Excerpt from Escape From Magic

Chapter Two

My name is Jacqueline, just don’t call me that, because I prefer Jack. My mother and father learned that the hard way. From the day I was born I hated that name, Jacqueline. It sounds all sophisticated, and believe me, I am not sophisticated. A normal princess, or at least my mother’s definition of a normal princess, should wear dresses, not pants, and your handkerchief should be in your handbag, not used as a bandana. I am not your stereotypical princess, though I know my mother wants me to be. The one thing I do that she wants me to do is go to Bellmapel Magic Academy. It is horrible. All the other girls are those stereotypical princesses who wear gallons of makeup (by the way, we are thirteen) and big, poofy skirts and dresses. And the teachers don’t make it any easier. We actually have a beauty lesson. Can you believe that? Its ridiculous. We have to learn magic, too, and that’s not as bad, but still pretty bad. The annoying thing is, I’m actually pretty good at magic. I am classified as a witch, because I passed the test last year, and partly because my Great Aunt Filipina was a first class Magician, and so was my mom. You can’t apply to be a first class Magician until you’re seventeen, and I’m only thirteen.

I like to sew a lot. My mother says it’s waste of time, because our servants can do it for us. But I love to look at a beautiful outfit that I made. It makes me really relaxed, and it something I really enjoy. But of course, the one thing I like to do my parents don’t approve of.

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