Bobgoblin Adventures

Bobgoblin In the Land of Luck (Part 1)

It was gone, all gone. The leprechauns had taken the gold. The goblin’s gold! So the prince of the goblins, Bobgoblin, sent men to get the gold back. He waited and waited, but they never returned. Ransoa, the king of the babies, sent 40,000 strong babies and 49,000 baby goblins to show their power. Little arrows and spears were everywhere, some golden arrows and some iron. The stakes were high in the little war.

Then Bobgoblin took matters seriously, so he took himself and his friend Boblin and another friend Boboblin, and started marching to the leprechaun dimensional portal. But there was a lepredragon guarding the portal. The lepredragon was like a big fluffy leopard with wings, but he was completely green because he was part leprechaun. He breathed lucky clovers and gold. But Bobgoblin was smart. He brought his dragon Gobdragon, who looked like a rabbit with feet like a wolf and giant wings, and he could breathe rocks and gold. There was a big battle, but finally Gobdragon won by turning Lepredragon into solid stone and gold. And then Lepredragon turned into a gold four-leaf clover.

Then, they entered the dimension. It was full of four-leaf clovers– four-leaf clover mountains, four-leaf clover fields, four-leaf clover flowers. It wasn’t called the luckiest dimension for nothing! But then, Bobgoblin found this giant leprechaun tower, bigger than all the four-leaf mountains, even Mount Lucky. Mount Lucky contained golden luck. So of course there was a four-leaf clover tower there too, but there was a four-leaf clover wall surrounding both the tower and the mountain. But then, suddenly, King Jochaun came. King Jochaun was a short leprechaun, not with a leprechaun hat but with a clover crown. He was the luckiest in all five dimensions, but he wasn’t the richest. The goblins were the richest.

Jochaun pulled out his clover mace and clover shield. Bobgoblin pulled out his golden sword. Then, they started battling. Then, Gobdragon changed the leprechaun king into gold. Then, Boblin said, “Free my cohort and give me the gold back!”

Jochaun said, “We don’t have it.”

Then Boboblin and Boblin started searching the entire clover castle, but they didn’t find it. And then Jochaun said, “We stole it but then the mountain giants took it from us.”

To be continued…

Bobgoblin On The Rocky Road (Part 2)

Panting, they finally got to the giant portal. But then they had to get past Stragon the stone dragon. But first they took a night off just to get a rest after all that luck. Then the next day, Bobgoblin realized his two artifacts, the crystal clover and the golden goblin, could defeat the dragon. Two artifacts together can defeat dragons. In the morning Bobgoblin and Boblin combined the two together and suddenly the blinding light froze Stragon. Then they entered the mountain giant dimension. So they just had to follow the rocky road to the rocky fort on top of Mount Megamount, the tallest mountain in all nine dimensions. But suddenly they heard big thumps; then the rocks started moving and–“Mountain giants!” Boblin yelled. Gobdragon snarled. Then Bobgoblin said, “We need a clover wall! Now!” So Gobdragon created a clover wall, but the giants crushed that. Then Bobgoblin said, “Clover soldiers, attack!” But they were crushed. Literally crushed. So they had to use his artifact again. Then they finally got to the castle where a really, really big giant met them and squished them, but they survived. Then Stoking, the king of the mountain giants and the biggest in all nine dimensions, challenged them to a fight with his giant weapons, the granite mountain club and the granite shield. Around his neck was the giant gem. “You challenge me to get your gold and my gem, my precious gem!” he crackled. He sounded like a rockslide. But Bobgoblin had an idea. He got on Gobdragon and whispered to Gobdragon, “Fly around him in circles, but close to his head.” So Gobdragon started to do that. Then Bobgoblin climbed on one of his wing while Boblin steered. And Bobgoblin waved his sword, cutting right through Stoking. Finally Stoking yelled. It sounded like a big avalanche, which crashed into rocks and created a rockslide with giant balls of snow coming in too. So then Stoking said, “Fine, take your stupid gold and my poor, precious gem. But why did you come for my gem?” “I didn’t, but thanks.” And then Bobgoblin said, “Also, can you give Gobdragon the rock powers?” “Fine, anything, anything!” Later, when they returned home to the goblin kingdom, the goblins ran out weeping. They all said, “The dwarves stole our weapons! Boo hoo hoo. Sniff sniff.”

To be continued…

Bobgoblin in the Land of the Silversmiths (Part 3)

“Wait, take this dogragon he can lick gold, stone, luck, and snow.”

“She’ll be nice addition” said Bobgoblin.

“Here take herculin the goblin.”

“Cool” Boboblin said. lets go.

When they got there there was a shining ball of metal. It was Silgon, the guardian of the dwarves’ portal. They sent Gobdragon to get him, but after a few minutes Gobdragon was tossed back. He crashed against a rock, and he was really hurt. “Plan Number Two,” said Bobgoblin. “Artifacts.” But turns out he didn’t have the right artifacts. He needed the northern fallen artifact and the mountain giants’ artifact, and he didn’t have them.

So he sent Gobdragon to get him, and he licked Silgon into luck. Silgon began to transform into a giant four-leaf clover, but then he took the form of a dragon with a four-leaf clover necklace. Then, suddenly, Herculin said, “Run!” So they ran through the portal.

When they got through, they began to walk. Then, THUMP THUMP THUMP. “The mountain giants are after us!” Boboblin yelled.

But Boboblin was not totally right. It was golden colossals and colossdrakes, which were machines that the dwarves made and used. These shining giants suddenly grabbed them. But then, the last thing they saw was the little dwarves who were powering this machine. Then, the next thing they knew, they were in a dungeon. There was a little light, but they were behind bars. Dun-dun-da-dun! A trumpet played. “Welcome one and all!” someone said. “To the First Ever Prison Dungeon Death Duel!”

Suddenly the gates opened. “Out! Out!” a small robot said.

Then, suddenly, the goblins were pitted against twenty golden robotic lions with titanium armor. They had to fight them. They were given their weapons. Herculin, the youngest of them all, was also the bravest of them all, because he was related to Hercules. So, with his club he just ran up at six lions, bashing them up, but that did not work. He was thrown back.

Then, the second youngest of them all, Boblin, charged at the same lions, stabbing them with his spear. Finally, when he hit it in the mouth, the lion was destroyed. But there was another nineteen left. Then little Boblin said, “Poke them in the mouth! Then they’ll be destroyed!” in his little baby voice.

Then Herculin came back. He said, “You’re hungry, eh? Have my club!” and stuffed the club down the lion’s mouth, and then spinned around another hit, and when he turned around, another hit, and then both fell in a boiling lava circle surrounding the arena.

Seventeen left. Then Bobgoblin started stabbing them in the mouth. But Boboblin wasn’t much of a fighter, so he just kept being chased by lions. Poor guy.

Then, Herculin had jabbed his club into the mouth of a lion, and then he was on the back of another lion. Herculin, for some reason, always had a screwdriver. Then he unscrewed the lion’s titanium armor, then unscrewed his golden skin. Under it there wasn’t anything there. It was just open space.

Then he decided to go into the open space so he could control the lion. He started using the lion as a battering ram. Then the lion re-took control. Herculin fell out. But the lion drove himself right to his death with another ten lions. All the lions were gone.

Then two other silgons came. “Beat these and you and your dragons will be free!” said the king of the dwarves, Dwarvy.

So he would have to fight two more of them. This time, Herculin pulled out a red cloth and said, “Ole! Ole! Uh…Silvy?”

A silgon came down from the sky but it missed Herculin and fell in the lava. And then all four of them went for the second one. When the second one landed, all the goblins got on and started hacking the top of it. But this one was a little different. It had a titanium vest too. Sadly, Herculin dropped his screwdriver. But then Bobgoblin came up and asked for Herculin’s club and then started bashing the windshield of the robot dragon. Then, finally, when he got through, they all jumped in. The three dwarves inside panicked and ran, so they crashed into the locked door.

Then Bobgoblin did something a little mean. He let them fall out of the window. But they had parachutes, and they parachuted into the lava. Then they landed the silgon and pushed it into the lava too. Then Dwarvy said, “Fine, you have won that. You are free, but leave us.”

“No!” squeaked little Herculin. “Give us the armor and weapons!” he squeaked again. “And for good keeping, all your gold.”

“No, you’ll have to fight us for that.”

“Fine, let us free then,” squeaked Herculin again.

So they were let free, but they didn’t leave. They came back but they were met with a fleet of elite fighter jet submarine tank things led by Dwarvy and his soul-son Darvy. They had to beat that too.

THUMP THUMP THUMP came from behind them. “Hello!” said Stoking. Then came Stragon the stone dragon. Then another twenty mountain giants and two hill giants (or baby giants).

Then there was a big battle. Colossals dueling with mountain giants, and a lot of mountain giants and colossals falling, and goblins trying to get through this maze. Finally, when they got through the battle they had to breach the electric fence wall thing. They did that by hitching a ride in a rice vendor. Once they got in, they ran to the armory. “Give us our golden armor back!”

“Golden armor? Oops. Well, the babies stole it a few minutes ago,” said the blacksmith.

Will they get it back, or not? To be continued…

Bobgoblin in Babyland (Part 4)

Bobgoblin was outraged. One adventure after another. When could he finally sleep?

He was on his way to Babyland. He was wearing two heavy artifacts and two light ones. Then they got to the baby portal, the youngest of all portals, and the youngest of all dragons, the Baby Dragon. He was cute. His hair was really curly, and he made voices like “Ga ga goo goo, goo goo ga ga.” Then Bobgoblin said, “This is gonna be easy. All we need to do is make him laugh, make him go to sleep, and we will run through the portal.”

Bobgoblin’s plan took a really long time. Finally, when Bragon, the baby dragon was sleeping, they made a run for the portal. When they got in, what they saw was crazy. There were little saplings but no trees, little everything, little goblins running around, a nursery… There was nothing there to stop them from getting their weapons, but suddenly a bunch of nipple spears came flying in their direction. The nipple spears didn’t hurt, they just paralyzed them. They made them quiet because they went in their mouths.

Suddenly all the babies became evil. They started running towards them, and when they got there they started doing little punches, little kicks, little slaps, little everything. But the baby dwarves weren’t that bad robotics makers. They had made little colossals and there were little hill giants. So soon they were taken to the king of the babies, Gaboo.

Gaboo sentenced them to be sent to the baby arena and the baby prison, but the bars weren’t that hard to break because they were made out of little wood. The room was too small because it was meant for babies. Then the next day, the little babies would have to fight Bobgoblin and his friends to prove their worth. If the babies won, they would be sent to their kingdom. If they lost, they would stay in baby land till the next tournament, which was once a year. When they were in the prison cell there was a little baby goblin weeping there.

Herculin squeaked, “Why are you crying?”

“Because they sentenced me to be put in yail till the pournament,” the little baby cried.

“Don’t worry, we’ll let you back to the land of the goblins with us. What’s your name?” said Boblin.

“My name is Jeflin.”

“Come on, let’s do the tournament together!”

“Fure!” Jeflin answered.

The next morning was the day of the tournament.

“Day of truth, Jeflin,” Herculin said.

“Yah, I guess you’re right,” Jeflin answered.

Then, the gates opened. They had to crouch to get through the gate because it was also meant for babies.

“Gaaaa gaaa gooo gooo!” the babies screamed together.

They would have to be facing ten dwarves, three hill giants, and ten goblins, who decided to join Bobgoblin. Then it was the goblins vs. all. Luckily, Gobdragon and Dogragon were with them, but they were all unarmed. So, they decided to get on the dragons and fight. Both could fly, but Gobdragon was better. So they flew higher than the hill giants. Then they dived in. Gobdragon licked the head of two of the hill giants, turning them into clovers. Then, Gobdragon turned the other one into clovers with his magical powers, and it was the dwarves left, but the dwarves had their silver colossals, which were smaller and weaker than golden ones, but still pretty strong. So Gobdragon used his horns as a battering ram against the windshield. Herculin jumped on another while Dogragon licked a few. Finally, when the collosdrakes were gone, there were no pools of lava, so the dwarves escaped. The dwarves had emergency sledge hammers, and the dragons couldn’t beat the sledgehammers. So it was up to the goblins. The goblins just jumped on the babies, and sadly Jeflin was bashed up and died.

But the goblins won the tournament, so they could go home with their armor and tools turned back to gold.

Will they save Jeflin or not? To be continued…

Bobgoblin in Shadow Castle (Part 5)

“Come on! Get up boys!” said Bobgoblin, “We’re going to the shadow castle.”

“So early.” Herculin said

“Herculin has a point there,” said Boboblin.

“So what? Let’s go!” said Bobgoblin.

So they left, but they left the baby goblins behind. When they finally got to the gate, Bobgoblin forgot they needed the Northern Fallen Kingdom gem to enter. So they left for the skyship port at the end of the Sky Island. When they got there, the sky ship manager told them it would cost 90 pens. Bobgoblin hesitated and gave the manager the pens.

They headed off. They wanted to go the short way, but had to take the long way to the Northern Fallen Kingdom to avoid sky monsters. Sky monsters are basically dragons, but they don’t have to land; they can float around forever. Finally when they got to the Northern Island, they told the pilot to wait for them. The pilot told them it would be 40 extra pens. When they got to the castle, they had to pass the dragon that caused the defeat of the Northern Fallen Kingdom. He was a big, black and dark red fire dragon. They took turns fighting him, but all were beaten. Then, they tried to fight him together, coming from all sides. Finally, the dragon flew away. “He’ll be back soon. Let’s hurry!” said Bobgoblin. They hurried into the castle where they were safe… in some rooms.

They split up to search the castle. “I FOUND IT!” Herculine screamed, “Come on let’s go!”

They went back to the skyship. When they got there, Boboblin said, “Turn on the engines! We’re out! The short way! I don’t care about the monsters!”

That’s when they discovered that the pilot wasn’t there. They saw a trail of blood that led back to the castle. “The dragon got the pilot! Someone turn on the engine!” Boblin cried. Herculin turned on the engines. They returned to SkyShip Port. “Sorry about the pilot,” they all said.

“Don’t worry about it,” said the manager.

They left to go back to the Shadow Castle. When they got there, they were prepared to fight a dragon, but there wasn’t one. People were so scared to go to Shadow Castle because the rumor was that if you went into Shadow Castle alive, you wouldn’t come out alive. They placed the Northern Fallen Kingdom gem into the keyhole and the dimensional portal opened. They entered. Sulah, the evil queen, said, “Muahahahaha you all will never make it out alive. You won’t even make it out dead muahahhaha.”

They looked around for Jeflin. They saw Jeflin was standing up and staring at them from a dark and gloomy corner. “Jeflin, come on! Let’s go!” Herculin whisper screamed.

Bobgoblin in the Land of Golden Light (Part 6)

“Oh God! Let’s go! We have to meet them up at the gates of Heaven, but first we have to get the Southern Fallen Kingdom gem,” said Boboblin. So they left for the SkyShip Port. When they got there, they had to again negotiate with the manager about the cost of a SkyShip rental. Finally, they got it for 80 pens and 40 pins.

When they left, they flew full speed ahead.  When they got to the Southern Fallen Kingdom, the same dragon from the Northern Fallen Kingdom! They had to pass him again. This time, they knew what to do. All they had to do was charge him together, and then tickle him to death. Then, they went inside the castle. They knew where the gem was, and grabbed it. They returned home and went to the Meeting Port with the gem. Bobgoblin led his army of goblins through the gates of Heaven. They were met by the Heaven army, and surprisingly, all the people from Shadow Castle were there too. Then, there was a big battle- a lot of yelling, crying and death. Finally, Bobgoblin and his goblins broke through the lines and started to stab Susu to death.

Finally, there was peace in all of the lands again. The people returned to all of their kingdoms and there was Peace in every dimension.



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