Germ Clash

One day a BIG germ called Shadow was walking then whomp! A huge germ slapped him into a volcano then, KA-KOOM!!!! A huge serpent called Lord Sparr ya-yeted Shadow! Then they all started fighting! Shadow had the bow and sword. Lord Sparr had the whip. The 2 germs clashed loudly as Shadow shot a poison arrow, almost knocking down Sparr! Sparr ran away yelling “Mom!” Shadow chased Sparr into a cave and cut Sparr’s head off! Shadow ran away with Sparr’s head. Shadow ran back to his fortress and put the head on the wall as a souvenir. Then, Shadow wrote on a piece of paper on top of Lord Sparr’s head, “This is what I got from defeating Lord Sparr!” Then he taped it on the top of Lord Sparr’s head.

Then all of a sudden, Lord Sparr kicked open Shadow’s door. CRASH! Lord Sparr kicked the door so hard the whole fortress shook like a shock wave. But Shadow saw that Lord Sparr was a zombie with magical powers. Then Shadow took off running. Lord Sparr chased him. But Shadow took his jetpacks off the wall and he zoomed away at 35,000 miles per hour. Lord Sparr could only run two miles per hour. 

But then when Shadow was about to go back to the fortress to add new batteries, he said, “Oh, I almost forgot!” and he grabbed the head and he added new batteries and then he took off.

Lord Sparr used his magical powers and he guided Shadow back and he used magical powers to lock Shadow in a dungeon. But Shadow just broke the dungeon and flew back to Earth and Lord Sparr followed, but he was very, very, VERY slow.

Shadow hollered, “So long, sucker!” And he hid on Earth. Lord Sparr didn’t know where he was, so he went into a random stranger’s house and the stranger said, “Hey! What are you doing?” And he kicked him out of his house.

“Yow!” Lord Sparr yelled when the stranger kicked him out of his house. “Owie, owie!” Then he ran back and he tried to find a doctor but the doctor said, “Hey! You look like someone from out of this world!” And she kicked him out and said, “I only accept people from this world!”

Then, Lord Sparr finally found Shadow. Shadow said, “Uh-oh!” then when Lord Sparr was about to throw him into the volcano, Shadow was quicker and he tased Lord Sparr and he threw him into the sun.

Then Shadow just bought a house and a Lamborghini and he tested out how fast the Lamborghini went and then “Yoweeee!” The Lamborghini was 2,000 miles an hour.

Then Shadow found a secret button that said, “Push button for jetpacks.” Jetpacks huh?? Shadow thought. This was going crazy! He activated the jetpacks and then, ZOOM! The Lamborghini went so fast it flew out of the world! Then Shadow zoomed in space back to Earth so Lord Sparr could not find him.

Then Lord Sparr just made a house in the sun. But Lord Sparr’s house was a little toasty. Then Lord Sparr caught on fire! “Help! Help!” he cried. Then Lord Sparr quickly sprayed some water on him, but then Lord Sparr figured, “Wait! This is goooood and hot water!” Then he looked down and saw: He was shooting flames on himself! But since Lord Sparr was a zombie, he could stay on fire, so Shadow lived on Earth and Lord Sparr lived on the sun.


(And they never met again!)