Memories in My Year Book

My fifth grade yearbook is a book with a picture of the entire fifth grade in the auditorium, and everyone is wearing a black shirt on the cover. Inside are all the memories and photos of all the trips. For example, there is a picture of the time we went to the park. It is a picture of me and my friends near the swings. We are standing near the grass, but we are actually standing on gray tiles. The yearbook’s cover is very smooth and soft. The cover is also bendy and wavy.


When the class first got it, we all (including me) screamed and dashed to our desks, and we all flipped through the pages, remembering all the memories in the photos of the book.


“Oh, I remember that time we went to the movie theater!” said one of my friends. We were all jumping up and down. I remember when we were walking all around the room asking each other for signatures and writing messages for each other.


Some messages I remember in my yearbook are, Stay positive, Good luck in middle school, and Don’t forget about us.


I love my yearbook, and it is important to me because it reminds me of all the memories I had with the class in fifth grade. I know that I can never see them again. It makes me sad because I can’t spend time with them anymore. But I could just look at the yearbook, and I see them. And I can remember the memories we had at school, in class parties, and on trips.


Right now as I type, I keep it on a shelf, and sometimes I look through it and read the messages that my classmates wrote because the messages help me think I’m special like I think they are special.


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