Lorenza’s Eventful Day

I woke up excited.


I’m Lorenza if you didn’t notice! I ran off to Centa Academy as fast as possible, since I missed the flying shuttle. I snuck up behind her. “BOO!” I yelled, scaring Cadenza. She jumped pretty high. I took her hand and jumped up and down. “OH MY GLOB IT’S BEEN FOREVER.”

She looked pretty tired, but oh well. Cadenza grumbled pretty softly, ”Hey Lorenza.”

I waved ultra fast, showing my enthusiasm. “Aren’t you happy to see your bestest friend for beyond life!” I declared very loudly.

Her friends, or what I assumed were her friends, walked over. “Hi! Hi! Hi!” I greeted everyone jumping around in joy. They all shrugged and smiled except for two. The girl I believed whose name was Ruba was smiling extra wide with her dog in her arms. The girl named Ying came over.

”You look so nice!” I jumped around.

“You do toooooo!”

Later on in the day I woke up after taking a nap. I couldn’t help being excited again! I knocked on team Sera’s door which is where she normally is. “HEY GUYS WHAT’S DOWN,” I exclaimed. I hugged Cadenza extra, extra tight.

“Hey Lorenza, can you, like, give me air?”

I got off her. “Oh sorry Cade, just haven’t seen you in, like, forever.” I noticed Zwea. “Aw, hi little guy.” I kneeled down to his height. I chased him around the room wreaking havoc. “WEEEEEEEEEEEE.” This is more than I could ever ask for. After a while I got tired. I tucked myself inside an extra bed inside beacon. And off to sleep I went. “Zzzzzz squi squi squi squi. Zzzzz squi squi.”

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