Washington D.C.

Family, Books, Life

Kitty’s Big Adventure

Tess Pizzamiglio

A New Generation Of Skulls

Rohan Tatlow

Things of the Lost River

Thea Conole

Three Fingers

Samantha McCulloch

The Tomato Trouble

Sienna Augustin

The Normal Elf

Michaela Koeva Brooks, age 10

Almost the End

Skylar Galliani, age 9

Tails Be Lost

Hudzen, age 10

I Said You Said

AMR, age 11


Siennie Assegid, age 10

Tales of the Burrow

Leo Chung, age 10

The Count’s Letter

Rachel H, age 11

The Story of Sunglass Dude & Pengu the Penguin

Junho Yoon, age 8

From the U.S. to Japan

Gabe Boorstein-Foss, age 11

Alex Armado

by Charles Wolf, age 9

Space is the Place

by Bobby, age 8

1 o’clock

by Beatrice Mooney, age 8

The Marine Biology Specialist

by Emanuel Gold, age 8

Silver Boat

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9

The Snowy July

by Sammy McCulloch, age 9

On the Inside

by Nora Barcelona, age 9

Death by Lava

by Bayne Higgins, age 9

The Unicorn and the Butterfly

by Adia Ware, age 9

The Three Princesses

by Samantha McCulloch, age 9

Captain Daddy and the Pied Piper

by Leena Rajkotia, age 9

Sins and Crimes

by Zoe Becker, age 11

Lost in the Forest

by Teresa Dean, age 11

A Bad Month to be a Turkey

by Gabe Horowitz, age 10

The Moon

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

Night in the Grocery Store

by Yian Zhao, age 10

The Cat World

by Clovis Arteta-Chevalier, age 8

Mirror Life of the Sun Goddess

by Micheala Koeva-Brooks, age 8

Fighting For Health

by Lily, age 11

Funky Fairytales 2: The Galaxy Switch, V. 1

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Wise Old Tree

by Joah Karnik Kraft, age 11

The Night of The Halloween Fair

by Ashwin Pathiyal, age 10

When You’re Poor and You Still Live In Your Parent’s Basement When You’re Thirty: Enter the Whipped Cream Contest

by Aditya Pathiyal, age 10

Far From Home Plate

by Juniper Brinegar, age 10

Bird Over Dove

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10

Three Fingers

by Samantha Lynn McCulloch, age 8

The Plantation

by Phoebe Dowling, age 10

The Tale of Sir Beetle

by Gabe Horowitz, age 9

Forever Standing

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

What He’s Become

by Ava Barcelona, age 11

The Haunted Circus Chronicles

by Aditya Pathiyal, age 9

Life of a Hermit Crab

by Lucas G, age 10

The Adventures of Melissa Momper

by Caroline Dupree

The World

by Julia Zhu-Han Pitt

Tacos, Part 1

by Cameron Arias


by Aditya Viswanathan

Godly Mythical War

by Cameron Arias

Jake, David, and the Eiffel Tower Adventure

by Logan Thomas

Jake’s Friends

by Alexander Ormsby

Christmas is My Favorite Holiday

by Julia Zhu-Han Pitt

She’s Dead

by Sofia Cifuentes, age 11

Emma and the Cat

by Hanna Barlow, age 9

The Haunted Typewriter

by Gabriela Pabon, age 11


by Sofia Cifuentes, age 11

The 100 Awesome Rules of How Not to Be Stupid

by P.W., age 9


by Haohan Sima, age 10

The Chicken Savior

by Chicknugget, age 9

The Odd Rock

by Zoe, age 11

The Ghost Boy

by Sasha Rappaport, age 11

Grandma’s Garden

by Ella Gilbert, age 11

Krispy Kreme

by Tristan Salaam, age 9

The War That Saved My Life

by Alex Gan, age 9

A Soccer Dream

by Chloe Kim, age 9

The Land of Atlasai, Book One: Catnapped! (Part Two)

by Alex Tucker, age 10

The Land of Atlasai, Book One: Catnapped!

by Alex Tucker, age 10

An Animal War in Heaven: Master’s Secret

by Shanwai Lin, age 10

The Ultimate Handbook of Greek Gods

by Haohan Sima, age 10

The Grandfather Clock

by Abigail, age 10

Nick and The Championship Soccer Game

by Akshay Setty, age 8

Ghost Town

by Rishi, age 10

Finding the Lost

by Jackie Fuller, age 10


by Nils, age 11

Presents! Presents! Presents!

by Nour Mokbel, age 11

TFTFTSTCML (The For the Friendless Texting Service That Changed My Life)

by Abigail Kelso, age 11


by Caroline Dupree, age 10

The Girl Who Rode The Stuck Elevator

by Alexandra, age 10

Ninja Fight

by Iacopo, age 9

Sleeping Beauty (by the Evil Fairy)

by Isabella, age 11

The Kangaroo

by Mateo Otero-Diaz, age 11

The Book of Man Bun

by Daniel Rodriguez, age 9

Too Much Missing

by Tara Prakash, age 11

Bailey, Harley, and the Dead Bear

by Isadora Mello, age 10

The Adventures of a Young Girl

by Kari Manzo, age 9

The Pegasus Horse Games

by Sam A. Le Blanc, age 11, and Max Stacey, age 10

Stay With Me

by Caroline Marshall, age 11


by Cooper Stacey, age 8

Flora, A Tiny Nymph

by Sofia Michel, age 10, and Lilinaz, age 15

The Bad Dreamer

by Lily Smith, age 8

The Unlucky Charm Bracelet

by Haya, age 9

The Biggest Loss

by Leila, age 11

A Date at the Fair

by Lily M., age 9

The Story With No Name

by Asha Tallapragada, age 9

Past Mistakes

by Robert Matsui, age 11

The Moonlit Path

by Nora Tsai, age 10

Sheepy the Sheep

by Owen Harris Sade, age 10

The Cat Wanted a Ball of Yarn

by Alex Prosser-Greene, age 10


by Declan, age 11


by Elena Parisi , age 11

The Escape

by Teresa Dean, age 9

The Makr

by Neil M., age 9

Statue Hunter

by So-Ahn K-K., age 11

Dread of War

by Shanwai Lin, age 10


by Alexander Tucker, age 10

The Siblinghood of Art

by Jack Pagano, age 10

The Three Teddy Bears

by Samantha Li, age 8

Helena the Husky Goes Camping

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Elf’s Axe

by Nour Mokbel, age 11

Back to Mars

by Ema Blanco, age 10

The Basement of the Dead (Chapter 1.)

by Marie-Evelyn, age 11


by Sarrah Ewing, age 11

Helena the Husky: A Diary

by Gabriella M., age 9

The Crazy Adventure

by Alisha, age 9

The Golden Heart Chronicles (Excerpt)

by Sasha Rappaport, age 10

My Pet’s Life: A Series

Eshan Sharma

Diary of a Shy Girl

Rose Sussmann

Gilbert the Raccoon and the Fighting Rabies

Haley C.

Happy Day

Katie Thomson

My First Earthquake

Margot W.

The Heart of an Athlete

Taylor Scott


Callista Sava


Caroline Dupree

Quest for the Overworld

Haohan Sima


Arina Banks

Fun Times

Madeline Guadalupe

The Knight Walks Into the Moonlight

Madeline Guadalupe

An Intruder Mystery

Aarushi Kanigicherla

Jack’s Bakery


Harry Potter


Lost/The Lucky Quarter

Asha Tallapragada

The Peacock

Arina Banks

Beauty in the Fields

Jennifer Kaechele

Butterfly Away

Leah Braden

The Missing Parrot

Cat Tran

Animal Story

Aliya Raofield

A Jail Play


Baltimore Kitty

Sydney Wiser

Yellow Fever

E. Hankins

What Happened to the Candy Shop?

Rachel Faino

Butterfly Madness

Kiran Borzillary

Piano Lessons


The Necklace Chase

By B. A., age 9

Masters of the Universe (Excerpt)

Digonto Chatterjee

Riding A Pug

By Hunter Trylch, age 11

Pete the Pirate Cat and Charlotte

By Nalani Reed, age 8

Unikitty in Big Letters

By Hunter Trylch, age 11

A Day at Work

By Barbara Weaver, age 10

How a Snowflake Came to Life

By Sarrah Ewing, age 10

How Burritos Came To Be

By Lela Gavasheli, age 9

Becky’s Diary

By So-Ahn Kieffer-Kwon, age 9

Star Gazer (Excerpt)

By Isra Qadri, age 11

Odysseus and the Cyclops

By Siena Quinn, age 10

Marker the Marker

By Noah Granada, age 7

Flight Adventure

By Anonymous

The Scary Mystery: Chapter One

By Nikhil Narayan, age 11

Madison and Mousey

By Rachel Alcazar, age 9

Element of Silver (Excerpt)

By Asbah Qadri, age 11

Seasonal Haikus

By Siena R. Quinn, age 10

A Halloween Story: Series 2

By Christina, age 8

The Living Fart

By Miles K., age 9

The Electric Masterpiece

By Anonymous

Saving Dad

By Alisha Tomashevsky, age 8

Lilly the Cat

By Brook Brownstein, age 11

Nameless the Blameless & Congress

By Gabe Schierkolk, age 8

How Evil Came to Be

By Siena Quinn, age 10

December 13 1972

By Collin, age 10

The Bullying Lily

By Alisha T, age 8

A Halloween Story

By Christina M, age 8

The Big Fright

By Sreejato Chatterjee, age 11

West Poo

By Masara, age 11

A Strange New World

By Claire Abrams, age 11


by Truman Muffett, age 7


by Alexander Harris, age 9

What Is Being Rich?

by Emilia Marshall, age 11

Valley Crescent’s Discovery: Book 1

by Asha Tallapragada, age 7

Valetr Valr Vapr

by Angeliki, age 6

Two Against One (Excerpt)

by JCG, age 9


by Leila Jackson, age 11


by Zeyna Ilahi, age 11

Three Fun Stories

By Savnika T, age 8

The Werewolf

by Olivia Waymer, age 9

The Werewolf

by Demetri, age 8

The Sun Thief (Excerpt)

by Lucy McCleary Keller, age 10

The Sound of Silence

by Truman Muffett, age 7

The Rainbowfish

by Leila Jackson, age 11

The Pyramid Snake

by Emma Willey, age 10

The Main Murder

by Soa Andria, age 8

The Kid Who Tried To Get A Concussion

by Langdon Ottman, age 9

The Infection: Ebola

by Bennett Elisha Cullison, age 11

The Downfall of Secrets and the Coming of the Month

by Gabriel Kraemer, age 10

The China Bunny

by Anonymous, age 8

The Ball of Mystery

by Langston Keene, age 10

The Almost Unperfect Family of 28 (Excerpt)

by Lila Boyle, age 10

Stupid Cow – A Play

by Owen Harris Sade, age 8, and Gabe Schierkolk, age 8


by Francesca, age 8

Speed Runner

by Jarone Johnson, age 10

Staying Strong

by Ava Bissell, age 11

Special (Prologue)

by Lily Lev, age 11

Smith Beach

by Amelia Levin, age 11

Sigh: The Story of Bill, and How He Escaped From One of the Most Infamous Criminals of All Time.

by Sebastian Waizenegger, age 10


by Sameer Glazerman, age 11


by Jarone Johnson, age 10

Questions With Answers

by Juliette, age 10

Revise Your Entitlement

by Joaquin Contreras, age 11

Peregrine (Part 1)

by Brendan Martin Firvida, age 10

Outside Poems

by Olivia Dixon, age 11

Over the Wall

by Yuxi Tian, age 11

Music As Loud As My Sister

by Grayson Davis, age 10


by Liam Morin, age 10

Love War

by Emelia Zarb, age 9


by Naomi Calhoun, age 10

Larry the Purple Turtle

by Cyrus W. Najafi, age 9

Jay’s Mistake

by Ethan Schwartz, age 10

Jack and the Diamond Sword

by Victor Maddux, age 8


by Ranja Andria, age 10

Goopy Dogs Save the Day!

by Victor Maddux, age 8

Gods and Goddesses

by Audrey, age 10


by Ceyon, age 10

Five Minutes Until The Bomb Goes Off

by Ethan Schwartz, age 10

Different Girl

by Catherine Della Rocca, age 9


by Jackson Pryor, age 6


by Naomi, age 10

Bubbles the Hamster

by G. Z. Wilkins, age 8

Callie and the Valentine’s Day Catastrophe

by Rota Safiri, age 11

Botched Quiche

by Olivia Dixon, age 11

Bobgoblin Adventures

by Rian, age 9

Blood on My Street

by Dallas Lea, age 11

Baby Unicorn

by Olivia Waymer, age 9

As Time Goes On (Excerpt)

by Talia Yett, age 10

Another Day Another Person

by Sydney J. Wiser, age 10


by Lily Lev, age 11

Animal Breakout

by Sara Swamy, age 8

An Army of Robots

by Alexander Hartley, age 8

Adventure 1

by Jackson Pryor, age 6

A Jittery Private Eye

by A. Harris, age 9

A Kids Life: Poems

by Liv Birnstad, age 10

…And His Name Is John Cena

by Oscar, age 10

Broken Best Friend

by Eliana Joftus, age 10


by Victor Yin, age 10

Twist in a Tale Because of a Portal

by Irene Tang, age 9

The Dwarf Plan

by Landon Phelps, age 7

The Same

by Juliette Krevat, age 10

Jack and She-Jack and Shredder

by Wyatt Mitchell, age 8

Roman Play

by Ava McKeever, age 10

The Portal of Fiction

by Jessica Hoang, age 10

Thieves of the Sea (Excerpt)

by Sofia Warfield, age 11

The Case of the Missing Ruby

by Sreejato Chatterjee, age 11

Dragons vs. Dracula: Book 5

by Ryan Kim, age 8