One day, I walked down the dirt road on my way home from school. As I rounded the corner, I noticed a small, blue tassel bag lying in the bushes. As I approached, it I saw the intricate and complicated lines of a thin, gold thread woven in and out of the blue canvas pouch. The thread drew winding, dragon-like creatures with wings and fiery breath. I knelt down to pick up the pouch and ran off.

Later that night I opened up the bag to reveal a small leather rectangular box. I carefully opened the box, holding my breath. I opened my eyes and let out my breath. Inside were seven eggs. Each were completely unique, and none had the same color or pattern. One was all white with thin gold streaks, while another was a navy blue with a small star in the middle. That night I rushed to bed, wondering what could possibly be inside of the eggs.

The next morning, I awoke at the crack of dawn. I rushed to the table where I had put the box of the eggs. I slowly opened it, almost as nervous as the first time I opened this mythical box. I was just in time! The eggs began to crack and out crawled the seven little creatures. The first one to come out was a small cloud-like creature that jumped into my hand only to disappear immediately. I looked around the room, confused as to where the funny creature might have gone. I looked back down at the other eggs and saw the cloud creature reappear right back in my hand! The second thing to come out was a small rabbit with beautiful, intricate lines, forever changing colors and designs. The rabbit itself was exactly like every other rabbit but nearly ten times smaller. Immediately after it hatched, the rabbit sprang away, perhaps in search of food. I quickly realized that the animals might be a tad hungry after hatching. I got up and ran to the kitchen and grabbed pretty much anything I thought might please a mythical beast. I came back with a sliced apple, Chinese leftovers, nuts and seeds, along with a banana. I poured out a bowl of water, too. I hurried back in time to catch the fifth creature hatching. The three others consisted of a tiny silverback or male gorillait was currently pounding its chest and running to the apple slices and banana. The fourth was a small fox licking its paws. It had bright red fur with a cream colored chest. Its tail was extremely fluffy, and I was very tempted to pick it up and brush her tiny tail. The fifth was a creature similar to the silverback although it was standing on two legs and looked like a yeti or Bigfoot. The food was being devoured very quickly and I had to make a few more trips back to the kitchen. The sixth creature was a tree. The tree, however, had a face with two eyes, a mouth, and a nose. The tree slowly opened its eyesthey were green with hints of blue and gold. His leaves spread far above his trunk and they were an emerald-green against the soil colored branches. The seventh creature was the strangest of them all. It was a tiny human and he had a stick, a hat, boots, clothes, and a jacket that seemed a bit too big. The human looked up at me while I stared at him in awe. He jumped up on my shoulder and jumped again, over my head onto my other shoulder. He took a final leap into the water bowl.

As I remember that day, I think about how I now live with them, go on adventures with them, and wake up every day with them. They have showed me so many things, given me so many things. Literally just last week the little human, who I’ve named Tam Lin, found an emerald in my toilet pipes. Also, the tree (Arlo) knows the infinite past, even before the world was created. Arlo also knows about everything in the universe. That’s pretty impressive, right? The creatures have their own way of mating too. They break off a part of themselves and mix it together. A couple of days later, the mixture takes form into a hybrid of the two parents. Within months, there were almost 20 new creatures.

All of these creatures are equally interesting. They have showed me more than I could imagine. I wish that everyone in the world could experience something like this. Everyone deserves an abnormal or strange life, you can’t have any fun if your life is just a pattern.


The End

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