Box Man

One day there was a person named Boxman and he wore a box his as clothes. He was very shy and he lived in the local U.P.S store in New York City. Boxman lived his life by stealing food from the workers at the store. Then one day everything was going fine and Boxman forgot to hide when the mailman came. So he got packaged and sent all the way to Alaska.

When Boxman arrived in Alaska he finally opened his taped box and he was hungry. So he went to a restaurant and stole a burger, fries, and an airline ticket to New York City first class from a blind careless billionaire. So he got on the plane and after an hour the plane landed for fuel but Boxman thought he was at home so he opened the emergency exit, jumped out, and ran in front of a truck. He jumped on and knocked the guy out and started driving. “Weeooweeooweeoo,” the sounds of a siren. The cops were chasing him. So he stepped on the gas and sped away. After an hour the car broke down and he got sent to jail in the Texas maximum security jail.

Fortunately he had gunpowder in his fingernails. But first he wanted to see what jail was like. Jail was horrible. They made you stay in your cell for the whole day, they made you eat horrible food, and he was sick of this place so he decided he was going to break out. The next day in his cell he took out his gunpowder and rubbed it against the wall and BOOM, the wall exploded. He stood back. Charcoal and ashes flew everywhere.

He dived for a police car and started driving. The police lost him.

“Phew,” he said. Then he had an idea to kill the president, the mean and evil Hillary Clinton. He drove all the way to Washington D.C and drove straight into the White House and killed Hillary. He had a problem: his car broke down. So he ran and dove into Hillary’s Mustang and this time it was no problem when the cops chased him because he went so fast he lost them in one minute.

When he arrived at home at the local U.P.S store, he ran in and slowly, in his box, made his way to the storage room.

He saw the mailman and boxman took out his gun and said to the mailman, “You sent me to Alaska, meanie.” BOOM. He shot him and the mailman was dead. Later in his box listening to the radio he heard that Donald Trump was the new president.

“Yaaaaaaa!” he said to himself. He continued to live his life by stealing food from the workers and he never got packaged away again. But one day he stole a lottery ticket from one of the workers and won so he used the money to buy a better box.

The End

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