Christmas is Here

‘Twas two days before Christmas, and Tommy was grumpy and definitely bumby. Tommy didn’t get a present because he didn’t have much money. But he wasn’t grumpy or bumpy by Christmas Eve… Here is the story of how it happened:

“December by the fire, what a stupid month that has bloody Christmas with the New Year. It’s all stupid in its own way and wasting money on presents… It’s all wasted money, disappointment, and all things cheery!!! Mom, I finished my homework! It’s all incorrect. I don’t have the bloody time to do it again, baa humba,” Tommy said.

“Tommy, come help decorate the Christmas tree!!!”


At that instant, Tommy fell asleep. Three spirits appeared before him: one of past, one of future, and one of present. This was actually reality, though Tommy thought it was a dream. The one of past stepped forward with a suspicious smile. She introduced herself. She was also wise and kind.

She said, “Come with me and see the past Christmases.”

Tommy was freaking out. He thought he was seeing things, and he was shocked. The spirit took him.

When he was five, he jumped on the Christmas tree and made it fall. When he was seven, he ripped up everyone’s presents, spoiling the whole holiday. When he was ten, he threw everything Christmas-like away.

The spirit said, “Fix your attitude, or the Ghost of Christmas Present will not approve of you.”

Then, the Ghost of Christmas Past disappeared. Tommy was pretty creeped out at this time.

The Ghost of Christmas Present was literally dressed as a present, and she whacked Tommy with a huge candy cane, saying what would happen on Christmas morning. His family would be disappointed in him, and he would be kicked to the curb. Literally. Kicked to the curb. Ghost of Christmas Present disappeared quickly.

The Ghost of Christmas Future stepped forward. Honestly, she looked like she had black and blue hair, a black robe, and a giant candy cane.

She said, “In the future, we’re in the world with big candy canes and we mind-text. Oh, you thought I was gonna hit you with the candy cane? The Ghost of Christmas Present plays cleanup on our softball team. About two years from now, you will be living in a box with no tree, no decorations, and no job. You must learn from the lessons that the other ghosts have taught you. Fix your attitude before Christmas eve or else, as Christmas Present told you, you will be kicked to the curb.”

He had been asleep the whole time until now.

Tommy changed his attitude, he bought a present for his sister with all the money he had, and laughed down the street. He thought he was doing the right thing, and he liked it.

”I love Christmas! It’s fantastic and marvelous.”

And so, Tommy fixed his attitude with Christmas and he had a merry, merry, merry Christmas.

Author’s note:

The lesson of the story is that you feel happiness when you do things for others, like when Tommy bought a gift for his sister.


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