Frogs Are Awesome

What makes frogs awesome is how they are slimy,

how they have a backbone, how the Tomato Frog can puff itself up

until it’s so large nothing can eat it.

And how the One Eye frog has one eye on the top of its head,

and two eye-like things on its bottom,

and anything that sees it thinks it is a monster.

And how the Camouflage Frog blends in with rocks, the bark of a tree.

And how the Poison Arrow Frog spits poison the way people spit

on the ground in Switzerland. If the Poison Arrow Frog

made its way to Switzerland, it might begin to eat schwabenbrotli:

white, soft bread. What is awesome is the skin of a green frog–

soft, white dots on its back, the frog leaping in the grass.

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