What are dreams?

Are they signals?

Are they foretellings of the future?


Do dreams have a meaning or purpose?

Do they do anything for you

or do they just exist?


Are they a world that you can enter where all your troubles

are erased?

Are they glimpses of another life where you can be anyone,

and anything is possible?


Who comes up with the wonderful stories of dreams?

Of the creatures and castles and magic?

Of all the strange and wonderful horrors and delights?

Is it we or someone more powerful?


When you have a nightmare,

Is it a lesson that someone wants you to learn?

Do dreams even have a purpose?

Are they of one mind, of one idea?


Is it a way to forget about your troubles that

You find so many of?

Do many people have the same dreams?

Are dreams ways that we comfort ourselves when we are troubled?


Can dreams have limits?

Or can anything happen?

Is what happens in dreams limited to only what we can understand?

Though, I think that when you dream, there are no boundaries.


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