Dr. James Leonard

Chapter 1.

“I have never heard such a thing before!” I said.

My first name is James, but my whole name is James Leonard Olshansky. But I just prefer Dr. James. The sound I just heard is a type of Frankenstein-ish thingy but instead of Frankenstein I am resurrecting my daughter Clementine. She died in a roller coaster accident *sniff*. Her head got hit, so I made a “magical” machine that will make her live exactly 89 more years. She is twelve years old *UHG* I mean she was twelve years old.

The “magical” machine is made out of the finest metals, wires, circuit boards, and technology. I called the machine: Resurrector 10,200. I hope it works; I spent weeks trying to make this and it will break my heart if it doesn’t. The sound is a tingly sort of fairy sound. I thought the Resurrector 10,200 was working, but I think that the used tungsten, the rusty, cracked wire is broken. The used wire of electricity, the tungsten, just a tiny little filament, wouldn’t make such a huge difference, you would think. But I need it. *Sigh* Think, James think! Of course! The used tungsten from that scientist usually fails with light bulbs! I was supposed to use a new tungsten! Anyway, I talk to myself a lot, but I just think it helps me focus.


Chapter 2.

I think I should get something to eat, I said to myself. Maybe a turkey sandwich, or chicken, eh whatever, I like turkey, but my daughter likes chicken! Maybe I’ll just do eenie minee mo and pick whatever.

*********************** **************************************

“Ooh! Just what I need, a tungsten!” I said out of nowhere, in front of maybe a good 16 people (it’s a small town). I found the part I needed for my “magical” machine in the window pane of the town’s hardware store.  Running to it: “Ah! *pant, pant* here *pant* it is!” I panted.

“Thanks, I appreciate your business,” said a British stranger, starting to walk out the door, with the machine part I need for the light bulb. “NO!!!!! THE ONLY ONE LEFT!” I screamed with a feeling of never hearing my daughter’s sweet voice again, the light bulb can heat up the machine making her warm as soon as she wakes up. I live in Iceland, a very cold area, even though you can just find a hardware store in North America almost everywhere, a little town in Iceland is very different, and the light bulbs just got sold out. Tungsten is also rare, so I guess I cannot hear my daughter’s sweet voice and the funny jokes she made up.

Wait! I found a receipt on the dusty floor of the  hardware store. It says:

1297 Skaroseyri Road

Akereyri, Iceland


1 tungsten: $26.89

Subtotal: $26.89


Terry M.

Chapter 3

Who’s Terry M.? I thought over and over, wondering if that was the person who bought my tungsten. Maybe I should just ask everyone if they have that name, but at the same time I will see if they have a British voice. ”Smart idea!” I said out of nowhere.


“Excuse me, but is your name Terry M.?” I asked.

“Sorry, no,” said the stranger I had asked.

I was starting to think that after the 35 people I asked with all the same answers, no, there’s almost no possible way there can be a person with a British voice called Terry M. in this town.

The millisecond after I thought that, I heard a faint British voice saying “Of course,” in front of an old lady’s house.

”Yes!” I whispered excitedly,”finally!”.

*Pant*, *pant*, I run across the street to the British man while panting, “Wait! *pant* wait!, is that you Mr.Terry M.?”

Now I am following this annoying man asking, “Did you buy the tungsten?!” repeatedly.

Finally an answer:“Yes.”

What’s with the attitude? I thought. Maybe he was answering me all along and I was interrupting him with all of my excited questions.



We were now in Terry’s house. Then he started the conversation.

“I need this tungsten for my sixth cousin, Corie. She was in a car accident and I need her to be alive again, so I need the tungsten for the only remaining light bulb I have, do you have a problem?” the man explained. I was starting to think that we are alike in that way of wanting our loved ones to re-live, or get resurrected.

“I need it for the exact same reason, so do you understand?” I replied.

“Well, I do. But I have spent thousands for my resurrector, and I accidentally used a dead tungsten for my light bulb and it broke, so I need them so I can warm her up and not let the chemicals and the cold weather of Iceland make her get hypothermia.The chemicals I use are very cold and cannot be interacted with the human body when resurrected.”

“Okay,” I replied, freaked out that the man had almost the same reasons to get a new tungsten as I did.

“Well then, you can go get some in the hardware stores of the United States of America,” the annoying man said.

“I’m not going to go to the United States just to get something at the hardware store that will probably not be found!” I said with an impatient sort of voice.

“Well then, I guess you won’t resurrect your loved one after all, as I am keeping the new tungsten for myself only.”

I paused with silence. He really wants me to go to a hardware store in America, maybe I can get a lightbulb, and just get this over with, or maybe I can just deal with my daughter’s loss—wait! I can just order the light bulb on the internet!


4 weeks later.


*Gasp* “It works!”

“Father! You made me die! How dare you let me go on that rollercoaster!” my daughter said, so angry to the point that she was turning red.

“Honey, I have waited so long to hear your sweet voice! And you just scream at me?!” I screamed angrily at my daughter. “Do you know how much I missed you?? Isn’t heaven nice though?” I said, feeling guilty for some reason, while fixing my hair (so she doesn’t think I’m a maniac).


“Father *cough* heaven is beautiful, but I kept on falling through clouds *sniff*. I got some bruises,” Clementine said.

I was starting to think that she was going a little crazy, falling through clouds in heaven.


“Oh my god!” I said in fear, ”my daughter’s having a seizure!!”  “Hey-irebgierfw-dad-dad-adad-eeeeeeey!!!” screamed my daughter.


1 week later.


“Dad, can I get out of the hospital?” my poor daughter said. I felt guilty somehow. I think it’s just the thought of me bringing her back, then having to be dragged into a hospital. I even hated them, the lights make me lightheaded, and other annoying things like that. “Father!”

“Yes?!” I said, so surprised and scared at the same time that my shoulders were tense.

“You didn’t answer me when I asked you if I can get out of the hospital, seriously, all I have been eating is cold powdered mashed potatoes,” my daughter said in a depressed way. “Don’t you worry, we will get you out of the hospital,” I said. “I’m going to ask Dr.Sandler,” I said in a low voice, so my daughter could relax.


I left the hospital and told my daughter I would be back soon, before the argument with Terry M.

“I cannot believe that you resurrected your daughter! I was going to do it first!” the insolent man said. I held my breath and closed my mouth shut, before I was going to punch him so hard that it would leave him a mark for years. I bet I was the only one to actually shut him up, he just kept on talking with no sense on how his sixth cousin, Corie, should have been resurrected first, before my daughter. I was starting to think that he is sick in the head and I was wasting my time on this person.

“Bye,” I said. I opened his front door, then walked outside.

“Wait!” said Terry M. His sentence ended with a door slammed shut.

”That’s it,” I said, I may be crazy (just slightly) but I am not spending any precious time on this person.


                                                          Chapter 4.

I was now back at the hospital, BING BING BING BING

“All patients stay put,” an alarming microphone said a couple of times after the bings.

“Daddy!” Clementine screamed with all her will.

“Honey!” I screamed back, ”It’s okay!“

I ran as fast as I could. “No,” said an insolent ‘guard.’ More like, ‘I want your daughter to die again’.

“I. Need. To. See. Her!” I screamed.

“Sorry, I don’t want to do this but, in your daughter’s shape, we can’t let her get out,” said the stupid, insolent man. *Crack*.  I gave the stupid man an uppercut and he passed out.  Perfect, I thought, I can sprint right past him.



Chapter 5.

I was now holding my daughter in my arms, she passed out because she got really alarmed and was not feeling well.


I was at my house, and I put my daughter on her bed, I kept her impression on the bed. I do not know why, but thank god she wasn’t paying any attention to it.

“Dad?” she said tiredly.

“Yes, honey?” I ran to her bed and was surprised that she woke up.

“Um, where am I?” I was astonished.

“Honey, you are in your house, remember?” I said, terrified that she completely lost her memory.

”Oh yeah, it’s just that I kind of forgot, but you don’t have to worry.”

I was ignoring her attempts to calm me down. I was actually worried, but I said: “Of course I don’t have to worry,” just so she could not be anxious.

I had a smoked chicken sandwich for lunch, moist with mayo, and just wonderful, it was one of my daughters favorites.


“And here we meet again,” said Terry M.

I tried running across the street, trying to get away from the man, hair up, British accent, I cannot stand him, not to mention that he was…(let’s just say, “off.”) I was going to the grocery store, but after, I’m going to my lab. I think my machine is messing my daughter up. Thank goodness Terry M. wasn’t trying to follow me, but that was odd, he usually tries to follow me, maybe he just has mood swings or something.


I am at my lab, and for no apparent reason, the machine is acting up. Now all I have to do is turn it off, or destroy it because my daughter is not going to die again, I said to myself, proud that I accomplished the dream of bringing my daughter back.Hallo! Hallo Hallo!” screamed the resurrector 10,200.

“Oh lord!” I screamed,”what-are-you-and-who-are-you!” I screamed, the resurrector actually had teeth, red eyes, and large creepy crawly legs.

“I am going to kill all of your loved ones in life—as in your…daughter!” Life kind of froze, and I was stuck, feeling faint, I collapsed.

Chapter 6.



So enough about my father, I am Clementine, and even though my father gave a sort of definition of me, he doesn’t know much. I actually love turkey sandwiches, but for some reason, he just forced me to have chicken, he said it’s healthier for you. Anyway, after that incident with the roller coaster, someone in their right mind would never do that again. I just hated the feeling of being in that roller coaster. After seeing my  best friend on a different ride, my father always thought I should (imitating his voice) “go by the tradition of going on a roller coaster in the summer.” Then guess what happened—I was in the middle of a free fall, one of the most exciting things on a roller coaster ride is a free fall, or at least it’s supposed to be. Then I fell out of my seat and bam! But anyway, back to the story:

After I heard a robot say that he was going to kill all of my father’s loved ones, such as *gulp* m-m-me. I just heard a thump, then that was it, I called the number 911 (I think I am starting to remember certain details, and remembering how to use gadgets). I wished I didn’t panic or had anxiety, or think that there was a robot that my teacher Mr. Dannie Mendenhall made to make my father pass out and take my unfinished homework that I kept under my bed. He is a teacher from before I died, but I am not going to school now, because of my memory, but I am going to go soon. Anyway, here is what I said to the police when they came, and here is what happened:


“After I forgot about where I was, my father was going to the grocery store,” I explained to the officers.

“Ye sure this happened?” Replied the Southern-ish accented officer, I wasn’t sure what the accent was.

” Yes, I am sure (for some reason I remembered that,but nothing else) I think my memory is definitely getting better,” I said  sarcastically.

“Okay child, y’all are gonna get into trouble once I know you are lying. I know you remember, you just don’t wanna tell me,” said the officer. It was sad because he didn’t know my tragedy, and didn’t know that I kind of lost all of my memory, but it’s getting better slowly. You just need the right amount of patience and enough to

let the days when you forgot where the bathroom is just pass.


“Ooh!” I said in excitement, I spotted macaroni and cheese in one of the cupboards in the kitchen. I love macaroni and cheese, so while the officers are looking at the creepy machine that I was basically born out of, to look for clues of how it made my father pass out, I’m going to eat. Such an ordinary life, I thought sarcastically to myself. *Sigh*

“CLEAR!” an officer said out of nowhere, at least for myself- I had no clue on what they were doing with all of the rooms and the machine, all they told me was, “Don’t worry, we will find your father and then we will see what that machine is used for.” I was holding my breath at the last nine words: we will see what the machine is used for. I didn’t answer because I know what the machine is used for- but my father will never forgive me if I give away the magic of resurrecting.

Here is what the machine is made out of: even though it is made out of the finest metals and blah, blah, blah-it still had a turkey tray, strapped onto another turkey tray with duct tape, and it had a light bulb, under the two turkey trays, with a whole bunch of sciency stuff, like tubes and wires and circuit boards. It was like a mix of cheap and sciency, did I also mention the toothpicks?

My father picks his teeth, because he says it helps him concentrate even better when his teeth are clean, so he can do his work, I just don’t understand him sometimes.

“The man’s waking up!” an officer said surprisingly, I was surprised too, my dad is waking up from a monster machine making him faint, I ran down the steep stairs of the basement, breathing in the grimy air (more like 90% dust,and 10% air) “AAH!” I tripped and I was now rolling down the stairs-feeling faint, like my father. I fainted.


Chapter 7.

>Clementines point of view<


“Honey! Are you alright?!” my father cried. I never saw him with so many tears. I could make out him crying but… “It’s okay honey! Daddy’s here, I’m okay!” my father interrupted my thinking.

“I don’t know, the girl just started running down those stairs and fell, I didn’t know what to do, thank god you woke up,” said one of the officers.

”Yes, thank  god  I woke up-by the way, how did you find out that I fainted?” my dad asked another officer,

“Oh well—(UGHUM)—I just found out because your daughter called 911, and I just (the officer started having a British voice) UGHUM and I certainly heard the robot scream and…” said an unfinished officer.

“Wait, did you have a British accent?” asked my father, “because I just heard a similar voice and…”

“NOOOOOOO!” said the officer. BING BONG BING PING PING. The officer was shooting all over the place. I think my father angered him.

”NO,NO NOOOOOOOO!“ screamed the angry Terry M. I was terrified and hid in one of the corners of our large basement.



Chapter 8.

>Back to Dr.James Leonard<


I was so terrified by the fact that Terry M. was shooting all over the basement, I think Terry M. is trying his best to kill my daughter.

But he didn’t know how much my daughter and I can fight, he doesn’t know us, and he is just a crazy, sick man that is trying to ruin our family, he also mentioned that he wanted his sixth cousin Corie M. to get resurrected before my daughter. But really, who cares if my daughter gets resurrected first or if my daughter gets resurrected after his cousin?

“Let’s go,” said the demanding Terry M. “we shouldn’t care about these people, I know them. The man just knocked out himself for attention, and his daughter is just fine. Plus, who bloody cares about these turkey trays! It just doesn’t make sense!” Cops these days, they bloody care about a sick daughter and an insolent man who just knocked himself out, Terry M. said to himself.

The other officers looked shocked, and were  so scared that they just followed the commands. One was even shaking, and saying “Y-y-yes sir” and “o-of -course officer Terry”.

“Wait- wait!” I cried. I really wanted the cops to discover why this machine is trying to kill my daughter and why it is going crazy, but I was too late, they left the house, and slammed the door while they were at it.

“Daddy! Daddy! I missed you so much! I have no idea why you got knocked out!” said my daughter. I ran to her, and grasped her in my arms, it made me cry. I was terrified also, but I quickly wiped my tears away, and said: “you don’t need to worry, we won’t let that crazy machine knock me out again. I have a plan.”

“What is the plan?” She replied,

“Well, I am going to destroy the Resurrector and everything will be fine,” I said, not saying my thoughts, but what I was thinking is that Terry M. must have controlled the resurrector. I am certainly baffled by the thoughts of Terry M. trying to, I guess, get revenge for what I did—but what I am wondering is if he’s ever even had the time to resurrect his sixth cousin, but I am not quite sure. I should spy on that crazy man and find out the hard way, instead of asking him, but it would probably be even harder to ask than to spy on him. Because he’s not quite sane, and the man will probably just ignore me or say that it wasn’t fair that I resurrected my daughter before his cousin, and even then ignore my question.

I was overly thinking, and thank god my daughter asked if I could braid her hair, or else I would’ve kept on thinking about Terry.

I was not so sure on how to braid hair, but Clementine taught me how, and I got it after a while.


“Pot roast!” I said to my daughter. It was the next day of the incident, and we are having pot roast for lunch. I thought it should just be an easy day after everything that had just happened. Halloween is on October 31st, and it is a month away, so it is pretty cold, about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. In the middle of my pot roast I heard the phone ring, brriiing! brrring! Then I picked it up, but Clementine interrupted me.

“Daddy when is the pot roast done?”asked my daughter.

“I don’t know honey!” I tried screaming across the room, then finally I hear an answer on the other line.

“Hi, you are invited to our secret society, and we are going to have a meeting,” said Terry M. “Be there and I will tell you everything, even the reason why I was shooting all over your basement and screaming ‘no.’ There is a reason for everything and it’s a better reason than your reason of resurrecting your daughter first before my cousin,” Terry said under his breath.

I felt like a kid; I wanted to hide under the covers, he wanted to meet me in a “secret society” and “explain” why he did everything but I didn’t know what he was going to do, and I did not know what to say. But I am going to go there anyway, I thought.

“Can you answer me? I am inviting you to a secret society!” screamed the impatient Terry M.

“Yes, I hear you,” I answered. Then hung up, sighed, and thought, this situation is never going to end.


Chapter 9.

I do not even know how he got my house phone number exactly, but I am a little anxious, maybe I just told him what the number was when we were still “friends” for about a week, before everything turned to heck (or as my daughter would say, when  everything went to mush).


I am on my way to the secret society (using the address Terry—you know what? Instead of saying ‘Terry M.’ I should say ‘Terry Mad’. It sounds better, don’t you think?)


I am waiting at the front door in the underground secret society. I just really hope he is going to go through another mood swing, just so he doesn’t feel like shooting all over the place, that’s if he even has a gun. I am starting to feel nauseous, and extremely worried because I have no clue what he is going to do after he opens that door. Screeeech I hear, and I see the door open. I am terrified because I am face to face with Terry (Mad).

“H-hi” I say to him.

“Hello” Terry replies,”come in, and I will explain everything.” Terry said this in a disturbing voice, sort of like an evil British voice.

I was now in a seat, and Terry was standing up right in front of me staring down right at my eyes, my face was numb, I was shaking-and I was terrified.

“I know you’re shaking, and I know why. You’re scared, you think I am terrifying, but I like that. I feel like I’m in control” Terry M. said, he started to stare at me.

“So what was the reason for you to shoot in my basement?!” I screamed.

“It was for a good reason!” Terry screamed back.

I jumped off my chair in anger, and screamed: “Then what was the reason!?” I was turning red, and I grasped Terry’s neck collar.

“Okay! Okay! I will tell you once you stop doing that!” Terry screamed, but I held his neck collar a little longer for revenge. Then I finally let go, and I waited for him to explain why he did such a thing in my basement. “The reason why I did that is because my cousin never got resurrected, and my family is blaming me for everything. They are depending on me to resurrect her, and I didn’t, so I thought that I should knock out your daughter, hide my cousin’s actual body, and just say that the resurrector kind of changed her a bit. Then take your daughter home.”

I was bright red, and I was ready to end this. “Trying to use another human body is cruel,” I said and punched his face repeatedly.

He struggled and screamed, “YOU’LL END UP IN A VERY HOT PLACE AT THE END!” screamed Terry, “AND I WONDER WHAT THAT PLACE IS!” he screamed sarcastically.

I just kept on, for revenge, and for anger, until he collapsed, and said:

“I now cannot see my family, they will find out and you-you’ll end up in jail for this.”

“I JUST WANT TO STOP THIS!” I cried with dozens of tears running down my cheeks, and making their way down my chin. I sobbed and kept on wiping my tears, ”I DON’T WANT YOU TO STEAL MY DAUGHTER AND I DON’T WANT YOU IN MY LIFE!” I kept on punching, then I stopped, and I left him on the floor, looking at him, I kept on looking at him. He wasn’t breathing. I was still crying.

“I DIDN’T NEED TO KILL YOU!” I cried. Blood was running down his face like tears, and I felt so angered at myself and had feelings of guilt.


Chapter 10.

I drove home


My daughter asked what happened and I answered : “It’s dealt with, don’t worry.”

“Okay!” my daughter smiled. “How about we have that pot roast?”

“Okay” I answered, and I felt a huge relief off my chest, and that was it.


BREEONG BREEONG NEEEER NEEEEER NEEEEEROOOOOOOOO. I saw the flashing colors of America, red- white and blue, “Wait a sec!” I told my daughter. I walked down the 12 steps of of house and opened the door,then I was shocked because I heard a police officer say: “Are you Dr.James Leonard Olshansky?” Is this about Terry M.? Am I in trouble? I was asking a whole bunch of questions in my head.

“Y-y-yes I am, do you have a question?” I answered  “Do you know this person?” said the officer, he showed me a picture of him.
















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