The Book of Awesomeness

There is a ten-year-old girl, her name is Brittany. Brittany lives on a planet named Mars and she is a vampire. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and if you can imagine her, she would have pale skin. Sometimes, she gets mad and angry and she gives people bad, bad dreams on her planet. Giving people bad dreams is beyond her control. These people don’t know that she has powers so they just don’t bother to say anything about it because they don’t know.

Her mom is also a monster, and her dad has many brothers. They have another child named Alex. He is a werewolf. Brittany always does experiments on Alex. Her experiments are games for them. One of the experiments is blowing him up. She goes to the store and gets potions.

So Brittany one day Brittany went to the store to get potions. When she was going to the store, she sees a six-year-old girl. She was crying because she was afraid of the dream she had. And she said, “I wish I never had bad dreams.”

Brittany was really sad about it.

So Brittany finally got to the store. She felt bad that she couldn’t do anything about giving people bad dreams. She said to herself, “I wish I didn’t give people bad dreams.” She was sad when she came to the store.

When she was at the store, she bought some potions for her experiments with her brother. And then she saw another monster. He was bluish greenish with yellow in the middle. He was six feet tall! He wasn’t from her family.

She asked, “Who are you?”

And then he said, “I’m a kidnapper,” and he kidnapped her.

He had four arms, he had six eyes, and he had a huge mouth. Brittany was screaming and screaming. The monster put duct tape on her mouth.

So finally he got home and he taped her to a chair. And he wanted to steal all the powers from her family and all the money. That’s all he wanted, and then he would let her free.

She said, “No!”

The monster said, “Huh?” He was very mad. He let her watch TV and then when she got distracted, he pulled her hair and put her in a box she couldn’t escape from the box. She used her magic. First she kicked the box and punched the box, then she pushed the box with both hands and accidently burned the box. She got out, but then she saw the monster walking by.

She had to fight the monster. She was feeling angry because she had two obstacles. The monster was very hard to fight. Since he had four arms, she had to grab onto his arms and swing him around so he could fall. She needed to throw all his air out of him so he could die. She tried to use her powers. It worked. She destroyed the monster and she felt for it and she was mad that she felt bad for it. Once again she gave people bad dreams. And she said, “Oh no, oh no!”

She went back and she got cornered by the monster. She had a knife and she used it to slice all his eyes open. It was very painful and disgusting. It made her feel awkward. She grabbed all four arms and swung him around. When he fell, she put her foot on him and he didn’t have any air left in his body.

So then she went home and saw the magic hourglass in her room. She said, “What can this do?” A crystal ball surrounded the hourglass. She had to wait until the hourglass flipped over three times. Each time it was done, she flipped it over. Then she finally got the most powers in her family and she used her powers to take away one of her powers that was giving people bad dreams. Then she moved to a planet named Mn and she loved it so she could control her powers.





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