because there were at least 500 fish in the boat. The only other thing there was is a garbage bin.  What they didn’t know was that the garbage truck was less than a mile away from the fishing boat.

Misty found the garbage bin full of rotten fish. There was a big rat that owned the boat. Bolt found a claw. He picked up the rat with the claw. “Let go of me, you IDIOT!” shouted the rat. It was too late. Bolt made the fingers open WIDE, making the rat fall into the garbage bin. “SAVE ME!” cried the rat.

“Okay?” responded Snowflake. EASIER SAID THAN DONE. Snowflake ended up in the garbage bin with the rat. The garbage truck’s back wheels were already touching the dock. Charlie, a puppy that lives at the Bark Park Adoption Center, ran screaming all over the place, fearing he was almost touched by a human child. “Seriously?” asked Pixel to herself. Pixel was another puppy who lived at the Bark Park Adoption Center.

“Oh boy,” Bolt gasped. “We better get Snowflake outta there, STAT. Stat means PRONTO. Pronto means LICKETY-SPLIT. Lickety-Split means QUICKLY. Quicky means FAST. AND THAT MEANS NOW!” The dogs almost got Snowflake when she and the garbage bin went in the garbage truck. So did all the other dogs.

The garbage truck reached the dump. Everyone went “HHHHAAALLLPPP!” deeper in the dump. Everyone except Bolt and Snowflake. They managed to leap over the hole, leading to an unknown place. “We have to work as a team to save them,” whispered Bolt to Snowflake. Bolt jumped in the hole, while Snowflake grabbed his ankles.

Actually, everyone was trying to get out the way they got in. Luckily, everyone — even tiny Pixel — got up and sighed in relief. The garbage truck was departing. “Come on, let’s work together!” announced Snowflake.

The smallest ones went first. Then the ones between big and small went second. The biggest ones went third. Finally, Bolt and Snowflake hopped on the garbage truck. “LET’S GO HOME AND ENJOY OUR LIVES!” yelled Bolt to everyone.

The Bark Park Adoption Center puppies hopped off quickly with the help of Bolt and Snowflake when they saw their home (not adopted dogs often called the dog shelter they lived in ‘home’). When Misty and her pack saw their home, they got off with the help of Bolt and Snowflake. Once Wink and the others found home, they got off. Despite being huskies, Bolt and Snowflake helped them off. When Bolt and Snowflake found their home, they jumped off by themselves. They ran to Katie. Katie opened the door and hugged Bolt and Snowflake. Then, she went to bed. The dogs went to their room and slept.

And what happened to the rat? Well, he ended up being burned in the incinerator.

Back at Katie’s home, Snowflake said, “I am starting to enjoy this place. If we get a third pet, who knows what will happen?”

Two months later, they got Jessie, the spotted kitty with a red and white collar.



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