Book 1 and 2 of the Bob and George

Bob and George


One day Bob and George were playing Monopoly. They were two years old. The game was going on for hours, but Bob had to go to the doctor. So George went home.

Bob went to the doctor with his mom. He had to go to the bathroom, but it was time for his appointment. So he ran to the bathroom. But he just remembered that he wasn’t potty trained, so he went in his pants. He was scared. So he ran home to change his pants. His mom was wondering where he was. Meanwhile Bob was running to the doctor’s office. By the time he got there, it was time for dinner. As soon as he got there, he had missed his whole doctor’s appointment. He had wasted a whole hour. But he felt fine. So he went home, showered, and then he got into his pajamas. Meanwhile, his mom was making dinner — meatballs with pasta. George came over to Bob’s house for dinner. They finished all the food, and Bob’s mom had to make more, but by the time she had made food, it was time for their bed time. She was so furious that she had wasted a half an hour, just making another batch, so she and her husband had to have an extra lot of meatballs. George and Bob were laughing by the time they went to bed.

George went home, and Bob went to bed, and Bob dreamed a peaceful dream about him killing a dragon, and blowing up a palace. The end.


After he blew up the castle, he dreamed about his friend George. He had won the monopoly game against George. But before he could finish his dream, his mom called, “Time to wake up!”

So Bob got out of bed, got dressed, and then got back in bed but did not go to sleep so that he was ready and could wait for breakfast.

But then his mom called, “April Fools!”  

Bob was wondering, “What’s going on?” So Bob got his pajamas back on, and went back to sleep.

Two hours later, Bob’s parents moved Bob from their bed to his bed, and swapped beds, so that when he would wake up he would be in his parents bed, but his parents made the wrong decision because his bed was skinnier than theirs. So his parents were squished together, and then they started screaming.

Bob woke up, and said, “Why am I in my parents’ bed?” It was still dark in the house, and Bob crashed into a few walls. But Bob was fine. By the time he reached his bedroom, his parents were fast asleep in his bed. So he shouted, “What is going on here!”

And his parents woke up and said, “This is our room.”

And Bob was like, “No, I was just in your room.”

And his parents said, “Why were you in our room?”

Bob said, “Is this another April Fools trick?”

Then his mom was like, “Uh yeah. Duh.” Then his parents got out of the bed, and back into their own bed, and Bob got back into bed.

Now his mom was like, “Bob! Time to wake up!”

So Bob woke up, got dressed, and then he got back into bed, ready for breakfast. Two minutes later, his mom said, “Time for breakfast!” so he went down, and his mom gave him a can for breakfast. Usually he had cereal, and a springy snake jumped out at his face, and he ran into his room screaming, got into pajamas, and went back to bed. He was really mad at his mom. Bob threw tantrums when he was mad.

Then finally his mom as like, “It’s time to wake up!”

He said, “Is this an April Fools trick again?”

She said, “Noooo. Here’s your bowl of cereal.”

And he was like, “Whew.” And he started eating cereal. When he got to the bottom he started eating these squirmy things, and he said, “What are these?”

His mom was like, “Gummy worms!”

He was like, “Yay! Gummies!”

Then it was time for school, so his mom drove him to school, and he went into class, and on the calendar it said, “April Fools’ Day tomorrow,” so all the kids were like, “Get ready to set something on the teacher.”

One of the kids asked, “But is the calendar an April Fools trick?”

And then Bob said, “It has to be! This morning my mom made a bunch of April Fools tricks on me.”

But then when he gets home from school, his mom said, “April Fools! It’s not really April  Fools!” And then the mom was like, “All along the teacher told us to fake out April Fools.”

The End

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