Dear Miss Fairy Godmother Sincerely, Her Majesty.

Dear Miss Fairy Godmother

Sincerely, Her Majesty

June 11, 1982.

Early in the morning, just at the crack of dawn, I got out of bed. I walked into the attic to work on the inventory. My mother started an inventory of our house, she says that with the baby on the way we need to throw out whatever we don’t use. She also says our house is unnecessarily messy. I on the other hand don’t, our house is perfect, it’s cosy. I want one thing right now, I want to take a chill pill. However if you know my family you would know that my mom is boss no matter what anyone else thinks. The thing is that you don’t, so let me introduce myself.

I am April Joplin, I don’t know how you got this diary but now it is yours. I read a lot of books, they have given me inspiration. One of those sparks of inspiration in my life was to write a diary. A diary so people of the future will know how life is now. Other than that I would like to tell you more about my life. I have two younger brothers named Levi and Alex, I also have another sibling on the way; I want it to be a girl. We live in a neighborhood called Quail Hill. There is an apartment complex, houses, a shopping center with a lot of restaurants and an elementary school which I currently go to. By the way I am 9 years old, Levi is 6, and Alex is 4. Our family owns a horse stable where people can have lessons. Therefore all of us are pretty attached to horses. Actually horses and steam engines are our main modes of transportation. I think I’ve introduced myself enough, let’s get on with the story.  

So I go upstairs to the attic and started to go through them. Soon I had finished the shelves, now time for the boxes. I started moving paintings and frames around and my eyes fell upon a chest. I pulled it towards me. I found the lever and opened it. Had I not known that magic was not real I could have sworn a rush of magic went straight through my heart. Unfortunately, I know magic is not real. So I decided to kick out those magical feelings and get back to work. I peered inside, and inside were a lot of envelopes that were unsealed. I pulled each one out and when I was done I started to read them. The first one I read said this:

Dear Miss Fairy Godmother,                       December 22 05M

It has come to my attention that you live in a place unlike any other. I would wish to visit this place. If you could kindly reply as soon as possible, saying that transportation arrangements need to be made.


Her Majesty

Well that’s a very weird letter, I said to myself, I wonder what the next one says? So I opened the next one and this one said.

Dear Her Majesty,                                Jan. 1st 06M  

Unfortunately as the fairy-godmother I cannot have any strangers enter my kingdom. To make sure the decision I have made is fair I have discussed this problem with the fairy council and they also agree that my final decision should be NO! Another thing I would like to ask is how did you come to know about my kingdom? As you should know being the Fairy Godmother is somewhat like being a queen and it is my number one priority to make sure the citizens feel comfortable and safe.


Miss Fairy Godmother

So let me get this straight, there is a queen who wants to visit a Fairy Godmother’s kingdom, but the Fairy Godmother does not want to let the Queen in and neither does this Fairy Council thing-a-ma-bob. Also what is up with that date, on the first letter it said Dec. 22 05M and on the second one it said 06M. When it comes to modern times I only know 2 measures that start with M: minute and millennium. Maybe it’s one of them? My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read the next one, the next one was from the Queen to the Fairy Godmother. It said:

Dear Miss Fairy Godmother,                                     Jan. 25 06M

I expected you to be a little bit more kind and considerate of the fact that I asked you first. Since you have been so rude I shall no longer ask for permission instead I will barge in. Give me the directions and I will come and give a gift, something which we like to call a PUNCH. And if you dare not give me the directions then it shall be off with your head. That brings me to the second matter: Where did I come to know about the kingdom. I know because I know, I know everything and it is none of you business anyway.


Her Majesty

Now the fairy had to have a lot problems with that letter; it was not at all constructive. And let me be honest with you, I normally don’t pick sides but this time I agreed with the Fairy Godmother. Suddenly I heard Mom calling from downstairs. I put all the letters in the box and rushed down stairs to help her with breakfast.\

After breakfast Mom told be to go back to the attic and continue the inventory while she tackled the second floor. So, I said to myself, I won’t get caught reading the letters anymore because mom will think I’m doing the inventory, which I am not ever going to do again in my life!!!

At the attic again I dumped out all the letters and kept aside the ones I had already read. I picked up one and it said:

Dear Her Majesty,                                      Feb. 2nd 06M

For your information I was considerate of the fact that you asked for permission, that is why I also asked the Fairy Council for advice on the matter. Secondly if you do not tell me where you found out about this kingdom from, then I shall not directly hand you the directions. Enclosed with this letter is a loose leaf that has a code. Decode it and you have the directions. Also if you ask me or anyone for help I shall be off with your head. And remember if you decode the directions, you can come to my kingdom.


Miss Fairy Godmother

Wait, what??? First the Fairy Godmother says her final answer was no, and now she says yes only if the Queen decodes the directions. This is confusing, but I don’t want to set high expectations. What if the Queen never decoded them? So I pulled out the loose leaf paper here was what was written:

మీరు చెక్క చేరుకోవడానికి వరకు వెస్ట్ వెళ్ళండి. తిరగండి మరియు రెండవ ఆపిల్ చెట్టు. మీరు చూడండి ఐదవ ప్లం మీద అడుగు. లోపల దశలను డౌన్ వెళ్ళండి. మూడవ స్థాయి వద్ద ఆగుతాయి. కుడి చెయ్యి అప్పుడు కుడి అప్పుడు ఎడమ అప్పుడు వదిలి. హాలులో లోకి వెళ్లి ఏడవ తలుపు మారిపోయాయి. Gat లోపల వెళ్లి మీరు చూడండి మొదటి సైన్ వద్ద ఎడమ వైపు తిరగండి. ఇప్పుడు మీరు నా రాజ్యంలో గేట్ చూస్తారు LandiniaMagina

I thought to myself, I have seen this text before, it was used in the South of India in war zones. I learned all about it in school. I even have a conversion chart. So let me convert it and I will get the directions. Here is what I found out:

Go west until you reach the wood. Turn at the second apple tree. Step on the fifth plum you see. Go down the steps inside. Stop at the third level. Turn left then right then right then left. Go into the hallway and turn into the seventh door. Go inside the gate and turn left at the first sign you see. Now you will see the gate to my kingdom Landinia Magina.

I have to admit those were some pretty complex directions. But I also am starting to wonder why were these letters in my attic. Was I related to the Queen or even the Fairy Godmother? I wanted to ask my mom badly but I didn’t want her to know about the letters. So what should I do???? I decided to read the next letter, so I opened it but to my surprise there was no letter inside. Instead was another code and it looked like this:

Gdy dojdziesz do bramy trzeba jechać prosto, gdy widzisz Gemini będzie na moje oko, bo tu leży mój grób dla będę martwy na długo zanim mnie znaleźć. Ale jest ktoś, czekając na terenie zamku, który przyleciał na was. Wejdź do środka i szmaragdy znajdziesz w mojej dziewicy oczekiwania. Dla niej jest z karą będziesz recive, gdybyś poprosił o pomoc w tej podróży do mnie. Lot będzie slayed, rozmawiać będzie uwięziony i zachować spokój, kara czeka, to jest dilemma więźniowie, to sam powinien rozwiązać, nie być pojedyncze śmiertelny kara czeka. Pamiętaj, że jesteś sam, jesteś sam, jesteś sam!

That is definitely not a code, that is actually a language, what should I do??? I can definitely not ask my mom. But at the same time I cannot do it by myself. Should I do the right thing or should I do the wrong thing? Tell don’t tell. Right or wrong, tell don’t. These words started to coagulate my mind and I was overwhelmed. I immediately decided what I needed to do, go for option “RIGHT”!

“MOM,” I screamed loudly.

My mom answered with “WHAT COME DOWN HERE AND TELL ME!”

So I went down to her room where she was going through piles of clothes I started to narrate everything from the first letter all the way to the code. Ok I have to say she took it well, all she said was, “Let me come up there and look at this myself.”

So both of us went upstairs together. There I showed her chest and all the letters I read plus the two codes. She read through each of them with extreme care and caution. And in the end she concluded that the second code/language thing was written in Polish, she also said that I had decoded the first code well and that was exactly what it meant. Then she told me to get some rest and go back to the inventory of the attic tomorrow. I guess I am going to have to say goodbye diary, for today. But I also have to say I am starting to believe that magic is real and the kingdom might have actually existed.

June 12 1982

Again I woke up at the crack of dawn, but this time I did not go straight to the attic. Instead I went to my mom and dad’s room and woke up my mom. She was a little grumpy at first but then I convinced her to come up with me to the attic, to look at the letters. Mom again read through the code once again and started to decode the second one, this is what she said:

When you get to the gate you have to travel straight, when you see the Gemini you will be upon my eye, for here lies my grave for I will be dead long before you find me. But there is someone waiting for you inside the castle that has flown upon you. Go inside and you will find Emeralds the maiden in my waiting. For with her is the punishment you shall receive, had you asked for help on this journey to me. Flew you will be slayed, talk you will be jailed and keep quiet, punishment awaits, this is the prisoner’s dilemma, you alone shall solve, fail to be single, a deadlier punishment awaits. Remember you are alone, you are alone, you are alone!

“Interesting,” she said to herself. “You know what would be fun?” she said suddenly. What I asked hoping she would say go for a swim or something. But instead she said something that surprised me even more. She said to go find this kingdom.

“WHAT???” I said in surprise.

“Yes,” she said, “The whole family could go on horseback. Put all the luggage in the wagon along with the tent and set off.”

“Let’s do it,” I said.

So mom and I started to wake up everyone and pack. We also loaded the wagon and took the supplies the horses would need. Then it was decided that we would leave tomorrow at dawn and we would take Rocko and Merlin (the two horses). While mom and dad are packing all the food it’s time for me to say goodnight dear diary, I’ll see you again tomorrow.

June 13 1982

Time to leave, have we got everything, it does not matter let’s leave. Those were the words that I kept hearing, but finally we were all in the wagon.

Our wagon’s front is open and there is a  plank of wood for the person who is steering the horse and one other. My Mom and Dad are sitting there, while Levi, Alex and I are sitting on the back plank. All the luggage is behind us, the back has a door and the whole wagon is covered including the front plank. After a while everyone except my parents were asleep and I don’t know how long I was asleep but when I woke up it was lunch time. Mom had packed sandwiches earlier in the morning which were really delicious. Since we had brought the chest Mom told me to reread the first code as well as the second one. So I did and Dad concluded that we were about one and a half hours away from the wood. And today we should camp outside the wood for today.

After what seemed like one minute all of us could see the wood, and I could definately not agree with Dad that we should camp outside the wood for tonight; I want to continue on our adventure. Levi, Alex, and I helped Dad get the tent and fire set up while Mom started preparing for dinner. She brought quite a few pots, pans, knives, and cutting boards as well as plates, bowls, and silverware. Since my mom is very strict about having healthy meals she has done a lot of cooking courses and she makes awesome food. So for dinner we had some delicious pumpkin soup with garlic croutons. When we were done Levi, Alex, and I washed the dishes in a small pond nearby. After all of that was done Mom (being a typical mom) said: Time for bed. So all of us changed into our jammies and got our huge family-sized tent. This tent is huge I mean it can fit about ten people, so we all were pretty comfortable. Now all I can say is goodnight dear diary, hope you enjoyed today.

June 14 1982

Finally we have hit the road again, after a breakfast of french toast and fruit. We are right now going through the forest and so far we have seen zero apple trees. If you remember the directions it said: Go west till you reach the wood. Turn at the second apple tree. I guess it is going to be a long day. After what felt like 500 years, we found one apple tree. Then after what felt like another 500 years we saw the second, so we turned right. And soon we saw a lot of plums, all of us carefully counted and we got Rocko and Merlin to step on only the 5th one. Suddenly we felt our carriage going down, down, down. Then without any warning whatsoever, we stopped! And with a thud we hit the ground. Mom told me to read the code again and these were the directions we needed to follow:

Stop at the third level. Turn left then right then right then left. Go into the hallway and turn into the seventh door. Go inside the gate and turn left at the first sign you see. Now you will see the gate to my kingdom Landinia Magina

So we stopped at the third level, and it was pretty obvious as there was a sign.

“Now all we need to do,” I said in a relieved tone is “Turn left then right then right then left. Go into the hallway, turn into the seventh door. Go inside the gate and turn left at the first sign we see. And we’ll be there.”

“Ok,” said my dad “But according to the time on the wagon clock it will take at least half an hour, it may take even more, so I suggest that you all sleep and I will wake you up when we reach there.”

“Fine” I said, I hadn’t realized how sleepy I was until now because as soon as I closed my eyes I entered slumberland.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but finally my dad woke me up, we had officially reached our goal. My dad. Now it was time to read the second code. We went straight until we saw the Gemini. And now we know we are upon the Fairy Godmother’s eye. So we went straight inside the castle that had flown upon us, I had already warned everybody to keep quiet when we reached Emeralds. And soon we did, not by eye but by ear.

Emerald said, “We have waited a long time for you, Alisha,” she said to my mom. “Ever since you were born we have been watching you. Your daughter was the one that found the letters, it was meant to be your destiny.”

Slowly, we saw her emerge. She was wearing a long emerald gown with a black belt. Her shoes we also black and so was her hair. Her hair was twirled up in a bun and her piercing green eyes stood out.

She came to us and said, “Congratulations, to all. You have worked hard and it all started with an inventory.” Then she gave my parent handshakes and fistbumps and high fives.

Then again she said, “We have a surprise for you.” She snapped her fingers, and a beautiful lady appeared. She was dressed in sky blue robes and her hair was all styled up. She also held a crystal wand that was fully transparent. With a wave of her wand a family tree appeared and all of us were on it! She was the Fairy Godmother! That’s what she meant by we.

She (the Fairy Godmother) explained to us that my mom’s mom was her daughter. And she married a man from our world. But she did not want her daughter (my mom) to grow up with magic. She felt it ruined people’s character. So my mom grew up without knowing she was actually the next Fairy Godmother. And so did I until now. So that means Levi, Alex, the new baby and I are all part Fairy. That also means that The Fairy Godmother is our Great Grandma. And guess what, she is offering Levi and I magic lessons, which are totally happening, she also said that Alex will be able to have lessons in one year. And when the new baby is born they can have lessons once he or she turns five. YAY!!!!! We can live right here in Landinia Magina. This is AWESOME!! And more good news I will be the next Fairy Godmother and Levi and Alex will be my apprentices and maybe even the new baby. This day and adventure has come to an awesome end. But only one thing is left unanswered, what happened to Her Majesty, nobody knows and nobody really cares either. And now all I can say is goodbye dear diary I will see you again in my next adventure.

The End  

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