Excerpt from Aliens Attack

Part One

I heard an explosion in the distance. I did not know what was going on or what I was going to do. The aliens were attacking. They were invading Earth. My friend and I were hiding in a cave in the Catskill Mountains with our family. I felt so bad because I had a secret that I had not told my family. My friend Melha was not human. She was an outcast of the alien tribe who was invading Earth. Also, the aliens could take on human form.
A couple days ago, my real friend Melha and I were at school before the invasion happened when there was a loud explosion. The aliens came into the school and aimed a gun at me, but Melha took the bullet for me. I fell onto her body and cried my heart out. I had to kill them for Melha. She was a true friend. To this day, I will honor Mela’s sacrifice.

But the worst thing about the alien invaders was that they could only die from one mineral named Zoink Noink. Zoink Noink is a rare, neon green and neon yellow colored mineral. Luckily, there were three orbs of Zoink Noink located on Earth. The only way I knew about this was because I had a big book of minerals and their legends. I was not really sure if this rock existed, but it was worth finding.

Earlier today, I was in the mines mining, and I saw a lime-ish light. I dug deeper and deeper, until I found an orb of Zoink Noink. I was overjoyed. I had a quick idea: I could craft a sword and slay aliens with the sword. But it was a totally a crazy idea because how was I going to craft a sword with nothing that crafts a sword in my possession? There was one way to get my materials: to go to the crashed alien ship and use the materials there to craft a sword. But there were aliens guarding the area, so no human could go in. I had to risk it for Melha. But how was I going to get out of our cave? There was only one way: I could ask Mela’s alien to take my form while I gone.

“Melha, can you take my form while I am gone?” I asked.

“Yes, but what for?” said Melha.

“I have to craft a sword and slay the aliens with it. Thank you,” I said while I bolted out of the cave.

When I got to the ship, I saw an alien walking away from the ship. I walked up to him, and I stabbed him in his heart. His face looked shocked. He was really surprised by the Zoink Noink mineral. He died. I felt bad for a second, but then I thought, This is for Melha. I took his clothes and smeared his blood and guts all over my body. I looked and smelled horrible, but it was a good disguise. Hopefully, it would work. I walked into the spaceship, and everything was going smoothly… for now.

I saw the sword crafting room, and I bolted to the room so fast. I saw the anvil and the hammer. The anvil was black. The top was very flat and high. The hammer didn’t look like it had come from Earth. It was blue and very easy to use. I flattened down the Zoink Noink and made it into the shape of a sword. I was sweating very hard, but at least the sword was complete. But I needed a handle. I saw an epic, silver handle on the wall. I yanked it off the wall, and I put it in my sword. I was surprised that it was a perfect fit. Now I had the ultimate sword.

Oh! Aliens were coming, and I had taken off my disguise already. I grabbed my sword and knew the aliens would not hurt me if I had the sword. I realized just then that it was not a crashed spaceship I was on. Computers were beeping everywhere, and there were a lot of aliens everywhere. Why would a lot of aliens and broken computers be on a crashed a spaceship? I was on the main control center of the aliens!

I was not even sure anymore if I could get out of the ship. And I could not even use a sword. So I had to get out. I saw two vents. One of the vents went to the main control room, and one led outside, probably to get the bad smell of the aliens out. Wait, what? How could I see though the walls? I knew one person who had that power. Melha, the alien. I knew how I got this power: when Melha touched me, it gave me the power.

But I didn’t care about that power now; I only cared about getting out. I banged my sword against the vent. I crawled out, but fell into the dump. Eww! It smelled so bad in there. I got out of the dumpster, and I ran all the the way home. But I didn’t know the aliens were following me. I ran into the cave, screaming that I could defeat the aliens and that we could take back our home. But I felt a slimy touch on my back. I turned around and saw an alien invader.

Wait! Oh no! There were twenty alien invaders. Counting the Emperor.

“Wait! I thought I had killed that girl,” screamed the Emperor.

“No,” said Melha’s mother. “She is not dead.”

“Yes, she is,” I said softly. “At school, the day the invasion happened, Melha got shot by a bullet.”

“Why did you not tell us, Jackool?” screamed her father.

“I did not want to worry you,” I said. “That matters not now.” I took my sword and killed five of the aliens.

“Ekkkkk! No, he has the sword!” shrieked the aliens.

I threw the sword and sliced another ten in half. Five were left alive. The Emperor snuck out the back and took my mom. I was too focused on killing the aliens, I didn’t notice he left. I finally killed them all.

I yelled, “Is everyone okay? Where is my mama?”

The emperor must have taken her when he fled. I had to find him. I had an idea where he went.

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