The War that Came to Peace

Chapter One: Meeting Extinct Reptiles

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ben. He never had a good life, and all he wished was to have a better life than this. His parents had adopted him. All they ever said was, “You don’t deserve dinner tonight. You don’t deserve ice cream. You don’t deserve chocolate. You don’t deserve anything, but us.”

One night, they got so angry that they got a ladder and told him to stand right in front of it and to give them a white board. When he realized what happened, he was too afraid, and he had already given it to them, so now he couldn’t take it back because it was too tall.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Help me!” he screamed with terror.

He closed his eyes, hoping, no praying not to get hurt. Then he felt as if a magical hoop was going around him. So he opened one eye; he was in a different dimension! He found himself in the middle of a velociraptor home. They had fresh meat in the corner and raw meat in another corner. It was neater than his parents’ house!

“They sort stuff?” he said confused. “Amazing!”

They even made beds out of straw they found in the woods. He suddenly noticed two velociraptors were staring at him. He knew they were velociraptors because it matched all the features of a velociraptor he had read about in the library. They had piercing eyes and gleaming sharp claws. They surrounded Ben. It’s the end, thought Ben. Instead they just sniffed at first, then walked away!

“Maybe it’s because I smell like their home!?” said Ben. Then he remembered something. He dug in his pocket until he dug out a big book. The cover said, The Language of Velociraptors. His real parents had put it his pocket before they died. “Yes!” he said. “I knew I had it somewhere! You know, I should treasure this.”

In Velociraptor language, he asked if he could live with them because his parents were evil to him.

“Of course!” the velociraptors said. “Just let us warn you about something.”

“I’m listening,” said Ben.

“If you see a cheetah, they are against us, so you better run for your life!”

“Got it! It’ll be a piece of cake, I’m a great climber,” Ben said.

“How do you know there’s woods out there?” said the velociraptor.

“It’s a legend in my world,” said Ben.

“Got it,” said the velociraptor.

“Wait, do you have a leader?” said Ben.

“You’ll know the difference. He has wicked patterns on his back.”

“Let us introduce ourselves,” said one velociraptor. “My name is James. And this one right here is my brother, Michael.”

“I want to help hunting,” said Ben. “What do you hunt?”

“Rats and bugs. Also raw meat we find lying around from the cheetahs.”

“I know how to catch the rats,” said Ben.

“How?” asked James.

“You make a contraption that rats can crawl in, but can’t crawl out.”

“Amazing!” said Michael.

“Wait, is there more of you?” Ben asked.

“You’ll meet the others later,” Michael and James said together.

‘‘Can you teach me how to talk at the same time?”

“Sure,” said Michael.

“So let’s go hunting!” said Ben.


When they got there, Ben realized that it was more than just the woods. It was an enchanted woods, actually — He could feel it.

“But wait,” thought Ben. “The legend didn’t say it was enchanted.”

That got Ben thinking, Maybe that’s why there are so little live animals. No wonder it’s so gloomy. I wonder how we’re going to find other animals to eat.

“Do you have a stream?” asked Ben.

“Yes, we do,” said James.

“Okay, great! Because I think I’ll only be eating fish.”

“We’ll help you hunt the fish,” said the two velociraptors together.

“If you know how to fish,” said Ben smirking.

“What do you mean?” said James. “First, are you done hunting?”

“Yeah, we are,” said Michael.

“Great! Time to make some fishing rods,” said Ben grinning broadly. “First, can be you get me to a bamboo forest?”

“Definitely!” said James. “It’s the next forest down.”


On the way there, they didn’t get bored because they were chatting about how fun it would be to defeat those cheetahs. When they were about halfway to the bamboo forest, James said, “Hey look! There’s the rest of the clan. I knew they were hunting!”

“Uh oh,” exclaimed Michael. “I just realized we were supposed to take care of the baby velociraptors. We’re in big trouble.”

“Hide,” Ben whispered while shouting.


They scrambled up trees while the others came. James and Michael were shivering like icicles just about to fall off a porch. “What if they find us!” said James.

“If we stay quiet, they won’t find us. So quit it!” said Michael.

Ben suddenly worried about something. “What if I lost the smell I got from their house? The velociraptors won’t trust me, and they’ll eat me!”

Now Ben knew he had to scramble up the tree. “No!” He knew he had to distract them. He had to save James and Michael. He slowly came down… slow as a sloth. Finally, he got down right in front of Clan Espyon. (He found out what clan it was from the legend.) The clan went to him and sniffed him like James and Michael did. The clan backed away and circled Ben. I can tell. I think it’s best to talk to them now, Ben thought shaking.

“Hello?” said Ben. “I met James and Michael, so please don’t hurt me.” They stopped circling and stared at him. Then said, “Follow us.”

“I’m sorry, but I need to go to a bamboo forest to make myself fishing rods,” said Ben.


“We’ll take you there,” the chief said.

“No that’s okay. Michael’s taking care of the babies and James is with me.”

“Oh, got it,” said the clan chief as he left.


“See you soon,” said Ben, making sure they were completely gone. “James, Michael, you guys can come down now!”

Both of them peeked from each of their branches and came down.

“Quick! Michael go to the cave before the rest of the clan does, and be safe!”

Michael speeded like a jet towards to clan’s cave. “I hope he makes it in time,” said James.

“Me too,” said Ben.

“We should go to the bamboo forest now,” James said after a while.

“You are right, let’s go.” Soon enough they reached the bamboo forest. The first thing Ben noticed in the distance was a panda chewing on a bamboo stick.

“How many animals are supposed to be in this legendary world?” Ben asked.

“Four,” said James. “They were hunted down by cheetahs in case you were wondering.”

“And what would these two more animals be?”

“Dodo birds, which have their own island so they don’t get hunted down by cheetahs, and red kangaroos.”

“We also found another species… ”

“Wait… really?! What species? Where?”

“Introducing, the panda,” Ben said, showing where the panda was. When Ben looked at James he saw he was speechless. James could only say one thing: “Incredible.”

SSSHHHHHHH went the bushes, rustling as if there were wild bees fighting in there.

“What was that?” said James. “I think they’re here,” said Ben. “The cheetahs are here.”

Chapter Two: The Impossible War

Slowly, eyes popped out from every bush; soon, they were surrounded.

“I’ll climb up the tree and you run. They’ll be distracted by me and you’ll be able to run away,” said Ben.

“On the count of three: one, two, three!” Ben jetted up the tree and then for the split second, back to back to a tree.

The cheetah army looked up at him, and James had time to escape.

“Get theeeeem!” yelled the cheetah general in fury. Ben gracefully went from vine to vine in the trees, and the cheetahs followed but weren’t as lucky, as ten clumsily fell from the trees. There were ten left chasing James on the ground, but the rest of the army went to help the ten that fell from the trees. As the other ten who were chasing James hit trees, James quickly dodged the trees. Ben then slid from a vine to the ground and ran with James.

Ben suddenly said, “We should tell the other velociraptors about this.”

“You’re right,” said James. Five minutes later they got to the cave where Michael was, and immediately the velociraptors said, “Hey James and Ben!”

“Hi, but can we talk to chief?”

“What is it?” the chief asked, walking through the crowd.

“First, follow us.”

James and Ben went to the back of the cave with the velociraptor chief. “The cheetahs are coming!  We need to get the rest of our army, quick,” said the Chief.  “Everyone, get into your hiding spots, and the army can come with me!”


Chapter Three: The War Begins

The minute they got out of the cave, they saw the army waiting for the victorious yell of the leader, hopefully within the minute.  “ATTACK!” yelled both generals.

Ben decided to distract some cheetahs so he went into the trees, and the general yelled, “GET THAT BOY!!!”

James and Michael saw Ben’s plan so they followed the cheetahs that followed Ben   Slowly, one by one, the cheetahs chasing Ben disappeared because of James and Michael.  Soon there were none left, and Ben went back to get some more.  

“There he is!” said the general.  “Get him!  More this time!  Put twenty of you to get that boy!”

Still he went back, so he put more and more.  Soon there were only ten left against the velociraptors.

“WE GIVE UP!  We’ll do whatever you want!”

“Whatever?” said the general, looking at James, Michael, and Ben.  

“From now on, work for us!” said James, Michael, Ben and the general.

And they all lived happily ever after


THE END                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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  1. I love your story! The details are great. You’re a great writer. I think someday you’ll write a book series when you grow up.

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