Can You Survive the Sahara?

You are a researcher of rare plants and animals in the Sahara Desert. There are many dangers that you have to face while you are there. For instance, there are lions that could pop out of the bushes. It is also one of the hottest places on earth. The company that you work for is flying you across the desert in a four-seater plane, including the pilot and copilot. You close your eyes and lie back but, a few moments later, you wake up to a violent shaking and an elderly woman’s screams. It only takes you a few seconds to realize that the plane is going down. Some passengers are trying to get out of their seats, but you make sure that your seatbelt is fastened. Then, you brace for impact. When you hit the ground, you fall unconscious. A few hours later, you wake up, the desert sun beating down on you. You have a big gash on your head. You crawl around and check the plane for survivors, but no one is alive. You then try to stand up, but the moment you do, you fall back down. The sun is too strong, but you know you could still walk if you try to.

Do you stay with the plane and camp for the day? Scroll down to “stay with the plane and camp for the day.”

Do you keep on walking? Scroll down to “keep on walking.”


Stay with the plane and camp for the day.

You decide to stay. You will never survive walking all day in the heat, so you climb into the plane and rest your head on the seat pads. You then close your eyes. When you wake up that night, you stand up and don’t fall back down. You search the plane for food. You find a half eaten sandwich, some trail mix, granola bars, and three bottles of water. You put all of the supplies in your bag and then set off into the desert night. As you walk through the night, you see all different wildlife like snakes, spiders, lizards, and scorpions. As you reach a cave, the sun starts to rise. You put your bag down in the cave entrance. You take out your trail mix and all the other rations and divide them into equal piles. Then all of a sudden, you hear a prickling, like the sound of a waterfall. You look up. Out of the hole, you see a huge waterfall. You run to the waterfall immediately. When you reach it, you dive into the waterfall, expecting the nice, cold water. But instead, it is sand. You look around. You see nothing but sand. You curse yourself for falling for the trick. It was a mirage. You choke on the sand that you just swallowed and die.



Keep on walking.

You think that you can make it through the day. At first you start by walking near the trees. Then, as night approaches and the desert cools down, you walk more in the open. You find a spot to camp for the night. The first thing you do is make a tent out of everything that you have and fall asleep. The next morning, you see a group moving. After a while, you figure out that they are nomads. You flail your arms and shout. They see and hear you, and they get you back to safety in a nearby town. You are safe!!!



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