Bucks, Bucky, Bucksy

Bucky and I are now best friends. But then something happened…

Me and Bucky were in the park, swinging on the tire swing. Then someone started to come up to us.

“Who do you think that is?” I ask Bucky.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care as long as she doesn’t bother us,” Bucky says.

The girl continues walking towards us. She comes so close me and Bucky have to stop the swing. She has long wavy brown hair. Her eyes are blue, so blue I could have told from a distance. I wonder who she is. Did she just move here? This question runs through my mind, until she says something.

“Hello. Can I join you?” She asks us. I wonder what to say. I decide to let Bucky answer. She’ll know what to say.

“Um, sure,” Bucky says, hesitant for a moment. I wonder why Bucky was hesitant. She usually is never hesitant.

“What’s your name?” I ask her, as she sits down next to us in the three person tire swing.

“My name is Bucksy,” the girl who I now know as Bucksy says.

“What are your names?” Bucksy asks us.

“I’m Bucks,” I say.

“I’m Bucky,” Bucky says.

“Hey that’s funny, our names all start with B. Our names are very similar,” Bucksy says, sounding slightly surprised.

“Cool,” I say.

“That’s interesting,” Bucky says.

We start swinging after Bucksy sits down.

Later, we leave the park. It hadn’t been fun. Bucksy and Bucky were doing everything together, and I was just there.

Later Bucksy leaves. Me and Bucky start having fun again.

Later we leave the park.

The next day we go back to the park. This time, Bucky sees Bucksy and goes to do things with her. I go and join in, but they don’t seem to notice me. This has never happened before. But, then Bucksy says something interesting.

“I recently moved here. I’m going back in a month” Bucksy tells Bucky. I’m happy about

this, but seeing Bucky’s expression, I know she’s not.

Later, Bucksy leaves the park. Bucky brings up the topic.

“Isn’t it sad Bucksy is leaving?” Bucky asks me.

“Yes,” I lie.

“Didn’t you have so much fun with her?” Bucky asks me.

“I don’t know. She didn’t really do anything with me,” I say.

“Oh, I didn’t realize,” Bucky says.

“I don’t care,” I say.

“I thought you wouldn’t,” Bucky says. Later we leave.

That night I find out some terrible news. I’m moving. I dread going to the park tomorrow. Bucksy is Bucky’s friend and she’s moving. I’m Bucky’s friend and I’m moving. We’re Bucky’s only friends. I feel terrible for Bucky.

Tomorrow has to come. But, I dread it. I feel terrible for Bucky. It is horrible. Bucky will be so sad.

“Bucky, I have something to tell you. I’m moving,” I said to Bucky.

“Oh no! That’s terrible news,” Bucky says.

Then Bucksy came into the park. She came running.

“Bucky, Bucky! Great news! I’m not moving. We can stay, and be friends,” Bucksy says. This makes me feel terrible. Her staying and me leaving.

I leave the park early.

I go back the next day. I spin around on the tire swing until Bucky comes.

“I don’t like Bucksy as much as I like you. I would rather her leave then you,” Bucky says.

“I’m going to miss you,” I say.

“Me too,” She says.

I go home from the park early again.

I go to the park late, the next morning.

Bucky comes up to me and asks me a question.

“Where are you moving to?” Bucky asks me. I tell her where I’m moving to, and I get a shock.

“My family told me we’re moving. I thought I’d see if we’re moving to the same place. And we are,” Bucky tells me. I’m really happy. But, then I think about Bucksy.

“What about Bucksy?” I ask Bucky.

“I know, I was thinking about what to tell her,” Bucky says. Just as Bucky finishes saying that, Bucksy comes into the park.

“I’ll tell her,” I say.

“Bucksy, Bucky is moving,” I tell Bucksy.

“Oh, that’s good for you,” Bucksy says.

“I’ll try and talk to you some how,” Bucky says.

“Cool!” Bucksy says excited.

We all become friends, but me and Bucksy are still not best friends.

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