Eye of the End

Life is a silly thing but what’s even more silly is the people who go through life. How would you feel if you never saw yourself, could never adjust your hairstyle, or brush your teeth in front of the mirror? It is reality for one certain boy. His name is Poncho Zoori Dover, and he has never seen himself, adjusted his hair, or brushed his teeth in front of the mirror. This story is based on him and only him.

Many people see the world wrong. They never see the bright side of things. In the year 2118, a small boy was born. He was from France but was known globally for his unluckiness. Many may ask what was so special about him. Well, he had an extra eye that was predicted by Vava Banga, the old predictor of life. She was an immortal form of God that was born in the 13th century and is still alive. In the 14th century, she predicted a man of poetry and emotion (Shakespeare), a war based on a duke’s death (World War One), an ugly, grumpy, weirdo ruling the country of USA in the year 2016 (Trump), and of course, the Eye of the End. Now she predicted that the world would end when Poncho looked in the mirror so, after Trump got elected, all countries signed an agreement to take care of their problem. What they didn’t know was that their problem wasn’t the end but a new start.

Poncho went to school with a negative mind everyday, knowing that he would be mocked by every student. Each comment would affect him even more everyday, making him wonder why he was even born. Was it karma from his parents or was it just unluckiness? Was it reasonable or was there no logic to it at all?

“Uffff!” Poncho suddenly bumped into a fellow child.

“Oops, sorry there,” said a mysterious voice.

“You just said sorry?” Poncho was confused. He had never heard that word from anyone else except his parents. “What’s your name?” Poncho asked.

“My name is Lucas Moffer,” Lucas responded. “And what is your name?”

“My name is… Poncho… Poncho Zoori Dover,” Poncho hesitantly replied. Lucas was shocked. He was told that Poncho was a curse, that he was a problem and a mess. Lucas slowly backed off.


What did I do. I never went out with friends for a reason. So God could spare me in situations like this. All I did was eat chocolate when I wasn’t allowed to. Today I am gonna break the limits. I am gonna eat as much chocolate as I want. I am gonna go out with my friends and become friends with… Poncho.


“So hey,” Lucas stammered. “Wanna grab some lunch?” Poncho’s heart was beating as fast as possible. He looked confused.

He said, “Sure,” with an insecure look and tone.


As time and memories passed and the world turned black, sitting in my room and talking with Poncho was the only light of my day. Being mocked along with my best friend made me live my life the way it should have been all along. He would share the grief of his life and I would somehow lighten his day. We had no idea that all of that was about to change.


May 26th, 2119

The red bell rang while Poncho and I held hands and ran to the main gate. Suddenly, I took a step outside and saw the fate of his best friend. I quickly covered Poncho’s eyes and ran back in with him.

Poncho was confused, and he asked me, “What is happening?“

I explained everything. “Now listen to me carefully. When you step out into the world of triangular glass mirrors, you are gonna have to block all three of your eyes. No one is alive except you and me. If you look there, you know the consequences…”

Poncho slowly put his fingers on my mouth and he hit his head on the wall while saying, “If this is happening because of me, then what is the point of me?” His head slowly started bleeding and then gradually he fell to the ground and died.

I slowly got up and walked outside. Tears dripped from my face. I opened the door and realised the world was the same. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had risked his life for the world no matter what the world did to him.

I wrote this book and now it’s done. Now, all about the author. My name is Lucas Moffer.

The End


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  1. Dear Abeer, it was so fun reading your piece. I liked the bit on prophecy. Next time We meet you should narrate some of your stories. Many congratulations . Keep writing. God bless!

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