Finding the Perfect House

I  walk up to Colin’s room, feeling nervous. I knock, and then he opens the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” he says to me.

I say, “I want to still  to live in California but I don’t want to live in San Francisco.”

Colin says, “When I was younger I used to want to move too but mom and dad weren’t even close to saying yes.”

“We need to come up with a plan to get them to move.”

“What do you think would convince them?”

“Maybe we could sneak out tonight and go to the park to talk about plans.”

So we did. Our house is very close to the park, but there aren’t a lot of crosswalks. Since we are just kids, we have to walk around a bunch of houses because they have the crosswalks.

In the park, we sit on the swings and swing, talking. I say, “How about we say to mom and dad that we still want to live in California, but more south toward the beaches? We can say, can we first look at the houses down south and maybe that will change their mind?”

“Let’s ask them in the morning.”

We go back home and go to sleep. The next morning it is our mom’s birthday. Colin and I  bring her breakfast in bed.

Colin says, “Allison and I want to still live in California but move down south. Can we please just look at the houses down there and see where we get?”

“Fine, but you have to wait a few weeks until your dad gets home from a big work , I trip.”

Well, it’s not the worst thing, I think. She could have just said no.

“Thanks, mom,” we say to her.

Three weeks later, when our dad gets home, we run and give him a hug and a kiss.

“Dad!” I say. “Three weeks ago, we asked mom if we can look at the houses down south.”

Their dad says, “Absolutely yes.”

So the next day we drive down south. We look at a house that was right on the coast between north and south. The house inside had a big kitchen, a patio, a backyard with a swing set, a front yard. There were two floors and an attic. There was a dining area, tv area, and this house was so different from our house because it is so much bigger. We each would get our own room. In our own house, Colin and Jeremy have to share a room. And our house didn’t have a basement, and this house did. When we are cooking in our own house, we are all squished together. When we make different dishes, but this house’s kitchen has an island, two sinks in different locations, six burners, a lot of storage areas, a refrigerator and freezer. The island also had chairs around it so you could sit there too, not just in the dining area.

Allison says, “What do you think?”                      

Her parents say, “I really like it but we do not have the money right now.”

“We need to get jobs that make more money,” the mom says. Right now, she is an editor of baby books, but she only makes $20 per book and has to give half of that money to taxes, so she only comes home with $10. Our dad works in adult books and makes $40, so he only comes home with $20. Between the two of them, they only make $30 each day, so not enough for the house.

The mom and the dad want to get new jobs to make more money. Because they really like the house too and they also think that it would be way better too. The brothers had jobs that paid $15 a day, so every weekend, our family takes all the money they made and put it together and see if it’s enough money for the house.

That isn’t enough so I want to also get a job, but I can’t find one, I asked my mom and dad, “Can I help you with your jobs?”

Together, my family decides to work part time at their jobs and then open a bakery. So we started to build a bakery. It turns out great. We found out that the bakery made more money than our regular jobs, so we quit our old jobs. We focused on our bakery. My job is to sell the pastries. My favorite thing to make is the sugar cookies. Two months later, we finally had all the money we needed for the house.

I  was so excited, I was bursting with happy tears. I couldn’t wait to move down there and make new friends. And go to the beach. Finally we moved into the house.

* * *

Two years later we are so happy in our new house. I have made a lot more friends than in San Francisco. I like to go to the beach now. I like my new school better than my old school since it is bigger and nicer. Now that we have a garage, we bought bikes and have been going out on bike rides. We’ve been walking around streets because it’s more of a neighborhood.

We still have the bakery in our old neighborhood, but we only go down there every weekend to see how it’s going. It’s been going very, very well, more money than we thought we would. It’s so big and famous! My specialty is my sugar cookies because they were so soft and creamy.

Two weeks later, we finally get on the news and go down in our suits and dresses to talk to the reporters about it.

“How come you started this bakery?” the reporters asked us.

“We started this bakery because we wanted to buy a house down south and we wanted to see how much money we could make. If this goes really well, we might start a bakery in our hometown now.”

The reporter said we just found out that  if this bakery does really, really well this bakery might be able to be all over the country. My family is so excited!!      

         My mom says, “Allison you were right about moving.”

                                      THE END

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