A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories

by Alyson A., age 9
A Japanese Poem: Life in Stories Alyson is a third grade writer who lives in Scarsdale. She loves to write. Her favorite author is J. K. Rowling, and her favorite type of writing is poetry.

“Life Is A Story / Little Red Goes To Granny / Muffins Muffins Yum”


Life Is A Story

Little Red Goes To Granny

Muffins Muffins Yum


Her Granny Is Sick

She Goes With Lots Of Delight

Off To Her Granny’s


But Who Should Appear

Why That Bad And Hungry Wolf

He Sniffs And He Sniffs


And Makes A Bad Plan

His Name Was Nothing But Bad

That Is Who He Was


Then The Wolf Appears

Where Are You Going My Dear?

The Bad Sly Wolf Asks


Little Red Answers

I Am Off To Granny’s House

To Give Her Muffins


Then He Ran and Ran

Yes That Is What That Wolf Did

He Ran, Ran, And Ran


While Red Keeps Going

Singing Her Song While She Goes

I’m Off To Granny’s


I Will See Her Soon

When She Reaches Her Granny’s House

She Opens The Door


She Says To Granny

In A Voice That Shakes The Floor

What Big Teeth You Have


Granny Replies Back

The Better To Eat You With

Red Knew That Loud Voice


Then Raises Her Basket

Boom Boom Blast Kaboom Shazam

Red Was A Ninja


Then She Hears A Voice

Then She Hears A Muffled Voice

‘Twas From The Closet


She Opens The Door

‘Twas Her Favorite Granny

All Tied Up In Rope


She Learned A Lesson

Never To Trust A Stranger

Or A Big Bad Wolf


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