Haunted Teddy Bear

Once there was a dog, a cat, a girl, a boy, a mom, and a dad. The cat and the dog both had a collar that turned their barking and meowing into actual words. One day, the dog and the cat escaped. When they were walking on the sidewalk, they saw a beat down toy store. In the window, they saw a brand new teddy bear. Since the cat was good at stealing things, the cat stole the teddy bear without anyone seeing. Since the dog was good at hiding, the dog hid the teddy bear in his fur, and the dog and the cat went home. At the house, the cat and the dog played with the teddy bear for a few minutes and then put it in the basement.

One year later… the dog and the cat figured out that the teddy bear was haunted!!! But sadly, before the dog and the cat could tell the girl, the boy, the mom, and the dad, they died because they were very old.

Then one night, the girl and the boy could not sleep. They were bored of their old toys, but they remembered stories they have heard about a bunch of cool toys that are in the basement. So, the girl and the boy went to the basement and found a flashlight. They heard a noise behind them. The girl turned on the flashlight, and they both turned around. They saw a teddy bear on the floor. The teddy bear rolled his head around with his head still on his body. Then, the teddy bear said in a kind of high pitched voice, “Hi! I am lonely. Do you want to play?” The girl and the boy were so scared that they ran upstairs so fast that they forgot to close the basement door!

The next night, the boy and the girl heard a creak at their door. The girl went down to the bottom bunk to be with her brother who was super scared. They both looked at the bottom of the door. They saw the teddy bear! The teddy bear said, “Hi! I am lonely. Do you want to play?” giving them one last chance. Since the girl was the oldest, she stood up for her brother. So, she went off the bed, grabbed the teddy bear, and threw it out the window. But, both of them were so tired that they forgot to close the window!

When they were asleep, the teddy bear climbed the trellis. It did not bother the kids. Instead, he went to the parents’ bedroom. The parents heard the creak at the door. The parents looked and saw the teddy bear. The teddy bear said, “Your kids won’t play, so you will die.”

The kids heard a scream from their parents’ bedroom. They went to see what was going on. When they opened the door, they saw the teddy bear covered in blood in the middle of the bed. The teddy bear said in a deep voice, “I gave you guys a chance, but now you die!”



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