Hi, I am Buttercup the pig. I live on a farm, and I’m the only pig. I am so lonely, and I need some friends. All the other animals are cows and horses and chickens. They don’t want to be friends with me, because they’re friends with their own species.

It was feeding time, and I went to the stable to receive my food.  I went up to eat next to the cows, and they walked away, laughing.  So I went over to the horses, and they started whispering and looking at me. Finally, I went to the chickens, and they just walked away.

Considering no one liked me, I decided to run away from home after my owner fell asleep.

I climbed over the gate because I am athletic. I ran into a pole while running away. My owner found me and took me back. I felt defeated. I had failed my mission. The next day, I ran out again. This time, I went to the next available farm and met another pig. But the pig was already hanging out with his other friends.  

“Can we be friends?” I asked.

“I already have friends,” the pig said.

“Why can’t I still be your friend?”

“Because you’re not pretty.”

I walked away because I was annoyed.

So next time, instead of running, I decided to make other pigs come to me. So I snorted, and then the other pigs came to me, but all of them with their friends. So I went out again and went to the farthest farm away that couldn’t hear the snort, and there was one lonely pig. So I met this pig, but this pig was a meany! He laughed at me, ignored me, then walked away. This pig obviously needed help because he was not friendly.  Then, I decided to turn that pig into a nicey pig by teaching him to help his owners.  If you teach someone to be kind to someone else, they will be kind to you.

“To start your training, I will teach you the importance of helping your owner. If you help your owner, then they give you treats, and you get days off.”

“Fine. I’ll help! But that hasn’t made me change my mind about being mean.”

“First, go and collect hay from the hay barn. Then, eat all your food so he doesn’t have to throw it out. Finally, you need to clean the barn to show him you will do jobs.”

The pig agreed to do what I told him to do. The owner gave him three days off to do whatever he wanted. He came  to play with me during my three days off!


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