Butterfly Madness

There once was a boy and his name was Sam. Sam was 10 years old. He had no brothers or sisters. He lived with his mom on a farm. They were poor. Sam was born in 1937. His father was killed in World War II.

Sam had no school. He only could talk to a cow. Cows were the only things living on the farm other than Sam and his mom.

One day, Sam could see a butterfly far away, so he told his mom.

His mom said, “Wow, we never see anything here!”

Sam went to see the butterfly. On the wings of the butterfly, he could see what looked like a map.

Sam said, “It must be some kind of pirates’ gold map!”

So he decided to follow it, and he took his cow and the butterfly. Sam didn’t have transportation, so he used his bike. When he got to his destination, he saw there was a big, dark cave in front of him. When he went inside, he saw there were some objects in there including some lights and digging tools. The butterfly map said walk 13 feet and dig three feet down. Five minutes later, he found a box so he decided to open it. Inside there was a whole lot of gold. He was so excited to show his mom.

When he got home, he showed his mom, so then they both left their farm and relocated. They released the butterfly and kept the cow and got a dog, and Sam got to go to school.

The end!!! (for now)


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