Cleo’s Escape Plan

For a while, there was nothing. But then I could feel my brothers and sisters and my mom licking me. I loved the taste of my mother’s sweet milk. Then, as quick as there was darkness, there was light. I saw my beautiful mother, and my pink and squirming sisters and brothers. In my house, there were two people. They came in every day to give my mother great-smelling food. They would not give it to us though. I wanted the food badly. My brothers and sisters were very playful. I learned my mother was called Buttercup and my brothers were Max, Bobby, and Cubby. My sisters were Samantha (who I loved the most), Coco, and Rose.

They called me Cassie, and my female owner always said, “Cassie Cassie Cassie! Come!” I learned that that meant to go to her. After playing with Samantha everyday, my owners started to give me my mother’s food. I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as milk.

Then one day, my owner said, “Cassie! You are going to be adopted! Your new owners will call you Cleo!”

She said it with such joy and happiness, I wagged my tail and barked.

After I woke up the next day, two playful boys came in to see me. They radiated their love for me! I didn’t know why, but I immediately got attached to them and their mother called “Mom.” They then brought me into a big, metal thing called a car, and they stuck me in a smaller metal thing called a crate. I sniffed it, but I was tired so I drifted off into a cozy sleep.

When I woke up, I smelled a whole new place. My boy took me out of the car. I was still in my metal crate. He carried me up these bumpy pieces of wood to my new house as I soon realized. Once Mom opened the door, the boys rushed in and put down my crate. The door opened to my crate. This place had tasty air, but I missed my family. I missed Samantha. I was thirsty. The boys let me lick their hands and they tasted good. I wanted to play with them, but I didn’t know how to get out over the metal bar that was in front of me. When I finally got over the bar, I was so happy.

Two minutes later, I was curiously sniffing my water bowl and licking the boy’s face. This boy was called Nico, and Mom called the other boy Jacob. A few minutes later Mom left with an old man. It was just me and Jacob because Nico went upstairs. Jacob stayed with me, and I felt calm when he cuddled me. I fell asleep in his bed. I woke up a few minutes after Nico came downstairs.

He said, “Hi Cleo!” and he took Jacob’s position by cuddling me. I fell asleep for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Mom woke me up and put me on a mat. I relieved myself, and Nico praised me by saying, “Good girl!”

I wagged my tail because I was so excited! Then I realized I was hungry.

Then Mom said, “Let’s get you some food, puppy wuppy.”

I curiously sniffed the air as I smelled the food they gave my mother, Buttercup. I ate all of the delicious food. Then I went on the porch. I loved it so much. I smelled the birds and plants. As soon as Jacob brought me in, I had a huge desire to go out again.

I tried to get out in every way. I jumped at the door, I sat by the door, I pushed the door. None of them worked. I even barked at it.

I’m never going to get out, I thought.

I decided to devise a plan to escape.

I decided to make a Rube Goldberg machine to open the front door.

I hope this will work, I thought.

I knocked over a line of treats that went directly to my water bowl and nudged it a little. The stick in the water bowl fell over to knock the leash that was tied to the cabinet. The cabinet swung open and hit a (very squeaky) orange and green tennis ball. The tennis ball rolled all the way into the living room and bounced off a table leg. The tennis ball rolled to a vertical shoe, which fell on a seesaw made out of a bed resting on a toy. The doggy shampoo, which was on the bed, flew up and started rolling to the stick with a fork at the top, which I hoped would turn the key when the shampoo hit it…

The doorbell rang. I started barking and yelling in my mind, Who is it, who is it!?

I ran to the door just as the shampoo was about to hit the stick… You won’t believe me when I tell you that I accidently knocked over the stick!!!

NOOOOOOOO!!! I thought angrily. My plans are ruined! I will never be able to go out! I am trapped!

Then Nico came downstairs and opened the door. I rushed out joyously. I was free!!!

The person asked, “Can you sign for this package?”

“Sure.” Nico said, cheerfully.

I will never be trapped again! I thought gleefully.


From then on, I always got to go out onto the porch, and Mom and Nico took me to the park very often. When I went there, I always got to play with my friends. I decided I was sure about one thing; I loved the great outdoors.


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