Feelings are like waves in your body, going up and then crashing down. The waves can grow like a tsunami and come down, destroying everything. They can be calm sometimes, not able to wash away anything.


Feelings are like a rollercoaster of the unexpected. You could start going up and maybe never go down. Maybe it goes down and never stops.


Feelings are like a book with a twist at the end. You could be reading it and then feel confused or puzzled after reading the twist ending. Or that could be how someone else feels about it.


Feelings are like a bomb. Sometimes, you can detonate it. It can be stressful. Other times, you cut the wrong wire. Or it’s just impossible to detonate. Then, that giant explosion happens. People can get mad because of this. Your brain is like a magnet, while the feelings are the positive and the negative. Sometimes, the negatives somehow get stuck onto the magnet instead of the positives. And when that happens, that’s okay.

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